Paris 11

Julietta nodded and hugged his neck tighter you

"I love you too," said Rodger, taking her scent deep into his lungs.

She nuzzled into him more, her lips brushing his neck and her warm breath teasing his skin

He groaned and said, "I won't last if you do that. I'll end up making love to you right here."

He could feel her excitement at his words though she tried to hide it, suddenly she licked the side of his neck, her fangs brushing his skin as she did so

He pinned her to a tree and kissed her. He had to. He felt as if she had been gone for so long. He ripped his clothes off of him, evidence of desire pressing against her.

SHe moaned against his lips, it felt like it had been forever since he had held and touched her like this

"I've missed you, Julietta," he said against her skin as he kissed down her neck.

She moved her head to the side, giving him full access to her neck "Ive missed you too....I didnt know it was possible to miss someone so much...." she said with longing in her tone

"I know," he said, finding her stiff nipple with his thumb. "It feels like we found each other for the first time again."


"dominic squeezed her shoulder "sol more people are coming we need to leave lets find donny first, she cant run from matter where she goes" he said in a dark tone

Solonge nodded, picked Kat up, and said, "Tell us where to look."

"one im not going anywhere with you and two...." kat suddenly started top scream "Help someone help!" she yelled, people from the street started to look and a few started to come over. the scene did not look good since kat was covered in blood

Solonge growled a warning as they all disappeared, telling Kat that this wasn't over.

Kat hurried inside and went straight to her room to wash up, she through her bloody clothes in the garbage, she called in one of the men that was in the group from her room and fed from him, altering his memories making him think they took a shower together.

Once she felt better she went back into her room and started to pack, knowing she needed to get away for a while, she would hide out in her home for a bit, she knew the Carpathians would leave soon donny im on my way to the house she said wanting to see him

Oh! Um... Ok. Meet you there.

Kat made sure no one was around and that she was not followed and ran quickly to the water fall in her cat form Im almost there

Donny sat on a boulder, waiting.


The wolf stopped and turned around with a growl watching him very closly, the blood dripping down its front legs

"Let me see if I can help heal you," he said in a gentle tone. "It must be painful."

The wolf backed away slowly, still growling, it swayed on its feet, he could tell it was exhausted and the pain was getting to it

I won't hurt you, Donny said into it's mind. I can heal you. I'm sorry the humans attacked you out of fear.

your....not...human? the female voice was soft and pure, like silk running over his skin

No, I am Carpathian, he said, shuddering. Please, allow me to heal you.

whats....a carpathian......and no I dont the wolf said swaying more

He shifted into a black leopard. I am close to the earth. I can command the heavens and swim with the fish. I can change my shape at will as well. please let me help you. Then Kat talked to him.

The wolf darted towards the woods as soon as she saw he was distracted and disappeared.

Donny sighed. He had wanted help the wolf, but she didn't want his help. He went back to the waterfall and sat on a boulder.


Drius returned to his body and almost feel over, he had healed most of it and she needed to rest to heal fully

Tempest went to him and offered her wrist, asking, How is she?

He shook his head, he did not want to take from her, his hunger was to deep She will be fine once she rest, put her to ground while I go hunt with the other hunters

Tempest nodded and did as she was told. She put Amera to sleep, put her in the ground, and waited for Darius in the RV.


Dracul growled and said, "Always. Now, let's feed before you see what this male can do."

She chuckled and went into the womans tent, she would make sure they remained asleep when she fed, but the second she bit down on the first one she regretted it, as her hunger overwhelmed her. she released the womans neck almost instantly and closed the wound. she closed her eyes and tried to calm herself

Are you okay, warrior goddess? Dracul asked. Do you have need of me?

im I said im a picky eater

I feel you shaking, he said. Talk to me.

im struggling ok....sometimes my gets so reminds of when I was....when I... she couldn't bring herself to say it or think about it Ill eat later she said exiting the tent closing it behind her

"Then feed from me," he said. "I know you will stop before I get hurt. I fed well. Take what I offer freely, lifemate."

SHe raised her eyebrow "Here? infront of other males...why one could wake up and want what he sees" she said teasingly

He growled again, picked her up, and ran back to their cave. "Here," he said gruffly.

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