Paris 19

Donny leaned over her and said, "Except that I looked to their minds to find the truth. Except I keep my prey calm so they do not lose their minds to fear. Except that when I feed, my prey goes home. Those men, they shot you, denied guilt, and raped women. The woman I picked for you to feed from, her only flaw was that she went over the speed limit when she was late for work by 5 mph. Yet you wished to kill her all the same."

Her heart jumped when he leaned over her "so far.....does mean she wouldnt have done something worse later on" she said trying to move so she could stand but he blocked her "are you going to move and let me stand or are you going to keep me on all fours?" she asked in a sarcastic tone

"You can't know that unless you have precognition," said Donny. "She could live her life as a good person, saving lives. She was trying to save wolves after all. She was petitioning to get men, like the ones that shot you, to be put in jail. But you would kill her without knowing that."

She growled "are you going to let me up or not..." she said in a low tone not commenting on what he had said "or.....or you intending something else?" she said looking back at him, the small gesture moved her hair to the side, exposing her neck and made the view of her breast easier to see

Donny groaned and said, "I want to know you past. That way, I can help protect our future."

Her eyes were filled with different emotions it was hard to place what she was feeling "donny Im hungry....." she said in a tone that was far from innocent and bit her bottom lip, then suddenly she rolled over onto her back and tilted her head up exposing her neck once more, her arms went over her head like they were pinned and her legs seductively parted "please let me eat" she said in a low submissive tone

Donny growled and said, "Pup, don't tease a dragon. Tell me about your past, or I will take it from you."

His growl sent shivers threw her, but not because she was scared "If you do that I will never forgive you" she said arching her back slightly back her breast bounce "and the only thing I can think of right now hunger" she said with lust in her eyes she did not know she had

Donny kissed her silly, running his hands over her. Your past. Tell me. Or I will tease you like you are teasing me.

She moaned but kept her hands above her head and remained still Im not teasing you....Im asking for permission to hunt and eat and you can do what ever you want to me she said not knowing what that meant to him and his kind

The answer is no, he said. You will feed from me, Jane. Feed from me while we make love.

but you have not eaten and I do not want to feed from you does things that I dont like....and dont say my name..... SHe said not liking how when he did her heart slammed into her chest

I like you name. When I say it, my heart jumps in my chest, knowing I found my true home in you. Jane...

A memory slammed in her head "your home jane..." said a woman with red eyes, cavern walls blurred behind her, her mouth covered in blood. Jane pushed him off of her suddenly "No!" She said crawling backwards away from him "I dont want a mate I dont want a family I want to be alone! leave me alone! " she yelled as she bones started to crack as she started to change her shape

Donny took control of her body and stopped the shift. "What are you afraid of? Why do you run from the man that would give his life to simply see you smile?"


Laz pounded into her and said, "You are mine. Only I can make you feel this way."

When he finished, he picked up the limp Kat and took her to a cave she had never seen before. He fashioned a bed for her and put her on it. He fashioned a set of manacles and shackled her to him for the night. He laid next to her on the bed and went to sleep.

Kat awoke and growled when she realized she was chained , she tried desperately to break the chain but nothing worked, with another growl she angled herself over him and started to shake his chest "wake up you old bastard and get these chains off me!" she yelled but it was no use, he was in a carpathian sleep which met it was day time, she knew she needed to find away to escape before he woke up, she started to look around, finally she saw a rock that might be strong enough to break the chain if she hit it hard enough, she crawled off the bed and started towards it

What do you think you are doing? his voice entered her head. You need sleep. Getting off the bed is impossible. Do I need to make you sleep?

this is not right! you cant keep me here I am not like you I need to eat and I have a job

I will provide for you, little one. But you will not be returning to those men. Not when you are my woman.

I am not yours! you realized you raped me took me from my home and now have chained me up in a cave! that is not something a lifemate would do!

To be fair, I know little of my people. I woke up with no memory of who I was before this rising. The fact I know my name and how to use my abilities is a miracle. Now, sleep. The last was a command.

Kat fell asleep instantly since she was so tired from him using her body like he did, she fell asleep on her stomach


Sara began to drink. Everything in her was drawn to whatever he was giving her. She couldn't stop. She wanted more.

Damian held back his moan and let her take what she needed from him, desire racked his body but the only thing on his mind was her comfort "feel your bodies needs little one, it will tell you when to stop, feel it grow strong" he said softly

Sara said, I don't understand. What are you having me drink?

I will tell you when you are ready, for now use your tongue and lick the blood until it stops little one

Sara did as she was told, then whimpered. I want more.

When she had closed the wound he cleaned her lips with his thumb and removed his hand from her eyes when there was no more blood in sight "but you body does not need it and thats what you need to learn" he said and dipped a wash cloth in the warm water "do you wish me to clean you or would you rather do it yourself?" he asked gentle

Sara blushed and said, "Does it matter? I've been used by a monster and everything hurts." She looked down. "If you didn't help, I would be crying in pain soon after washing."

He gentle lifted her chin so she would look at him"he has paid for his treatment towards you" he said keeping the growl he felt in his chest from coming out "and yes it matters because your needs and wants matter to me" he said still waiting for what she wanted

"I need help," she said before her eyes grew big. "You... you're Damian. I... I remember you scare the hell out of me."

He gently started to wash her, starting with her arms "Do I scare you little one?" he asked in a gentle tone

"Yes," she said. "But not in the same way that man did. This one is deeper."

He continued to gentle wash her now at her stomach, he would let her do her breast and private area to make her feel secure, even though he was aching to touch her "tell me how I make you feel little one" he said in a lower tone

"Like you would take me over. Every time you and Elle would visit, I tried not to look at you, knowing that, if I did, everything would change. I fear you, yet, I'm draw to you."

He didnt bother hiding his smile "oh? is it because of my rugged good looks?" he said looking at her and making a funny face that was not pretty at all

Sara couldn't help but laugh, despite her ribs hurting. "While you are handsome, it's more elemental than that." She laid back, letting the warm water ease the pain. "Like, letting you touch me, kiss me, would make me into a different person. I like being a model, I like planning parties, and I like going out." She smiled at him. "You seem to only care about being my sister's bodyguard. Today was the first time you ever actually looked at me."


Michael went to her, cleaned bits of glass from her hand before licking it to close the wound. Despite only wanting to heal her, the answering desire that flashed through him was clearly evident.

She growled, one out of frustration of what his tongue on her skin did to him and two because of everything that had happened and he was enjoying it "see right enjoy licking blood.......blood surrounds your kind be it carpathian or vampires there is no difference, vampires just want more of it" she said and tried to move her wrist from his grip but he didnt let her

With the wound closed, he put her hand to his chest and said, "And this sets up apart from our fallen brothers. Our hearts. We don't let our desires bring death to those we feed from. Yes, I hurt you and a vampire hurt Sara. But, at our core, we are different. Happy Birthday, Ellenor. My gift to you is leaving again. Perhaps, at Sara's party, we will meet again."

Michael turned and started to leave.

"even with your heart you raped me and turned me against my will.....I see no difference between you and your fallen" she said in a low tone and turned and went into the other room, locking the door behind her.

Michael turned to Rose and said, "You wanted to talk, now would be the best time before I return to finish my training."

She nodded and walked with him to the other room "first how is your training going?" she asked trying to clear the air

"Nicholas says I still have a ways to go," Michael admitted, "but still permitted this visit because I've made progress. He says I'm still too easy going when on missions. In another three months, I should be able to return and stay."

Rose nodded "thats good we miss you..." she said unsure on how to proceed "she is having nightmares Micheal....I dont know how but she dreams" she said with concern in her tone

Micheal nodded and said, "I have the same problem. We have connected because of the separation. I noticed you have been traveling to the Carpathian Mountains a lot so she can learn of our people. What it is, as far as I can tell, is we are seeing through the other's eyes. She is seeing my battles and it frightens her."

She stopped him and made him look at her "not just you micheal....people she has never met" she said not able to hide the concern in her voice, her face was grim and serious, letting him know how serious this was

Michael stopped and said, "I don't understand. How can she do that? Have you talked with the prince and his second about this?"

She sighed "I have not be able to get a hold of them..." she admitted "micheal Im worried.....some nights she wakes up screaming.....a few days ago she was even forced out of a sleep in the middle of the day. because of a dream but she wouldnt tell us what it was about... If you guys can link through her dreams wouldnt that mean others can do the same...." She said looking troubled

"I don't think so," he said. "I think, because of what I did to her, she connects to those who may go through the same thing, or be hurt by any vampire. She connects to me more often because I am her lifemate and I am hunting more often, therefore, in the most danger."

"we need to know...I fear she might do something drastic if we dont" she said with worry

"We should ask her," he said, a twinkle in his eye. "My lifemate has escaped and it's time to play Cat and Mouse."

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