Paris 4

Kat just finished her sow and was feeling good "alright see you guys tomorrow" she said waving as she excited through the back ally exit

Donny stood against the wall and said, "Told you I'd come visit. My friend just told me I've been gone for two days. I know I was only gone for a couple hours and..."

She kissed him, pressed is back into the wall and her body against his "actually you have been gone for two days" she said chuckling " you drank my blood...its very potent in my slept a whole day and a time choose...hookah" she said licking up the side of his neck "or my blood"

He chuckled and said, "If I chose your blood, you'd be too weak to sing, so I have to choose the hookah to keep you safe."

"you underestimate me....and my blood" she said moving back just a little and moving her tank top to expose the top of her breast, with a lengthened nail she made a cut "are you sure you want to join my world again?"

"I told you, I never want to leave," he said. "And I meant it."

She smiled and grip his hair and slowly lead his mouth to her bleeding breast

He drank deeply and ripped their clothes off of them so he could enter her hard and fast. He lifted her up, his hips began moving. He didn't want to stop feeding.

She moaned and wrapped her legs around him "not here...take us to my room...I know you can make us invisible "

He closed the wound and said, "Then, why not here? We are invisible now, so let's enjoy ourselves."

"because soon Im going to make you so consumed with pleasure you wont be able to concentrate on keeping us invisible," she said seductively n is ear making him go crazy

He filled her and said, "Then, let's shift and go. I have to get away. Right now!"

They shifted and she took him back to the cave room, once there she sat down on the bed "why in such a rush? have you learned nothing from me? you must enjoy the little things in life donny it's what keeps you going" she sat softly, her body was feminine in a wild beauty kind of way, her breast and butt fit perfectly with her flat stomach and hourglass figure

"I want to make it last, Kat," said Donny, kissing her neck. "I can't get enough and I want it to go on always."

"The escape will be better if you fixed your life first donny...then you will no see it as a escape but something that makes your happiness more intense" she said leaning er head back so he gained more access to her throat "what I offer is a deep connection to everything donny....a way to open your mind to paths you didnt even know existed....are you willing to learn from me donny?" she said running her hand up his arm

"Yes. I'll do anything you want," he said, pinning her to the bed. "Just don't let this end."

"I want you to think of something that is hurting you the most...have it in your mind as you take my blood, think about it as you take from me" she said exposing her neck more

Donny nodded and thought about how his mother was always on him, always cutting him down. He drank her in, her blood like fine wine. He thought of how his mother never approved of what he did. No, how she didn't approve of him and the fact he was a male.

As her blood and the drug started to kick in is thought would start to change, "love and fear can coexist maybe out of love my mother fears what I am, she fears to see me suffer and those fears grow when I give her reason to worry, like disappear with Jan or drink or act out and lose my temper" he would think to himself, it would feel as if the words in his head had changed at switch until he found an answer that felt yet and lesson his burden

Donny closed the wound on her neck. "I... I think I have to go. I need to explain to everyone... why I needed time away."

She smiled "see...arnt you glad you trusted me" she said touching is cheek "keep me a secret wont you?" she said kissing is cheek sending a spark through him

He smiled. "Naturally. Sorry than I can't help you with your desires right now."

"dont be beside it means you will come back to me happier " she said sitting up and dressing in a tight pair of black jeans and a loose white t-shirt "see you later dragonseeker" she said and left the room

Donny left shortly after and made his way back into town. He soon found Jan and said, "Hey. Sorry about leaving you like that. I had things I had to do. Let's go back, okay?"

The look on Jans face made it clear to him he was not forgiven "go back on you own" he said coldly

"You can punch me again," said Donny. "I just needed to be away from everyone. I stayed in the ground so long so that I wouldn't hurt you guys. Can you understand that?

"you hut us more when you left donny....where did you go? we couldnt even enter your mind" he said in a pissed off tone

"I walked around town, had fun with a beautiful woman, and slept in the ground," he said with a shrug. "I didn't want to be around anyone, Jan. I cut myself off so that I could think and get myself together. I didn't mean to hurt you guys. I just needed to work things out."

"bullshit....gregori could not even get in your mind"

"Well, she is talented," Donny smiled. "Can we go now?"

He growled "who is she?! jesus man do you not find this supicious at all?! gregori!...the dark one could not reach you"

Donny said, "She likes her privacy, dude. You should know how it feels for creepy people trying to pry into your personal life. She's the same way. Let's just say she is famous here in Paris."

He growled "If you wont tell me Ill find out myself" he said and stormed off

"Really?" Donny asked. "You are going to stalk her? What will it take for you to lay off? Besides who she is, I mean."

"nothing don't you get it....its not right and its to suspicious....but that being said I know you wont tell me so I have to find out myself...maybe if you told me what happened ....that will be a start" he said

Donny said, "After I made a fool of myself, I left the club. That's when an angel found me and made everything better. She showed me how amazing everything is. We had fun and I fell asleep in a cave. It was beautiful. The bed was so soft. When I woke up, I came to find her, and you showed up, telling me I slept for two days."

"Do you hear yourself? an angel found you? seriously? you realize your mother has been going crazy right?"

"She showed me I shouldn't hate my own mother and my mother's lectures were from love, not because she loathed me," said Donny. "I'm going back to apologize and explain my absence. I could use my best friend right now to back me up."

He sighed "Only if I can meet her....I need to donny...I need to know its safe" he said in a sincere tone

"I'll ask her tomorrow," he said. "Until then, back me up. You don't have to lie, just take my side, okay?"

He didnt say anything but he knew he would, the second they got to camp his mother stormed over to them "Donny Amel Dragonseeker!" she said in a angered filled tone, She raised her hand like she was going to slap him but instead she grabbed his shoulder and pulled him in to her embrace "Dont you ever....ever! cut you mind off like that again or so help me I will hunt you down and chain you to my waist"

"Sorry, mom," Donny said. "I just needed to be alone. I met a woman who helped me see things in a new way. Everything just got to me."

She pulled back and gripped his shoulders "A woman? what woman? is that way we couldnt contact you? explain Donny" she said in a serious tone

Jan sighed you had to mention the girl....

If I left her out, mom would have known. Best to admit to it now. He smiled and said, "She is amazing, mom. She helped me. That's why I was unreachable. I honestly thought I was gone for a few hours, not two days, but I needed to heal my mind."

"How? how did she help you donny? tell me" she said in a worried tone

"She just showed me a new way to see things, mom," said Donny, unaware his hand was shaking. "And... I'm sorry if I seemed cold and distant towards you. I just felt you hated that I was a male and that's why you were always getting on to me. But she showed me you feared for my safety because you loved me. So, she's like a therapist."

"what is this girl donny and where is she? I want to meet her.....and of course I am hard on you because I love have so much power in you I fear you will loose yourself in it" she said in a loving tone

Jan wrapped his arm around donny's shoulders to shop his hands from shaking "I know you are worried but the sun will be up soon we should hit the haye" he said nudging donny

"Yeah," he said. "And I'm a Dragonseeker, mom. I'm not going to lose myself to my power." He began itching his arm. "I'll see you tomorrow. I'm meeting a friend in town again. I can't miss this meeting, okay?"

"no its not ok....I dont want you leaving...we have to leave soon" She said plainly

He sighed and smiled, "Alright. I'll stay. I hope my friend understands."

He would sense his mothers relief "good ....have you feed yet?"

"Yeah," he said, "a little. I'll be fine to go to ground."

you can come sleep with me......I have plenty for you to eat Kat's voice said seductively in his head

"Ok well lets go then" she said and turned walking towards the caves, Jan followed

Donny looked around, shaking with need. I promised to spend tomorrow with my mother before she goes back to Brazil. I must stay. I'm sorry.

The world seem less alive, colors were duller and less vibrate, even the moon seemed shaded

What is happening, Kat? he asked, his breathing getting heavy. Why is the world going dim?!

Nothing is wrong tat is how the world normally have seen the world throug my eyes now it will never be the same

I want it back! Please! Can... can you meet me at the lake outside the city?! I have to see the beauty of the world again!

Breath donny its must find beauty in this world may seem dull but look can still find must be able to find the good in the dark Donny

What good? I'm a failure here. In the world you showed me... I'm who I'm supposed to be. I'm free and happy.

you can have that in this world too Donny....its just much harder to achieve last longer...look around find something that gives you hope...your people? the animals...something that brings life to this world...if you do I promise wen we meet again I will show you something new

His mother looked back at him and smiled. He smiled back. My mother actually smiled at me. That gives me hope. She is so strong and amazing. I'm nothing like her, but... when she actually smiles at me, like she's proud of me, I can't help but smile back and see a world filled with light and hope.

see....and thee is more then just your mothers smile donny you just ave to look for it....thats how people survive this world by finding the good that keeps tem rest......I have a show to do

Donny caught up with his mother and just enjoyed her company. When he went to ground, he wasn't as shaky.

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