Concert 3

Liliana arched beneath him as he slowly entered her, it had been so long she was extremely tight, she gripped his back and cried out his name

He began moving, his pace slow and agonizing, building the heat between them.

"I'm going to do this right," he said. "I have missed you."

She groaned "thats not right thats teasing" she said teasing the skin on his neck with her fangs

"You wanted me to prove I'm not a dream," he said, picking up the pace. "This is the only way I know how."

She moaned loudly "Is this my punishment? for almost leaving you?" she asked in a moaned tone

"No," he said, teasing her nipple with his tongue. "This is your reward for coming back to me"

She pressed her breast further in his mouth by arching "i will always come back...if Its within my power" she said losing her mind at his teasing "alex..." she said in a tone that gave away how much he was effecting her

He began to move harder and faster. He kissed her deeply, feeding on her sweetness.

Her hips moved to meet his and she moaned into his kiss Alex! yes! please dont stop never stop loving me!

That is an impossibility, he said. I will always love you. He took her over the edge several times, but kept going. Each orgasm ran into the next. When he finally filled her, she was shaking with after shocks so hard, she was nearly convulsing.

She held onto him as the convulsions shook her I love you Alex....more then I thought it was possible to love someone...your everything to me....please never leave me

I won't leave you, he said Never.

She held him as long as she could until her body became so tired from their love making that she needed to sleep

Alex held her close and said, "Now, what did you want to tell me, my love?"

"I want to ease your mind about our furture...And I didnt fail this time as a lifemate to the future prince" she said tiredly and placed his hand on her stomach "Its a boy" she said smiling tiredly at him

He kissed her and said, "You didn't fail last time, Liliana. And I'm happy to be having another child with you. My beautiful warrior woman."

She smiled but her eyes held worry

"What is it?" he asked "What are you worried about?"

She shook her head "Nothing...could you help me to the room? Im afraid you have warn me out" she said with a small chuckle

For the first time, he realized how hard the floor was. He hissed at his own inability to be in control himself. He picked her up and carried her to the bedroom.

"Sorry," he said. "I could have at least brought you in here before we made love."

She shook her head as she laid her head against his chest "No I wanted you just as bad my love...I would have growled if you would have made me wait any longer" she said teasingly as she teased his neck with her lips

Alex groaned. "I need you, Liliana. Again."

"Again?" she asked surprised with a chuckle "I have neglected you for too long havent I?" she said with a smile, kissing him

"You started this one," he said huskily as he blanketed her. "I deny all responsibility."

"Oh?" she said and before he could enter her she rolled them so she was on top "then I better take responsibility" she said with a teasing tone as she lowered herself onto him

He groaned. "Liliana," he gasped. "I've missed you."

"how much?" she said as she began to ride him harder, her breast teasing him as they bounced

Alex grabbed her hips and picked up the pace. "This much." He brought her down to him and kissed her as he began going deeper.

She gasped against his lips, her breast rubbing his chest

He rolled over then and took over. He had moved harder and faster. He kissed down her.

"Don't ever leave me again," said Alex against her breast.

"Never!" she cried out gripping his hair "alex ...more I need you more..." she cried

He took her over the edge so many times, they both lost count. When he finally released into her, he barely had time to roll off her before they passed out in each other's harms, their bodies still connected.


Send a message to her lifemate...this is serious jan said to his mother and Julietta mother

Desari called out to Rodger. He appeared, making Shelbi jump.

"What is it?" he asked. "Julietta is in her cat form, agitated about something."

"She should be since she attacked my lifemate" jan said harshly

"She didn't attack anyone!" Rodger said. "She has been in her cat form since she rose from the ground! She never left the leopards!"

"I know her blood and scent!" Jan said standing up and facing him "she started the conversion! and left her in the woods!"

"And why would she do that?" Rodger asked. "A woman who doesn't have a mean bone in her body, who you turned into a puppet and raped, and who just lost a child is the one person who attacks your lifemate? Does that even make sense?"

"yes! to get back at me for what I did!" he said honestly

"You're a fool!" Rodger said. "She never left the room with the leopards. I was in there with her. The only time I left was during the vampire attack."

"Then there was a time you were not with her" he said plainly

"We would have noticed a jaguar walking from the building," he said.

"she was in human form when she appeared infront of my lifemate"

"Impossible," said Rodger. "She hasn't returned to her human form in two months since our son..." a lump clogged his throat, "our son..."

"I understand your having a hard time but if you have nothing to worry about then look into it...because if she did do it then thats a serious problem" Jan said as his lifemate groaned in pain again "please"

"I..." Rodger said.

"Julietta doesn't let us in," said Desari. "She has shut everyone out. The only thing keeping Rodger with us is the fact he can touch her mind enough to know she lives."

Suddenly Rodger would feel Julietta's distress, she was a couple miles away but it was so strong even her mother and father felt it

Rodger gasp and said, Julietta, where are you?

Everyone including her parents would see what she saw, she was running through the woods, dodging the trees, gun shots were going off behind her, suddenly after one gun shot with a roar she tumbled, after a struggle she got back up but she was slower, hunting dogs could not be heard in the distance

"We have to get to her!" Rodger said. "Now!"

"whats going on?" jan said not understanding

"She is being hunted," said Desari, crying. "Julian, you have to bring her back home."

Julian kissed Desari before him and Rodger left to go to her Ill deal with the hunters you get her Julian said before the split up

On it! Rodger got to her just as she was hit again. He picked her up and ran. Julian! I have her!

Get her to the van, Ill be right behind you he said

She growled in pain, one bullet was still lodged in her shoulder, the other in her side, embedded in one of her ribs, her blood soaked in his shirt as he carried her

Rodger brought her back to the RV, saying, "She was hit twice. If she returns to her human form, the bullets will cause more damage."

"julian soon followed and grabbed a first aid kit from he draw "we have to get the bullets out, hold her down" he said as he sterilized some medical tweezers

"why did you bring her here" jan said standing in front of Shelbi protectively

Shelbi looked at Julietta. She tried to move around Jan to get to her.

Jan made her stay put and lay down

"Julietta," said Shelbi in a tired voice. "I'm sorry."

"do not be sorry this is her fault you are going through this" Jan said bitterly

Julietta roared in pain as her father went for the first bullet

Shelbi pushed at Jan and said, "She isn't dangerous! She tried to help me!"

"help you how!?" he asked in anger

"By converting me," she said. "She didn't want you to know. I don't know why, but she did it all to help."

"she did this to get back at me for what I did to her!" he said with a growl

Shelbi growled at him and said, "And you tried to make me leave because of you did! Which would have caused me to be in pain! The way I see it, she's the only one who actually tried to help me since meeting you in person!"

He didnt hide the pain her words just caused him from is face "now I wished you had....since you wont listen to me and are now in danger I wish I would ave never come to your show" he said and left the RV

Shelbi gasped, covering her mouth. Tears formed in her eyes. She forced herself to get up and run to Julietta.

"I want to leave," she said, crying to Julietta's fur. "Let's leave."

Juliettas breath was shallow, the pain shook he body "Shelbi you need to move in her cat form she is unpredictable and I have to get the bullet in her rib" julian said "Desari take Selbi in the back, she needs to finish the conversion"

Desari easily pulled Shelbi away and took her to the back. Rodger held Julietta to him, trying to keep her calm as the last bullet was removed.

Out of pain the cat bit down on Rodgers hand, though immediately after it started liking the bite like it was sorry

Rodger smiled and said, "I know it hurt, getting the bullet out. I'm fine." He looked a Julian as the last bullet was removed. "Can you return to your human form? We need to heal you and talk to you."

The cat just laid there, it was so tired from running he would feel the need for sleep

"Please," Rodger begged. "I need to be with my mate, to hear her voice again. I know you had a good reason for whatever you did. Just tell us and then you can go back. Please."

That cat was silent and then it slowly tried to get up "lay still juls I must heal her" julian said but she didnt listen

"What are you doing?" Rodger asked. "You need to listen to your father."

The cat was becoming restless and wanted to be back outside, juilan sighed "you leave me no choice...." he compelled her to sleep and she did

"No!" Desari said. "Shelbi, you need to rest!"

"I will not go into the ground," she said, crying and crawling to Julietta. "Julietta seems to be the only one who cares. I want to leave with her." She touched Julietta's paw. Before she could sensor it, Jan heard. I can keep Jan safe now, right, Julietta?

Jan came in and without saying anything he picked Shelbi up and threw her over hhis shoulder and started carrying her to the cave where they all slept

Shelbi groaned in pain and said, "Put me down, you Neanderthal! Julietta!"

"No and scream all you want she wont hear you, her father put her to sleep so he could heal her....and you are coming with me to rest" he said

Shelbi gasped and said, "No! Don't bury me alive! Please! Put me down! I can't go in the ground! I can't!"

"you will because.......because I love you!" he said and set her down gentle on a soft bed that he had put in the cave for her, he turned away from her "you wouldnt understand it but I do...the moment I say you I fell in love with you..."

She curled into a ball, head on her knees, and said, "I do understand. The first time I read one of your letters, I had to keep reading them, over and over. But... I can't go in the ground. When I was little, I became trapped in an old tunnel. I was playing in there, it was fun. It just caved in for no reason." Her heart rate and breathing increased in fear. "I was trapped for three days. I almost died. I couldn't breath. Bugs were everywhere. There was a monster inside with me. There were red eyes. Caves, tunnels, grave sides, I can't be around them without feeling like I'm buried alive again... unable to breath with the weight on top of me. Don't make me relive that again."

"sleep on the bed....sleep now and when you wake we will talk more" he said compelling her to sleep

Shelbi laid down. "You won't put me in the ground, right?"

"not while you are awake no....and wen you wake up you will be on this bed" he said honestly

She closed her eyes and said in a tired voice, "Can I keep you with me, Jan? Am I strong enough to protect you now?"

He growled "you were already fine the way you were....sleep"

"Will you stay with me?" she asked, a little hitch in her voice.

"yes" he said softly

She snuggled into him, smiling. "Thank you."

He put er in a carpathian sleep, once he was sure she was sleeping he put her in the grround and laid next to her, covering them both

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