Paris 8

Shelbi walked in, almost looking like she was sneaking. She looked around until a man stopped her.

"You girls looking for a good time?" he asked.

"no thanks your not our type," Julietta said wrapping her arm around Shelbi's waist and making her walk past him

Shelbi smiled as Julietta until the man went ahead of them and said, "Oh, come on! You must want to spend the night with a couple of good looking men, right?"

"Not interested," said Shelbi, putting her arm around Julietta. "You don't do it for us."

"Oh, it's going to be like that, huh?" he asked.

Julietta reached for Rodger with her mind knowing he was not far away, she didnt like the way the men were talking and she felt something was not right "Not interested unless you have boobs and a vag like my beautiful partner here then leave" she said plainly

The man laughed and said, "You aren't lovers. You are two drunk bitches and I'm going to give you one last chance. You come with me or things get ugly."

"How so?" said Rodger menacingly.

The man back peddled quickly.

Julietta greeted his mind with love, he would know how grateful and happy she was to see him its times like this.....that I can't help but feel all the bad in the world...everything that has happened.....I would go through it all over again just to spend one day with him She said to Shelbi unaware Rodger would hear it, her tone was filled with such a strong sense of love it was almost heartbreaking. it was the first time in almost a year she sounded like that

Rodger couldn't keep his smile to himself. The man thought Rodger was making fun of him and tried attack. Rodger dodged, forcing the man to end up leaving the store.

Shelbi started crying, hiding her face in Julietta's shoulder, and said, I want to go home. Please.

Julietta nodded "ok"she said and patted her head, she couldn't help but glance at Rodger, love filled her eyes

Rodger looked at Julietta, even as he was thanked by the manager. He put his arm around his mate when he got free and escorted her out of the shop. Even without touching her, he could feel Shelbi shaking. He didn't go into her mind to see what was wrong, he only knew something was.

Once they dropped Shelbi off at the camp Julietta followed Rodger to their spot in the cave thank you.....for coming

"I will always come for you," said Rodger. "Now, let's sit and cuddle. I enjoy feeling you in my arms. After you retreating, I'll never get enough of just holding you."


Shelbi laid in the bed, crying. She gripped her head, like she was having a massive headache.


Dracul held her on the edge until she was begging him for release. He filled her beyond capacity. He rolled until she lay on top of him. He closed the wound on her shoulder and held her. might have to go hunt...I cant move she said as she laid on top of him breathing hard, her body still shaking from the after shocks

I was going to say the same to you, he said with a chuckle.

SHe chuckled back how about we both rest and then go hunt together then

Agreed, he said, kissing her.

She smiled and continued to lay on top of him after a few moments of silence she sighed "you were right....Im not ok.....I feel dirty Dracul....the beast that took over them...its so dark and we all have it inside us.....feeling it as closely as I did...its hard to not be scared of what we feel dirty" she said honestly

"Yes," he said, "but if we try to hide it, it will eat away at us. By sharing our fears with those we love, like you are now, we bring it into the light. We are no longer alone, fighting what seems to be a monstrous demon. By enjoying the love we share, we can see that the demon is not as big as we thought and it is easier to keep him away." He kissed her. "Thank you for telling me."

She looked away shyly "I-I only did it so you would get off my back..." she said in a pouting tone

"I don't care," he said. "You still told me and that's what I'm thankful for. Persistence does pay off after all."

"persistence? is that what you calling it?" she said sarcastically and slowly getting up, the feeling of her sliding off of is member was heaven

"It's the only thing to call it," said Dracul. "Other wise, it doesn't have a pretty name."


Donny stood up, his legs shaking, but holding him. He smiled.

She held out her hand and walked him to the door "there is a VIP table with your name on it right at the front of the stage...hurry the show starts soon" she said with aa smile shutting the door

Donny dressed and went to the table, almost too excited to keep still.

The lights dimmed and the announcer introduced KAt and the crowd cheered, the stage looked like a jungle and teasingly you saw kats leg first as she came out in an Exotic outfit that was magical

Donny couldn't breath. She was so beautiful and sensual just walking onto the stage. When she danced, he had to fight to stay in his seat. He didn't make it. He walked out and waited in alley for her. He had to have her all over again.

About twenty minutes later she came out and stretched "Did I scare you off?" she asked knowing he was there even though she could not see him

He pinned her to the wall, her back to him, and said, "Quite the opposite. You inflamed me."

He tugged on her hair until she exposed her throat. He other hand wandered low on her body, finding her core through her dress. He sank his teeth deep.

"What the hell is going on here?!" Solange said, yanking Donny off of Kat by his throat and pinning him to the opposite wall just as Dominic and Jan appeared.

Kat cried out, covering her neck, because she had forced him away he had tore the flesh and made a big wound, blood seeped through her fingers and went slowly down her chest.

Jan rushed over to her but the second he went to close the wound she pushed him away

"I forget how much Carpathians are ruled by their emotional beast' kat chocked out harshly and went back into the club

"Kat!" he choked out. "Let go!"

"What were you doing?!" Solonge said. "That is a jaguar woman! You should have brought her to the camp so we could protect her!"

"I have to get to her!" he said, fighting hard. "Let go! Please! Kat!"

"you will do no such thing now tell me what the hell is going on here Donny and why were you and her doing such a thing out in the open!"

"She showed me a new way of looking at things," he said. "She's... special, mom. I have to go to her... now!"


Amera went to the bad part of town, itching for a fight. A man called to her. She smiled and went. As soon as she was close, she knew he was a vampire. Her smile broadened.

"Come to me," he said.

"No," she answered. "I've come to bring justice to you."

"You're a woman," the man snickered, his illusion falling. "What can you do?"

She just stood there, the wind catching her hair, making it look like fire. When she didn't react to the taunt, the vampire hissed and lunged. Amera caught him by his out stretched arms and rolled, throwing him into a wall. She stood up, looking at him. The vampire was getting angrier, bleeding from a cut on his arm from her nails. She stood, waiting with the patience of the mountains. She deflected every attack, leaving a cut to wear him down. She sighed. He wasn't giving her the fight she expected, and let it show. When he lunged for the fourteenth time, she deflected, delivering the killing blow. She tossed the heart away, jumping back. The vampire reached for his heart as he fell, vengeance in his eyes. She called down lightning and incinerated the heart and body together, just as the vampire reached the blackened organ. She bathed her arm in the white heat to rid herself of the blood, destroying all evidence of the battle. It took less than five minutes. She continued down the road, as if nothing had happened.

Darius kept following without her knowing

Amera stopped. She looked around, wary. Two more vampires appeared. They circled her, but she didn't even flinch. Again, she was victorious, but only just. He had to sit down and deal with a couple wounds they managed to inflict. Darius could feel her fatigue. After she quickly healed herself, she continued on. Why can't he see me? she thought to herself. Why can't you see me, dad? Is being a woman so different? Haven't I proven I can be a hunter?

A hunter is more than physical skill Amera , you do not have the mentality of a hunter, for example...a true hunter does not go seek trouble or does he let his emotions affect him in battle, it has nothing to do with your gender you are not mentally ready to be a hunter

"Shut up!" she said, putting her hands over her ears, couching.

"Hey, you okay?" a male stranger asked in a worried tone.

She looked up and said, "Yeah. I'm fine. Just..."

"Doubts and people putting you down?" he asked.

"Yeah," she said, standing. "Sorry. I must seem like a crazy person."

"I see it more than you think," he said. "It isn't safe for a woman to be out." He held out his hand. "Walk with me."

Amera took his hand, her eyes clouding over. However, she fought through the fog in her mind and ripped her and away.

"You're a vampire!" she said.

"Been around a while," he said with a smile, dragging her close. "Girls like you are easy prey. Always wanting to prove something." She tried to get free, but she couldn't break his hold. She only succeeded in giving herself bruises. "Don't bother trying to call out. My power is so great, not even the Dark Twins can connect with you, even if you were right next to them!"

He started dragging her into a rundown building. She grabbed hold of the frame and kicked off of him. She landed hard, knocking the wind out of her. But she got up, coughing. That's when she felt her father walk past her.

I will show you what I mean He pushed in her head and started fighting with the vampire, he went emotionless, he knew the man he once called him brother he was a proud warrior, memories of the good times they had together flooded her mind, the sadness of knowing he must now end his life laced in every one if your brother did not find his lifemate and turned could you kill him? could you shut off your emotions and wash his blood from your hands? he said as he gave the killing blow

I'd rather it be me than someone who didn't know and love him. At least I could give him a proper send off. It would be difficult, yes, but I would still do it. Because I love my brother enough to end his suffering.

But not enough to be a team and not wonder off and do childish acts....have you even noticed how much he suffers lately you have not, you have been so blinded by childish thoughts that you have failed to see the pain of those around you in battle you need a clear almost got you brother killed because of your actions....yet you say I should see you as a hunter? It was never about your gender or even Andor it was about your actions alone and what you have shown me....Even now you still fight and try to run when I tell you it is dangerous. It seems you can't be trusted to make the right decisions....make one now Amera and accept your weaknesses and go to the ranch to work on them, become a woman you can be proud of, a woman your lifemate can be proud of

Then, you will never be proud of me. Because I am a child, dad! I've heard the women talking about how claiming a female at eighteen is wrong because she is still a child! I may be an adult to humans because of my age, but not in Carpathian eyes! I'm not Savannah, able to grow up in a day! She had Uncle Gregori helping her! And I'm not mom! I was never human, so I'm not going to mature in twenty years on this earth! This is the last you will see me. You just lost your daughter.

And she disappeared. Because he still had to clean up, he could not follow her. Before long, she found herself at the camp.

"What the...?" she said, shocked. "No, I..."

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