Paris 6

Shelbi said, "Fine... but you have to come too. It will be fun dressing you boys up!"

"I cant I have things I need to take care of today" he said softly

"Spoil sport," Shelbi pouted. "Are we ever going to go out and have fun?"

"I promise soon I will make time but right now things are hectic and I need to help everyone before I can have free time" he said with a heavy tone

Shelbi frowned. She fought to keep him out of her mind. They hadn't had a night out since she woke up a Carpathian.She didn't look at him as she left to find Lil.

She stopped short of the camp, breathing heavily and crying. She heard a noise behind her.

Julietta appeared naked and covered in dirt, it was obvious she just shifted back to human form, she tilted her head you ok?

I'm fine, said Shelbi, wiping her tears. Just wanting a real date night with Jan.

oh.... she said uncomfortable, she did not like to talk about jan Shall we go?

Yes, anywhere but here, Shelbi said.

She nodded and was suddenly in a long sundress, her hair up in a bun, she lead them to the shopping area famous in Paris anything in particular you want to get?

No, just wanting a night out, she said. Let's window shop, get drunk, anything to not have to think how my lifemate is trying not to be alone with me.

She stopped her and made her look at her look I told you I dont like talking about him or hearing about him...if you want someone to talk to Ill go get one of the other women to accompany you

Then, let's go into town, said Shelbi. I want to forget for a while anyway.

She nodded and took them to a Jazz bar, she ordered a bottle of wine for the table lets get a good buzz and then shop

I like the way you think, said Shelbi. Of course, she didn't get much drinking done with fans coming to talk to her. How do I get them to leave me alone so I can enjoy the night?

Suddenly the waitress came over and said follow me, Julietta nodded at Shelbi and the waitress took them to a private VIP booth in the back better?

Much, she said. Now, I can really relax. Let's get drunk and shop and be stupid. She laughed. In other words, normal 20-something human girls.

She chuckled lets get wild she said holding out her glass for a cheer


Dracul laughed and said, "Yes, just like that. You do this on purpose."

"I dont know what you mean" she said teasingly wiggling her butt jokingly against him

He said, "Enough. Your hunger beats at me. Let's go hunt and then meet up with your father."

She sighed and suddenly flipped him, making him land on his back "I think Ill go hunting by myself tonight, enjoy the view of the night sky" she said teasingly

He laughed as he grabbed her ankle, making her trip and said, "As long as you get an eye full of the ground."

She growled playfully and twisted on the ground and kicked his hand making him release her, he saw a wild glint in her eyes as she smiled and he knew she was challenging him "sorry darling im not you, I dont lay on the ground often" she said mockingly

He flipped over her and grabbed her from behind. "Funny, because you seem to enjoy being on your back, writhing under me."

Her heart slammed into her chest and she wrapped her legs around his wait and rolled him til she was on top, pinning his arms "I could say the same to you" she said with a teasing smile

He pulled her down to him and kissed her. If only you knew. She felt his tongue suddenly enter her core even with his mouth dominating hers.

She cried out against his lips Thats cheating....and new?

I love to take you in every way. So writhing beneath you is just one way I love being with you. She felt his tongue stab deep.

She cried out so hard she broke the kiss, with a growl she ripped his shirt right off him, forgetting she could make them disappear, he had not seen the wild passion in her eyes in a long time, his beast roared to greet her

He smiled. He willed their clothes away and sat up to suckle her breast.

She grabbed his hair and stopped him, pulling his head back, to his surprise she speared herself on him hard and fast, her core was painfully tight, she started kissing his neck as she began to ride him

He growled and said, "I missed you, Anya. Don't stop."

She gripped his back and moved faster "Dracul...I need more of you...please take from me...take all of me in every way" she said in a moaning tone

He went back to her breast, his teeth sinking deep. I need you to take me deeper into you.

SHe cried out and rode him harder, she called down a vine from a near by tree to pin his hands above his head as she teased him with her mouth all over his neck and chest

He fought against his bonds and said, "Anya, I need to touch you."

'and I need you to lose control and take me like the Carpathian male you are" she said in a moaning tone

"I would, but you have me tied up," he said. "Then again..." He rolled until he was on top, still tied up. He used that to his advantage. He pinned her down with his teeth, letting all control go. His thrusts were hard and deep and sure. He took her to the edge, but did not give her release. This what you want, my love?

She growled and moaned "No! I want us not to be able to talk!" she cried out and then did something he did not expect, the vines released his wrist only to wrap around his wrist ankles and throat, forcing him to go on his hands and knees, she was still underneath him but she was now moving her hips to have him thrust inside her, the vines on his wrist moved, making him grab her breast, the vines on his neck tightened slightly giving him a painful pleasure through his body, she had taken full control


Donny pumped into her, unable to speak. He didn't let her rest. He couldn't think. He used his teeth to pin her in place. He couldn't stop moving. After filling her for the fourth time, he finally took a break, feeling her need to stop.

"Sorry," he said, closing the wound. "Are you able to walk? To stand?"

"you might have to carry me.." she said breathlessly

"I can do that," he said with a smile. He clothed them, making sure to put them in the same clothes they had on before he attacked her. "Just tell me where to go."

"to my room....Tonight you are going to take a step into a different side of my thats even harder to come back from" she said with a heart stopping smile

He ran to her room. He had to have her again, to know what she wanted to show him.

When he got there it was a wondrous sight, Incense filled the air, the room was surrounded in many colors, people laid and sat all over the room, some making out some having full on sex, Handsome men and beautiful woman caressed each other like they were lovers, laughter and moans filled the room "welcome to another place of another world" she said stepping out of his arms and taking his hand and pulling him to her "Join me Donny....join us in a world of pleasure you have never known" she said lifting up his shirt to take it off, another girl came up behind her and sensually wrapped her arms around her waist and smiled at donny

"Kat, I love the world you have shown me," he said, "but I don't want anyone but you."

"you trust me dont you Donny? let me show you the art and beauty here...its not just sex...its much more then that" she said taking off his shirt and the other girl came around and got on her knees and started taking off his pants "let me show you" she said biting her lip so it bled and kissed him deeply take from me

He kissed down her neck so he could sink his teeth in deep.

Her blood made his body come to life with new sensations, suddenly he could feel everyones pleasure that was in this room, it was so intense his knee almost gave out on him, ever stroke ever kiss every touch and thrust he felt it all

"More," Donny begged. "Please. I want more."

The woman took off his pants and Kat walked him to the pile of pillows people were at, she let go of his hand and laid down on her back, a man and a woman crwled over to her, she held out her arms towards donny as the man and woman started kissing her neck and each other "Come to me...come join us" she said in a silk voice

Donny blanketed her body, kissing her neck. He entered her hard and fast.

Gasp were heard around the room and the moans got louder, donny would feel hands all over her stroking his body, lips all over where the hands touched, the girl neck to kat gripped his hair and turned his head and kissed him, while kat kissed his neck, sending fire he never thought existed through his body

He became more beast than man. He kissed his way to her breast where his teeth sank deep. He filled her twice before he had to take a break, laying down next to her. He gasped when the sensations kept coming at him.

She started licking and kissing up his body "Let it all sink in...dont fight it...let the pleasure take you where you need to go...get lost in it to guide you" she said as two other girls joined her in teasing his skin while other males started to play with Kat and the other girls

Donny didn't have a choice but to get caught up in the waves of pleasure. Kat, let me experience it all. Please.

When he let go he would feel the minds of everyone in the room nothing but pleasure and good thoughts were in their heads, the world was vibrating and alive just like he saw it, it was like he was multiple places at once, making love to multiple people at once, he could feel every girl's tight core, he could feel how the guys felt being inside them, how their touch and kisses felt tell me what you feel Donny kat said while her breast moved on his chest back and forth from the guy thrusting beind her

Everyone. I feel everyone. Then, he was lost in the crowd of thoughts. He couldn't focus on what was being done to his own body. He just thrust his hips, his mind pulled in so many directions, he couldn't tell if he was actually with a woman, or just thin air.

thats it Donny let you see now? How when you push past the physical the pleasure of the mind is so much more intense.....connection Donny....that is where true pleasure lies, in the connection and bond between people.....feel don't even know their names yet because you are connected with them in this way you feel a pleasure you cant even describe...the mind is your greatest strength but also can be your greatest weakness...master your mind and you can achieve unspeakable things


Amera waited outside the stadium. He was in there. Her mate.

"Do you think he's ready for me?" she asked her brother.

Andor ignored her and walked past her, He had not said a word to her since the plane incident

Amera looked at him and said, "Andor, I never said sorry for acting the way I did on the plane. I shouldn't have tried to leave and I should have paid attention to my surroundings. I also never thanked you for saving me. So, before I go to see him, I'm sorry and thank you."

He stopped for a moment, his back still to her, after a few moments he continued walking and went inside the building without a word

She with him and grabbed his arm. "Say something, Andor. Please. I need my brother back. How long are you going to hate me?"

"I dont hate you...Im disappointed in you..."He said removing his arm from her grip harshly and walking away

She stubbornly followed and said, "I'm disappointed in me too! I was stupid! I know that! I shouldn't have allowed such a thing to happen because of my... my..." she took a breath, "my childish behavior. How can I get you to forgive me?"

"grow up....dont put me in those situations anymore...if you do that with me then you will do it with your lifemate which is worse and why you are not ready for him" he said plainly

"I'm trying, Andor," she said. "I haven't made a joke since then. I've actually been quiet. Dad even said so!"

"Actions Amera ....Actions" he said simply

"I've stayed out of the way," she said. "I haven't tried to play pranks, and I act like I should. What is wrong?"

"thats not growth Amera you have to train and start changing and growing, not resisting to do pranks and things you shouldnt" he said rounding the corner to the building

"I have trained!" she said in tears. "I just..."

She looked around, sensing evil. It had to come now. She growled. He wanted an adult, she'd show him. She went out to the parking lot. She groaned. Too many for her alone, with five vampires among the cars. Andor, in the... She got hit from behind by a sixth vampire. Before she blacked out she said, I'm sorry. I was a child again. Protect... your mate...

Amera would wake up in a dressing room, Andor reading a magazine across from her in a chair

"I'm sorry," she said, looking away from him. "I did it again. I need some time... alone. I'm not..."

"Ive already informed father, he agrees you are not ready to be here yet, you will be going back tomorrow night to the ranch" he said without looking at her "I will not be joining you" he finished and turn a page in the magazine

"No," said Amera, "I don't want to be around anyone." She looked at him with a smile. "Tell everyone to not worry." Then, she started to disappear. "Bye."

"Still being childish I see...wont matter father will find you" he said emotionless with a shrug

"Not this time," she said with a sad smile. "I'm not going to grow up around others because I'll always be the girl who can't escape her brother's shadow."

With that, she left. Tempest appeared shortly after with Darius.

"I told you we didn't have time!" Tempest said. "But you just had to..." She saw Andor. "Never mind. Our son doesn't want to know what you and I do alone. Just go find her."

Darius sighed "She takes after you...." he said teasingly and left to go find her

Tempest turned to Andor and said, "Mind telling me why she ran away? It isn't like her to actually run off after your father issues an order."

"How about to save herself embarrassment on yet again another childish decision this time she went to go fight vampires on her own, ran off like a child to do her life mate hurt because of it" he said with a shrug "I will not work with her anymore she is not mature enough to be a hunter and she almost got me killed because of it and now her lifemate is hurt...Im done with her...and before you yell and scream because you try to stick up for her save your breath mother you know im right she is not ready and she does more harm than good" he said standing up "and I am in no mood for your lectures so either you leave o I do" he said in a emotionless tone

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