Can't be unseen

Melena couldn't believe she was going home with someone she just met, it was very unlike her, forgetting the fact he was the most gorgeous man she had ever seen in her life, hauntingly so, it was still odd for her. She opened the door to the hotel room she had been staying at since arriving in Romania. Being that he was a travel writer the room was not as clean she would have liked it to be, her notes and papers laid everywhere "sorry about the mess" she said in an embarrassed tone. The man smiled and she swore her heart almost stopped beating from his gorgeous smile "Ive seen worse here" he said after shutting the door, her body moved before she thought too, almost like she was compelled to go to him. He kissed her hard and rough, her mind went blank as he picked her up and took her to the bed. When he laid her down and covered her body with his she realized they were naked yet she didnt remembers taking her clothes off. Her mind grew hazy with lust, she felt his large tip at her core and she gasped and he thrust hard inside her, her head going back as she arched. She felt his lips on her neck, which made her moan, suddenly a sharp pain where his lips were made her flinch, his thrust got harder and faster. She heard a growl that sounded like a wolf come from him, it scared her "wait...stop.." she said put his hand came up to cover her mouth and the fear really stepped in. SHe tried to get him off of her but it was no use, he was much larger than her and stronger. She felt herself getting weaker, the room started to spin, the only thing keeping her conscious was his hard thrust, she felt him cum inside her, his head went back and to her horror she saw hip mouth was covered in blood and fangs where were his canines were supposed to be. She went to scream but he cut her off by biting into her throat once more. She felt herself slipping into darkness, she felt him start to thrust in her once more as her world turned black.


Kat awoke first, the second she did her mind was flooded with horror "NO!" SHe cried out sitting up "NO! please no! " She screamed. Her eyes wandered the room like she was somewhere else. Her fear and pain woke every Carpathian in her club "Sabastian no!" she cried out and reached into thin air like she was trying to grab someone, tears flowing down her face.

Lazarus put his hands on her shoulder and said, "What do you see, Kat? Let me in. Let me help you."

Her mind sought his, when his mind connected with hers it was like he was looking through someone else's eyes, they were on top of a woman, though he could not see her face, he felt whatever this person felt, he knew he was raping her and draining her of her life, he could feel the darkness taking over "Stop!" kats voice screamed in the background, the moment the darkness fully took over they were back inside there room, no longer in the persons head . Kat jumped up and screamed in anger and pain and started punching the wall repeatedly, blood started to form on it as the impact started to tear her knuckles "NO! no! no!" she cried, tears streaming down her face.

Lazarus took hold of his lifemate and held her, sharing her pain.

She cried out in anguish, the veins in her neck popping out as the lost filled her, the room door opened and the other males and some females came in, the dropped to their knees and hugged her and Lazarus, there were so many of them the whole room was filled. every one of them on their knees creating a circle around them. Every Carpathian in the bar was in that room on their knees sharing the loss of their brother. None of them spoke or made a sound, the only sound was coming from Kat as she continued to cry in anguish. No one notice Mikhail and Gregori walk into the room.

"What is going on?" Gregori asked.

No one answered, they kept their heads bowed and their bodies hugging one another in a circle around Kat who was still screaming. After a moment a woman came up to Gregori and Mikhail from the other room. It was easy to tell she had been crying " Its best if you let them be....." she said as tears slid down her face once more "we....we just lost one of our brothers....Kat...she .....she gets it the worse then anyone..." she said in a heartbreaking tone "its worse then you think my prince...much worse" she said walking away from the room and sitting down in the one next to it

"Explain," Gregori said.

Lazarus sighed and said, "What Beatrice means is that one of the men who often comes here, he has turned vampire. Because of their connection through shared blood, Kat felt when he turned. Much like the prince, all of these people felt what she felt." He looked at Mikhail. "Because the Kat's blood, you must have just received this information from Sebastian. This isn't because he was closer to Kat, but because of the properties of her blood. Please, let us grieve for our loss. Once Kat calms down, she always sends hunters to help our fallen brother. Many come here to keep a shred of honor left because they know they gain the ability to stop before killing someone. He is alone right now, and has just lost his soul. Kat's blood will aid him. We are doing this to help her calm down faster, otherwise the woman he is raping and feeding from will die."

"Why not just hunt him now and dispense justice?" Gregori asked with a growl.

"Because Kat has saved many lives this way," said a vampire who just entered. "Unlike others, Kat saved us. We aren't ready to die yet, but with her help, we manages to not take a life. Perhaps, in time, we will greet the dawn or ask one of our brothers here to deliver us to the next world, but we don't want to leave yet. This also means that we have a chance to regain our souls, where we wouldn't have been able to before. We are in a kind of limbo, you might say. We morn just like everyone else here. I have been in this state for about three years. I have learned so much to help the Carpathian people, and should I decide to stop seeing Kat, becoming a full vampire, I could use it to harm any Carpathian I meet. But I also have hope I wouldn't have had before. I can still find a lifemate."

Then he, and several other vampires joined the group of mourners.

"Mikhail, what do you make of this?" Gregori asked.

"we need to talk to Lucian and Gabriel, they need to come here to give their insight on this" he said looking at him "Now" he said in a commanding tone, sending out the call "Until they arrive Gregori I want you to stay here and examine kat and find out as much as you can, I will see to it that our woman are safe and see what I can find out as well" he said turning to leave "be careful and dont get yourself hurt or Savannah will make sure my bloodline will end" he said in what sounded like a serious tone but Gregori knew better

Gregori set to work, sitting down at the far end of the room. He shed his body and entered hers. He saw how she valiantly tried to fight off the darkness in this unknown man, and he respected her for it, but he had his doubts in this "miracle" she seemed to work. That was, until he saw what was in her blood.


Savannah awoke the same time Gregori did, the same force had awoken them, they heard the banging and screaming all the way from their room "Gregori?" Savannah said in a worried tone as he opened the earth above them. Before he could answer there was a knock on their door "Gregori come something not right, Raven is waiting for savannah outside, the males here are all agitated and I want them out of here while you and I see to this" Mikhail said behind the door.

Savannah looked at Gregori as she dressed herself "you better stay safe and hurry back to me" She said kissing him deeply before headed towards the door

"That is always the plan," Gregori said as he went to see the prince.

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