Paris 10

"I know it hurts," he said. "You didn't fail us. And I could never hate you. I love you with everything in me."

She slowly looked at him, her eyes held so much emotion im a horrible mother....and you will hate me when you know....when you know that a part of me is happy he is gone......our kind suffers so much....death surrounds us and I was so scared he would have to go through it...that maybe one day he would die at the hands of a vampire or turn into one and we would have to kill relieved he was spared out kinds life and that makes me a horrible mother.. The fear in her eyes that he would hate her for feeling this way was strong and so was the sadness and guilt she felt.

"No, it doesn't," said Rodger. "I think that he was a true warrior, Julietta. Did he leave too soon? Yes, but he was a braver man than me and stronger, even if he was only a few months old. Right now, he is safe and happy, and knows we love him. He will be reborn to us one day. I know it. Right now, I prefer to think I'm not worthy of him, and the powers that be said that I need to grow before our son returns to us. I promise, I will become stronger so you can hold him in your arms again."

She shook her head its not you who lacks but sorry that you got stuck with a lifemate like me...used and no deserve....

"Don't you dare say that!" Rodger said, holding her close. "You are perfect the way you are. Don't you think I feel like I failed you and him? I think 'if I could have woken sooner and saved him' or 'I must have missed something the night before' all the time. I saw Alexandru and Liliana when we picked up the twins. It hurt to see them, happy with their child. No, it is me who is lacking and unworthy, Julietta. Never you."

its no ones fault he died.....and I am not perfect I want to change to be stronger....teach me please.....teach me how to grow stronger... your such a amazing warrior Ive never seen anything like you before...the first time I saw you fight I knew I was unworthy of you but I also felt that.....I had nothing to fear because you were more then capable of protecting me

"Little cat, it would be an honor to teach you," he said. "I pray you will never be in a situation where you will have to use it but I will impart my knowledge willingly. You can take the information from my mind at anytime, then we can put it into practice later. Okay?"

She nodded and nuzzled his neck, slowly he would feel the wonderful touch of her mind, soft and warm just like her

He wanted to weep with joy at having his lifemate back. "Let's go home."

She nodded still nuzzling his neck carry me....i want to feel you hold me

He picked her up and held her close. He enjoyed holding her and feeling her mind touch his. He knew she was learning his techniques and how to fight, but she also saw what had happened as she healed. How he had never been too far away from her, how he often patrolled in his jaguar form only to force himself to become human around their families, and how he would often scream to the heavens that he couldn't bring her back. He hid nothing from her.

Rodger....can we go away? just the the of us? maybe back home to the mountains...we are mated now maybe we can find a home of our own to settle in

"You know you would eventually want to come back to your family," he said with a chuckle. "However, we have a place here in France. We will vacation there until you feel ready to return. How does that sound?"


"Because you are belittling yourself and hiding things," he said with a shrug.

She growled "whatever keep your stories..." she said in a angered tone and turned into mist, vanishing into the woods.

"But I do love that temper," he said with a teasing smile, following after her.

A few minutes latter she reappeared near a lake where some campers were, they were sleeping in there tents three boys and four girls, she had to try and calm her hunger first before she could approach, other wise she might hurt someone, she did not know why she was so hungry, but it was dangerous.

Dracul appeared beside her and said, "Do you want me to feed for the both of us?"

She shook her head "no I can feed myself" she said stubbornly, she didn't want him think she was weak

He smiled and said, "Just asking, warrior goddess. You seemed hesitant."

"maybe im just debating on which one i want first, im a picky eater after all" she said as she started to walk towards the tents

He stopped her and said, "Not the men." He turned her towards the women. "I won't stand for you feed from other men."

She rolled her eyes "well there goes all the fun I had planned" she said sarcastically

He chuckled and said, "Just want you to remember I can get jealous sometimes."

She raised her eye brow "sometimes?" she said tapping the males tent teasingly making them stir

Dracul growled and said, "Always. Now, let's feed before you see what this male can do."


Donny fought harder to get free. Sonlonge looked at her mate and said, "Put him to sleep however you can and get him out of here."

Dominic did as she asked "Sol do not hurt her I can small the pureblood from here I know you know what that means" he said holding his son

"Yeah!" said Solonge, knocking Kat to the ground. "It also means she and I might be related! So what? Right now, she is hurting our son! I won't stand for it!"

"Me?! your the biggest problem in his life! he came to me for comfort and to get away from you!" Kat yelled and kicked sol hard in her stomach knocking her back "Donny wake up!" she said forcing him awake which surprised his father

"Let Kat go!" Donny yelled. "Leave her alone!"

"Tell us what you did to him!" Solange said, pinned Kat down so she couldn't move.

She growled "let go of me or you will regret it after all would you really want to hurt the woman carrying your grandchild" she said with spite in her voice, loud enough she knew Donny would hear

Donny stopped moving. He felt numb. A child... his child. He had made sure she couldn't conceive. And she wasn't ovulating. How?

Solonge said, "All I want to know is what you did to him. We can't touch his mind, almost like he doesn't exist anymore. And if you are pregnant, then, even more reason for you to tell us everything.

donny do not worry I am not pregnant I did that to give you a chance to escape, your father is not holding you anymore run ok I know what it is like to need to feel free, ill detract your parents, go to my home under the water fall if you like, they cant find you there

"I didnt do anything, did you ever stop to think that maybe he just doesnt want you in his head" she said baring her fangs at sol

Donny came to life then and vanished. Solonge cursed.

"Where did he go?!" she yelled at kat.

"how would I know I have a delusional bitch on top of me" kat spat out and dominic growled and stepped forward putting his hand on sols shoulder "watch your words, you will not disrespect my woman that way" in said in a dangerous tone

Solonge smiled and said, "It's fine, Dominic. She will tell us. I'm sure there are ways we can make her talk. But thank you for standing up for me."

Suddenly the back door opened near them and a few people came out "Hey kat you out here?" a tall dark haired male called

Solonge growled, making the man shiver and rush back inside. "I want answers. My son isn't the boy I raised. Tell me what happened now."


Donny stopped at the water. He paced restlessly. He needed Kat. Bad. Suddenly a lone wolf broke threw the trees, running fast on a injured bleeding leg, the blood almost instantly reached Donny, the sweet smell filled his nose, like wild lavender and spice, in the distance humans could be heard, not far behind the injured wolf, it ran towards the lake, not seeing Donny and jumped in the water, diving underneath and disappeared just as the human hunters appeared

"What is going on here?" Donny asked, planting the image of a frightened man and the need to leave. "Was that a wolf? It went down the river, heading towards town."

"you should get out of these woods have you not heard about the wolves attacking the locals, your lucky the wolf we are chasing didnt get you, come on men we have to keep moving" the hunter said and ran towards the way donny had said the wolf went, when they disppeared into the woods the wolf slowly emerged from the water on the other side of the lake near the water fall, its red coat shook and it slowly looked around and spotted dont, it met donnys eyes, the wolfs eyes were beautiful with a emerals green mixed with blue, slowly it started to limp away, walking towards the woods opposite of the way the hunters went

"Wait!" Donny yelled, going after the wolf.


Darius! The men have their hands full and they are right outside! Wake her up! Please! I would never ask you to do it unless there was a good reason!

He did not answer her for a moment I will wake her on one condition, after the vampires are taken care of you stand by my decision for her to goto the de la cruz ranch, she is not only a danger to herself but to her lifemate, the running away and childish acts need to stop and she needs to grow up before we lose her and her lifemate

I will always stand by you. I also like to point out other views. But I will always support you. But Gregori said that she and Andor need to stick together. Will he agree to separating them?

I am here father and even gregori sees the need for her to change and Andor does not want to be near her right now, She will go to the farm because it is what is best for her and her lifemate and you will support me in this love, trust in me to do what is best for her, Im almost there stay inside the RV he said as he let Amera wake up

I trust you, Darius. Always, Tempest said.

Amera woke up and heard the sounds of battle. She became mist and was on the field instantly. The men didn't have time to groan, seeing her. The were too busy protecting the women.

Amera dispatched three newer vampires right in front of the men. A master came up on her, but she stayed calm. He talked to her, and tried to wear her down, be he found it wouldn't work when he realized she had maneuvered them towards the tree's edge where Darius ripped out it's heart. She didn't look at her father. She jumped onto the next vampire, throwing him into the camper, where smoke rose from where he touched the barrier.

She's not bad, Tempest said. But she's still lacking something, don't you think? She's not as fluid as you.

She is uncertain of herself which is dangerous, a warrior must be able to trust their own skills, we will go back with her to the ranch I will take part in her training

That's good but she's doing quite well. She just lets anger take over.

Amera pulled the heart from a vampire, then looked up. She jumped between Barack and a vampire, her shoulder taking the painful blow. She yelped, but kept fighting. She was losing blood fast. With the scent filling the air, the vampires attacked with new found vigor. And they fought to get to Amera. She fought hard the whole time. Just when it seemed they would be finished, she jumped between her father and the master vampire he fought. The vampire had his hand deep in her chest. Amera went limp and her skin became ghostly pale with pain.

Dad... it hurts... she said. Is this... what they felt...? Andor... and... my lifemate?

Darius finished the vampire and then went to her making her feed no...they felt worse because they knew they could no longer fight to protect you, their last thoughts where how they failed you and you might die because they could not continue to fight, but it was you who failed them Amera, your careless actions put them in that predicament in the first place, your childishness tortured and almost killed your brother and your lifemate, now do you see why you need to grow? to learn more and to stop how you have been acting he said as he became a healing light and entered her body

Tears fell as she said, I wanted you to see I was a hunter and him to look at me. I'm sorry. I just wanted someone to see me and say that they acknowledged me. But you always focused on Andor when we trained and my lifemate pushed me away. I thought I could get you and him to focus on me by taking on bigger and tougher vampires. I never meant for anyone to get hurt.

the reason I focus on Andor was because of your brothers condition Amera not because I didnt notice you and your lifemate did not push you away but gave you the time to grow and enjoy your youth before you were bound, a sacrifice on his part

I'm sorry. I've been so stupid. I didn't think of how they felt, or you, or anyone else. I want to go away. I want to train alone so that I can become someone everyone can rely on. I'm not ready yet. I still hesitate on removing their hearts, I'm half a second slow during fights, and I let anger and jealousy rule. I want to train in the mountains and jungles near the De La Cruz ranch so I will have help if I need it, but I can still be alone. Can I do that? Is that okay?

HOw about we go to the ranch together and I help you train

Okay, she said after a pause. Let's try.

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