What night may bring 3

Melana gasped awake and looked around, she on the floor of the cabin she had rented the night before after she left the hotel, she remembered feeling sick and her body felt heavy around four am and then nothing. She felt worse then she did yesterday, she felt weaker and achier.

She slowly got up, the room spinning, she looked at the clock and saw it was eight at night, she was shocked to see she was passed out for so long. She went into the bathroom feeling sick. Once more she through up the black substance, when she was down she washed her face and rinsed her mouth. When she looked up in the mirror she was horrified to see how pale she was, she got close to look and her eyes drifted to her mouth. She gasped and opened her mouth wide, there in the place of her canines where fang-like teeth. She cried out in horror and fell away from the mirror, she curled up on the bathroom floor and started crying.

She didn't know how much time had past, she knew something was wrong with her and she was scared, she tried so hard to remember what happened but she could not. Suddenly there was a knock on the cabin door, she jumped slightly and slowly got up, she dressed in a black t-shirt and a pair of purple yoga pants, she washed her face and pulled her curly wet hair back into a bun and went to answer the door.

The elderly man waited patiently on the porch of the cabin. He was to meet with Falcon this night to talk about him hiring his daughter, who just lost her job. But first, he had to get the night's payment for renting his cabin. Falcon had been kind to let him continue his business by buying the land from under the devious Wrinwald. He looked at his watch. The man smiled. He still had time.

Melana opened the door just a crack to see who it was, when she realized it was the man she rented the cabin from she opened slightly more "hello Mr Romanoff.." she said making sure not to open her mouth to wide

"Good evening, young lady," he said with a smile. "You know, if you pay for longer than you intend to stay, I will give you your money back for the nights you didn't stay. May I come inside?"

There was a pounding in her ears, like a pulse of a beating heart, her throat burned and she swallowed hard "um I'm sorry as a lone female traveler I feel uncomfortable being able with strangers, is it ok if you wait here? I'll go get the money for you" she said trying to sound polite but her voice was shaking

"I understand," he said. "Are you sick or running from your boyfriend? You look pale and scared."

"No I am fine..just jet lag," she said closing the door. SHe stood against it for a moment trying to calm herself. SHe went over too her bag and took out the money she owed him and went back to the door, she took a deep breath before she opened it "here you go" she said through the cracked door holding it out to him. When he reached out and grazed her hand her mind went into a frenzy. The next thing she knew she swung the door open and dragged him towards her, everything in her directed her to the beating that echoed from him, she gripped his shoulders and bit hard into the hollow of his neck

He gasped as pain assaulted him and he called out to Falcon with his mind. This young woman must have been converted recently and doesn't know what to do. She can't even find a proper vein.

I'm on my way, old friend, Falcon said. If you can, get something from her that has her scent.

She paid me for tonight's stay in the cabin, the man answered.

That will do, then, Falcon was gone.

At the sound of the old man's cry of pain Melana let him go, a horrified look on her face "Im sorry.....im so sorry..." she said as blood tears started to fall down her cheeks. SHe grabbed her bag , since she had not unpacked she did not have to pack anything "Im ...sorry" she said again and ran from the cabbin

The old man put his hand to his neck. Not long after, Falcon arrived. He healed the old man and gave him water to drink.

"She didn't get enough from you to properly feed," he said. "I'll get her scent from the room and the money you have. I'll begin my search tomorrow. For now, rest, old friend and drink plenty of water."

"About my daughter," he began.

"Of course I will hire her," said Falcon. "Sara found three more children for us to adopt. Having a nanny with a specialty for infants will be helpful."


Sara stood outside the door. She wasn't one for living at a ranch so close to a spooky jungle, but she wanted to meet her nephew. She shook with nerves.

"I wonder how they are doing?" Sara said. "The last time they were in the same room, things went downhill fast."

Damian wrapped his arms around her "im sure they are fi..."

But the sound of a lap breaking cut him off "you big headed snob!" Ellie's voice could be heard from outside the door "Its my bathroom to ellenor!" screamed Michael "it does not mean you can walk in whenever you want!" she cried back "its not like I haven't scene it before woman quick overreacting!" Micheal yelled back

Damian sighed "never tell a woman she is overreacting little brother..." he said shaking his head, no soon did he say that could a loud slapping sound be heard.

A moment later the door opened, micheal stood there with a red hand print on his cheek

"Oh, hey, guys," he said, smiling. "Rose, Sara, I'm glad you came. I was going in to get one of the baby's toys from the bathroom and she OVERREACTED!" Yelling the last word only to hear something hit the door. "Can you help talk her down?"

"I don't think so!" Sara said, putting her hands on her hips. "You messed up! You don't walk in on girl time! Did you even knock?!"

"Well, no, but..." he began.

"It's your fault, you didn't knock," Sara said, walking into the house. "Now, where is my nephew? Do you have a name picked out yet?"

Ellie stood there in the room with a towel around her and her hair still dripping and her hands on her hips looking very upset "Im going to kill him..." she said in an upset tone

"Elle," Sara said, hugging her sister, "I know he's a neanderthal and all, but let's talk this out. What did he do to upset you? He said he was going to get a baby toy."

Michael paled and tried to sneak out, only for Rose to grab him by the ear.

"Ow, ow, ow!" he said. "Let go, Rose!"

"getting a toy is one thing spying on me in the shower is another!" she yelled

"in his defense Ellie you are his lifemate, he is drawn to you, if sara was naked and wet in the shower.." daimon trailed off and growled softly while looking at sara causing her to blush

Rose sighed "serious you guys are like teenagers! keep it in your pants! you have a lifetime to see each other naked" she said in a agervaited tone letting go of micheals ear

Michael rubbed his ear and said, "I wasn't spying. The toy was in the shower! Ellenor, we have seen each other naked, even made love in the shower. If I had known you would freak out and act like I was trying to murder you, I would have contacted you in your mind. And what was Mr. Wolfie doing in the tub? You know he likes Mr. Wolfie to play with before bed."

"'Mr. Wolfie?'" Sara asked.

"What?" Michael said, blushing. "A plastic toy that looks like a wolf. The baby loves him." He sighed. "It was the only name I could think of calling it, okay?"

"That's so cute!" Sara said. "Ellenor, have you thought of a name yet?"

She glared at her sister "dont let him fool you mr wolfie was not in the shower when I got in" SHe said in a matter of fact tone "and yes ill let micheal tell you while I dress and god forbid he says that horrible nicknae he has giving him I will kill him" she said and left the room

Michael went to the baby's room and brought out his son, pride on his face. He looked so grown up holding the tiny infant, Damian couldn't help but feel pride in his brother.

"This is Michelangelo," said Michael, letting Sara hold him. "Say hello to your Aunt Sara, Aunt Rose, and Uncle Damian, Mickey."

As soon as he said mickey and handed the baby for sara to hold Ellie appeared in nothing but her bra and a black pair of jeans on and tackled him to the floor "that is not his name!" she yelled

"Ow!" Michael said as she began attacking him. "At least put a shirt on to kick my ass!"

Sara giggled and said, "You two are perfect for each other. Elle's past boyfriends would usually be so boring. She would sit next to them reading and they would be doing something else. I'm glad Damian isn't like that."

Michael stopped Ellenor from continuing her attack. It still hurt that Damian had been with her first. It felt like a betrayal. He got up off the floor and walked outside, trying to get his anger under control.

"What was that about?" Sara asked Damian. "One moment, we were having fun, the next, he storms off? Did I hit a nerve?"

Ellie put on a shirt while Damian followed Micheal outside "let them talk and you" she said looking at Sara and rose "you both better support me in this I am not having my son's nickname be Mickey" she said with a soft glare. Rose held up her hands like she didnt want any trouble

"Elle, nicknames change," said Sara. "Besides, you give him a nickname you like. Call him anything you want. So Michael has named him after a cartoon mouse? Give Michelangelo a nickname you want. What about Mikey?"

"Hell no!" Michael said, storming in. "Every time Rose called me Mikey, it was so she could act cute and get me in trouble for her mess!"

Ellie crossed hr arms and looked at micheal with a michevious smile "It seems we both have a loaded gun now micheal, question is who gets shot first?" she said raising her eyebrow

"Mickey is a perfectly acceptable name!" Michael said. "He shouldn't go by a nickname that is a complete joke! Do you know what it was like to be called Mikey?! Anything stupid that happened, oh, it must have been Mikey! A ridiculous idea?! Mikey must have convinced sweet, innocent, little Rose to ask it or do it! I refuse to let him go through life being the butt of every joke!"

"Is that your final answer.......mikey?" Ellie said with a challenged tone

Rose saw the change in micheal and saw the heat in his eyes. She could see this could easily turn into a very naked argument "sara lets take the baby out for a stroll while these two talk.." seh said guiding her out the door and they all left, leaving them alone

Michael said, "I will not allow our son to inherit that name. The last thing I want is for him to be plagued by a name that means you are inherently stupid."

"well i dont want him to be named after a cartoon mouse" she said back crossing her arms

Michael said, "Mickey Mouse is iconic! Much different from Mikey! I've never heard of any famous cartoons named Mikey!"

"i swear to all that is good in the world micheal if you keep calling our son mickey I will forever all you mikey!" she yelled back

"Stop calling me that!" he yelled before sitting down. "I thought you would like the name. Steamboat Willie is considered a national treasure in the U.S. and you can find Mickey Mouse all over the world. So, to avoid the horrors of that name, I picked Mickey." Michael smiled. "He as cute as a little mouse, thought, you have to admit. Michelangelo will grow out of it, I know, but I will always remember that cute little nose and big, bright eyes..."

"Seriously! now he looks like a mouse?! thats it Mikey mikey mikey mikey mik.."

He pinned her to the wall behind her and said, "I said cute like a mouse. He has your nose," he began lowering his mouth to hers, "your eyes," he kissed the corner of her mouth, "and he is blessed with your good looks." He kissed her. "I find all of those things cute. I also find mice cute. But you and him are still better than mice. For one, you are the most beautiful, fiery woman I know. Could you imagine what kind of mess he would be in if he took after me?"

SHe growled "dont think you can win this by doing this" she said fighting against his gripp but he saw how her cheeks were flushing "and if he takes after you im putting a chasity belt on him until he finds his lifemate" she said in a uneven tone as she kept fighting his hold "now let go and try to kiss me again and ill bite you" she warned

"Kinky," he said with a smile. "I might enjoy you nibbling on me."

She glared at him "im warning you micheal.....unlike you I fight my battles with my mind not my body....you wont win " she said with a smirk. God help her she cursed her body, that smile of his sent her heart in a frenzy

"You know I do things to bring out the fire in you," he said. "Like Mr. Wolfie in the shower. When you go quiet, I get to wondering what you are thinking, how to make you smile, how to get your eyes to flash... and then, I prank you or sneak a peak." He whispered in her ear. "Admit it, you like when I act up. If I was any other way, you would be bored with me."

She turned quick and nipped his earlobe "So you admit you put Mr wolfie in there" she said with a glare "and I am bored...bored of this argument that I will win.....Mikey" she said in a confident tone

"You clean out the tub before you use it," he said, "of course I put him there. As for the name..." he kissed her hard before saying, "I hate that name. Call me that again, and you will feel the fire burning in me." His hands began to roam. "God, your are the sexiest woman in the world. I can't resist seeing your eyes darken like that when you get upset."

She fought against his hold "im not in the mood micheal now let go or you will see a veryunlady like side of me " she threatened

"When will you relax with me?" he asked, moving away when he saw her kneeing him in the groin. "You can make jokes, have fun, and be the you you want to be. There are times to be serious and times to have fun. With me, have fun. Pull pranks if you want to." He sighed. "I want to see what you are like when you... aren't putting on a airs. When will I get to see the woman you keep buried inside?"

"who says you deserve her? or that she exists? I think your just unhappy with how I really am, which is fine it's not like we are in love or anything.." she said moving away from the wall and looking away from him. She sighed "besides......." she said and he could hear a little chuckle in her tone "who would fall for a guy with he name Mikey" she said laughing

He growled, but not in anger. "You made a joke. See, she is there. But I don't deserve you at all and never will. Now, how to get back at you for calling me that name." He jumped over a chair to chase after her. "I'm thinking... I tickle you until you apologize."

She ran from him and put the kitchen table between them "micheal! dont you dare...im warning you...if you even lay a finger on me ill.."

"Ellenor," he said in a tone that always made desire shoot through her, "you know you won't do anything. I always catch you, and we always make love." His crooked smile flashed at her. "Do you think to deny me, lifemate?"

SHe glared "oh I am going to deny you alright mikey" she said sticking her tongue out at him

He jumped and landed near her and said, "Then, run, little rabbit. Because you know you always give in."

She dodged his arms "excuse me? a lady never gives in she comprimises at most and you are the one trying to wiggle your way out of an agrgument ...is that what Mikey does?' SHe said smirking

He jumped at her again and said, "It's best to avoid battle when one can, but then again, leaving things unfinished is not a good idea either."

"Thats very true so how about you agree to my terms and you wont be called mikey until the end of your days" she said throwing the towel that was wrapped around her hair onto his head, blinding him and running into the next room

He appeared in front of her and said, "Or we can discuss this while I make love to you. About how you won't call me or our son by that awful name."

"No to the lovemaking...and we take Mickey and Mikey off the table," she said backing away from him.

"Are you sure about not making love?" he asked, his shirt disappearing. "I can agree to the name thing, but do you really want to skip running your hands over my chest?" He backed her up against the wall, boxing her in with his hands. He began kissing her neck. "To miss watch me kiss down your naked body until I reach your heated offering? To deny yourself the pleasure of having me kneel in front of you and feast upon your sweet juices like a starving man?"


It had been a long time since they had slept together, Micheal had been giving her the space she needed, but even though she hated it, the way his body had been changing since he began to train had not gone unnoticed by her. Being this close to him shirtless was a torture she didn't know she could feel. She bit her bottom lip hard and kept her hands at her side, her eyes closed, her hands itched to touch him "d-did I say you could touch me...what happen to giving me space?" she said in a low tone that leaked desire.

"I've seen how you have been looking at me since we moved here," he said against her rapid pulse in her neck. "If this is all I can do, kiss you like this, then please indulge me this one time. I told you when we were given this house that I would wait until you are ready for me to make love you again, and I will wait. But every time I saw your eyes, so full of desire, looking upon me, electricity shot threw me." He moved back to look in her eyes. "If simply being in the same house with you is all you can give me for the next century, I am grateful for that gift. I have taken enough choices from you. When you come to me, I want it to be because you love me as I love you, not because of the lifemate bond forcing you or you felt I was pressuring you." He moved to put half the room between them and put his tight, form fitting shirt back on. "Thank you for not pushing me away and letting me kiss you the way I did. I agree to not call him Mickey anymore, if you never mention that name again. I will call him Angelo from now on."

He went to leave the room. His clothes felt too tight, almost like they were strangling him. If he didn't get out now, there would be no turning back. If she stopped him, would he retain his honor in not making love to her? Or would he give in to the demands of his body? He didn't know. All he knew is that he would wait until she was ready, and not a moment sooner.

Suddenly just as he was seconds away from leaving the room a strong sweet smell hit his nose

He looked back and saw Ellenor, so flushed with desire, her skin was rosy and she had her legs crossed. However, that was not enough to stop the smell from filling the room. He wanted to go back to her, to kiss her, to make love to her. He was torn between doing what he promised and taking her as they both needed. He found he couldn't move, waiting for her to respond. Did he stay, or did he go?

She took a deep breath to try and calm herself "go..." she said in almost a pained whisper

He nodded and went out to find his brother, Sara, and sister.

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