Concert 2

"I-I don't want to " she said trying to get out of his grip

Gregori made her look at him and said, "Show me or I take it out of your head, and trust me, it will not be pleasant."

"Why can't you just let me rest first! let me get my thoughts together" she said almost breaking his grip but instead, he pinned her to the wall

"Because if it endangers your father-in-law," he growled, "I have to have time to get him and Raven someplace safe!"

She didn't know the prince was here and it shocked her "magic! It was magic ok! it was blood and herbs...there was a alter and a book.....A book I had never was in a cave....I dont know where it was dark...rubble everywhere it was half buried in the ground...see I told you to let me get my thoughts I sound like a crazy woman talking about a talking book!" she said with a growl which she knew she would regret, no one growled at the dark one

"That book is safe," Gregori said. "Mikhail made sure it was put away safe and sound. He is the only one that knows where that book is."

"this is the part you tell me I'm crazy for talking to a book and it talking back......this is also the part you tell me that the wolf that I describe wasn't real because if it was then that means he sent them" she said not say who he was "um...let me go now ok...I-I told you what you wanted to know" she said trying harder to get out of his grip

"I'm afraid it was real," Gregori said. "I need you to describe who you saw. Now."

She struggled harder without answering him and avoiding his gaze "I need to go to the bathroom I feel sick" she said lying

"Don't lie, Liliana," said Gregori. "Describe him to me. He could be a threat to your lifemate, your daughter, and the prince. Is that what you want? To be known as the woman that killed her people because of a baseless fear? You have every Carpathian willing to protect you, yet you run from us. Tell me what the man looked like so we can protect everyone."

"I don't remember Gregori please...I was spirit was the one that saw all this...I'm tired even thinking about it" she said gripping his shoulders and leaning her head on his chest "I don't want anyone to get hurt...that's why I told you in the first place...I promise Ill tell you if I remeber"

"I can't do that, Liliana," said Gregori. "I need you to show me. I need to know who I am up against. I need to know if I can handle this on my own or if I will need other hunters. I need to know if I can get Mikhail to safety on time. You, Alex, and Suzi will need to be protected as well. You are a hunter. You should already know to pay attention to everything. If you won't tell me, show me. If you won't show me, I'll go into your head and find out. Those are your only options."

She sighed "ok...go in" she said and bracing herself for his invasion

Because he had her permission, he was gentle with her. Her memories were distorted, no face recognizable, no voice sounding normal, not words to hear, other than hers. He came back and said, "We cannot allow you, or anyone else, to do what you agreed to. I'm sure the wolf talked to Alex, and Alex, being noble like his father, promised to take your place if you were not able. We need to get you, Suzi, Alex, Mikhail, and Raven to safety now."

"wait....I may not remember much but I dont think they were bad...they helped right?" she said swaying slightly

He let her lay down and said, "Not this time. They may have helped, but they want that book. We can't give it to them. They are our enemy, Liliana."

"what makes you think they want the book?" she asked shivering as her hunger hit her

"Because you said you saw it," he said, "or, at least, a replica of it."

"I dont know what I saw ok....that's why I wanted to get my thoughts clear........." she said not looking at him "gregori Im scared...."

"So am I," he said. "From what you gave me, it is clear we have much to prepare for. Now, let's look at this arm and your baby."

She nodded and laid down and lifted up her shirt to expose her stomach, there was still bruising on her stomach and she had a small baby bump on the lower part of her stomach

Gregori shed his body and went inside her. He checked on the child first. He was happy to see that he was healthy and growing just fine. He moved on to her shoulder and had to fight to stay out of his body. There was so much damage and scaring, he wondered if she would be able to use it. No, he would give her back the use of her arm. He set to work to try and mend some of the nerve damage, at least to ease the pain. After a couple hours, he returned to his body.

"So," he said, "I would like you to move your arm and tell me if it hurts. Oh, and your son is healthy and strong."

She looked at him with shock "Son??? Its a boy?" she asked trying to sit up

Gregori smiled and said, "Yes. You are also using your damaged arm to prop yourself up. I'd say we made great progress. Let's go meet with your lifemate. You need to feed and I need to hunt."

She touched his arm "wait....Dont tell Alex the sex yet...I want to tell him when the time is right" she said softly "And thank you Gregori.....for everything...Im not just talking about today...." she said giving him the feeling she was not one to easily get close to anyone but for the first time she was opening up to him

Gregori said, "This is what we do, Liliana. Not just me. And you are welcome."

She nodded and let him help her up, she held her stomach out of habit and walked out to meet Alex, when she saw him Gregori left her side to go hunt

"Feeling better?" Alex asked, holding Suzi.

"Mama," Suzi said.

She smiled "Im fine Gregori saids I need to eat and I should be ok"

"I fed well this night," he said. "Take what I offer freely."

She shook her head "Not in front of Suzi why dont we let her visit with my uncles...we need to talk anyways" she said sitting down in a chair

Alex nodded and took Suzi to another room. He came back and sat in a chair next to her.

"Feed, then tell me," he said.

The second he came back and sat near her she leaned over, grabbed his head and kissed him deeply I-I thought I would never see you again she said deepening the kiss

Me too, he said, holding her close to him. I've never been so... I don't even know how to describe it.

Make love to me...please I dont care how sore I am....make love to me so deeply that I know this is not a dream...that im really here in your arms again...please Alex I need to feel you She said sounding more vulnerable then he had ever heard her sound

He didn't wait. He ripped her clothes off of her as he took her to the floor. He kissed her neck as one hand massaged her breast and the other found her core.

She moaned and gasped, her core was already wet for him, the soreness only added to the pleasure

He removed his hand and slowly entered her. He wanted the moment to last a lifetime.


Darius rushed out and picked her up and brought her in the van, he told desari to start moving the van and driving, they could not remain in the city with her screaming. He laid her down on one of the spare beds "Dont fight the pain Shelbi, try to breath" he said in a soothing tone

"I can't!" she said through clenched teeth. "Make it stop! Please!"

"yes you can...." he said trying to think of a way to make it easier "sing shelbi, sing a song that makes you happy " he said, patting her head with a cool wash cloth

Shelbi began to sing a song everyone recognized as one Desari sang. But it didn't last long before the next wave silenced her. Desari took over.

"Jan..." Shelbi called out breathlessly when the wave subsided.

Jan rushed over as fast as he could and took her hand "Im here...what happened tell me who did this.." he said in a worried tone

"I can't remember," Shelbi as another wave washed over her. "It hurts! Make it stop!"

"bare with will be over soon, I'm here" he said trying to take as much pain from her as possible"

"Jan," she said, "I'm scared."

"I know...but I wont let anything happen to you, I'm here tell me what you remember" he asked softly

"I remember," Shelbi said. "A hand... on my shoulder... being dragged into the forest... someone biting me... three times..."

She screamed with the next wave, though no sound came out. Her body convulsed and she nearly jumped off the couch. She managed to turn away from Jan and begin vomiting.

He rubbed her back and sang softly to her

Blood red sweat dotted her forehead. She didn't notice Desari keeping the RV clean and smelling fresh. She cried for them to make it stop, but none of them could and she knew it. Some how she knew. Slowly, the pain began to lessen. Shelbi was so embarrassed he had to see her vomit. She couldn't look at Jan. Tears filled her eyes.

"Can you remember anything else about how this happened?" asked Desari gently.

Shelbi answered, "I remember... after the bites... crawling back here... so weak..."

"do you remeber how you got away from the person that attacked you?" jan asked still rubbing her

"No," she said. "Only that I did."

"Ok rest now....listen to me ok dont fight the pain just let it wash over you" he said kissing her forehead

"I feel so tired," she said.

"It's almost over," said Desari. "Soon, you can go to sleep. Darius, can you take us someplace where we can put her to ground?"

"Ground?!" Shelbi asked, shaking. "You're going to bury me alive?!"

"No darling thats how we sleep, do not worry I will sleep next to you" Jan said stroking her head

"I can't!" she said. "I'll suffocate!"

"Listen to trust me right? so If I tell you-you will be fine, that you will wake in my arms and in no more pain you will believe me right?" he asked in a soft tone

Shelbi finally looked at him. Her face was pale from her conversion and her fear.

"I can't go into the ground," she said, crying. "I can't."

"She's afraid of being buried alive," said Tempest. "Her body maybe Carpathian, but her mind is still human. If you put her in the ground while she is awake..."

"she can handle it because sheis strong, listen to met Shelbi you will no longer be human when we go to ground you will not need to breath anymore, I know its hard to imagine but I will be there every step of the way with you....When I told you what I was do you remeber wat you said?" Jan asked

"I... I said I wouldn't leave you," she said, gasping for air. "But I can't go into the ground! I can't! Not even for you!"

He hid his hurt by her words "Yes you can because if you dont you may not survive the conversion" he said honestly "If you want to live and spend the rest of your life with me and everyone you care about you will go to ground" he said softly

Shelbi turned away from him and curled into a ball. Her breathing was fast. Desari covered her with a blanket.

You are pushing her too fast, Desari said. Put her to sleep here, where she is on a bed. Then, take her to ground. Before you wake her, clean the soil off of her and place her on a bed in here. She is afraid of being buried alive and that's not going to go away just because she was converted. She needs time.

Im afraid she doesnt have time....I smell Juiletta on her

What do you mean? Why would Julietta's scent be on her?

Its not just her scent....I would know Julietta's blood....I think she is the one who started the conversion

She hasn't come out of her cat form since the baby died. It took so long for Rodger to gain her trust again so that she could feed properly again. Julietta doesn't want to be around anyone. She wouldn't start the conversion and abandon Shelbi.

Im telling you it was her and I think I can prove it " dont have to go to ground on one condition....tell me who did this...I know you know shelbi..please tell me and I woke make you go to ground" he said in a pleading tone

"I... I don't know," she said. "Do bury me alive. Please."

"I know you know darling please dont lie to me...or Ill have to go in your head but I dont want to do that please just tell me" he said softly

"I can't," she said. "Everything is fuzzy."

"can I look then? " he asked knowing if she denied that she really did remeber

"Jan, I can't remember!" she yelled. "Just leave it alone!"

Im sorry I cant do that when it involves your safety" he said and with a growl he went into her mind and found what he expected "It was julietta" he said knowing his mother would hear him, he showed his mother what he had saw

Shelbi moaned. Desari was shocked. Julietta wouldn't! Someone could have taken on Julietta's likeness!

physically yes...but not her blood and scent

Shelbi tried to make herself small. She didn't realize it, but she told Julietta what happened.

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