Paris 15

"I dont really have one.....the people called me jane doe when I was a child" she said plainly, shifting uncomfortably "I dont like these.....I will never understand the appeal of clothes" she said in a frustrated tone

"It was so you didn't feel so exposed," he said. "Think of cloths like the fur of your wolf form." He pulled her to him. "Besides, you look damn sexy in that. I don't want anyone but me to see you without clothes again, Jane. You are my lifemate."

He kissed her deeply, the binding words beating in his head. But he would wait until she knew him better and he knew her.

She bit his lip hard enough to bleed and pushed him away "try anything like that again and I will kill you " she said with a tired but fierce growl " and quit saying weird things, heal me so I can leave like we agreed"

He chuckled and asked, "And where will we be going? Not that i mind, but you are my mate, so I will follow you to hell and back. I just want to know."

She growled "there is no I going to have to eat you?" she said sitting up straighter trying to look fierce but looked more like a tired puppy

"While I would love to have your mouth on me again," he said, "you couldn't fight your way our of a paper bag. Heal and rest." He led her to the bed. "And you are my mate, the light to my darkness. I can't leave you."

As soon as he placed her on the bed she gripped his wrist and pulled him on the bed and straddled him, pinning his hands above his head "I have fought in worse conditions....I am still more then capable of killing you" she said with a growl, to his surprise he would two feminine fangs as she growled at him

He looked at her and asked, "You act like a Lycan, but what I see now is a mix of Lycan and Carpathian. Who were your parents? What happened that you were not protected as you should have been?"

She tightened her grip on his wrist, she was so light it would be nothing for him to roll her off "you are at my mercy and you still ask questions? you are a weird human or whatever you call yourself....but im serious once I am healed we part ways like we agreed"

"I'm a Carpathian," he said. "And I said you could leave, yes. But that was before I knew you were my mate. I can't leave you. It will become uncomfortable for you. If you don't see reason, I will bind us together so that you can't leave me."

She shifted her weight to get a better hold of his wrist "you dare threaten me? We are not mates" she said leaning down and put her lips to his neck, the were soft and warm, she inhaled his scent and leaned back up "you have no wolf in you we can not be mates" she said not know what her small act had just done to him

Donny rolled, easily pinning her. This also showed her he hadn't been trying to get free or use any strength against her at all. She couldn't move.

"Lycans and Carpathians can be mates," he said. "Some of my own cousins are a mix of such a paring. They are stronger, faster, and more powerful than all others. You, pup, have a lot to learn."

He looked her in the eyes a moment before biting her neck. He growled with ecstasy at her taste. He had to have her. He removed their clothes with a thought. His hands roamed over her until one found her core. He massaged her, need filling him.

She didn't have time to try to fight back before he bit her, she cried out and wiggled underneath him, the bite was painful but it brought other feelings she did not understand, when she felt his skin on hers and the sheets of the bed under her she panicked but before she could think of something to do the feelings of his hands all over her body made it hard to think. She could feel her heart pounding in her chest, when his hand reached her core panic and desire filled her chest "stop! " she growled

Donny growled and said in her head, Jane, you are my woman. No other will do. Just as I am your man and no other can make your body come alive like I can. You refuse to see the truth, woman, so now I'm going to make you see it. He closed the wound, but left his mark behind. He kissed down her body until he found the curly triangle that pointed towards his goal. He struck deep and hard, the tangy flavor of her filling his mouth. He held her hips still so he could drive her crazy. Admit I am your mate, Jane.

She clawed the sheets, tried to get away from his touch but the way he held her hips made it impossible to do so "No! Never! I will never submit to anyone!" she cried in a moan tone as her body betrayed her, she arched her back unwilling as a hot sensation began to build in her lower stomach, she wiggled wildly in his hold, the moans and growls she made were wildly exotic

He kissed his way up to her breast, slowly entering her. "You leave me no choice. I claim you as my lifemate." He stopped at her barrier of innocence. "I belong to you. I offer my life for you." He surged forward, holding her to him. "I give to you my protection, my allegiance, my heart, my soul, and my body." He began moving slowly to give her body time to adjust to his size, but unable to stay still. "I take into my keeping the same that is yours. Your life, happiness, and welfare will be cherished and placed above my own for all time. You are my lifemate, bound to me for all eternity and always in my care."

Her breath left her just as her thoughts did, she felt nothing but him, the pain of his invasion made her arch underneath him, her nails dug into his hips as she gripped his waist like she was trying to stop him from moving, She felt something inside her snap and build, it consumed her, her hands stopped fighting him and racked up his back until they gripped his shoulders, her felt her body relax and submit under him

He growled, a feeling so strong filled him, he had no word for it. He had to kiss her. His thrusts began to go deeper and deeper. He had to make her submit, had to make her want him always. He pulled out, only to make her go on all fours. He thrust back inside her, using his teeth to pin her in the submissive. He had to hold her hips still for his invasion. Jane, he chanted in her head. He wanted her to say his name, beg for it to end, beg for him to never stop. He wanted all of her, here and now. And he would get it or die trying.

She cried out and her hands gripped the bed sheets as he trusted into her, her arms buckled and she went down on her elbows, making her body at a downward angle, allowing him to go deeper inside her, her body felt like it was on fire as a unknown sensation pulsed through her, instincts took over she cried out then, a moan so erotic that it seemed to dance on his skin, her newly penetrated core tightened around him, her heated juices covered his member hotly, her body adjusting to his in a manner of perfection like she had been made for him and him alone, she couldn't speak but he could feel her instincts kicking in, her changing to meet his needs and submitting to him, slowly she tilted her head to the side and exposed her neck to him, the pale flawless skin was pink and he could see her pulse underneath her delicate skin

He took the opportunity. He closed the wound on her shoulder before biting into her neck. Still, he wanted full submission. Acknowledgement that she was his. He kept her on the edge, refusing to give her release.

Whose woman are you, Jane? Scream the name of your one and only mate.

Jane couldn't think and definitely couldn't speak, she was so overwhelmed please.....her tone was filled so much need and begging it was intoxicating

Her voice sent him over the edge and he took her with him. He collapsed next to her, holding her close as she shook with after shocks.

"His name," he said, "my name is Donny Dragonseeker. You are my mate. I have claimed you as such. There is now way to leave now, as it will cause us both pain. Stay with me, and you will never be unhappy, Jane."

Jane was unmoving, he body felt heavy and waves of electricity pulsed through it, she felt different in many ways, she wondered what he had done to her, why was she feeling this way What......have you done to me?

"I claimed you as my mate," he said. "I look forward to many centuries of making you the happiest woman in the world, Jane. It is an honor."

She slowly tried to move and found it better to lay still I dont understand... centuries? how Im not... Suddenly pain hit her stomach hard and she gasped, it had been a few days since she had eaten anything. She growned and turned on her side "you....are nothing but a distraction...I was in the middle of a hunt until you and those hunters showed my prey is long gone......he smelled so good too..." she said remember the man she had been following, his scent was enough for her to want to sink her teeth into him, she only liked the healthy ones and this one ran in the park almost every day near her den and he was very fit

Donny entered her mind and growled. "You have been attacking innocents? Jane, you have people out destroying whole packs. Carpathian hunters are looking for a vampire along the French coast. We need to go to my family. They will know what to do."

She growled "there are no innocents.....and its natural, I need to eat and they deserve to die humans are the worst monster there are...they are worse than vampires" she said with such hate in her voice it could have made him flinch. She slowly sat up "besides....." she start and tilted her head back closing her eyes "the feeling of biting down around their throat.....their hot blood pulsing in my mouth, vibrating my tongue with their choking screams.....knowing I get to feel so intimately their last dying breath" she talked as if she was remember something fondly "its intoxicating" she said in a low tone and he would see her fangs were enlarged as her lips parted softly

Donny growled and said, "While some humans are evil, not all. And they aren't worse than vampires. Some of my friends are humans, who protect my family while we sleep in the ground." He sat up, clothing himself. "I finally find my lifemate... and she acts just like a vampire. Fate must really hate me." He looked at her, looking like a beautiful demon. "I must take you to my father now. He will know what to do. If you resist, then I will have no choice but to put you to sleep until he can decide what to do." He clothed her in the jumpsuit. "Do you come willingly or no?"

"I need food" she stated simply "and will will have to disagree about humans since clearly you are blinded " she said testing her legs before standing up "and I have met vampires...I still prefer them over humans" she said with a shrug "since I have summited I will follow you its in my nature, though just know that alphas can be challenged" she said in a stern voice as she looked at him "though I hate this form and wish to turn back into my wolf.....may I?" she asked, he would feel through their link she had submitted as a wolf and not as a lifemate, she followed him out of instinct of a alpha and a mate not because she wanted to

Donny lead her back to the camp just as his parents and Jan arrived. He listened to the lectures, impatient to get to his point. When it was over, and he grudgingly agreed to their punishment, he told them what Jane, his lifemate, revealed to him.

"I don't know what to do, dad," he said. "She killed innocent humans, yet she is my mate."

"We will need to consult the prince in this matter, take your mate out hunter, make sure she does not cause any trouble and then bring her back here and stay here until I return" he said kissing sol before leaving

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