Paris 27

Elle woke before the prince, she crawled out from under the bed, she looked around and saw the sun was setting when the wind moved one of the blankets slightly. She looked back and saw he was still sleeping and knew it was now or never. she moved the blanket aside and stepped out, even though the sun was setting it was still enough to hurt her eyes and she had to look away, one more step and she would be free to bath in the sun one last time

Mikhail, however, stopped her once more, saying, "Did you honestly think I wouldn't know when you woke up? You cannot destroy yourself because you will be killing two others at the same time. This decision is selfish and I will not allow it."

Ellie tried to get out of his grip "who are you to deny me this! Its not your choice but mine!" she said trying hard to break free "please....Im not meant for this..." she said in a lower tone

"Because you are only think of yourself," he said. "I don't care if you were meant to be the next queen of England." He said in a commanding voice. "You will not try to destroy yourself, your possible children, or your mate because you are afraid. You will talk with your mate once he returns from his training, and only then will you both go to greet the dawn together."

She went almost limp in his arms "please......I cant.....I cant do this ...I don't want this...I had already made my peace......I was already fully ready to die and then everything changed...." she said in a sad tone "I was sick you know.....but I didn't tell one in my family knew.....I wasn't suppose to live pass this year..." she said shaking in his arms slightly

"Now, you have more than enough reason to keep going," said Mikhail, returning the room to the way they had found it. "You have a man who is changing himself for you. You could be having a child, which our whole species will love, cherish, and protect. Your sister, brand new to this life after a trauma, knows even less than you do. You are needed, Ellenor, by so many who care for you. And the Carpathian people, we all care for you. Your pain... we all feel it with you. You are never alone."

She shook her head "I cant believe all you ever human? can you even understand how hard this is?" she said in a soft tone and sitting down in a corner pulling her legs up to her chest

"No, I was never human," he said, "but Raven as often let me feel through her how the loss of identity feels. However, unlike my lifemate, you have made selfish decisions that effect hundreds of people. You refuse to see past yourself. Now, we have company..." he laughed, "and the Dark One has decided to gang up on me with my lifemate. They are already scolding me."

The room filled with many people. Before anyone else spoke, however, Raven came up to Mikhail.

She grabbed a hold of his wrist and held it up "do you see this?" she said and laced her fingers through the hand she was holding up "I own this hand now which means you are never to let it go, when we sleep when we wake even when we hunt this hand is mine and if you ever disappear like that again I will tell everyone that you have grown senile and are unfit to be prince anymore and I will lock you up in out bedroom for the rest of our lives" she said glaring at him

Elle used the distraction of those two to sneak out of the room, once out side she sighed as she saw the last bit of light go down and headed towards the stairs to leave

Mikhail said, "That isn't necessary, Raven. I was only trying to get information for Ellenor, who is trying to greet the dawn without realizing what that means. Now, we should go get our wayward friend. She is currently making her escape."

"Raven, you talk to Mikhail while I get Ellenor," Gregori said.

Raven looked back at Mikhail "you cant go running off like that.....what if something would have happened...not only would I have woke up in a world without my lifemate but our people without a prince" she said with a tone filled with pain and worry "if there was ever a day like this again where I had to wake up and I was not in your arms I would rather just not wake up" she said wiping a tear away and not looking at him

He put his arms around her and said, "I am sorry. She was the only one awake. I didn't realize how far I had gone until the sun was up. Besides, I had to stop her. She was going to doom her lifemate. I had to act quickly. But, I promise, as long as there is never any danger, I will take you with me if I have to make such a trip. Sleeping or otherwise."

She sighed and started to turn to leave "you better keep that where is this woman who was stupid enough to put my lifemate in danger" she said in a tone that he knew if she got near Elle right now it would not be good

"She was human not to long ago," he pointed out. "And she feels our people are monsters. Remember how frightened you were? You told me how I had changed who you were, how I had taken part of your identity by saving your life."

She growled "thats!......still no excuse for putting the man who means everything to me in danger....." she said in a defeated tone, letting him know he had gotten to her

He smiled, "I love that you worry about me. Come. She needs you to talk to her. Unlike me, you were human once. She will feel you understand."

She growled "Dont smile like know I cant resist it when you do" she said sounding defeated

Just as he was about to say something, everyone heard Ellenor scream. He ran outside to see what was going on.

Raven followed

Gregori blocked Ellenor's path and said, "Talk to me. I know you do not wish to live. But you do not have the option to kill yourself. Your child needs you."

She stopped and looked horrified "you lie" she said in a uneven tone

"You know I do not," he said. "You have twins growing inside you. They deserve a chance to live, do they not?"

"Not!" she said quickly backing away from him shaking her head "oh god.." she said placing her hand on her stomach "Oh...I feel so know he is still....inside me ..."she covered her mouth with her hand looking like she was feeling sick . Tears started running down her face

"They are innocent, Ellenor," he said. "Killing yourself now... you would be no better than the monster that impregnated you."

Without thinking she slapped him hard a crossed the face and instantly regretted it and took a step back "Im....Im sorry...I didnt..." she started to walk backwards in a retreating motion, completely forgetting about the stairs

He grabbed her before she fell and said, "Your fear of living makes you a danger to yourself and others, Ellenor. If I have to, I will personally put you in a room in my home where you will be safe, even from yourself. As a human, you came to terms with your death because you didn't care. Now, you don't have that option. Sort it out before you get good men killed for your selfishness."

She looked at him with a upset look "you know nothing about me..... do you know why I want to die? its not because Im being selfish....its because" suddenly she gasped and grabbed the back of her neck as it started to burn but before gregori could react she was ripped from his arms and lifted into the air by a large vampire "well if it isnt the dark one" he said in a cold voice. Gregori and Mikhail both knew this fallen warrior, he use to be one of the most talented hunters they had, his specialty was Tracking.

"Come to receive the justice I bring, I see," said Gregori. "Let the child go. You have no need of her."

"On the contrary we all need her...well what grows in her stomach at least" he said with a fanged grin "Its only been a few years but I must say you are slacking old didnt even sense me or my yourselves a favor and take this lost because if you dont well then Ill just have to kill you" he said before going into a nose dive towards the ground, Elle pressed up against his chest as he did so

Gregori followed after, grabbing hold of Elle, trying to take her from the vampire, even if he had to rip his arms off.

"Trust me, Ellenor!" he said. "I'll get you away from him!"

this....this is why I wanted to die.....I told you that you didnt understand....I may be new to your world it doesnt mean I want anyone to get hurt...I knew they were able to track me....Elle said in his head, she had stopped screaming in the vampires arms, he could tell from the look on her face that she was giving up and that he had misjudged her.

The vampire quickly turned shaking Gregori off of him and Elle's bracelet coming off in Gregori's hand. The vampire then disappeared into a crowd of unaware humans

Gregori began following them, catching on to the vampire's scent. He told Raven to keep the prince away from the crowd, to get him someplace safe. He also contacted his brothers, Gabriel and Lucian, so that they could help him.

Gregori....go south....they are heading south Liliana's voice suddenly filled gregori's mind

Gregori didn't respond. He went where she told him, close behind.


Damian awoke before Sara and kissed her on her forehead before getting up and going to make her breakfast, which included a blood drink and a flower beside it.

Sara woke up just in time to see Damian walk out of the room. He was still there. She could feel his presence. She got up and went to her dresser. She found her favorite silk dress to wear around the house. She put it on, showered, and brushed her hair and teeth. She sat down on the bed, feeling safe.

Damian came back in and smiled at her "I brought you something to eat" he said sitting the tray down neck to her, there was a rose next to a glass of what looked like dark grape juice that to her smell wonderful

She picked up the juice and said, "Thank you for the liquid diet." She started to sip it, but soon found that she had gulped it down. "I... I'm sorry. I normally don't..."

He smiled "its you want more?" he asked in a soft tone wiping a little drop from her lip and then sensually licking it off his finger

She licked her suddenly dry lips and said, "Please..." thought she didn't know what she was asking for, more juice or for him to... She quickly banished that thought from her mind, but not before Damian read it.

He smiled and decided it was best to tell her now "I hope little one....that you will still want me after this" he said and before she could answer he pushed into her head and showed her the truth of everything, what he was what her sister now was, who she was to him, he purposely kept the memories of the vampire locked up so she could not remember them, he wanted her to be able to adjust to her knew life first so she could better understand what had really happen and would be able to cope with it better.

She jumped away from him, breathing hard. "What did you just do to me?!"

He didnt move "I promise to show you the truth little one so I did" he said softly

"You could have just told me!" she said, tears falling. "I don't want people playing in my head! My father did enough of that to find out if I was dating or what my boyfriends were like! I hate it!"

He sighed "Im sorry little one I just wanted to tell you the truth though I was selfish in wanting to touch your have no idea what it means to me that I can do so" he said in a sincere tone

She glared at him and said, "It's an invasion! Ask first and if I'm ready, then I will let you in! A girl needs her secrets! I don't care what I am, human, Carpathian, or a fish! Ask first!"

"I will ask next time little please...I am here to answer any question you may have I want to help you adjust to your new life...if you will let me" he said softly

"I... I want to see Elle," said Sara. "She has been so distant from me. I want to talk to her. Please."

He nodded "I can see if we can see her later tonight Im sure she will be glad to see you in the the mean time you must eat" he said in a soft tone

"I don't want to eat!" she said. "I don't even know what you fed me! I just want Elle..." Her eyes grew big. "She's going to try and do something crazy! We have to go!"

He grabbed her "talk to me and tell me why you think such a thing?" he said in a calm tone

"People I love..." she said, "I can sense their intentions... tell when they are in trouble. I always have." She gasped. "A monster has my sister! She needs help!" She looked at Damian. "We have to save her!"

"it is to dangerous for you right now she is with our prince and his second they will let nothing happen to her" he said trying to reassure her "listen to me...she will be fine I promise you if you want to help her then make sure you are healthy and well before you see her" he said in a calm tone

"I can't..." she said. "I have to try to help her..."

Before he could say anything, she bolted from the room. She almost made it to the front door but he stopped her by pinning her to the door with his body, his hands planted behind her by her head "Im sorry I cant allow you to are still to weak and do not know enough about yourself or our kind to be able to protect yourself if needed and I can save the world Sara but if anything happened to you I would end it instead" he said in a very serious tone

She looked at him and said, "I have to help her, Damian. You can't stop me." Her eyes begged him to understand. "He is taking her away. She will be used to give birth to monsters if I don't find her. She got sick because I didn't try to save her last time. I don't want to even think about what will happen this time."

He groaned "you will eat before we go and you are not to leave my side is that clear? the second you do I am bringing you back here" he said in a tone so serious she knew he meant every word

She nodded and said, "Thank you."


Liliana stirred slightly in Alex's arms, her head on his chest and her firery hair cover his arm, her leg was entangled with his and her arm laid arcrossed his waist, her breast pressed close to his side

"Well," he said, "I know many men would love to have a woman who wants to make love constantly, but woman, you are wearing me out." He smiled, showing he was teasing her. "Do you really want to go another round before we go to find my father?"

She rolled her eyes and lifted her head to look at him, her hair tickle his arm "I was just waking up it seems you are the one that wants me" she said with the same teasing smile, she put his finger to his lips when he started to talk "Shhh do you feel that? your father is I suppose that means we have time for me to indulge your wishes" she said a kissed him passionately, her tongue dancing with his.

"You just take every chance you get to toy with me and you know it," Alex said, laughing. "I wouldn't have it any other way."

She smiled "I dont know what you mean " she said in a fake innocent tone "now....what is it you want" she said seductively as her eyes flashed green from her dragon

"I always want you," he said. "However... the little one is hungry. I'll go out hunting. You two stay safe."

She stopped him from moving "well lucky for you I have already found my target" she said straddling him and rubbing his member with her bottom "if you want you can tell your father the reason we are late is because I took my time to eat" she said seductively slowly nipping his lip with her fang "devouring every last drop to perfection" she whispered in his ear

"He won't mind me feeding my pregnant lifemate," he said. "Take what you need from me."

She smiled "Ok" and before he could speak again she slid him inside her wet tight core

He growled and said, "I meant for you to feed. Not that I'm complaining, but you have gotten to..."

But he couldn't finish. She had started moving and his train of thought went out the window.

She planeted her hands on his chest and started moving faster "Please lifemate I need you" she said in a moaned tone that he could never resist

He put his hands on her hips and said, "One of these days, I'm going to have to say no." He sat up and teased her nipple with his tongue. "It's just not today."

She moaned and wrapped her arms around his neck "When that day comes it will truly be a sad day" she said before she gripped his hair pulling his head back with a slight tug and leaning down and kissing him but until me like only you can

That is a given, he said as he rolled and began moving hard and fast. I will always love you to the fullest... Though it might get tiring to carry you all the time. Your legs always seem to turn into wet noodles after we make love.

She cried out and her core gripped him tighter maybe Im trying to build up your arm lack in it when we spare she said teasingly

Maybe I don't want to harm the baby, he said, lifting her easily. You insist on getting your arm back to working order as fast as possible. Some one, namely your opponent, needs to take into account that you are with child. So... I let you win, woman.

She growled your not doing me any good by holding back and I would never push myself hard enough were it would harm our hurts you would take such precautions because you think i would she said in a upset tone, he would feel she was quickly losing pleasure of their love making by the thoughts of him holding back

I was joking, warrior woman. I don't let you win. I do hold back, but you win on your own. I would never belittle your skill like that. I go easy on you so I don't hurt you. It was then that Liliana felt his fear that he would hit her too hard and render her arm useless or that he would harm the baby.

She wrapped her arms around his neck Alex...I know you worry but we must trust each other...especially when it comes to fighting.... I trust you and you need to trust me my love...I would never let anything happen to either of my boys she said kissing him softly not realizing she just accidentally told him the sex of the baby

We are having a boy? he asked, so shocked that he stopped moving. I'm going to have a son?

She kicked herself mentally but smiled softly at him her eyes filled with love "I was going to wait to tell you....but have a so..." but she didnt get to finish

He kissed her, his hips moving again. This is cause for celebration. Then, he touched her mind. Where is the unborn child you connected to, Lilianna? We have to save them and their mother.

I already told gregori the direction they were heading she said moving her hips with him taking him deeper making it hard for him to think

Liliana... he said, wanting to tell her that they didn't have time, that he had to help... but she felt too good to not bring her to an earth shattering release. He began moving hard and fast, building her up quickly.

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