Donny got up before anyone else. It was hard to believe he was in Brazil a few weeks ago, yet now, he was in Paris. The city of romance. Damn the irony of it all. Amera and Andor were even with him, planning on meeting up with their mates. He watched the sun set. He couldn't enjoy it. He was alone. He wanted someone cool like Shelbi. She was letting Jan take him to a club, where women would be flocking them. She seemed so sure Jan wouldn't take another woman. Donny actually wanted his emotions gone. Then maybe, just maybe, he wouldn't feel the loneliness anymore.

He smiled when he felt Jan's presence. "You're late," he said.


Jan awoke first and kissed shelbis neck, He had slept on the bed with her and it was worth the discomfort to wake up next to her, he never thought after what he did he would be so lucky

"You should get going, Jan," said Shelbi with a smile. "Donny needs you more than I do." Her face fell. "You don't look so good. You are sleeping in the ground, right? You should be taking care of yourself. I'll be fine in the bed by myself."

"Where you sleep I sleep" he said tiredly and kissed her cheek

"No, you sleep in the ground," said Shelbi. "I sleep in a bed. That's just how this works."

"is that what you think?" He said kissing her neck teasingly

She moaned and said, "That is what I know. Now, stop teasing me."

"Me? tease? never?" he said nibbling her ear as his arms wrapped around her

Sherlbi moaned and leaned into him. "You always tease me when we first wake up."

"I cant help it...its like waking up neck to the perfect woman" he said as his hands started to tease her breast

"I'm far from perfect," she moaned out. "And you can help it, you just refuse to."

"you are perfect to me, and why should I? when I know that I can make those kind of sounds come from your perfect lips" he said kissing her deeply as one hand went to her core

He swallowed her moan, replacing her breath with his. She greeted his hand with her sweet juices. Her hips moved over his hand.

He groaned and nipped her lip as his fingers went deep inside her

She gasped and said, "Jan! I can't stand it much longer!"

"Tell me what you need....tell me and I will do it happily" he said in a low tone as he kissed her neck

"Inside!" she gasped. "I need you inside me!"

He smiled and entered her while they were both still on their sides with one hard thrust, going all the way to the back

Shelbi nearly screamed with pleasure. She chanted his name, begging him for more.

"Do like you did when you finished claiming me," she said. "I want that again. Please."

One hand slid up her body stopping for only a second to tease her nipple and continue up until it gentle grabbed her throat, he tilted her head up and teased the skin of her neck with his tongue before bitting deep

She gasped, meeting him thrust for thrust. "Jan! Please!"

He released her neck and closed the bite but left his mark, he pounded into her hard and turned her head to his neck, slicing the skin with his nail "take from me shelbi...please" he said moaning

She bit deep, drinking him in. She moaned against his throat.

He growled and brought her over the edge, pounding into her deeper and harder as he filled her with his seed

She shuddered around him, gripping him like a vice.

"Jan, you have someone waiting on you," she said. "Don't have too much fun without me."

He kissed her deeply and cleaned them both and dressed them both, her in a beautiful outfit that matched her eyes and artistry style "never" he said smiling at her "My mother wants to have some girl time with you today so have fun" he said giving her one last kiss before going to meet donny

Shelbi sighed and went outside. "Evening, Syndil."


Liliana awoke first with a groan, the baby was kicking again

Alex moved and put his head on her stomach. "Son, I know you want to move around. I want you in my arms so you can stretch and move how you want. But mommy is feeling sick right now. Can you settle down, little one?"

Alex felt a little hand touch his and Liliana groaned again "great another one that likes you Im definitely out number" she said rolling her eyes

Alex laughed and said, "No, he is pushing me away. He wants you to himself." He pulled her into his arms. "But I had you first."

She chuckled and then sighed "Alex...." she said his name as she kissed his neck, her fangs teasing his throat

"Take what you need," he said.

"Ok.." she said in a mischievous tone and started kissing down his chest and stomach going lower slowly

"Liliana," he said through clenched teeth. "You are insatiable."

"A dragon has a big appetite " she said before taking him in her mouth

Alex groaned, his hand bunching her hair. His hips moved restlessly. He looked at her, pure possession, pure love in his eyes.

Her eyes met his and flashed her dragons, suddenly he would feel the heat from her dragon fire teasing his skin, making his pleasure sky rocket

With a growl, he pulled her up to him so he could claim her mouth. He blanketed her. I need you, Liliana.

She moaned and smiled "Anything for everything" she said and made him move off of her slightly, with a smile she got on all fours in a submission position which was a big treat from her when she did so, she moved her hair to one side of her neck as she displayed herself submissively for his taking.

He growled and plunged into her hard and fast. He pinned her in the submissive with his teeth. His hips surged in and out with sure strokes.

She cried out and placed her hands the the dirt wall in front of her so he could go deeper, Yes! take from me Alex I want to feel you take my blood inside you

Alex close the wound on her shoulder. He then kissed his way to her breast. He suckled there for a moment before his teeth sank into the swell of her breast.

She cried out, her blood was vibrant and full of life, the sweetest thing he had ever tasted, filling him with life and energy Alex!

He closed the pinpricks, leaving his mark. He held her to his chest and said, "Your turn. Feed from me, Liliana. I need to feel your mouth on me."

She turned just right to gain access to his neck and bit deep

Alex gasped, picking up the pace.

She closed the bite and gripped the wall hard and cried out his name Come with me!
shatter with me Alex!

Always! he said as he kissed her, sending them both over the edge.

She cried out against his lips and buckled over

He collapsed next to her. He smiled. "Want to take Suzi and see the top of the Eiffel Tower?"

She smiled "I would love that" she said kissing him

Alex floated them out of the ground and started walking.

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