Paris 5

Jan woke first and loved waking up with the feeling of Shelbi in his arms, he smiled and decided to wake her up in a naughty way as he went down and wrapped is arms around her legs and started to lick her core

Shelbi gasped when she woke. "Jan! What are you doing?!"

I just woke up I am having my delicious breakfast he said in her head as his tongue stabbed deeper

She moaned and said, "You'll get sick. It isn't..."

His hands came up and teased her nipples Let me devour you Shelbi

She put the back of one hand to her mouth and the other found his hair, needing an anchor. Her keening cries were his only answer.

His tongue drove her right over the edge and he enjoyed her sweet juices as she came in his mouth, he cleaned her with his tongue and blanketed her body and shoved hard into her

She cried out, gripping him. She couldn't sit still now. She had to move with him.

He lowered his head and suckled her breast as he continued to pound inside her

She arched into him. No matter what she did, she couldn't get close enough.

He groaned "Shelbi I will never be deserving of you nor never get enough of you" he said pounding faster "come with me.....let me feel you give yourself to me"

She smiled and said, "I always come with you, Jan."

He brought them both over the Edge and filled her to the max with his seed, he made them roll on their sides, but still stay connected

She put her head on his shoulder and said, "Tell me again how I got to be so lucky."

"Im the lucky one" he said kissing her deeply and nuzzling her neck

"I hate to ask this after that earth shattering experience, but have you talked to Julietta yet?"

He sighed and disconnected their bodies and cleaned and dressed them both "She still wont speak to me...from what I hear the only one she talks to is her lifemate these days" He said running a hand through his hair

"She talks to me sometimes," Shelbi pointed out. "And she listens to the other women. What if she doesn't see that it's you she is talking to?"

He shook his head "she needs time...I understand I will wait for her" he said sincerely "I have to go Im suppose to help load the Vans today"

"I'm going to see if Lil will go into town with me later," said Shelbi. "I think she is keeping something deep down. Besides, I want to do some shopping."

Make sure Rodger goes with you" he said in a protective tone

"We will be fine," said Shelbi. "Lil knows how fight, so we will be safe."

"that was not a request Shelbi...either he goes with or you do not go" he said


Liliana woke with a fierce hunger, she felt Alex arms around her, she put his wrist to her mouth and bit in gentle teasing the skin with her tongue

"Hungry?" Alex asked with a smile. "I have yet to go hunting, but if you can't wait, go ahead."

She took but one sip and closed it "maybe I just wanted to taste you" she said teasingly stretching and arching

"Then, I shall go hunting and bring you both something back," he said.

"let me come...." She said softly

He thought for a moment and said, "Alright, but stay close to me."

She nodded and dressed herself

"Do you want anyone else to come?" he asked as he clothed himself. "Or just us?"

"Did you want anyone else? " she asked as she put her hair up in a bun, exposing her pale soft feminine neck

"No, I just thought you would feel better if we had others with us," Alex said. "You don't seem to want to be alone lately."

She stopped moving "I....I dont know what you mean...Im always fine being alone you know that..." she said not looking at him

"Liliana, you have sought other people's company for things that have no interest for you," he said. "Last rising, you went with Desari to go shopping for frilly outfits, and you hate frilly outfits because they don't allow you to move properly."

"She wanted company...." she said simply "I-I.....look I just want to enjoy the company of people I care about is that so bad?"

"No," he said, "but you have never been by yourself once since the attack. At least one person is always with you. And you've hung around Syndil, Tempest, Jennifer, and Julietta quite a bit. Have you talked with them about what happened?"

"Nothing to talk about" she said with a shrug "So....ready to hunt?" she said with a soft smile that did not reach her eyes

Alex took her hands and said, "My love, you aren't healing. You need to talk about what happened. Syndil, Tempest, Jennifer, and Julietta were all taken against their will and they are growing from it. You are hiding and it isn't like you at all."

"Im not hiding....I just have more important things to focus on right now" she said holding her pregnant belly

"I'll let it go for now," said Alex with a sigh, "but you need to talk at some point. Now, let's go hunt."

She nodded and walked beside him "I really am ok......I just worry about other females now a little more...I would rather try on god awful dresses then have a female be unprotected.." she said sincerely

"I see," he said in a tone that told her he only half believed her.

She sighed "stop worrying please...I need you to be happy so I can be happy" she said taking his hand

"I am happy, Liliana," said Alex. "But I wish I had you back completely. I know you were changed by what happened, but you aren't acting like yourself."

She sighed and said nothing more the rest of their hunt


Anya moved slightly in her sleep as she started to awake

Dracul smiled and said, "Happy to have your sister back? And have her in a safe place?"

"im happy for a lot of things....but...Im still ashamed for somethings as well" she said in a soft tone

"I know, but you prevailed," he said. "No one is condemning you."

"I am condemning myself...." she said with her back still turned to him

"You don't need to," he said. "Everyone is calling you brave. I think you are amazing. Why are you so hard on yourself?"

"because I deserve it...." she said softly "look im fine go hunt Ill wait here"

"You are not fine," he said. "And you are celebrated, Anya. You deserve the praise, not the self-loathing."

"Celebrated for what? abandoning my own child.....bringing evil into the world...hurting my family...lleaving you..." she said with pain in her tone

"For stopping the greatest evil we have faced in years," he said. "Those vampires were waiting for someone, anyone, and they chose the wrong Carpathian. That was their mistake. You did what you had to so that everyone could be happy. I'm proud of..."

She kissed him to keep him from saying it

He pulled away and said, "I'm proud of you. You sacrificed more than anyone else would have dared. Why don't you like hearing me say this?

"because I gave up!" she said opening the earth "that's why I thought everyone was dead...." she said jumping out, not even bothering to dress herself "I thought I had killed the prince and in doing so everyone I ever love died...." she said walking into the forest

"Did you really give up?" Dracul asked. "Or did you unconsciously lull them into a false sense of security? Anya, you would have felt us die if you had killed us and you know it."

"Maybe I did feel it...magic.....can be your worse nightmare if you let it" she said in a low tone

"I never stopped feeling you were alive," he said. "You would have known. Let's hunt. Then, when you are ready, we will talk about it. But it has been almost a half year. You need to start healing."

She didnt say anything but just walked beside him "I love you Dragonmir" she said soflty

"Why do I hear the underlying 'I still hate myself' in those words?" he asked.

She chuckled "when I say I love you there is no room for hate...self or otherwise...because I love you to much" she said in a shy tone

"You still feel it and it makes me sad," he said, taking her hand. "You are strong and amazing. I'm always amazed when I see you in battle."

"I had good teachers you included....though it was hard to train with you when you kept ripping off my clothes" she said jokingly

"I thought it was hard teaching you because you kept brushing against my..."

Before he could finish she did a combative turn using his arm, she brought his arm around her to her breast and landed the move with her body pressed against his, her back to his chest and her butt to his groan

Savannah stirred next to Gregori, her hair brushing against his chest

Gregori growled and said, "Woman, must you drive me crazy this early?"

She chuckled "you sound as if you were not already crazy? the dark one is not sane......he is too bust going crazy over me" she said teasingly as she rolled over and kissed his neck

"Savannah," he breathed her name, blanketing her. "You are always so wild."

"I did grow up with a wolf you know" She said in a loving tone as her hands ran down his back

He surged forward and said, "I know. Let me show you what I think of that."

She cried out and arched beneath him, her tight core taking his member like it was made for him

He began to move, hard and wild. "I still can't believe I found you, Savannah."

"found me? you always had me Gregori" she said gripping him tightly with her core as her hands gripped his back

"There are days where I still think I stole you from someone more deserving than I," he said.

She placed her hands on his cheeks and made him look at her "There is no one more deserving of my love then you Gregori.....I fully believe that even if you had not messed with it fate would have still brought us together" she said with so much love in her tone he could physically feel it in his mind how true her words were

He kissed her deeply, surging forward to fill her, taking her over the edge with him and beyond the stars.


Raven moved against Mikhail her back to him on her side, her buttocks brushing his waist

He pulled her close, taking her deep into his lungs. He kissed her neck, bringing her to life.

She moaned "waking me up like this is one of the reasons I am Pregnant" she said with a purr

"Are you complaining about my lovemaking skills?" he asked teasingly.

She chuckled "well you are getting older....its understandable if you're not able to..."

"Very funny," he said. "Perhaps I should let you rest. You seem to tired to think properly."

She chuckled "I assure you I am fine....although," she said taking his and placing it on her breast "there are ways to prove me wrong...."

He smiled and said, "I think our son has other ideas. He is saying 'Feed me.'"

She sighed "I see now you are just making excuses...I knew I was right you have gone sof...."

He kissed her and said, "I can ignore him this once." And he surged into her.

She gasped, her body instantly coming alive for him just like he loved

He began moving. He was gentle so that he didn't hurt their child, but he made sure she felt the pleasure that only he could provide.

Raven moved until she was on top, riding him hard the way she knew he liked, SHe brought them both over the edge and cried out as he filled her with his see, she gasped and looked down at him in shock "I take back what I said your better then ever.....because my water just broke"

Mikhail's eyes got big. He gently separated their bodies and made her lay down. Despite having two children and knowing that Xavier's parasites were gone, he was nervous.

"Shall I call Gregori or do you want to inform everyone?" he asked.

"Both" she said breathing a little heavy "Mikhail....Im scared" she said sharing his fear unknowingly

"Me too," he said, helping her to get up and walk towards the camp. "It seemed not that long ago, we were losing our children. It is hard to believe that it is over with. Gregori will be here soon."

She nodded, half way to the camp her first contraction hit and she had to grab on to Mikhail to keep from falling

Gregori appeared beside her and said, "Darius is preparing an area of the camp. The children know nothing of what is going on, nor should they. Raven, you need to walk. It will make this easier on you and the baby."

She nodded and started walking sweet beading her forehead "call me crazy....but this hurts a lot more then Alex did" she said squeezing Mikhail s hand tightly "I swear this baby is trying to dance his way out of me..." She said in pain as another contraction hit and she had to stop to breath through it

"You are a week and a half early," Gregori said. "How did your water break?"

Raven chuckled and started to blush "Blame your prince its his fault" she said trying not to laugh "I was all tired ...just woken up and he jumped me like a wild man" she said with laughter in her tone

"Don't put the blame all on me," Mikhail said. "I was trying to wake you gently. You are the one who seduced me."

"I get it!" Gregori said. "So, you put pressure on the baby. Let's get to the camp. We have a baby to deliver."


Donny woke up, sweating. Kat?

He was met with silence

Donny opened the earth and crawled out. He had to get some air. But he smelled her. Kat? Are you close?

He was once again met with silence

He sat at the cave mouth, eyes shifting restlessly. Every time the leaves rustled, he thought is was her. The wind smelled like her. I need you, Kat.

Then find me Her voice echoed in his head

Donny got up, ready to go looking when a hand stopped him. He turned and saw his mother.

"were are you off too so early?" she asked with a soft smile "did you forget you are help loading the RV?" she said

"No," he said with a smile. "I just thought I would go feed."

"Ok but dont be gone to long we need to be on the road soon....before we leave Darius want to check out these wolf attacks that have been going on" she said and patted his cheek and walked back towards the van

Donny didn't wait. He followed the mental link as best as he could. He found himself waiting in the alley behind the club, hearing Kat sing inside. His mind kept touching hers, needing to feel her.


Kat inhaled deeply, it had been a good show, she stretched and smiled as people patted her back and told her it was a good show. She decided to go have a smoke before going back to her room, she grabbed a silk robe to put over her stage outfit and stepped out back into the alley.

Donny grabbed her and claimed her mouth with his. He tore their clothes off and shoved into her as he pinned her to the wall. He growled, more animal than man, as he bit into her tender neck and began drinking.

She cried out and wrapped her legs around her waist, her core got tighter around him "Good to see you too " she moaned "when your done...I want to show you something" she said crying out again as he thrusted harder

He didn't answer. He closed the holes in her neck, pinning her arms to the wall. He filled her twice, but did not stop once. He couldn't fight his way out of the madness in his mind, of needing her.

"Donny....if your going to keep going you need to make keep me from getting pregnant" she said gripping around his cock like a vice grip, giving him indescribable pleasure, so much so it set fire to his very soul

"Why?" he asked. "You aren't ovulating, so you are fine."

"Donny Im not Carpathian I don't have to ovulate to get pregnant I can get pregnant at anytime" She said smiling and teasing his neck with her lips "Besides I want you to save your energy your going to need it for what Im showing you today" she said in a seductive tone that drove him wild

He said, "Then, you won't have a baby. I just can't stop yet."

"Never asked you to" she said kissing him deeply making pleasure shoot through him, the world got brighter around them , even the gentle feel of the wind against their skin added to the pleasure

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