Concert 4

Rodger woke up the next rising, hoping that today, he would hear his lifemate's voice again.

Julietta was already gone and back in the woods

Rodger put his head in his hands. He couldn't take it anymore. He cried out for her, tried to appeal to her cat to bring his mate back to him.

Her cat called for him as it bathed in the moonlight near a river

Rodger ran to her. He fell to the ground before her, crying, saying, "I can't live like this, Julietta. I need my mate back. Please."

The cat jumped down and rubbed up against him lovingly

Rodger said, "I need my woman, safe in my arms. I want to grieve with her. Please, bring Julietta back to me."

The cat sat next to him and licked his hand

Rodger pulled his hand away and said painfully, "I knew it was too good to hope for. You won't come back to me. My lifemate is gone."

The cat just remained silent next to him

Rodger pulled his knee up and put his chin on it. His eyes were empty as he looked at the cat. "I feel empty. I can't hold Julietta to me anymore, kiss her. I'm losing hope. I..."

I cant....Im not ready she said to him for the first time in months

Rodger gasped and said, "That's all I need right now! You to speak to me! Please, keep talking to me! I need you to talk to me!"

it hurts...

"I know," he said. "It hurts me as well. You are not alone in the pain." tired of feeling

"You can't stop feeling," said Rodger. "This pain, it's proof that he touched our lives, that he lived. I know you want it to end, trust me, I feel the same way. But he is ingrained in our hearts. Grieve with me, Julietta. Please."

He would hear her crying in his head, her pain shaking him

He wrapped his arms around her neck, his pain the same as hers. He showed her the pain he had felt when they found the baby lost to them, the pain of her denying him as the baby's father, the pain of her shutting out, and the growing loneliness without her.

The cat made a mourning sound and laid down, putting its head in his lap

"I wanted to talk to you," he said, "to cry with you. But you shut me out. I needed you, but you left."

With that comment the connection was broken and the cat stood up and started to walk away

"Wait!" he said. "I didn't mean it as a bad thing! I know you needed time alone! Even I did at first! But after a while, I needed you! Let you stay alone, despite the pain, but I can't now! Please! Don't leave me again!"

The cat started growling and sniffy the air

"What is it?" he asked.

A female came from the woods, clearly a carpathian "oh sorry.....I thought I smelled a do you know where I could find anything to feed on? I have been searching all night but no luck not even campers. She said approaching him

"No," said Rodger, placing himself between Julietta and the stranger. "I'm sorry. Perhaps you need to look northward."

"I see.." she said looking at the cat "um thank you.." she said and went to go around them but julietta stopped her "hey whats up with your cat" suddenly juiletta tackled the woman to the ground, making her fall ono her stomach, before aanyone could react she sliced into the womans back with her large claws

"Julietta is my lifemate," he said, on guard. "And she is very sensitive to evil. Now, who are you really?"

"please! help I dont know whats going on!" the woman cried. Juiletta moved back just enough for Rodger to see te parasites coming from the womans back

"I haven't seen this sense..." Rodger said, fear in voice. "Julietta, get away from her!"

Darius! We need your brother!

As soon as he said that the girl stood up with a growl, throwing Julietta off of her" please help me...Im not....someones controlling me!" she cried out before her eyes went hazy and she bared her fangs and lunged at Rodger, her claws black with thee parasites, She moved so fast he didnt have time to respond, right before she got to him a hand grabbed her wrist, the woman turned to Juiletta who was now in her human form for the first time in months "back off my lifemate!" she growled and her and the woman began fighting and exchanging blows, julitta tried dosging her nails but also was trying to bby time, if they could save the woman she would try, she could be someone's lifemate and with that thought in mind Julietta tried dodging he and keeping her busy until help arrived

Rodger helped his mate by exchanging blows. However, because he kept looking at Julietta, he suffered a blow to the chest. The woman raked her nails across his skin. He didn't dare close off the wound, but he instantly collapsed. His heart began to have a hard time pumping blood and he knew where they were. He kept Julietta from seeing his pain.

Julietta saw the hit and had enough, punched the woman so hard that she lost consciousness

RIght after Darius arrived, he stopped in shock to see juiletta in her human form all scratched up but she pointed to Rodger and he went over "ok hold still" he said and went into his body, he checked three times to make sure all the parasites were gone, meanwhile Julietta tied the woman's hands and feet. about three hours later Darius returned to his body "Lucky it wont scar" he said and slowly stood up "I must feed before I work on the woman, Julietta silently bared her neck and he took her offer. Once he had what he needed he help her sit down and went to work on the woman

"Julietta?" Rodger asked, looking at her.

She noticed lines that hadn't been there before, ones of pain. She noticed his tired eyes. But most of all, she heard the worry in his voice, telling her he feared her returning to her cat form again.

She slowlt stood up and went to take a step forward and almost fell, she strightened up and looked down at her calf to see a deep bite mark from the girl, she shrugged and limped over to rodger, slowly and silently she ran her fingers through his hair

"You are injured," he said. "You need to be checked as well. I will not have these things infecting you."

SHe continued to mess with his hair softly until she stated to sway

Rodger sat up and said, "Darius! She was injured! She might be...!"

Darius rushed over just in time to catch her as she fell Gregori...I need your help my brother there are two many parasites for me to deal with, if you are not close please send someone who can help that is

Gregori came five long minutes later and said, "I'll heal Julietta. You take care of that woman."

They set to work instantly. After three hours, Gregori emerged. He looked at Darius, who also emerged.

"If you fed from her, push the parasites out of your body now," he said. "They attack the heart first. We can't afford to lose you."

Rodger went to Julietta and held her. He just got her back. He couldn't lose her again.

Darius did as he said and pushed them out and destroyed them, slowly Julietta opened her eyes and the other woman started to stir

"Julietta!" Rodger said with relief. "I thought I lost you for good this time!"

She looked at im with a tired smile and then looked at gregori and Darius thank you... She said to both of the, it was the first time they would have heard her voice in months

"You are quite welcome," said Gregori with a smile. "We are glad you are back with us, Julietta."

Rodger picked her up, fighting his own weakness, as he said, "Thank you. You saved us both. We will go to ground now and heal the De La Cruz ranch."

"Good idea," said Gregori. "We will see you both tomorrow."

Rodger ran with Julietta to the ranch. He opened the earth and put them both in it for the day.

When they were gone Darius looked to gregori "lets get the girl safe and then I fear we have much to dicuss " he said looking at the dead parasites on the ground

"Yes," said Gregori. "But we will leave that for the next rising. For now, we need to rest."

He nodded and they both left, Darius caried the girl

Donny rose from the earth and started hunting.

Jan woke up first, he knew Shelbi would sleep for two more days and that his family would watch over her will he hunted, he decided to join Donny for the hunt ""hey" he said appearing neck to him

"You should be with your woman," Donny said. "Why are you slumming it with me?"

Se will be asleep for another two days...besides I wanted to say Im sorry about the hit before we left and I have the perfect way to make it up to you, Next we are going to Paris I heard there is a really popular Burlesque club treat" he said with a smile

"Thanks, man," he said. "But, will Mi$$y D let you go?"

"Im sure it wont be a problem" he said nudging him "Last one to feed pays for the drinks at the club" he said and ran off

Donny caught up with him and said, "You are so on!"

Once in town, Donny called to the first woman he saw and fed deeply, planting a pleasurable memory. He let her walk away, a little woozy, but satisfied.

"I'm done!" he said, triumphantly.

Jan leaned against the wall "what took you so long I was done five minutes ago" he said smuggly

"Damn it!" Donny said. "How did you beat me?"

he smiled "the world may never know....come on lets head back"

"You go back to your woman," Donny said. "I'm just going to hang out."

"your mother would kill me and you know it and you too" he said "eiter come with me or I stay with you"

"I just need some time alone," he said.

He bumped into a woman, who dropped her things. She flirted with Donny, but to Jan's surprise, it was like Donny didn't notice.

"So, can I see you again?" the woman asked.

"If fate says so," Donny said with a small, fake smile. She giggled and left. He sighed.

"I just need to be alone. You understand, right, Jan?"

He sighed and nodded, e would follow him without him know to make sure he was safe

Donny walked around and some thugs jumped him.

"Hand over your wallet," said the leader.

"I'm not in the mood," Donny said.

The men laughed and attacked. Donny simply took control of their minds, fed deeply, and made them think he had defeated them. He walked away.

"Donny," said a woman. "Remember me?"

"Faith," he said.

"Just came back from the Carpathian Mountains seven months ago," she said. "I'm feeling lonely. For the life of me, I can't remember what our night together felt like but I remember you."

"Then, forget me," he said.

"Spend the night with me?" she asked.

"Might as well," he said with a smile, going to her apartment with her.

He hated to but Jan stood guard outside of the woman's building just to make sure he was still safe

Sounds of love came from the room. The woman screamed Donny's name. Two hours later, Donny walked out, shut the apartment door, stopped, and said, "So, now you're spying on me now?"

"not for my pleasure I assure you" he said rolling his eyes

"You should have gone home," Donny said.

"but then I would miss the chore of your name " Jan said jokingly

"Yeah, she and used to hook up," Donny said. "You know, my strolls at midnight?
Yeah, meeting with her for stress relief."

Yeah didnt need to know the dirty holes you put your dick into bud" he said as they left the building

"You chose to follow," he said. "I wonder how your lifemate will feel about that."

"fine since all I was doing was making sure a friend stayed safe" he said with a shrug

"Let's just go home," Donny said. "I'm still not destressed. So, might as well just go home."

He sighed "How about a drink then? your turn I wont drink I promise" he said

"What the hell?" Donny said. "I'll take mom's lecture later. I need... something."

"thats the spirit! but if you start giving me googly eyes im taking you back to that girls apartment" he said jokingly as they headed to a bar

"I'm going to drink until I can't feel feelings," he said with a sad smile.

"you could talk to me as well you know" he said as they sat down at the bar at a back table to give them privacy

"Yeah," Donny said. "Let me get drunk first."

He nodded and let donny order his drinks

An hour in and Donny was talking nonstop. "Everyone seems to have a mate. They either find them, or have a mate waiting on them. Why can't I find one, huh?"

"do you really want one rigt now? you seem to have fun running around and your still young" he said

"No, dude," said Donny, his words slurring. "See, I only get with psychic chicks. See, even if i can't find a mate, I can still pass on my genes. I'm not a playboy. But I have a secret. I can only tell they are psychic if I'm drunk. That's why I've only been with Faith. Hey, can I get another round?"

Jan shook his head at the waiter,cutting him off "well dont sleep with anyone then I mean when you do find he do you really want her to think your a man whore or something"

Donny said, "I'm fine. Besides, I'm sure my woman will understand. Yours understood you, even after you tried to push her away with the truth. Now, where is my drink?"

"No more for you buddy ...remeber I have to carry you home....And still its not fair to you your lifemate o the woman to run around like you are"

"I know," he said. "I just... I want experience so that I know what to do when I find my lifemate. And one more isn't going to hurt me. Hell, ten more won't hurt me. I'm fine."

"I dont know from what I heard you do just fine" he said jokingly

"Yeah," said Donny. "So, let's celebrate my ability to charm any woman! Another round, bar keep!"

"Actually buddy its time we head out...lets go" he said

"What? Think I'm a light weight?" Donny asked getting angry. "Or maybe it's because you found your lifemate, so you think you are so much better than me! That's it, isn't it?! 'Poor Donny! Can't even find a woman of his own!' Well, you can screw off!"

He pulled him close and whispered in his ear "Its almost daylight jack ass now lets go" he said releasing him

Donny blinked and said, "Fine. Sorry. This whole lifemate thing's just getting to me."

Jan wrapped his arm around im "I too" he said honestly and help him walk home

"I just feel... inadequate," he said. "I mean, do I even deserve a lifemate, Jan?"

"only you can answer that" jan said as he laid him in the hole "sleep well buddywe can talk more in the next rising" he said and covered him, them he went back and cuddled up to Shelbi


Alex woke up and couldn't believe Liliana was back with him. He kissed her neck.

She moaned softly at his lips "Again" she said softly

"Always," he said.

She chuckled and rolled over to face him, her hair brushing his chest

"Liliana, I hate to do this to you," he said. "But I have to go take care of Suzi, go feed, then dad needs to talk to me about what waits me as prince. Then I have to help your uncles with security and train a bit. I'm sorry."

"dont day you are going to be so busy that I have to get used to not having you to myself" she said with a sad smile "go...." she said softly

"Oh, but you have to come with me," he said with a smile. "Suzi wants to talk to her mother, and my mother wants to talk to you about being the prince's lifemate."

She groaned "oh would you look at that im so very" she said dramatically pulling the covers over her head

"You can't get out of this one," he said with a laugh. "You were ready to make love, now you are tired? I don't buy it." He clothed them both and picked her up. "Your uncles want to talk to you."

"you forced me to take desperate measures, " bshe said and started teasing his neck with her fangs as her hand slid down and went into his pants, gripping is member

He groaned, only to have her taken from his arms.

"You are really trying to get out of seeing your uncles, huh?" asked Manolito.

She groaned "uncle, please...I just woke up why must I do this and you dont have to carry me..." she said innocently

"I'm not carrying you," he said with a sly smile. "I'm kidnapping you."

"Have fun!" Alex called as Manolito took off with Liliana.

"traitor!" she said to him before she was out of eaar range "since when do we kidnap family?" she asked

"When there is a party celebrating you waking up!" he said, setting her down outside of the house.

"Surprise!" her aunts, uncles, and cousins called out.

Liliana didnt know what to do or say, she was not good with things like this "I um thank you all for coming...sorry if it was inconvenient " she said awkwardly

"We wanted to," said Colby, hugging her. "Are you alright? Should you really but up and about right now?"

"Im fine I...." she jumped and grabbed her stomach

Colby laughed and said, "Sit. This is a celebration for you waking and a baby shower. So enjoy."

She did "I waking up two months pregnant is....strange"

"I bet," said Colby. "Just enjoy it now. You are going to have two beautiful children to love."

"yeah....." she said and looked around "so um...what do people do at this kind of thing?"

"You sit down, open presents, and be happy," Colby said. "You have a lot of gifts from all our people."

"you know im not good with things like this...." she said nervously

"Just open the gifts and forget everything else, except telling us what you think about the gifts, of course."

She smiled "ok...."

Two hours later, Colby was consoling a touched Liliana when Raven arrived.

Raven smiled "they roped you in one too huh" she said jokingly, Ravens large pregnant belly was pronounced

"my uncle kidnapped me" Liliana said back

"It's supposed to be a party," said Colby. "And you are supposed to be preparing her for your spot after you and Mikhail retire."

"yes yes of course but for now did anyone ask the sex of the baby yet?" she said with a big smile

"Oh, is it another girl?" asked Colby.

" a little prince" Liliana said looking down awkwardly, her cheeks red

"Congratulations!" said Raven. "Looks like we both are blessed with bouncing baby boys! I hope that our children will be good friends to each other!"

She nodded "does this mean Alex does not have to be prince?" she said without thinking

"No," said Raven. "It means that, should anything happen to him, your son will be the next prince."

"I see" she said softly "Um Ill be right back" she said standing up and going towards the bathroom

"Alright," Raven said. "Oh, your mother stopped by while you were in the ground. She said that she was sorry that she couldn't raise you but she and her lifemate are working hard to fight off our enemy. Perhaps, one day, you two will see each other and get the chance to talk."

Liliana almost stumbled to a stop, she didnt turn around or say anything, after a moment she walked away

Once in te bathroom she sat down, she started to feel overwhelmed with the news raven gave er, her stomach started to turn, she went to the toliet and started puking.

When she was finished she washed u and left the bathroom, suddenly somebody grabbed ehr from behind and covered her mouth

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