Paris 17

Jane couldn't help herself, she pushed him back until his back was against a tree and they were out of view, she leaned up and he would feel her fangs pressing against his neck right over his pulse but they did not pierce the skin, her body was pressed firmly to his and she went still like a statue, her breath was warm on his neck as he felt her struggling internally. She wanted him but she did not know what she wanted from him, she was hungry but the hunger was new to her, her fangs pressed down a little more, cause a exotic pain on his skin, he felt her inhale, taking in his scent and slowly she broke the skin, she let the blood flow natural into her mouth, the wild taste of him made her moan against his skin, she didnt know what this was, she was confused at what she was feeling and her own urges, all she knew was that he was filling all of her senses, so much so the world around her disappeared and all she knew in that moment was him, his scent , his taste, the sound of his heart beat, slowly she placed her arms around his waist, her hands brushing his bare skin on his hips. She was not being greeting in her feeding she was gentle and taking her time, she did not suckle but just held her lips to his neck, taking what his body wanted to give.

Donny suppressed a growl and said, "Jane, I just found you. I will not watch them kill you. Do not tease me. Kill me now, and I will wait for you in the next life. I thought you wanted those you feed off of to feel pain, to feel fear knowing you were stealing their life from them. Do that with me. Tear into me with your fangs, like you always do."

I dont feed....I eat....I dont know what this is....I dont understand what im doing... she said in a soft one in his head if you die will it break this spell you put on me

"No, this is feeding," said Donny. "Drinking blood only... you are feeding like a Carpathian. And killing me will cause you to live a half life, where you will feel dead inside because I am gone. At least, that is what normally happens. Because you have killed innocent humans while feeding, you will most likely become a vampiress, forcing my people to kill you."

No one is innocent! she cried and released his neck and took two large steps back away from him. Her breathing was heavy and her checks were flushed, his blood on his lips made them stand out "you.....dont know anything!" she yelled and turned and started to run deeper in the woods away from him

Donny fell to the ground. Mom... I don't know what to do. I want to go after her, but... what she has done... Help me?

we dont know everything yet donny there is hope but right now you need to stay with her, keep in mind we dont know her past and that can be part of the reason she is like this, but you have a lifemate now, its time to grow up, now go find her

Donny got up and ran after Jane. It was easy with their connection. He appeared in front of her, wrapped his arms around her, and held her close. I have her. I don't know what to do, but I will do my best. Can you... come get us? She needs to feed, but she will kill anyone she feeds from. I let her feed from me, and she ran away. We need to know everything, but I will not force her to tell me or take what she isn't willing to give.

you must do this on your own donny, she is your lifemate, i believe that you will do what is best

Jane fought in his arms and after a moment she went still "how can you do this.....your scent...your touch...makes me...'" she trailed off as she leaned into him more, clenching his shirt

"I feel the same," said Donny. "I'm so confused by this whole situation, I don't know what to do, how to act, what to say. But this is the way of mates, Jane. Can you tell me why you kill humans? What happened to make you hate them so much that you act the same as a vampire?"

She started to struggle again to get out of his arms "I dont act like a vampire.....Im a wolf, there is nothing wrong with enjoying the hunt and being satisfied when you get your prey" she said as her body became heated being so close to his, she struggled harder to get away.


Kat growled at her attacker as he jumped on her back, she swirled around and clawed his side as she rolled to try and get him off

Laz jumped back before going for her throat.

Kat put up her from leg to cover her throat stop! she said showing her mind into the cats why are you attacking me! I have done nothing wrong!

The cat jumped back, shocked. I am sorry. I thought you were just a cat. I have just rose from a deep slumber. I will move on if you wish.

Kat got up off the ground only to have the area spin, she had used up so much energy to help donny and he had taken so much blood it was hitting her hard, especially since she had just used up so much energy yes please leave.... she said before falling over, she didnt pass out but found she was to weak to move, slowly out of exhaustion her form changed back into her human form, she laid naked on her side, her body showed were his claws and marked her when he had jumped on her, she was pale and it was hard to keep her eyes open

Laz returned to his human form and went to her, uncaring that he too was naked. He ripped open his wrist and put it to her mouth. Feed from me.

She was to weak to resist, her lips were soft and cool against his skin, to her surprise the taste of his blood made her moan softly into his skin, even as tired as she was her body started to come to life in a very erotic way, the scent of her arousal filled the air

He pulled her into his lap and held her while she fed. Words buzzed around his head, but he was so weak that he was getting dizzy. He hadn't fed in... he didn't know how long. If he didn't feed soon, he was liable to kill the first human he found. But he could not make her stop.

His condition broke her haze, she like the bite to heal it "im I have blood at my home....can you walk?" she asked

"I think so," he said with a groan. "Though, it may be slow going."

He looked at her with a weak smile. She saw lines etched deep into his face, showing centuries of hardship.

She helped him up and tried to let the large male lean on her as they walked, because he was a stranger to her she decided to take him back to the room of the club, she knew there would be humans and unmated Carpathians there he could feed on and she needed to get her food from the fridge, though the idea of the unrefreshed meal made her disappointed.
Though to her surprise she was not so hungry anymore "your old.....Im not hungry anymore and Im not even carpathian" she said in a soft tone "ill repay you for feeding me....I really needed it" she said and knew that when they got to the club that he would be able to feed and lay with someone if he so chooses.


Elle didnt know how to comprehend what she just saw, she went to take a step forward towards her sister but she felt a hand on her shoulder that stopped her

Michael appeared behind Elle with his brother and sister, stopping her from going to Sara.

"Sara, this isn't you," he said. "You contacted me, against your father's wishes, and asked me to come here for your sister's birthday. You are kind and think of others. Step away from the vampire and come home."

"No!" said Sara, clinging to the vampire, fear radiating from her.

The vampire was enjoying the display and said nothing.

Elle couldnt bare to see what was happening "Sara....come with me.....dont you want to do our usual birthday tradition.... its been so long" she said trying to stay calm

You belong to me, the vampire said in Sara's head. They are trying to take you away from me.

"I don't know you!" Sara said, crying. "Any of you!"

Michael felt how that hurt Elle. He looked at Damian.

"I'll take Ellenor inside," he said. "You and Rose save Sara. This past month, she has kept me up to date on everything, and that helped. I owe her a great deal. But..." he looked at Elle. "My mate needs me. Please, bring her back to us."

If they kill me, you will be their slave, said the vampire, putting a frightened Sara on the ground behind him. They can't have you. You are mine.

Sara began crying. The vampire looked at Damian and said, "She is my mate, hunter. I will kill you and the other male, then take your women! I will begin building my empire, using them to bring followers! But Sara will always be mine!"

Damian knew the second he saw her that she was his lifemate, Damian smiled a dark smile that would make the vampires seem nice in comparison, without another thought he said the binding words in her head as he lead the charge towards the vampire, know his brothers were right behind him

Sara covered her ears and screamed her defiance. She was changed, but didn't understand. The vampire launched himself at Damian, knowing if he could kill the males, the women were his. Even the woman that pretended to be a hunter would cower at his feet. The vampire would make the hunter hesitate, knowing that if Sara got hurt, he would hold his attacks, lifemate or no. He purposefully let himself take a blow. Sara screamed in pain as red colored her dress on the side Damian had hit the vampire.

"She is tied to me, hunter," taunted the vampire. "If I die, so will she."

Damian's growl was deep "good to know" he said and pinned the vampire to the wall, one hand held both hands of the vampire above his head and the other was right over the vampires heart "rose" Damian said in a commanding voice "restrain my lifemate" he said without taking his eyes off the vampire, the look he held let the vampire know he would not hesitate to kill him even though his lifemate was bound to him, he would rather they both die then have the vampire hurt so many people and lifemates "call my bluff and the last thing you will see is your heat as I turn it to ash in my hand" he said in a low hateful tone

The vampire looked at Sara. Help me! Free me from this monster! Sara fought against Rose, crying.

"Don't kill him!" she said. "Enslave me if you want, but don't hurt him! Please! I love him!"

Damian, this isn't the Sara I meet in Brazil two months ago, Michael said into his brother's head from inside the house. Ellenor says she can't touch Sara's mind fully. I think the vampire caused her a great deal of pain. What I'm getting is that she went through a painful conversion because of that vampire. I've had to put Ellenor to sleep because she feels her sister is gone. I took some of Sara's blood when she found me but only because, at the time, I was hunting vampires and wanted to keep her safe. I could tell she and Ellenor were sisters. She already knew about us through her mother. I'll put her to sleep and then you can dispose of the vampire without harming her.

Sara slumped against Rose and the vampire screamed his denial as his only bargaining chip was taken from him. He fought against Damian's hold on him, trying to get free.

Damian growled with anger as he ripped out the vampires heart, just as he said he made him watch as he disinagreated his heart, once the vampire was dead and his anger subsided he sent a prayer out into the universe that his fallen brother would have a chance at a better life one day. He then quickly left to return to his lifemate.

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