New Course

Amera awoke and opened the earth above her. She had no idea what female healers did or anything. She walked to camp in a white gown. She sat down, waiting.

"What are you wearing?" asked Janovich as he held Shelbi on his lap.

"What?" Amera asked, her cheeks turning red. "Isn't this what all female healers wear? To look... professional or whatever?"

Jan laughed "um no " he laughed harder "can you imagine how dirty that would get? with all the blood and dirt and who knows what else" he said teasingly

Amera got upset and said, "This is stupid! Well, mister expert, what do female healers wear?! I've never seen anyone healed!" Then she paled. "H-how much blood?"

"depends on the injury" jan said with a shrug "as for what they wear...well that really does not matter does it, just wear something that makes you feel strong and confident so you can heal them" he said with a smirk " wear something like that they might think your a ghost or something ...I mean if I saw you like that if I was injured Id get scared...but only after you put down the hood and I saw your face" he said teasingly

Amera didn't hear what he said. Her breathing was becoming gasps, her heart rate too fast.

"Jan, stop," said Shelbi, going to Amera. "What is it? What's wrong. You look scared."

"Hunters... could die if they are... too injured to save," Amera answered, her clothes going back to her hunter style as she stood up. "What if it's Dad or Andor? Or Jan? I won't face that! I can't!" She started backing away, fear riding her hard. "I'm not a healer! It's one thing if it's a vampire! But not a hunter! I can't do this! This was a mistake!"

She turned to run only to get caught by Andor. She looked at him for a moment, tears forming. She relaxed slightly, though she continued to shake. I'm not a healer, she said. I'm not. The thought of a hunter... hurt and near death...

He moved away from her "so if I was near death you would run? or dad? or even mom? you would run away from us and not fight to save us? are you that heartless Amera or that selfish?" he said in almost a cruel tone "you have already figured out you are not a hunter and now you claim you are not a healer, then what are you Amera? a child that runs from everything?" he said in a stern disapointed tone

"Of course not!" Amera said. "Of course I would help you all!" She looked down. "It's just... the thought of anyone of you looking like that scares me, makes me feel sick to my stomach. How can I be a healer when the thought of seeing someone covered in their own blood makes me sick or break down?" She looked at him. "Andor, you know I would do anything for you and our parents. But this is so different from what I wanted, what I trained for, it's... scary."

"Life is scary," said Tempest, walking into camp with Darius. "You will need to trust others to watch over you while you work, even in a battle. You will see them injured deeply. Sometimes, you will have to heal a child who was badly used."

"What?!" Amera said, outraged. "Who would hurt a child like that?!"

"Cruel people and vampires," said her mother. "I was one of those children, Amera. And so was your cousin, Skyler. But if you can save people like us, give them back what evil has stolen from them, you will see what your aid can do. Yesterday, you said that 'sitting around waiting to heal someone' isn't a noble cause, but it is. When the day comes and you can sit and rest, those are days to be thankful for. Right now, our hunters need healers. We lose them far too many because we only have a handful. That child, badly used, could be a lifemate. Out there, a mere fifteen miles away, there are three hunters who need to be healed. They are minor injuries, but they are still battling vampires. They also have poison in their system. They called for your father to aid them. He and Andor are going to take care of the vampires, and you are going to heal the hunters. Your father will guide you through it, which is why he needs Andor with him. Since the injuries are minor, it's a good starting place."

"O-okay," she said, shaking. "I... I'll do my best."

"good now lets go" Darius said "and you" he said looking at Andor "Me and the others have decided that since your emotions are fading so fast that its time you bonded with your lifemate, this by no means is us saying you are ready, but the more you fade the closer your chances get to falling and we are not willing to allow that especially knowing you have a lifemate now." he said in a stern tone "after you are bonded you will continue your training, now go see your uncle" he said in a commanding tone "but father I dont.." Andor began "this is not negotiable Andor, do not think I don't know what you did last night before coming home," he said with a disappointed tone that made Andor look angry "that is none of your business," he said sharply. For the most part, Andor had never talked to his father like that.

Amera put her arm on Andor's shoulder to help him calm down. He followed after her father, launching into the air. Not long into their flight, her father descended. Amera landed and gasped. Barack and Julian were injured and in pain, though they tried to hide it. But what made Amera want to faint for the first time since she was five was seeing her lifemate on the ground, a large branch sticking out of his chest over his left lung.

"Darius," Julian greeted. "It seems Zack and Serena were on their way to see you, saying they were heading back to the states when seven organized vampires attacked them. Barack and I found them. Serena is a bit of a walk, but safe in the barriers Zack put up for her." He looked at Amera. "He will be fine. I can go get Andor's lifemate and take her back to the camp. But there are still two master vampires. Can you handle healing him so we can move him? He shut down his heart and lungs, but..."

Amera went to her lifemate and took his hand, the grove filling with the aroma of thousands of candles designed to aid in healing. Without hesitation and with determination, she took hold of the branch, slick with his blood and pulled with all her might. It barely moved. She tried again, tears blurring her vision and fear began to fill her. Suddenly, a bloody hand gently touched her hand. She looked to see Zack looking at her. She shakily removed her hand and had to look away as he pulled the branch out of his chest.

"You idiot," she said. "Why did you wake up? You could drown. Go back to sleep so you can be healed properly."

"Ive had worse and besides I like the smell of the candles.." he said closing his eyes

"where is Andor?" darius said in a concerned tone

Amera smiled, crying, but she still said, "Andor is on his way, but one of the vampires is..." She gasped. "This wasn't an attack on Zack and Serena! This was to draw Andor out! He was just ambushed by three masters!"

"I'll help Amera," said Julian. "Dayan is already heading towards him. You and Barack go now."


Luiz woke up, happy to be back in Brazil. His homeland. He opened the earth above him and dressed quickly. Avangaline was already up.

"We are close to the cave," he said.

She smiled at him "as long as I'm close to you that's all that matters to me" she said sweetly.

"I know," he said, wrapping his arms around her. "But if we can't get your powers under control..." He didn't want to think about losing her now. "Let's get moving. We don't need my brothers finding us and alerting the prince."

"but you have not had your breakfast," she said softly and gently moved her hair away from her neck "please was more difficult then the last...when I couldnt reach your mind...." she said trailing off

"I know," he said, holding her close. "You woke up early. You should have called my name. I know I was injured in that last battle, but I'm fine. And this feast you have given me is my favorite. Thank you."

He kissed her neck, using his tongue to prepare her before biting down and drinking deeply.

She moaned loudly with pleasure, the sound was almost like a purr. He loved how she never hid what was natural to her, she always showed how she truly felt no matter what. He felt her body grow hot underneath his touch and her hands started playing with the muscles on his back "Luiz..." she said his name and tilted her head so he had more access to her throat, a sign of trust, trust that she had for him since the very begining.

When he took enough, he closed the wound and said, "You need to feed too. You aren't jaguar anymore. I'll go hunt and then it's your turn to feed from me."

"Ive already fed" she said in a proud tone with a smile

"You are amazing," he said. "So, are you ready to start heading out?"


Donny paced the front of the cave. Jane was with the wolves again. Instead of going to them for comfort, you could come to me, he said to her. We just want to know if you are human, lycan, Carpathian, or Guardian of All. Does it bother you that much that we go looking for your past.

why does it matter what I am.. She said as a small pup came over and started to play with her tail.

It's just so we know how to care for you and the baby, he said. I know you worry about losing them and it's hard. I want to take every precaution. At least you finally stopped running from me.

I didnt chested and caught me.. she said in almost a pouting tone and why cant I stay here....they don't want to examine me...the accept me like I am..they dont care what I am

It is only so I can properly take care of you, honey, he said. Once I know, I can provide and protect you. I know traveling with the band is hard, as is staying in your human form, but I'm proud of you. You are facing your fears every day, and that fills me with pride. It is a bravery many people lack. I want to be able to be the man I need to be so that you can stay the brave woman you are. The first step to doing that is to find out if you are lycan or Carpathian, or both. If you are both, it explains how you can shut down your heart to sleep, yet still eat human food.

He saw her wolf look up at him, slowly it picked up the pup gently and brought it over to his mother and then came close to donny until she was standing in front of him. Slowly she shifted until she was standing naked in front of him "say that again.....the name you called me" she said in a soft tone

"I'll call you any endearment you want, honey," Donny said softly with a smile.

She bit her lip softly like she was thinking and looked away from him. He could tell she liked the endearment he had given her, to her, when he said it in her mind or others wise it made her have this soft feeling fill her chest like he had praised her or something. He knew in her life she probably did not have such things. Now that she was out of her wolf form he could actually see the little baby bump that had started to grow "I-I dont want to leave them...." she said after a moment in an honest tone.

"We won't be leaving them anytime soon, but one day, we will have to decide what to do with our lives. If you want, we can travel. I'll miss the jungle, but... you are my home, and wherever we are is perfect to me."

"what if I want to stay here with them? you would not have to leave your jungle" she said in a plain tone

"They are here because it is safe, honey," he said. "If we stay, vampires will find us and hurt them simply because we care for them. One day, I will build you a house in the Carpathian Mountains and you can run with the wolves all you want. I'll see if Ivory will show you her wolves. They can become tattoos on her body. To save them, she accidentally converted them. Maybe... maybe she will give us our own pack."


Rodger awoke and looked at his lifemate. They were finally back together, as they should be... with one exception. She still didn't want to make love, fearing that she would get pregnant and lose another child. He ached for her, but he never pushed her. Wake up, little cat, he called. The stars are calling to us.

Julietta awoke and gently took a deep breath as her lungs filled with air, the motion making her breast bounce slightly as her chest rose.

Rodger held her close and started kissing her neck.

Julietta moaned softly " not ready" she said in a soft sadden tone yet he felt her body react to his touch

I want to kiss you and nothing more, he said, even as he pulled away. "But I understand. I will stop."

"rodger....its not that I just scared im sorry..." she said in a sad tone

"Me too," he said. "Of course I'm scared. I'm scared of losing you. I'm scared that I will be too weak to protect you. I'm scared of growing to love a child only to lose them again. Julietta, I fear the same things you do, but if we don't move forward, we will be stuck in the past. I know our son will come back to us when he feels ready. Everyday, I check to see if you are ovulating, just in case you are ready to make love to me, because I don't want to take the chance yet. We have time to grow. We will never forget our little warrior, and that's okay. When we do get him back, we will be better prepared than before and love him all the more because of it. We have another century before we have to worry about children. For now, live in the moment, the bliss of just being with me, as I do with you. Can you do that for me?"

"There chance? if Im not ovulating that is" she asked in a concerned tone.

"Nope," he said. "Even if there was, neither of us is ready, so I would make sure you didn't get pregnant."

"I want you Rodger...I do...and though im scared of getting pregnant....I want you to promise me something....I'll agree to be safe and be with you only when I'm not ovulating but...dont stop me from getting pregnant if it happens...if our son wants to come back to use I dont want to deny him that if he is ready...even if we are not" she said snuggled close to him

"Okay," he said as he began kissing her neck once more, "but don't push yourself. If you get uncomfortable, we can stop at anytime."

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