Paris 7

Shelbi clinked her glass with Julietta's and said, To forgetting everything and being wild.

to recharging so we can deal with our problems better Se said downing her drink

Shelbi swallowed her wine and said, You know, we have a lot in common. She smiled. We are both keeping something hidden. Let's drink that away too, okay?

She nodded and pured another glass

Two hours later, Shelbi said, "Let's go shopping now. We can take a couple bottles with us and keep the fun going."

She got up with her you choose the store I choose the bar

Shelbi nodded. Oddly enough, they found themselves at the local goth store. This fits. Black is always slimming.

it makes me unless its naughty things she said jokingly

I think they have a sex shop in the back, said Shelbi with a smile. Let's have a look.

She blushed you know anything I would by would not last long right

Not the point, said Shelbi. It's the fun you have while it works that matters.

She chuckled and followed her

Dracul growled, trying to break free, to take her in wild abandoned.

the vines moved once more making him go on his back while she rode him, the ones on his wrist made him play with her breast "Dont worry I wont tell the other Carpathian males" she said teasingly, taunting is beast

He growled and said, Woman, untie me and I will show you what this Carpathian can do.

Binds would not hold a beast she said teasingly as she rode him harder

Your bonds do, Anya, he said, trying to thrust into her.

I dont believe you she said as she teased his neck with her fangs

Dracul strained so hard that the vines cut into his skin. The smell of his blood filled the air. You are stronger than you know.

She licked the blood, setting his skin on fire or you ave grow softer hunter she saidd letting one of his hands loose lets see if have

He instantly brought her down to him and bit into her neck, drinking her in. He also managed to loosen his other hand and his waist. He pounded into her, causing her so much pleasure, it bordered on pain.

The vines released him entirely as she cried out, she let him have full control as she lost her mind in the pleasure

He rolled her over, pinning her with his teeth. He could only growl as he took her, his hands holding her hips still for his invasion.

He would feel as she became submission completely for him, trusting him to have complete control, her moans and cries were only for him as she scratched down his back

More! he said with a growl. I need control too!

Use your mind can control what you feel me out feel me with your mind and you will find me

Donny couldn't focus. Try as he might, he couldn't find her, even though she was so close to him. Teach me.

you need to search with your mind let go stop try to sort and feel, wen you feel me gentle follow it, dont force it take your time

Donny did as she instructed and found her on top of him. He grabbed her waist and thrust into her hard and fast.

She cried out and placed her hands on his chest, another girl started to kiss him deeply, her mouth tasted sweet like vanilla

Donny filled Kat once more. I... I have to go now, though I don't want to. My mother will try to come find me if I don't leave.

Stay for my blood will show you a new side of might be te only chance you get Donny

Then, let's go, he said. Like I said, if I don't get back, there will be hell to pay.

First...tell me how you feel Donny SHe said and leaned down and kissed him, this was not a kiss he had had from her before this was deeper more sensual and wild, it felt like it went all the way to his soul

Peaceful, he said. Like I don't have a care in the world.

She released his lips and smiled "good now lets see if you can walk" she said teasingly getting off of im and standing up "Keep you mind focused on me, it will help you slowly come back into your own"

Tempest said, "That's what everyone seems to forget. In Carpathian years, you and her are children. Tell me, isn't it also childish to hold a grudge against a child?"

he growled "she really does take after you, you are both blind, Im surprised you lasted this long mother....let me make this clear she WILL die if she does not stop being childish and if you want it painfully clear she had no bussiness being a fighter and I will not die because of her, to make it simple, if she does something stupid again and I have to choose between my life and hers you are losing a daughter because I have a lifemate to think of, which also means we all will be loosen a brother because she cant seem to help to make stupid decisions, you want to loose one of both of us keep being blind and sticking up for her, you want to save both of us then start being a mother and kick her ass in gear! now are you leaving or am I?" he said coldly

"It was a simple question," Tempest said. "I never said you were wrong. I was just pointing out a fact. Hell, I'm still a child by Carpathian standards. But you know, just as you have made a good point, you also made a mistake. She can be whatever she wants to be. She wasn't meant to be a fighter, you're right. However, she looked up to you so much, she fought her nature. Do you even remember what her nature really is?"

"I dont even remember my own! I haven't felt anything in over a year! " he said punching a wall next to her head "I need to leave...goodbye mother" he said and walked past her

"You are a predator, a born hunter," said Tempest, stopping him. "However... Amera talks to animals. She shouldn't be fighting, but growing the ability she does have. But she wanted to be like you, spend time with your father and gain his attention. She has hidden herself away. Now, tell me what you mean by not being able to feel."

"its nothing...Ill see you later Im going to feed" he said moving past her

"Andor!" Tempest said. "It is not nothing! Tell me this instant!"

He growled "go help poor done with her" he said and disappeared

Andor! Tell me! Amera is taken care of, but I refuse to abandon you!

you already have when you stuck me with her! he said before he shut his mind to her

But I wasn't, Tempest said, sitting down with her head in her hands. I was showing that you both had points to make. You aren't ready either, son.

She was meant with silence


Amera appeared outside and started walking. She wanted to get lost in the crowd. She had to find herself, but she would never find it if she was near others. She needed to be alone to grow stronger. She sighed and ducked into an alley.

"Hi, dad," she said.

"by all means take you time to think of a good excuse for what you did and why you disobeyed my orders...Ill give you a minute" he said leaning against the wall

"I don't have one," she said. "I just want to train alone, away from everyone. That's all. So, knowing you wouldn't give me that, I decided to disobey you so I could do what I want. Will I make mistakes? Yes. Will I get hurt? Naturally. Will I grow? That's the hope."

"you will not be alone Amera...its too dangerous you know this...what I cant figure out is why you do what you do...we taught you better then to go face a vampire alone" he said in a disappointed yet worried tone

"I wanted to prove I wasn't a child, that I could be a hunter too," she said, not looking at him. "I made a mistake. I felt evil, but I didn't scan again. I am making rookie mistakes all the time. I can't stand lectures, and I know how to fight. I can take care of myself, dad, I can. Let me try. Please."

"No...your actions have shown me you can not be alone.Im sorry Amera but for your safety and our safety you need to go back to the ranch, you will train without Andor so you will be able to take the time to yourself you need but know keep you safe I will go as far as to compel you so do not disobey my orders again do you understand?"

Amera had had enough. "So, only Andor gets to go off alone. Andor gets to be seen as an adult by you. Andor is the only hunter you recognize." She looked at him, in tears. "Why can't you see that I am a hunter too?"

She ran into the crowd, not looking back.

He kept up without a problem Andor has not made the decisions you have Amera

Even if he had, you would still only recognize him! Because he's a male! For once, I want you to tell me how proud you are of something, anything I do! But no, you only see my failings! Just leave me alone!

Then do something I can be proud of instead of blaming your brother for every lack you have Amera, you are the only one who sees yourself the way you do, acting like this will not make me proud of you

I mastered the leg sweep faster, I can destroy a vampire faster, and I'm stealthier! she said. You taught me those skills! Yet I never got praise for them! You congratulated Andor, though! Just go away!

She shut him out and disappeared into the crowd, blending in so that he couldn't find her.

Darius followed her, she was still lacking in skill, bt she would not know he was there

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