New Course 5

Donny growled. Evil was close to them. He woke Jane.

The enemy is near, he said. We need to hurry. They are closing in fast.

Jane woke up even tough her mind was fuzzy Then shouldn't we stay here in the cave where its safe?

They feel like vampires, but also Carpathians, Danny said. I don't know what they are. That is why we are going deeper into the cave. We can hide in the maze of caverns and find another way out. I don't want you near this enemy.

ok.....Ill follow you she said and quietly got off the bed, he could tell by her posture she was on full alert, she had a natural instinct about her, even her foot steps didnt make a sound.

Donny lead her deep into the mountain. He used the animals there as extra eyes. No one was following them, but he wasn't about to stop until the whole mountain was between his lifemate and this new enemy.

We are going to have to go the long way from here, he said. If we continue going farther in, we will find lava pools. As it is, even my ability to regulate my body temperature won't help us if we continue on this path. Let's head through the left chamber for now. Good news is, we are almost halfway through the mountain. We will rest when the chambers start to cool down.

donny...i need to.....never mind ill follow you she replied

What is it? Donny asked, looking back at her. If you need to rest now, or if you need to feed, you can. I can carry you, if I need to.

She suddenly shifted into her human form, her smooth skin beaded with sweat from the heat "donny you need to rest...." she said softly

Donny shifted and said, "I don't need to rest. If you need to rest we can. I will also need to regulate you body temperature. You aren't doing so and it isn't good for you or the baby." He picked her up and continued walking. "You rest. I want to get half way through the mountain before sunrise."

The way he held her in his arms made her body heat up more and this time it was not because of where they were. She leans her head up and nuzzled his neck, her lips brushing his skin, her hand gently stroking his bare chest.

Donny gasped and said, "If you continue touching me like that, I may have to make love to you before we get to our destination."

Her heart skipped a beat and she gently placed her hand on the side of his face and turned it to look at her, the moment his head turned toward her she kissed him passionately and deeply wrapping her arms around his neck. She moved in his arms so that he was no longer holding her bridal style but now she had her legs wrapped around his waist and her body pressed close into his.

Donny groaned, evidence of his desire teasing her core, and asked, "Do you know how much I want you right now?"

He felt her erotic juices drip onto his erection, she sucked his bottom lip seductively, her fang grazing the skin "Donny....I feel like im on fire..." she said in a low sensual tone


Amera burst through the ground, clothing herself as she began her hunt again. Suddenly, she stopped. Something didn't feel right. She became mist and began searching again, slowly. She solidified near a river she sensed Serena's blood. As soon as her feet touched the ground, her legs were sucked into the earth and something stabbed her leg. She couldn't get free and she could no longer become mist. A vampire stepped out of hiding. Amera began shaking. This one was ancient, able to leave no trace of his presence for her to track and no blank spots to give away his position. He held Serena over his shoulder, unconscious and bleeding, but still human. It was obvious the vampire had used Serena's blood to lure Amera to that spot.

"We meet again, woman," the vampire said. "I am Winston. I will make you a deal. I will destroy my monster attacking your brother and lay this one one solid ground if you come with me."

"Allow me to heal her as well," Amera said, stopping her struggle against the mire. "Then I will go with you without a fight."

The vampire smiled and put Serena down. He allowed Amera to go to Serena and heal her wounds. He had to move back when Amera used her Aroma Manipulation, but stayed close all the same. Once Amera was done, the smell gone and Amera swaying with weariness, Winston grabbed Amera and began draining her strength even more. Amera managed to give Andor the location to Serena and the news she was still human, along with the price she paid to save them both. I'm sorry. With that, Amera closed her mind to her brother and let Winston lead her to his lair.

Andor had just gotten his hand through the vampiress chest when she suddenly exploded, her blood covering him and the van. The burning was more then even to bring him to his knees. His body covered in wounds, a large knife that was in the kitchen was deep in his back near his spine but he didnt care. His only thought was of Serena and Amera. Without a moment thought he rushed from the van, almost knocking his father over. He ran as fast as he could pushing the pain his body was warning him about deep back in his mind. When he finally reached Serena he had just enough stregnth to make sure she was ok and put a ward over them before collapsing on the ground beside her sleeping body, knowing his father would find them before the sun rise he shut down his heart to keep his wounds from getting worse.

Amera's mind touched his and warmth filled Andor as he shut down his heart and lungs. While his deep wounds were still visible, they looked like they were in the middle of healing and all the small scrapes healed as if they never were and his pain became bearable, little more than an annoyance.

Not long after, Darius came. He took the ward down, removed the knife from Andor's back. He was shocked to see that the knife seemed to have started to disintegrate, but not like Andor's blood was eating through it. It was almost like someone had been unable to physically remove it and instead began melting it like ice in the summer time. The metal that had "melted" pooled in the wound in such a way that Darius pulled it out easily and without causing pain. It now looked like a sheath, dull and rounded. Darius noticed that once he removed the knife, whomever was healing Andor finished what they could. When Darius entered Andor's mind, he couldn't follow the pathway back, finding it blocked to him. He knew that it had to be Amera then, and her skills astonished him. In a short amount of time, Andor was almost completely healed, leaving Darius little to do, and to do such a thing at a distance... not even Gregori, the greatest healer the Carpathian people had, could heal that fast or that thoroughly from a distance. He picked up his son and his lifemate, taking them back to their camp. He took down the ward on the RV and place Serena on a bed inside. He then opened the earth nearby and placed Andor deep to heal. He didn't have time to look for Amera but vowed to go with Andor to save his daughter next rising.


Maxim opened the earth above him, clothing himself and Melana. He needed to feed. However, Sergey was there to greet him.

"I believe you will be here to watch this, yes?" Sergey asked.

"I'm going to feed first," said Maxim. "But, yes, I will come back."

Sergey smiled and watched as Maxim left. He then grabbed Melana from the earth and ordered her to wake. He lead her into the forest where a blanket was laid on the ground. He ripped Melana's clothes from her body and made her lay down, using rope tied to base of three trees to keep her hands above her head and her legs spread wide. Sergey turned on the camera.

"Lovely view," he said. "Want to say anything before my brothers get here and we enjoy ourselves?"

Melana was so weak from the blood lose she was having trouble concentrating. She was not sure if she was dreaming or where she was and she didnt even realize she was tied up and naked "you...need to leave.....I dont....want to hurt ....anyone" she said in a weak and tired tone.

Sergey chuckled as Vadim, Kirja, and Ruslan appeared, naked. Kirja blanketed her body, hard evidence brushing her exposed core.

"I believe we are going to hurt you," said Ruslan.

Then, Kirja surged forward. Uncaring about the blood from her broken innocence or the pain he caused, he began moving hard and fast and deep.

"I love when they scream," Kirja said through clenched teeth. "Scream for me."

The pain was enough to fully awaken her and she cried out, she fought against the ropes that held her in place but she was so tired and weak the only thing she managed to do was make her wrist and ankles start to bleed, her wild scent blood filled the air around them. Something in her built, a instinct she didnt know she had "wait please! take off the ropes please ill do anything you want just take off the ropes please!" she begged. she didnt know why but she knew she needed the ropes to be off and she knew there was no way she was getting out of this, that these men were going to rape her but for some reason something told her that if the ropes were off it will be ok.

Ruslan untied her. Kirja held onto her tightly as he rolled for her to be on top. His grip on her hips was bruising and his hips never stopped surging into her. Ruslan then tied her arms behind her back before going to her head, forcing her jaw open so that he could shove deep into her throat and begin pumping.

At that moment, Maxim returned. He had prepared himself to such a sight... or so he thought. Actually seeing it made him sick and angry. Sergey handed Vadim the camera, watching the "good" brother become a deadly predator. Before he could stop himself, Maxim launched himself at Ruslan. Sergey moved so that Maxim impaled himself on Sergey's arm. Maxim was in extreme pain and looked at his brother, promising revenge.

"Tie him up," Vadim said, shocked by the turn of events.

Sergey removed his hand and tied Maxim up like Melana was before. Despite everything that was happening, Maxim couldn't help but think his lifemate was beautiful and need flooded him. Ruslan and Kirja stopped just long enough to force Melana to impale herself on Maxim. Kirja then pushed her down enough enter her back door. Ruslan went back pumping into her throat deeply. Sergey didn't want Maxim to say the binding words to tie him and Melana together, so he gagged Maxim and used Vadim's security contraption to block Maxim and Melana from communicating telepathically.

Kirja used his nails to cut into Melana's skin. Maxim couldn't think with how she gripped him, but he fought to get free to stop them from causing her more pain. He heard her scream in pain with each thrust his brothers made, which also forced her to ride him.

Stop this! Maxim said to his brothers. You have us under your thumb, isn't that enough?! Think of the assets we could be if you stop this now!

Sergey said, "Oh, but you both can still be assets with her spirit broken. So, let's enjoy this."

With that, Kirja and Ruslan filled Melana with their seed. When they moved, Sergey went behind Melana, pushing her down on Maxim's chest. Then, he shoved in, forcing her to take both him and Maxim into her core, causing her to rip. She screamed and Maxim watched as Melana slowly went mad from pain with each thrust.

Vadim soon handed the camera to Ruslan and entered her mouth. Kirja created a fist sized strap-on and handed it to Sergey. He shoved it into her bottom, forcing her to take it all before tying it to his waist to allow it to pump into her in synchronicity with him.

It was too much, something in her snapped and her mind went numb, all she felt was that pain, she needed it to end, she didn't want this, she didn't deserve this, after everything that had happen since she woke up in the church yard this was the worse. Her hands broken the rope binding her her only thought was to get them to stop, she knew she was not strong enough to fight them physically so did let her instincts guide her like she always had. She gripped Vadim's waist, she pulled his hips towards her taking him deeper inside her mouth and started to use her tongue to add to his pleasure. She ignored the pain as best she could from the tearing of her core and her anal area and forced herself to relax letting them go deeper. Her fangs grew from hunger and the stress and pain, but she used that to her advantage and teased Vadim's sensitive skin. Every moment she made was to heighten their pleasure, some how it was as if she knew exactly what each of them liked and her body reacted accordingly. She started pleasuring each one differently in the way she knew would give them the most pleasure. She knew what she was doing, her instinct was to survive and these were predators. But unlike her bear who had attacked for food they wanted her body. If she struggled they would still take it if she didnt struggle and gave it to them willingly she knew it was a challenge to them. She knew there were only two ways they would react, one they would like the fact that she was obeying and she would live through this or they would take this as she the prey was fighting back and their abuse would only get worse. But this was the only way she might have a chance.

"We either broke her too fast," said Sergey with a groan, "or she is giving in. Either way, I'm liking this."

"Same," said Vadim. "I think we set up a schedule. We each get about three hours every night to fuck her."

"With Maxim watching," said Kirja.

Ruslan sat down, looking board, saying, "He does seem to be her lifemate. He looks like he is about to kill us all with just his eyes. And she is beginning to enjoy herself. I'll get to work on making more toys to stick into her. I'm sure she can handle something bigger than that strap on if we push her hard enough."

Maxim felt him and his brothers grow bigger. He quickly destroyed his brother's seed that was already inside her, then put up a ward. He wasn't taking any chances that his brothers would get her pregnant. However, the more she was forced to move, the more he and his brothers knew for a fact. She was ovulating. He knew that before this night was over, his lifemate would be pregnant. He made sure it would be his child she carried. He then filled her with his brothers. But he wanted more, needed more.

"I am not broken or giving can take my body all you wish...its flesh and bones it is not what makes me, me...." melana gasped painfully in between breath "my body might tear and break under your abuse but my soul will not...none of you are worthy enough to even touch my soul let alone break go ahead...fuck me.....hell ill even continue to lick and squeeze and tease ever part of each of you that sends you over the edge...just to prove how little you effect me" she said in a wreak but angered tone.

Maxim looked up at her, pride in his eyes. Her courage was endless and he couldn't help feeling even less worthy of her. He wanted to claim her, to get her away from his brothers and to safety. Vadim and Sergey removed themselves from her and clothed themselves. Ruslan and Kirja also clothed themselves. Vadim put up a ward, keeping Maxim and Melana confined to the river and clearing area. Then, the four of them left. Maxim found himself free. He gently lifted her off of him and laid her down, producing a blanket. He covered her and clothed himself.

Maxim said, "I'll heal you then put some clothes on you. I don't want to risk anymore pain." He moved her hair from her sweat drenched face. "You are right, none of us are worthy to touch your soul. I even less than my brothers. You and I, we are Carpathians. I know you don't know what that means, but I will teach you. I will tell you this, though. You are my lifemate. You are the one woman who holds the other half of my soul, and I will do what I can to protect you in this hell we are trapped in. Just know, when this is over, I will court you as you deserve and claim you when you are ready for me."

"I dont understand what you said....but there is something doesnt matter....I wont let any of you when or get away with this...i will find away to make you all pay...and...."but sje was cut off when she winced when her fangs sliced her lips. Her hunger was far more then it ever had been, her body was throbbing in pain "just do what your going to do..." she said in almost a defeated tone

Maxim became energy and began healing her from the inside out. When he was done, he was swaying. He then clothed her in a silk jumpsuit before he healed himself. He then moved away from her to give her space.

"I will promise you this," he said, "Any act that happens between us while those four hold us captive is forced upon both of us. I will tell you anything you wish to know about the Carpathian people, my brothers, and myself. I know you will not want to be near me after you hear what I have done in my former life, but I will risk it because you deserve truth. I am your lifemate and will put you first in everything. My name is Maxim Malinov. Would you mind telling me your name?"

"Why do you need to know my name? Its not like it matters..." she said defiantly. Now that the pain in her body was bearable her hunger took over. She curled on her side and tried to focus on her breathing. She turned away from him for many reasons, the biggest because he made er hunger worse. His smell.....she wanted to taste him, no she needed too. But she knew attacking one would lower her chance of survival, she planned to think this out and act carefully. But she feared she would lose control

Maxim bit open his wrist and went to her. "I offer freely. Feed from me. You will need as much strength as possible to survive this. I can aid you if you let me."

The moment she smelled his blood she felt herself lose the fight, with a defeated moan she placed her mouth over his bleeding wrist. The second his blood touched her tongue she was lost. This was nothing compared to anything she had tasted in her entire life, it was almost as if her soul itself was consuming it. She moaned louder, her tongue washing over his skin to get every drop.

Maxim groaned, fighting the urge to claim her and winning. He managed to simply cradle her to him as she fed. He ignored how sensitive his wound was after having his brother's arm inside his chest, knowing she needed to feed. He put his hand between her mouth and his wrist, quickly moving it to his mouth to close the wound.

"Are you feeling better?" he asked, unable to keep from running his fingers through her wild hair to tame it.

"no,Im not, I just got raped by you and your brothers, my friend is chained up and scared and im a I don't feel better" HSe said moving away from him "but you did make me feel better in one way, you reminded me that even if im some kind of monster there are worst monsters out there" she said in a disgusted tone

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