Paris 13

Kat looked up at the sky "when you fed from me do you remember how that fear no felt whole and stronger, you even took charge and took me dominately in the alley....thats because you connected to your dragon and let go could feel like that all the time if you want to...that donny has no chance of becoming a vampire...but the donny thats standing with me right now...the one full of anger and fear....he does have a chance of becoming one" she said in a soft tone

Donny looked at Kat and said, "Help me get back to that place. Waiting here... I lost that edge. Help me?"

She turned towards him and leaned up against the tree in a very erotic way "you want me right donny? tell me how you feel when you look at me"

"Of course I want you," he said, pushing against her. "I feel as if everything is will be alright when I look at you. I love you for that, Kat."

She put her hands on his shoulders keeping him in place and keeping him from coming any closer "love......I think you you must be" she said looking away from him, she seemed less fierce then usual more small and feminine in that moment "Donny merge with your dragon....remember that feeling you feel when you drink my blood....let go of the past mourn your fallen brother that hurt you mourn the woman and mourn for your innocents that was lost...its time to let not think of what happen to you as you being weak donny, learn from it, let it help you grow stronger not make you hide

"I mourn them with my every breath, Kat," said Donny. "Yet, I still feel like that child that was forced to kill that woman."

She made him look at her, gently holding his face "but your merg with him donny....he deserves to mourn to.....did you ever think that his feelings are what you feel, all that anger and helplessness...your dragon feels them too...I trust you trust in yourself and stop hiding " she said with so much trust in her tone he could feel her sincerity

Donny turned into his dragon. Rage took over. He spewed fire into the air. He looked at Kat, saliva falling from his maw and destroying the grass where it landed. He stalked towards her, looking at her like he wanted to eat her.

"you tried to protect them both didnt you....." she said in a soft tone and took a step towards the dragon and smiled softly "Its ok to be angry but if you want to protect those you love you must let that anger go....." she said holding up her hand towards the dragon "look how big and strong you are now donny.....your fire burns hot....your wings could make a hurricane, feel your are not that little kid anymore.....try to remember what it felt like to have me in your feel my mind connected to yours, you were not hiding felt free didnt you?" she said not moving as she looked up at the beast

The dragon roared. I... wanted... to... kill... him, came Donny's voice. I... couldn't... save... her.

"Im sure if he was still out brother he would have wanted you to end his suffered and hers but donny you spared her from a the torture of a vampire and you know you did not do it because you a bad but because you are forced...there is no need for you to feel should be grateful that you live, that you survived because now you have a chance to grow strong and help others that might be in similar situations.....Donny somewhere out there right now your lifemate could be in the hands of a vampire...if you let this anger blind you how will you find her...." she said and unknowingly he would feel her pain from her not being his lifemate, that she too had come to love him and it pained her he would be with someone else, that her gift to him was trying to help him be happy because thats all she could give him

I... can't... fight... it, he said. I... didn't... destroy... him.... My... father... did.... I... didn't... make... him... pay!

" your father worked hard to save you and end our fallens suffering so you could live and be happy donny not suffer like this, you cant change the past but you can effect the furture, let it go or you and the ones you love will suffer, you dont want that do you? You have me donny you are not alone in here if you want me" she said holding out your arms " give your anger to me"

He hesitated before putting his head against her. Large tears fell from his eyes. I want him out of me.

" you dont mean that you need and love each other... i know i like both of you " she said nuzzling the dragons head

I want the vampire out of me, Kat! He forced me to feed from him, then forced me to kill that woman! You saw it! I want him out!

Then i will replace him, take from me donny, let my blood replace him" she said

Donny returned to his human form, looking at her like a lost puppy. "Kat... I want to make love to you. Please. Let me have a happy memory of today. Then, I will feed from you."

" only if you let this memry ease the pain of the one you hold onto" she said taking his hand and leading him towards her home behind the water fall

Once inside, he pulled her towards him with a heart stopping smile and said, "That was the plan, angel."

He kissed her deeply. He lowered her to the bed, his hands running over her, inflaming her. He kissed down her body until he found the junction between her legs, where he feasted on her like a starved man, but ensured her pleasure above all else.

She cried out and buried her hands in his hair, her hips shaked under his touch, letting him know how much he effected her

He slowly kissed up her body until he found her firm breasts. He began suckling as he surged forward. He had to hold her still so that he could bury himself deep. I need you, Kat. You make it all go away.

" i want to help mend it donny.... give me the pain, let me take it from you" she said touching her mind with his

He pushed into her mind and showed her the memory. A boy running in the jungle, enjoying himself. Suddenly, a vampire jumps out. This master picks him up and forces him to exchange blood. Unable to fight, the vampire compels him to drain a helpless and injured woman. The boy fights hard, not causing pain to her and telling her how sorry he is. Just as he finishes the the seeds of a monster have been planted, his father attacks the vampire, defeating him after an hour's long battle. His mother destroys the body, comforting the boy who was numb, already dying inside from guilt, pain, fear, and anger.

Suddenly his body was filled with warmth and all the pain he felt slowly vanished, kats body was hot under his touch " your free now donny...." she said weakly inderneath him on a moaned tone

He looked up at her, letting her see how free he felt. He filled her with his seed as his teeth sank deep. He gulped her blood, needing her to be closer to him.

She cried out and had no choice but to cling to him as she came with him, her blood filled him heightening his sense making the world around him shine in neon colors. She went limp in his arms, exhaustion took her " be free donny..." she whispered before almost instantly passing out


She was quiet for a few minutes and in moving "Dominate me" she said plainly "I feel out of control and lost Dracul........I need you to dominate every sense of the body mind and soul....please" She said in a softer tone

He turned her towards him and kissed her deeply. He pinned her to the wall just inside the cave, picking her up, and surging into her.

She cried out more! give me no choice but to submit to you! she begged in his mind, he would then understand what she was truely asking, she did not have the courage to give him what he needed to let him in her mind, she wanted him to take it, to make her bare herself to him, force his way into her body and more deeper then he had ever been before

Dracul bit into her neck, forcing his way into her mind. He filled her with everything he had felt from the moment he saw her. He showed her his own personal hell and how she saved him. How he wished he could repay her for her courage, for her brilliant plans that saved his ass every time they went into battle, and for the child Anastasia was carrying. But he also took in her memories as well.

He was hit with a dark sensation, his world went grey and he felt dirty, a filth that ran so deep it was consuming, hate and anger flooded his veins and the urge to bring the emptiness he felt to others was strong, the world around him changed, it discussed him to the point that his hatred grew, any emotion he had before became a memory, ones that made him even angrier, those who he had loved, even Anya that was in his arms made him feel even angrier, at that very moment he felt no love for his lifemate but only the need to make her suffer, to her her cries of pain, to live through others and to paint his grew world with their blood, no mercy,no emotions, just a emotionl pain that consumed his every breath

Before he could stop himself, he pinned Anya's hands to the wall. His thrusts became violent and painful, hurting his mate deeply. His bite, once erotic, caused pain. He bit her in several spots, leaving marks and bruises in his wake. He growled like an animal, his actions telling her that he would make her suffer for the love and pain she caused him. He thought of only his pleasure, filling her with his seed until it hurt.

When he finally fought through the haze, he pushed away from her, disgusted with himself. He couldn't even bring himself to go to her to hold her and heal her.

"I'm so sorry, Anya," he said.

She didnt move and didnt speak, blood ran between her legs with his semen and the bites bled down her body, the look on her face was one of pain and guilt as she leaned against the cave wall were she had dropped when he let her go

He held up a hand and saw that it was shaking. He growled before going to her. He held her close.

"Speak to me," he said, his tone conveying to sorrow he felt. "Please, tell me how to fix this."

She remained still "Im sorry....." she said in a soft broken tone "Im sorry I felt and thought such things about sorry" she said, her tone let him know that she was crying

His own tears fell as he said, "You did nothing wrong. You had so many people inside you, filling you with their hatred. I'm sorry I couldn't protect you from them, stop them from torturing you... taking it on myself."

She went silent and after a few minutes passed he would feel the warm wetness on his arm and chest

He said, "I know you feel guilt, Anya, and you feel you failed me. That couldn't be farther from the truth. You are braver than even I am. I would have succumbed to that darkness, denounced you as my lifemate, and truly become a vampire. You are the strongest person I know because you managed to stay true to yourself. You didn't stop fighting... like I would have."

She remained silent and became like a statue in his arms, it was then he would relaize the wetnees he was feeling was not her tears but her blood

He immediately laid her down and began healing her. When that was done, he sliced open his wrist and put it to her mouth. He was weak but managed to get them both into the ground.

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