Paris 18

Donny said, "The other wolves I've met, they don't kill humans. They act as guardians. They have married and mated with humans. There is at least one Lycan in each country's government, though many go into the military. Still, a wolf who kills as you have is called a rogue, and is put down as a result."

"let me go Donny..." was all she said and pushed against his chest "I am a wolf...I kill animals and humans...there is nothing wrong with that.....I want to be a wolf again let me go...its not safe to be in human form!" she said in a panicked tone

Donny forced his way into her head, but only showed her his memories, not taking any of hers. He showed her how a man her age was killed in a wolf camp. His crimes the same as hers.

"I was twelve when I saw this by accident while visiting the Carpathian Mountains," he said. "He and you did the same thing. He killed a human, who was the mate to a Lycan. It was that wolf that destroyed the young man." He looked at Jane. "You, in your blind hatred, could have killed a wolf's mate. Did you think of that? And why isn't it safe? I can protect you."

She struggled harder but she was so femininely small and hungry it was pointless "please let me go back its not safe, Im never suppose to come out of it please donny Ill do what ever you want " she said in a voice of a scared female

"Tell me why it isn't safe," he said. "Tell me why you hate humans. I need to know these things. They are burdens for you to carry, so they are mine as well. Don't you see? I'm your mate, Jane, so we share everything, good and bad."

She clentched his shirt and growled, her eyes met his, they were full of fear and anger "why does it matter the way you have been talking Im going to get killed by Yourpeople anyways! Some mate you are!" She said in a angered tone

Donny growled and said, "I would never let it happen! I'm still a fledgling, woman! If we get caught while on the run, I'd be killed too! So, no, I wouldn't let it happen! It would because I'm too inexperienced to fight someone 20 times my age! And it matters because it could save out lives!"

"if it wasnt for you I wouldnt be in danger!" she yelled back, her temper and stubbornness matching his "now let go of me! its not like you want to touch me! you think im a monster so let go!" she said pushing against his strong chest

Donny didn't let her go and said, "I'm a monster too, then. Because the woman I couldn't save in the forest... a vampire forced me to drain her dry and you are the only person that can save me from turning. Jane... I want you to live and be happy, not look over your shoulder for enemies. Please, tell me."

"turning into what!? I dont understand what your..." she started but suddenly a gunshot went off and she jerked and cried out as the bullet in bedded itself in her back between the shoulder blades, human voices were heard in the distance and a pack of wolves appeared running away from them "dammit I missed" one of the hunters said "did you hear something after you fired? like a woman scream?" asked another hunter "No why did you?" the hunter answered "maybe...I dont know Im tired we have been out here all day" he said rubbing his face as the chased after the wolves.

Donny lost it. He went to them, letting them see his demon. They screamed and started to run. Donny was too fast for them. He calmed them with a wave of his hand. He bit into them, draining them until they had to fight for air. He dropped them on the ground, letting them die in their own time. He went back to Jane and healed her.

"The males of my race can turn into vampires," he said when he was finished. "Without our mate, we become the monsters of human legend."

She laid unmoving on the ground listening the wolves eating the men that donny had almost drained dry "where those not innocents to you..."she said in almost a whisper

"They shot you," he said with a shrug, "and denied they heard your sounds of pain. They did hear you, but appease their own guilt, said it didn't happen."

She scuffed "you are no different then me..." she said getting on all fours to try and get up, her plump behind arched up as she did so


"Where are you taking me?" he asked. "Can you tell me where I am? I woke up and knew very little. Have we met before?"

"I am taking you to my room at my job and your in Paris and as far as I know we have not met before, I would remember you" she said and then realized how weird that sounded " I mean...because your so tall and size and um I never forget a smell" she said awkwardly wondering why she felt so nervous, maybe it was because he was so close to her.

He chuckled and said, "Don't worry, little one. Just be yourself. At least you know who you are."

She saw the club in view "maybe once you have had a good rest and have fed your memories will get better" she said and took him to the back entrance, she opened the door and helped him inside, when they reached the door of her room, soft sounds of ecstasy could be heard from inside, alone with some soft relaxing music and the smell of incense "welcome to my home " she said opening the door

Hunger hit Laz like a freight train. He fell to his knees, struggling to hold on. Only the hand on his should kept him from slaughtering everyone inside.

Isn't this how the Roman's used to party? he asked in her head jokingly. Orgies were popular then. And don't ask what the queen had me do.

Shock hit her as she realised he was a ancient "Ok heres whats going to happen Im going to eat and your going to feed from me, I have the strongest blood here and your hunger is to great for anyone else" she said and sat him up against the wall "dont move" she said and careful watched him while she went to the fridge that was next to him and quickly ate a piece of raw meat, once she was done she removed her clothes and went back over to him "ok easy now" she said moving her hair aside and exposing her throat to him, she also hoped her bloods effect would help calm him and his hunger "I will warn you once you start feeding the others will want me and will start coming over, just focus on me" she said in a low tone, her skin was smooth and flawless and smelled sweet like honey.

He pulled her to him, cradling her gently. He bit down on her neck, the taste of her blocking out everything. Before he could stop himself, the words buzzing just on the edge of memory jumped forward. He started saying them in her head, knowing they came from deep within his soul. He knew the words were important, but couldn't quite remember why. I claim you as my lifemate.

Kat gasped when she heard the words in her head Stop! dont! she said and gripped his shoulders, but he was much stronger then her and his grip around her tightened

I belong to you. I offer my life for you. He willed his clothes away and positioned Kat over him. I give to you my protection, my allegiance, my heart, my soul, and my body. He entered her hard and fast, needing to feel her grip him. I take into my keeping the same that is yours. Your life, happiness, and welfare will be cherished and placed above my own for all time. You are my lifemate, bound to me for all eternity and always in my care. He closed the wound but his hips didn't stop thrusting into her.

Kat cried out, he was large and she had not adjusted to his invasion before he started thursted, She had never felt anything like this before, he was filling every part of her core and every thrust sent fire through her veins, like she knew would happen the smell of her blood caught the attention of another Carpathian male that was there, the male was in a haze from the special incense as her started over towards them, she knew if she was truly his lifemate the male was in danger if he touched her.

Laz filled Kat with his seed and looked at the man. He growled, picked Kat up, and flew away with her, taking her to the forest. He couldn't think. He wanted more of her. He laid her on some soft moss and entered her once more.

Kat cried out and put hands on his chest, this large ancient male was making a mess of her "wait please....its too much" she moaned and pushed against his shoulders, she could tell he was in a frenzy and her blood was probably making it worse, she had heard ancients were strong and stubborn in their was, that you never wanted to get in their way, and it dawned on her they had did a blood exchange and she started to panic more at that fact, she wiggled underneath him "its a mistake.....I cant be.....please your wrong im not your lifemate" she said arching underneath him trying to escape.

Laz growled and said, "You are mine, woman. For your safety and mine, I will keep you with me at all times." He began moving his hips. "I can not believe you let those men touch you when you are mine."

She growled "I am not yours! no one owns me and I can be with whoever I want!" she said in a stubborn tone, the moment he started moving his hips again she cried out as pleasure shot through her making her lose most of her train of thought, she moved her hands to his hips to try and stop him from thrusting


Michael woke Ellenor and Sara up. He let Ellenor go to her sister, knowing she had to see if Sara was still alive. He was always two steps behind his mate. He had wanted to hold her close, comfort her... but a scan of her mind showed she was still angry with him, so he kept the room between them. He would protect her from afar until she told him she was ready.

Elle heard damians voice in her head to bring some food for sara before she came in, she did as he asked and knocked on the door

Michael watched Ellenor work. He wanted to hold her, talk to her, kiss that look of worried look off her face. Tension mounted, but the lessons the De La Cruz brothers taught him kept him in good standing.


Sara woke up. When she didn't see the vampire, she knew he had been killed. Rose was able to let her go, as Sara sat still looking at Damian like she was waiting for orders. She looked hollow and compliant.

When no order came, Sara asked, "What does my new master ask of me?"

Damian had a stone face and analyzed the situation, he knew she would have to slowly heal "go talk with your sister....confide in her about how you are feeling and eat what she offers you as you do so" he said in a soft tone, it discussed him to play the part of a master but her mind was delicate right now and he needed to ease her out of it so she could heal.

"I can't eat food," said Sara. "I know I can't. The man you killed told me I had been converted, changed to be like him. And I don't know any sister. I'm alone now. Your puppet to..."

He growled and went into her mind, there was no fight from her to do so, he replaced all the memories the vampire had taken and took as much of the pain and shock that it caused her,right as he finished Elle came in with a bottle of blood and some grapes.

Michael stopped in the doorway. He looked at Rose. He saw the look in her eye. She wanted to talk. He sighed and motioned his sister into the other room.

Sara looked around. She didn't recognize anything in the room. Every time she tried to grasp onto her reformed memories, pain hit her, causing the memory to shatter. That is until she saw Ellenor. That memory stayed.

"Elle?" she asked, tears forming. "What's going on?"

Elle went over to her sister slowly and handed her the glass of blood "drink this and then we will talk" she said in a unreadable tone

Sara looked at the glass. She became mesmerized by the contents. Screams filled her head and she dropped the glass. It shattered on the oak floor. Sara's breath became fast, she became pale, and her eyes grew large as tears started falling.

"What happened to me?" she asked, her voice barely a whisper of sound. "What did I do?"

Elle shakily went to go pick up the glass and ended up slicing her finger but kept picking it up, not caring "We will talk about it later sara but you need to eat...." she said in a low tone, right before she put the last piece of glass in her hand into the garbage she unknowingly connected to her sisters mind, what she felt and was thinking made her clench her hands, making the glass cut deep in her palm but she didn't notice

Sara sat on the floor, looking like a lost child. She stared at the blood stain, screams echoing in her mind. She couldn't make them stop and they ate at her. She wanted to make it go away, but she didn't know how. She glanced up as a shadow fell over her.

Damian bent down and picked her up in his arms, shielding her from the spilled blood on the floor "Come little one, rest your head and trust me wit your care and needs" he said in a soothing voice and took her into the bathroom. He shut the door behind him and set her down on the edge of the tub and then started to run the water.

Sara brought her knees up, hugging them as she said, "I remember wanting to help Elle fix what happened with her man. I was attacked. After that... it's a blur of pain and blood. What did I do? Where's my butler and his wife? They were good people. Did I..." She heard the screams again, causing her to cover her ears. "Make it stop! Please, tell me I didn't kill them!"

Damian tested the water "no you did not...but someone else who was controlling you" He said honestly, he went to her and took her face into his hands "you love your sister right? than for her sakes and your families do as I ask of you, do not try to think so hard it will only make things worst, let the memories come back on their own" he said softly "Im going to undress you now and help you into the bath ok" he said slowly and gently taking off her shirt "keep focusing on me, listen to my voice, you are safe here, I will not let anyone hurt you little one" he said in a soothing tone.

She looked at him as the dress fell to the floor and said, "I don't even know who I am anymore. Am I still the famous super model or... a monster that looks like her?"

He smiled softly, his smile was heart stopping "you are what ever you want to be but you are no monster" he said before gentle picking her up and setting her down in the warm soothing water "I need you to do something that will see odd to you trust in me to help you through it ok, it will make you feel alot better and afterwards I will explain why you needed to do it" he said in a calm tone before covering her eyes with his hand, when she couldnt see he bit into his wrist and put it to her lips "open your mouth little one and drink this" he said with a mild tone of compulsion to help ease her in to it


Rose was just about to speak when her and damian and micheal heard the glass break from the other room

Michael ran to the other room and smelled Elle's blood. He went to her and said, "Stay out of her mind. She needs to heal and us getting angry over what has passed will not help her. Let me heal your hand, Ellenor. Please."

Elle stood up fast "your kind brings nothing but pain!" she yelled and stormed out of the room

Michael followed her, but again kept the room between them as he said, "I understand why you think that. Talk it out with me and I will listen."

She paced "there is nothing more to say! " she said and punched the wall with her already hurt hand her blood filling the hole she made

Michael said, "Your impression of our kind has not changed. Have Rose and Damian been unkind to you? Have they not made you feel like their sister in my absence? If they made you feel uncared for in anyway, I can rectify that if you wish."

She stopped and turned to look at him, she stared at him for a moment and then held out her bleeding hand "lick it" she said in a demanding tone, her thoughts hidden from him

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