New Course 6

Donny felt the air grow cooler around him. He created a small bed and laid her down, kissing her deeply as he shoved into her. He began to move hard and fast. His hands shaped her body, needing to inflame her more.

She moaned his name and wrapped her legs around his waist I cant understand this feeling, your already so close but i want you closer

I want to be closer too, he said, But... I don't want to hurt you or the baby.

I won't let asked me to learn to trust you...prove to me I can...get closer Donny... I want to see what you do when you lose all control..only then will I know

Donny began to go deeper with each thrust, his mind going blank with pleasure. He bit into her shoulder to hold her in the submissive. He had to go so deep, she would never get him out.

She cried out, her body went wild underneath him but her movements were submissive. Her body shook as he dominantly took her, the wolf in her howled in submission

He growled, filling her to the brim and sending her over the edge with him. His eyes became his dragon's. He needed her again. Immediately. He began moving again, a fast pace designed to bring her to the edge quickly so he could hold her there. He had no plans on stopping anytime soon, even with the enemy half a mountain away.

He felt her very soul reach for his as she lost herself in the pleasure, it was a light touch but with it came not only the pleasure they were sharing but the feel of her, her stubbornness, her fear, her survival instincts, she bared everything of a person who has had to fight for survival their whole life, he felt her doubt of their union but it was not because she had no faith in him, but because she felt it was too good to be true, a common feeling of those who have had nothing but heartbreak in their life.

Donny swamped her with own emotions, his feeling of being unworthy of her, of being useless as a Carpathian and a man. He also had her feel how much he loved her, how he would never see another woman other than her, and how his love for her grew the more he spent time with her.

She cried out his name as he filled her once more. Just as he was about to take her once more she rolled them until she was on top, she placed a hand over his mouth and he could see her eyes become her wolves dont move and don't make a sound she said in a serious tone

What is it? he asked

Donny put a ward around us..the best you can make to keep us hidden in every way...I may be new to your world but I know a predator when I sense one She said as her wolf eyes looked around the cave

Donny lifted her off of him, clothed them, and put a ward around them. He put her behind him as three men appeared.

"I tell you," said Sergey, "she has a way with blood. She took blood that spilled from Maxim and put it back in his body."

Vadim appeared and asked, "Why was his blood out of his body?"

"He was going to take down the ward, so I stopped him," said Sergey with a shrug.

"So, how do we begin her training?" asked Vadim. "I plan on just using her to exhaustion."

"I've already begun," said Sergey. "Soon, she won't be able to feel anything but trust for us of her own free will. I put a parasite in her that makes her believe anything we say. But Maxim will have to convince her of everything. The parasite makes her distrust in him stronger, but the lifemate bond is strong. She will eventually convince her of things and we won't be able to stop that, but it will take longer than it would have without the parasite."

"its not fun or as effective if its forced " Kirja said plainly

"I say we first find out what exactly she is capable of only then can we know how to use her correctly, once we do and when train her I think we having maxim claim her will make it easier for them to merge into the Carpathian society, their body might be the only thing that gets them to trust them" Rulsan said leaning up against the cave wall "and as for maxim someone needs to remind our brother where is loyalty belongs otherwise it wil not matter what we do with the woman....even so something is off about her" he added

"Well, she has four fangs," said Sergey.

Vadim said, "That is interesting. Why don't we all train her to please us separately? Ruslan, you figure out the significance of those fangs. Kirja, why don't you be the one to remind our dear brother? When you aren't with the woman, you should be training him. If they are both broken, then that's what it takes. We don't know how far his treachery goes, so it will take time. I'm sure Ruslan will be more than happy to lend a helping hand. Sergey, you... continue your training with her."

"Sergey while you have her see if you can get her background, I feel that is important," Rulsan said

"you do realize that we have an opportunity here for more than just a tool right? she is ovulating...I say we make the most of it, once we get back to our home lets make the bitch pop out our heirs" Kirja said "she is young and seems strong plus using her will be easier and will cause less attention from the Carpathians since we don't have to go take one of their woman" he said with a smirk

"while you do have a point we would have to decide who gets their heir first and who gets it last" Rulsan said

Vadim said, "We will get heirs all at once. Since she is Maxim's lifemate and ovulating, he obviously made sure his child is in her. But I found a way to make sure we all get children. Kirja and I will need seed from each of us. The same way I impregnated that woman years ago is how I will get each of heirs now. Kirja, it involves long needles and causing pain while fertilizing each egg I bring down. Think you can handle it without sticking me? or the child already there?"

"You are leaving Maxim's child in her?" Sergey asked.

"Yes," said Vadim. "Once Kirja gets him to be loyal to us again, we will have him join us in raping his lifemate. After all, he can be a mindless slave for all I care. In fact, that's your job. Slaves are loyal to their masters, so he should fear us. Can you do that?"

Kirja smiled sadisticly "more so then you brother" he said in a dark tone.

"before we do this I suggest learning more about our mother to be...that being said while Kirja goes and tends to our brother and I go hunt for us I think you and Sergey should go find out what you can about the woman," Ruslan said looking at Vadim

"With my parasite, I can get anything from her," said Sergey.

Vadim said, "Good. So Sergey will get her first, then Ruslan. I will go third, and Kirja will be after me. That will give Kirja time to work with with Maxim. Once he is a good slave to us, he can get the reward of performing a full binding with his lifemate." He smiled cruelly. "Well, with all of us watching and joining him, that is."

"don't let her get the best of you again Sergey " Kirja said in a mocking tone as he left the cave

"keep in mind there are many ways of breaking someone, we need to find the right way to break her and it might not need to be by force, after all if she is new to this world that gives us an advantage, find her weakness brother" Ruslan said before leaving the cave

"She won't get the best of me next rising," said Sergey.

"See to it," said Vadim. "If she manages to wound you like that again, your turn is over."

"Fine!" Sergey said, stomping out of the cave.

Vadim sighed and followed his brothers. When he was sure they were gone, Donny took down the ward.

"We need to get to the other side of the mountain," Donny said. "I know you don't like others, but we need to go to the De La Cruz Ranch. This is an emergency. The names they used, those were of the Malinov Brothers, long since dead. If they have come back somehow, we will need to get everyone here to stop them."

Jane nodded and followed him deeper into the cave.


"I would never have done that if I hadn't been weakened by my wound," he said in a disgusted tone. "I will do everything I can to free you and your friend. Though fate had destined us to be together, I know you deserve someone better than me and will not stop you. I will cover your tracks as you and your friend leave." Maxim moved away, looking away as if that promise pained him. "I won't touch you again if I can help it, not until you tell me you are ready to give us a chance. You can feed from me every night, knowing you are the safest person in the world. I'm going to try and break down the ward. I will go find prey so that you can feed some more and so I can heal in the ground."

Maxim began to move away when Sergey appeared, punching Maxim in the chest again. This time, he began to slowly shred Maxim's heart so that Melana could see his pain.

"So, you truly have become 'honorable' after repenting in the other world," Sergey said with a sneer. "How funny. You have become another pawn in the prince's game. Don't you remember what his father caused?"

"I remember," Maxim said, pain etched into his face. "I also know our sister is alive and has a lifemate. I know that we were wrong to go through with the plan, because Mikhail is nothing like his father and has always put his people first."

"You are a fool!" Sergey said.

Maxim found himself chained to a boulder, much the same way the bear was, but Maxim's wrists were also shackled. Despite the pain he was in, Maxim fought to get free until he collapsed, his blood coloring the ground around him.

Meanwhile, Sergey grabbed Melana and said, "You are his lifemate. The other half of his soul. Forcing him to rape you, you have no idea how delicious that was. The one man who could have saved you blinded by rage over us fucking you. Look at him," he turned her to face Maxim. "He fights to come save you, to stop what is happening. He could have stopped this. When he saw us, he could have stopped us had he been thinking clearly. Even now, his only thought is to get to you to save you despite the pain he is in."

"Let her go," Maxim said, straining against the shackles.

Sergey ripped her clothes off of her and lifted her up by her legs so he could slam into her as he said, "No. She can control animals. We can use that. But seeing you like this as I pound into her should make both of you more compliant." He whispered into Melana's ear. "He is dying, you know. He can't mix his saliva with fertile soil there, which would have helped heal him. He is willing to die to save you. Yet, you call him a monster. You haven't seen a real monster yet. But you will, that I can promise."

"Why should I care if he is dying? that makes one less person to rape me " she said through clenched teeth in a pain filled one "and as for this lifemate crap, I don't care what it is...I will give you some advice better keep me weak because if not the moment I can I will kill you" she said bitting his shoulder since it was so close. His blood filled her mouth and she felt a rush go through her.

Sergey gasped and said, "More animal than Carpathian." He looked at Maxim. "She has four fangs."

Maxim fell to the ground, clawing to get to her, to save her. Sergey chuckled.

"You don't understand," Sergey said. "He dies, you will be miserable for as long as you live. You die, he will suffer. Oh, he won't turn vampire, but he will still go mad from despair. Tell me, did you like how Kirja made him rape you? He was tied up and weak, so we knew he couldn't stop us." He put a long nail into her neck and injected a parasite into her. "Now, my little friend will make you more agreeable. Everything we tell you, you will believe. Right?"

Maxim began bleeding as the shackles broke through his skin, roaring, "Get it out of her! I will do anything you want, just let her go and get that thing out of her!"

"Ever wonder why you responded to him the way you have?" Sergey asked Melana in a whisper. "That is because he is your lifemate, the other half of your soul. There is only one. Once he claims you, you will be his wife, tied soul to soul for all eternity is happiness. I can't allow that. What fun would it be torturing him when he knows he can save you. Right now, there are no ties. It must be agony seeing you grow wet with another man's cock in you."

Melana bit down harder on his shoulder, her arms wrapped around him and even her core tightened around him as she grew more aggressive. Her mind felt like it was buzzing and emotions she didn't understand swarmed inside of her. She knew he had done something to her but she didn't know what, all she knew was she didn't want maxim to die anymore and this man was hurting him

Maxim took a breath. He was a Malinov, he had a brain. He looked at Sergey and said, "I... I can gain the prince's trust."

"Let me guess," Sergey said, "you want the parasite removed so you can claim her."

"Yes," said Maxim. "That is the only way I will do this. She can use her animal friends to spy on him."

"I can do this," said Sergey, "but only after she is loyal to us. So, sit back and watch as we break her in."

Maxim fought the shackles more before growing to weak to move from blood loss.

"Look at him, woman," Sergey said. "He is nearly dead. What are you going to do?"

Her only thought was that his blood would return to him, that he would feel better and live. The moment her eyes landed on him the widen in shock as his blood on the ground started to go back into his body through his wounds. She released Sergeys shoulder only to bite into his neck, for the first time she got the vein there, his blood flooded her mouth and she couldn't help but moan s she felt herself get stronger from it and watch the blood return to Maxim even faster until there was no more blood on the ground or even on him.

Maxim gasped. He looked at Melana. He began fighting harder. Sergey gasped, filling Melana as weakness began to take over. He threw her into the rock Maxim was chained to, breaking nearly every bone in her body. Sergey held the now gaping wound on his neck.

"You will pay for that!" Sergey said.

Sergey left to heal as Maxim went to Melana. He had to heal her and fast. He became healing light and worked quickly, knitting her bones together perfectly. When he returned to his body, he fell to the ground next to her.

"I'm pathetic," he said, moving hair from her face. "I couldn't protect you. Now... I'm going to be forced to betray the Carpathian people to save your life. Being a prisoner like this..." he had to look away as he admitted his guilt, "I won't be able to stop them from using you. I'm so sorry. I fear fate made a mistake this time. I will never be worthy of you, and there is no way I could even begin to try."

"I don't know what's real and whats not....but....if you really are here to help me then don't injure yourself.....they can do whatever they want to my body....they won't break me....." she said closing her eyes "if I am like you should really show me how to do the trick you did with your blood....I think I'm going to need it..." she said before passing out from exhaustion.

But I didn't do that, he said as he joined her in a deep sleep. Vadim appeared to have a turn with Melana but he saw Maxim wrapped around her protectively in sleep. Part of him was jealous that Maxim found a lifemate while he had not, but Vadim was mostly angry that this little slip of a woman held Maxim in her grasp and hadn't even been claimed yet. He looked at the sky. His brothers were waiting and he no longer hand an excuse to stay away. He put Maxim and Melana in the ground before heading to the cave to see Sergey, Kirja, and Ruslan.

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