Paris 16

Donny nodded and motioned for Jane to follow him as he said, "When you feed, you can't drain them of their blood. No causing pain, don't let them know you feed from them at all. They are not just here for our pleasure. They have lives, families that love them. They are a child, a parent, a sibling, a friend to someone that cares about them deeply. You may not like humans, but it is clear you have a jaded view of them. I have see the worse and best in humans, Jane. What you have done... I pray the prince doesn't order our death because of it. Because that's what happens. My father will try to have the prince order the Dark One to go into your mind to learn why you have done these awful things, and to help educate you on how to act so you don't destroy us all. Trust me, that will be a blessing." He found a woman, taking a break from a night time jog. "Here, feed from her properly. Don't kill her, don't cause her pain, and close the wound after."

"I will not go against my nature if you dont want me to kill her fine....then I will hunt something else" she said unknowing he could feel her desire to rip the woman apart. She was fighting hard to not attack the woman because her hunger was so fierce, he could hear her heart pounding in her chest

He grabbed her arm and said, "Every time you kill someone, you show you are a greater monster than any other! I'm trying to save your ass! If you kill someone, anyone, you will be the next to die, taking me with you! Do you want to kill me?!"

She tried to get her arm out of his grip "Why should I care if you die! people die all the time! if your not strong enough to survive then your death is inevitable, now let go im hungry and you dont want me to kill her so ill find food elsewhere" she said as her fangs enlarged at his sent, she covered her mouth and held her breath, she felt that unfamiliar warmth start spreading in her lower stomach, her hunger was accompanied now by another hunger she did not understand, but his hand on her was only making it worse.

Donny decided to go for a Hail Mary and said, "Jane, feed from me. Treat me like you do you victims. If you are will for the prince to kill you, then do me a favor. Kill me so that I do not have to watch them rip out your heart."


Lazarus woke up, a hunger hitting him harder than ever before... at least, he thought so. He couldn't remember the centuries before that moment. And he knew he had roamed the earth for centuries. He opened the earth above him, taking memories of the world he was about to enter from the cemetery's grounds keeper. He clothed himself in modern clothes and began walking. He needed to feed, but he was afraid of what would happen once he did.

He entered the forest, hoping that he could take the edge off with some animals before he accidentally killed someone. That's when he sensed it. A large cat. He would feed on it, then go for a human. He just had to get close to the creature.

He took on the form of a mountain lion and pounced on the other cat. He growled at it, knowing it would be a tough battle.


Kat woke up and instantly knew donny was not there with her, she dressed herself and left the cave, hunger beating at her, she shifted into her cat form and started to run, keeping her senses open to a possible meal

It didnt take long before kat smelled the scent of a rabbit, she started to follow and just when she thought she was getting close a new scent hit her that made her nervously look around, it was definitely a Carpathian and male but she had never smelled one like this before. She growled softly and opened up her senses more trying to figure out were the male was at


Sara walked home after the photo shoot. She invited her recovering sister, Elle, and her bodyguards along. As a surprise, she even had Elle's fiance in town, as a birthday present.

"I can't wait to get home!" she said aloud, causing people to look at her funny since she was alone.

As she rounded a dark corner, she was grabbed by some men who had clearly been drinking. Before she could scream, she was pinned to the ground and gagged. One man poured alcohol on her as his buddy ripped her clothes. Within moments, he was pounding into her, tearing through her innocents. She couldn't breath, couldn't think. She begged for someone to help her, but no one came. When both men had finished, they carried her to a van and took her to a dilapidated building. There, they tied her to a bed as more men filed in one after another.

Elle... I'm so sorry...

A dark, oily presence filled her mind and said, No one will find you, even with a mind touch. I have made sure of that. I will meet you this night. You will become my woman and serve faithfully.

Sara fought against her bonds. Minutes turned into hours. She knew that Elle would get worried and would soon start looking for her. Just then, when all the other men stopped entering the mold covered room and Sara thought it was over, a... thing entered. She couldn't scream, couldn't move. The vampire smiled, not bothering to hide his true nature. He pounced on her, drinking her blood and cutting her with his nails.

The pain was almost too much to bear. When he started using her, it was worse. She couldn't get away from him when he finally untied her. He ordered the other women before him and made Sara watch as he ordered them to kill themselves.

"For you," he said as he forced the first blood exchange. "You will be my one and only. Now, scream for me."

For hours, it was the same until all three exchanges took place. All the women personally owned by the vampire were killed, being no more than puppets. He wanted Sara to be aware of it all.

The pain of the conversion was more than Sara could bare. She went nearly insane. An hour before sunrise, she was put to sleep. She wasn't a deranged vampiress, but now a lump of clay for the vampire to mold into his perfect woman.

The next day, the vampire woke Sara up. She stared at him, pain hitting her. He pulled her from the ground, using her body once more. Sara didn't fight. Her mind was shattered.

"This is what you are good for," said the vampire. "Pleasing me, doing as I say. Submit and become mine. Beg your master and mat for this cock that you love."

Sara looked at him, saying between pain filled moans, "I'm yours, master. I'll do as you say. Use me as you will and pound into me harder."

He filled her with his seed before clothing her in a simple dress. He put on an illusion and escorted her out.

"It is time for you to feed, my dear," he said. "This is the house of your past, but not your future." He sent out a call and two humans came out. "Feed from your old friends."

The couple stopped in the alley, the compulsion dropped. Sara went to them, her eyes lifeless. She bit into the woman's neck, letting her screams fill the night. The rush hit her hard and she couldn't stop. The vampire laughed, even after seeing a group of Carpathians emerge. He had won.

Elle saw her sister feed on the old man and let him drop next to his wife, all life drained from them. The vampire, dropping the illusion pulled Sara to him with a parody of a smile.

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