Paris 12

Julietta moaned softly "I feel the I should be upset someone I am just meeting is touching me in such a way" she said with a soft teasing smile

He growled and said, "I've waited too long to hold you like this again. Besides, you want me just as bad as I want you."

He would see a little spark of mischief in her eyes, it was a small reminder of what she was like when they had first met "oh? are you sure?" she said teasingly

"I'm sure," he said, his hand found her dripping core. "And this is my proof."

She sucked in her breath and her head went back against the tree and her hand gripped his wrist " scared and its been so long.." she said in a moaned tone all humor left her mind

He looked at her then and said, "I will never let anything happen to you."

She met his eyes "its you im afraid have power over me I never thought possible....if you were to through me away or not love me anymore...." she shuddered at the thought "Rodger your my everything" she said like she was stating a fact, he could feel her sincerity in every word

"As you are mine," he said. "I will never throw you away. Now, let's make up for lost time, my beautiful lifemate."

She was silent for a moment and then suddenly she took his face with her hands and kissed him deeply

He shoved into her. He had to. He began moving, letting his body show her how much he loved her.

She cried out, it had been so long her body was sensitive to his large invasion, she cried out his name and hugged herself to him, her legs tightening around his waist

He gasped out her name, screaming her name. It was the only thing he could do. His body was out of his control, pumping into her as if the world depended on it.

She cried out int his neck and without think bite down deeply into his shoulder, her nails digging into his back

He threw back his head, fighting to hold them on the edge. "Julietta."

She released his neck and healed it but left the mark "rodger.....take from me...let me feel you pierce my skin...please" she begged in a silk tone

He didn't waste time. His teeth pierced her breast and he feasted like a starved man.

The moment he bit her she lost control and her orgasm made her cry out, her core tightened around him so much so it was almost painful. the sound that came from her was a mix of her cat and her as her body was rocked wave after wave.

Rodger filled her, feeling her suck him deep into her. He prayed to every god he could think of, hoping that if she got pregnant this night, their child would stay with them.


Kat appeared in the clearing and shifted back into her human form, not caring she was naked and ran up to him, and for reasons not know to her she ran into his arms hugging him close.

"You're shaking," he said, holding her to him. "What do you want me to do to make up for my family's behavior?"

"just be happy donny.....I dont know why but thats all I want...I have never been through so much trouble for someone...." she said softy into his chest, her warm body pressed firm into his

He kissed her, using his body to tell her how sorry he was for causing her trouble.

She kissed him back, her arms wrapping around his waist, she had the taste of another males blood on her lips

He growled, pulling back and said, "Who have you been feeding from? I want to be the only meal you ever need."

She looked at him surprised "those are strong words Donny...dont say them lightly" she said as her beautiful eyes met his

"I don't say what I don't mean," he said. "Now, how should I deal with this?" He pinned her to a tree, lifting her hands until they touched a branch. "Don't let go."

She gasped "Out here? we are to exposed donny..." she said but still grabbed the branch

"That hasn't stopped us before," he said, removing his clothes. "Let's just enjoy ourselves for now." He kissed her neck. "Like we always do."

"whats gotten into have never taken charge like this before" she said moaning slightly as he kissed her neck

"It happened because you tasted of another man," he said, positioning himself. "Wrap your legs around me."

She growled "I would not have had to feed so quickly if it was not for your mother...and why do you car who I feed from?" she said in a low tone not doing as he had asked and letting go of the branch

"Because I care about you," he said. "Grab the branch and wrap your legs around me."

She looked at him for a moment and then smiled softly "no......." she said in a challenging voice "not this hide donny....I knew this the moment I met you and because I have come to care for you too.....Im not going to submit without a fight...if you want me donny then stop hiding and be a dragonseeker and take me" she said in a sincere tone

He pinned her to the tree, forcefully and said, "I don't hide. I protect. This means keeping a part of myself apart from others. I'm dangerous when I'm out of control." He lifted her up, his eyes glowing in the dark like a cat's. "Grab the branch and wrap your legs around me, Kat."

She felt the hear gather between her legs as she felt the dominance start to radiate from him, but she stood her ground, she leaned up and brought her lip by his ear "do not forget I have been in your head donny and you in mine....I did not fear you" she said and nipped his ear, making him realize it was true, she had seen what he hide and he had never felt fear from her

"What do you know?" he asked, shoving away from her. "So what if I hide what that vampire did to me, made me do? So what if that girl is dead? I'm still a Carpathian. I still have enough honor to fight harder than anyone else!"

She didnt move "are you tell me that or yourself?" she said softly with no judgment in her voice

"I..." he began then stopped. "I don't know."

She moved then "Donny there was a part of you that wanted someone to let me in and yet im still here.....there are some things in life even dragonseekers need help with and thats ok" she said gently touching his arm "I know you have what it takes to be any kind of man you want to be but first you have to let go of the past... thats why I showed you my world...I felt what you were hiding and it made me sad...I think your great donny, I think you are very worthy of a lifemate and the name dragonseeker, now you need to feel that way and if you want....I mean I know Im not ideal in anyway...Im a wild and flawed woman with no family but.....if you want you can open up to me...I dont fear even the beast in you donny and you deserve to be able to let go..." she said slowly letting her hand slid off his arm nervously waiting his response

"I drained her dry, Kat," he said. "I should have been able to fight it off, even if I was only ten. But I didn't. I called that woman over and drained her of every drop of blood on his orders."

"everyday you hide the vampire wins not let that experience make you feel weak but let it show you your strengths, become strong so that you may help those that were in your position and become one with your beast so that no vampire can control you but instead tremble at your roar, stop hiding so that you may one day save your fallen brothers by ending their suffering and saving the innocents they might harm, you are a dragonseeker donny I know that passion and honor runs through your blood, so stop denying it and let go because if you dont you will suffer dont deserve that" she said softly and turned her back to him "sometimes out worse enemies are ourselves..... we hide behind fear and illusions that make us feel safe......dont live like that donny....use me if you must to let all that anger and sadness and fear body... my mind its yours to do just that"

Donny said, "I'm alone, Kat. All I want to do is scream. But letting that out is the same as admitting defeat. I'd rather keep it hidden than admit he controlled me."

She sighed "he was the real victim donny.....he was a son...a brother...a carpathian who never found his light and yes he might have done horrible things but you are still you...still have a chance to find your dont waste what time you have holding onto such you really what to find your lifemate as you are now? or do you want to be different? you have to make that decision Donny but the longer you hide the harder it will be to change and right now the only one wrongly controlling you is the question you want to change?" she said not fully turning towards him but glancing back at him.

"Of course I want to be good enough for her," he said. "I'm afraid that... once I start losing colors and emotions... I will be the first Dragonseeker to become a vampire. Because of what he made me do."


Ana wiggled in his arms "you know you most places consider what you just did kidnapping" she said jokingly

"Good thing you are my lifemate," he said, exposing his neck. "Take what I offer freely, warrior goddess."

"you are stubborn....."she said softly, unable to fight her need any longer she let he fangs sink deep in his neck, her arms wrapped around his neck

He growled as pleasure hit him. He held her close, inflaming her with his hands, needing her.

her feeding was cut short by something much stronger, the desire for her lifemate, she closed the bite but left the mark and started kissing his neck teasingly

He smiled and said, "What brought this on when you need to feed?"

She nipped at his neck "you did so make sure to take responsibility hunter" she said in such a erotic tone that he felt electric all through his body

He smiled and said, "And if I say no?"

She growled and reached down and gripped his member firmly "then I will make you take responsibility"

"There's my lifemate," he said, gasping. "Always the take charge type."

"you act as if I went somewhere" she said sliding off his shirt, she was going to take it slow, she knew the slower she was the more built up he would become to the point he would go crazy

He looked at her and said, "You have locked yourself in your mind, Anya. It's good to see you coming back out, so I can see you again."

"some thoughts I dont wish for you to know..." she said in a almost distant tone "but I have still been here..." she slowly taking off her shirt giving him a show as her bear breast slowly bounced

"Anya, you have dwelled on those thoughts ever since the battle with the vampires and Draven," Dracul said. "I have been lonely, lifemate."

Suddenly her shirt was back on and she let go of him "you are not the only one who has been lonely Dracul..." she said in a frustrated tone getting up and turning her back to him

"I have waited for you to share your burden with me, Anya," he said. "I couldn't tell if you still wanted me or not."

She folded her arms "how could you even say that.....your my lifemate of course I still want you...its impossible not to...but that does not mean that I cant feel lonely....and its not a easy burden to share wouldnt understand....I felt what it was like to be one of our fallen brothers.....its.....worse then death...its worse then losing a lifemate even...." she said honestly

"Like being made a puppet?" he asked. "Like someone other than you was pulling the strings?"

"no...." she said in a low tone placed her forward against the cave wave, enjoying the coolness it brought to her head

"Anya, if I am your lifemate, then this burden is also mine," he said, wrapping his arms around her. "Allow me in again. Please."

"Dracul....I cant let you see....feel what it was like... it would be cruel to you" she said shivering in his arms

"I see your eyes, they are so haunted, Anya," he said. "I feel helpless to aid you."

"you help me everyday by just existing that how important you are to me....just your mere existings makes it bearable.....makes me keep fighting and trying to be be better" she said softly

"But how can I be happy seeing you suffer?" he asked.

"I.........need time...but know you are the only thing that is keeping me going...please dont ever think I dont want you because frankly I would die without you" she said sincerely

"I know you feel that," Dracul said, "and I feel the same about you. But I feel helpless before your misery. I need to help you, Anya, but I'm told not to. Tell me what to do, my love, and I'll do it."

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