Paris 14

Donny closed the wound, laid her in the bed, and covered her up. Just as he was about to lay next to her, he heard a woman crying. He looked around, but there was no one with them. He kissed Kat on the forehead, a promise to return, before heading out.

He followed the link until he saw the wolf from before. She was still hurt, caught in a trap. He freed her and went to her side.

"Now, I need to heal you," he said. "Will you allow me to do this?"

The wolf nodded her head

He examined the wounds. Using his Carpathian abilities, he numbed the area before digging the bullet out. He knitted the flesh together as best as he could.

"I'm sorry I can't do more," he said. "Now, I know you aren't a normal wolf. Would you mind returning to your human form please? Perhaps I can keep the bullet wound from scaring if I heal you while you are human."

" why do i care about scars....i have not been in human for since i was a child..." she said trying to back away from him but was to tired to move.

"Because my healing skills aren't the best," he said. "I need to make sure I didn't let anything get past me. I'm not familiar with wolf anatomy to know how to care for them. I only want to make sure you do not get an infection and die alone in the woods."

" why would you care?" She asked with a growl

"Because I don't abandon injured females," he said. "Beyond knowing I can help save a life, what more reason do I need? I failed to save someone once. I will not fail again."

" i am not yours to fix to make you feel better about yourself, plus im to tired to shift" she said, her voixe was like silk even thougg she sounded angry

"That's not what I meant," he said. "I want to help you because I have too. But, if you are going to act like that, I'll just hang out here with you." He sat down next to her, sighing as he did and betraying his exhaustion. "Though, this may cause the humans chasing you to find and kill us both."

She growled " I could just eat you and then heal that way"

"Any bacteria in the wound would still remain that way too," he pointed out. "Besides, I don't feel any real malice coming from you. Only fear. What is wrong with wanting to heal you? Once it's done, you'd be free to leave."

" im free to leave anytime i want " she said growled

"Hate to break it to you, pup," he said, "but you can't even crawl away right now. You are still in pain, which shows I'm not done with our session. I could easily make you shift, but I'm a Dragonseeker. I am pledged to protect, not make people into puppets."

She growled and slowly got to her feet though was wabblong " im no pup"

"That's all you take from that?" he asked. "Well, I like your fire, all the same. I'm Donny Dragonseeker. I didn't mean any disrespect, but I've never had a female turn me down before."

" well maybe this will do you some good " she said laying back down and started to like her leg

Donny laughed and said, "Well, then, I'll have to show you my power." She suddenly felt herself shifting. "I aim to heal you and you said I could. So, right now, I'm your doctor and must heal you to the best of my abilities. This will go a long way. Once I'm done, you..." He gasped when he saw her human form. "You..."

One word shimmered in his head. He couldn't make it go away and knew it must be true. Lifemate.

She panicked and started breathing fast, she felt cold and bare and very vulnerable " you! What did you do!" She said and growled and lunged at him, tackling him to the ground, she bit down deep into his neck and ment to tear but the second his blood filled her mouth all thought went from her head, it was intoxicating, unlike anything she had ever tasted, her growls turned to moans, her breast brushed his chest sending a unfamillar feeling shootimg through her that made her realse his neck and fall back in panick. Her body was pale and toned, with a fragile hourglass waist and plump medium sized breast that bounced with her heaby breathing, her ling smooth legs were dirty from the dirt and her rust colored wavy hair was long and dancing at her waist

"I simply gave you the strength to shift," he said, holding his neck. "You are my lifemate. I can't have you hurt. Please, don't be afraid."

" i am nothing to you and just heal yourself before you draw attention to us" she said meaning it but also did not want to admit the other reason was because the smell of his blood was making her feel things she didnt understand

He blushed and said, "I can't. I mean, I have the ability to, yes, but you said we are nothing." He removed his hand. "I leave my fate in your hands. Do I die here or do I live and we work on our relationship? It is your choice."

" what are you talking about strange creature! Hurry up and heal yourself or you will call attention to us and turn me back into a wolf i dont like this form" she said looking around nervously trying to distract herself from the sent of his blood

"I will not," he said, dizziness setting in. "Not until I know your answer."

She growled " i can not heal you i am a wolf! Stop this! I cant think with that scent!" She said trying to stand up but fell to hwr knees since she was not use to regular legs

"Why is your hand reaching up to cover my wound, then?" he asked. "There are many different ways to heal someone." He moved closer to her, showing her how her hand automatically covered the wound. "Thank you for your answer."

" you are reading to much into this....i just dont want the blood to attract any...." she began to say but was cut off by the sound of a twig snapping, with a growl she jumped him and pinned him beneath her, her mouth latching on to the wound " play dead" she growled just as the wolves emerged from the forest, her tongue lapped the wound, healing it but she smeared the blood with her tongue to make it look still open and turned towards the wolves with a growl, standing over him possesively. These were large timber wolves,, even in her wolf form she would be small in comparasin. The wolves growled and started to try and surround but she kept breaking their formation so they couldnt, she was out matched but for reasons unknown to her she felt possesivw over this strange man and would not leave him without a fight. She shifted with great effort and snarled at the alpha, knowig the only way to win this was a challenge of dominance " leave now before you get us both killed " she said into his head and lunged at the large male alpha. The large wolf dodge her attack to his throat but she bit deep into his shoulder and he bit deep into her side and the fight was on. The snarls and whimpers echoed into the night as her and the alpha left his view into the woods, the other wolves following

Donny couldn't lay still any longer. He got up and shifted into a harpy eagle. He had to watch over her. He followed her to the battle. I am here if you need me, he said in her head.

She was not use to such communication and got distracted and took a deep bite to the leg an d was swung and thrown by the alpha, who took that opportunity to pin her, with a growl she summited hoping it would work but the alpha clamped down on her throat, right before he fully bite down she put her front legs by her neck keeping him from fully biting down on her throat, the force of his bit was excruciating and she was already so tired from running from the hunters, she kicked with all her might with her hind legs but it was useless, suddenly a gunshot went off and the alpha released her and the pack ran away

Donny landed just out of sight and shifted. He looked like a hunter.

"Has anyone seen my dog?!" he yelled as the hunters found his mate injured. "We were attacked by wild wolves and she lead them away!"

"This her?" said one of the humans.

"Yes!" he said, running to her. "We were out here trying to hunt for the wolves making trouble when we were attacked!"

"She looks like a wolf!" said another. "She could turn at anytime!"

"She's tame, I assure you," said Donny, picking her up. "Thank you for saving her."

"Don't let her run around, you hear?" said the first human.

"We are always together or she stays inside," said Donny. "Thank you so much."

He carried her away then, sprouting wings, made his way back to Kat's cave since it was closest.

She didnt like that he was carrying her and when he took her inside the home like cave she could smell another female but yet she saw no one "where have you brought me?"

"The home of someone close to me," he said. "She can help us."

"us? " she shited in his arms into her human form "did I hear you call me your dog.." she said with a low growl, her body was light, full of scratches and deep bite mark, her blood dripped on the floor as he walked and she was very pale

Donny laughed and said, "I couldn't call you my lifemate. They would have killed us. And saying you were my wolf would have ended the same. You were in your wolf form so it was the only thing to say that would keep you alive."

Kat, I need you, he called out. This woman is injured and stubborn. I can't get her to let me heal her properly. I need your help.

im sorry Donny im busy right now....there is blood in the freezer in the kitchen, take what you need, there is also a first aid kit in the bathroom below the sink

She shook in his arms "Im cold....I dont like feeling so bare..." she said more to herself then him

Donny clothed her in a nice jumpsuit that also allowed him access to her injuries. He then got up and went to the kitchen. He found the blood packs and the kit. He went back to the woman and, after drinking a bit, set to work.

"Tell me your name," he said. "I've told you mine."

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