Doom is Spelled M-A-L-I-N-O-V 2

He kicked her into the wall. He was about to do more when Vadim and Ruslan showed up.

“This kitten has claws, dumbass,” said Vadim.

“I know that!” Sergey said. “Trust me, the parasite is working. Once she is broken, we won’t really need it except as back up.”

“I don’t see how the parasite can work on her so fast,” said Ruslan. “How does it work?”

“You look into her eyes with command and authority,” said Sergey.

“Show us,” said Vadim.

He went to Melana and looked her in the eyes, saying, "You don't want to wait until tomorrow. You want to please Ruslan now, your body hot with need. If you can't have him, you won't be able to think straight about anything until you have his cock inside you, pounding into you, filling you with his seed."

She made a whimper like moan sound "Go to hell" she said in an angered tone as she felt need slam her body making her groan

"Beg him to fuck you," Sergey continued. "Beg to please him. Go suck him off, get him good and hard so that he can use you like the toy you are."

"You proved your point," Sergey," Vadim said.

"She will live," said Ruslan. "The faster we break her, the sooner we can put our plan into motion. Besides, You and Kirja can take longer with her if I take my five hours now. We won't put Sergey into that reward pot since he let her injure him again."

"Hey!" Sergey said with a pout.

"Agreed," said Vadim. "We will leave you to it. Enjoy."

Vadim dragged Sergey from the room. Ruslan watched the parasite work its magic on Melana.

She crawled over to him, her body suddenly clean from Sergey's use "you know....I may feel in every way this is what my want....but we both know it's not....but before I give in.....I want you to know.....your not the only one that can plan ahead" she said through clenched teeth right before he saw the parasite take full control. She suddenly stood up, standing naked in front of him, she placed her hands on his chest "this bores think there is nothing more to peak your attention with me" she said using her hands guiding him to a large chair in the corner by the fire "Since this is fake... I will entertain you with what you love the most....your mind" she said sitting him down and straddling him, sitting on his lap. Her hands sliding down his chest, he saw her form change into one that pleased him the most "just remember you wanted this..." she said in a whisper into his ear "I want my touch to make you burn with pleasure......I want my body to cure the boredom you feel..." she said seductively taking his now erection in her hand.

"Your body is pleasing to the eye," he said, "but your intelligence rivals that of an ape. But, if you can talk like an intelligent being, I might begin to be interested."

He picked her up and dropped her on the bed. He blanketed her body, shoving into her. He moved at a leisurely pace, showing he had no real interest in her. He was just pounding away uselessly, hoping to end it quickly.

"you don't even know can you judge my my opinion your the one that is not smart between the two of us..." she said in between moans "your lack of emotions leave you blind to are looking at me like a book that bores you just by the cover so you have no interest in reading it, but how would you know if you would be interested unless you actually took a look inside" she said gripping his arms

"This is why you are akin to a baboon," said Ruslan. "I don't care about covers. I prefer to know what's inside. You act like you have a brain, but I do not see it. That parasite took you over far too easily. You could say I read the first chapter and was unimpressed. The parasite within you is a low level. A Carpathian baby just born has more will power and intelligence than you, for they could have fought against its hold and win. This is how I know that you are of little interest to me." He looked her in the eyes. "I want a woman who can use her brain and match me wit for wit. One who is willing to look past what I have done before finding her and see the man I am. You have not done that. In fact, you shunned Maxim, the one man you are destined to love above all others for eternity for the same reason. You saw acts that he was forced to perform in a weakened state, not learning about who he is. I'd say your assessment of me better describes you. You looked at Maxim's cover and decided he wasn't worth your time to read."

She laughed loudly than "it's nice to know your arrogance runs deep" she said in a mocking tone

He looked into her mind and gave a soft smile. In that moment, she saw how handsome he truly was. His thrust changed and pleasure coursed through her. His hands roamed over her body, inflaming her. It was almost like he was learning about her through the tips of his fingers.

"My previous assessment was misguided," he admitted. "Tricking Sergey into giving you so much knowledge, then me. I gave you far too little credit, little sister." Silk bindings tied her hands above her head and a blind fold covered her eyes, heightening everything. "Still, you must admit, you judged Maxim by his cover and I can't forgive that. He repented for his sins, which is more than the rest of us. Yet, you never looked at the man inside. Do you know that he is suffering because of you right now? He wants to free you so bad, he is willing to give up everything he is so that you can leave. It won't happen, but he is still trying. What are you doing for him? Opening your legs for us, his brothers. While you are not a complete dunce, you are still ignorant. After gaining such knowledge, the least you could have done was try to reach out for him to learn about who he is now." She felt clamps attach themselves to her nipples and clitoris, which was both painful and erotic. "He is a good man now, Melana. He deserves happiness because he was brave enough to face his sins. I didn't want to face them. This is why I do not have a lifemate born to me. He has you, and you shun him. Repent for this and learn about him while you can. Learn who he is in this life, not the last. Maybe then, you will hold real interest for me."

"Ruslan....I see you...even in this blindfold yet you do not see me....Think what you want, it is better that you stay ignorant" she said struggling against the bindings "after all my job is to please you and" she said in a low almost warning tone.

Ruslan growled then and said, "I seek out knowledge. Tell me I'm wrong. You haven't tried to learn about Maxim in all this time. You know his past transgressions, but what of his new life?! You dare to imply that I am ignorant, yet you chose to blind yourself to him! I demand to know everything!" He removed the blindfold, looking in her in the eyes with authority as his thrust became harder, deeper, and faster. "Tell me what you are hiding! Now!"

She cried out under him at his harder thrust "why? are you not smart enough to figure it ouot?!" she yelled back

He twisted her nipple, causing her to scream out, as he said, "It's better when I get people to tell me their secrets, even if I have to force them. I hate not knowing something. My knowledge is vast, so there are few things I don't know." She smiled darkly at her. "Like, no matter your appearance or how your body changes, you will always like when some does this." He moved to adjust his thrust to hit her sweet spot. "I also know that you shut out anything that might change your world drastically. Tell me, was the incident with you big sister truly an accident, or did you cause her death?"

She cried out louder, her core squeezing him tightly "are you asking because you dont know or because you think you achieved something by letting me know you know..." she said in between moans "I didn't need to look in your mind to manipulate you tell me what does that say about you! you and your brothers are lazy cowards! having a parasite and mind fucking and pain do your work! you wouldnt last a minute as a human! take away your powers and your nothing! at least I can say without a doubt I have what it takes to survival without being a carpathina can you? oh wait....isnt this your second time around?" she said in a mocking tone

"Why would we want to be cattle?" Ruslan asked. "I told you that because you know you killed her. Her blood is on your hands. Didn't it feel good, having the power of life and dead in your hands? Knowing that slamming the back door would cause the icicle to fall, you did it anyway because you wanted her dead. You killed her on purpose. You liked the feeling of power." He leaned in. "You deemed her unfit to live, so you killed her the only way a six year old could, an icicle falling, impaling her. How are you any different than us? Manipulating people, killing them. We are the same, Melana."

"NO!" she yelled and he felt her skin get colder and even saw ice form on her hair and her breath look like she was outside in winter "Its not true! and you are cattle! no your worse.....your sheep! your sheep who think they are wolves but you are just blinded by your own ignorance and rage to see it!" She cried out and he saw ice start to form on the silk bindings that bound her "I see you Rulsan and you will see me because I am a wolf and as the sheep you are I will come for yoy" she said and suddenly leaned up and kissed him hard, her lips were cold against his hot skin almost like he was fire and she was ice

He pulled away, laughing. "So, I finally found it. Yes, you are just like a Malinov when it comes to manipulation. Using the parasite to your advantage was clever. So you used a fake memory to lure me in. Tell me, little sister, what did you learn in so short a time?"

His eyes sparkled. He was actually interested in this girl and her abilities. He had to get her to talk. He had to learn everything about her. His thrusts became faster as excitement took over.

The ice disappeared and she looked normal again " I won't tell you want I found...that's too easy, just know our game begins tonight..." she said in a seductive tone nibbling his ear "Im eager to who will win" she said in a moaning tone

"So, you have learned that much?" he asked. "Interesting. Our time is almost up, however. Just know, with Vadim, you won't have the ability to read his mind. He loves his inventions. He doesn't care about what you look like, so long as he can make you into an experiment. He will use you to test new gadgets, these to stimulate your body to carry children. He now has samples from everyone. Maxim's child is already inside you, so just four more eggs to fertilize and we will have our heirs. It's going to hurt."

She leaned back and smiled at him "I'm counting on it....." he saw the gleam in her eyes, this was the face of an intelligent woman who was planning something and the way she was looking at him now was like she was analyzing him, thinking of her next move, he knew that feeling well "my advice for you is enjoy me with what time we have left Rulsan because I plane to win which means you will....lose this game that you all started.." she said in a low tone bitting her bottom lip which sent fire through him

He said, "You don't understand anything. This is the kind of game where we always win. And we will."

Then, he kissed her deeply, shoving his tongue into her mouth. His grip became dominant, his movements reaching deep inside of her to send shock waves through her. He pulled away and bit into her shoulder to pin her in the submissive. He began to grow inside her, stretching her.

She cried out and arched underneath him, straining against the binds "you've....all....lost at some can lose again.." she said in between breaths, when he grew even more inside her from her comment and she felt him start to enjoy himself even more she felt her body go submissive knowing it was the parasites doing she didnt fight it, she started chanting his name.

"Not against you," said Ruslan. "Enjoying yourself now? Me too. It's been a while since I found someone so intellectually engaging. I'm about to..."

With a growled and filled her, making her scream out in pleasure. He didn't let her rest. With another hour, he planned on enjoying her body all he could. He made her get into many different positions, enjoying having an intellectual battle the whole time. When their time was up, he filled her to the brim once more. He then moved away from her, looking bored again. She couldn't move, her whole body too exhausted to even get into a comfortable position to sleep in.

"Next rising, you will be with Vadim," he said. "Steel your nerves and hope that your body doesn't make you scream the whole time. He enjoys when women scream. He also likes porcelain skin and midnight black hair. Go to ground now and sleep."

Then he left.

She tried to move to go to ground like he said but it was impossible to do so, she feel asleep on the bed, semen dripping from her core with drops of her blood randomly placed on the bed from Sergey and Rulsan's use of her.


"You make it sound easy," said Maxim. "I'm not trying to fight you, Kirja. But I am still a Malinov. Our wills are strong. You know this."

"that's why it hurts now are you going to talk more and let her suffer even more? form what I just heard Ruslan is up next" he said in a plain tone "and if you dont hurry it will be my turn and I wont hold back brother" he warned in a dark tone

"I'm trying," said Maxim. "Just get on with it! I know these breaks are for your own enjoyment! Just go!"

Without saying another word he began again, weaving the compulsion into his very soul.

Maxim's mind went blank. It was like something else had control of his body and he couldn't help but watch. He wanted to make the pain around him go away. That was the only thing tying him to reality. Save the rest for tomorrow! Please! he begged his brother. Anymore and I will lose my mind!

can you imagine your lifemates mind state right now? only you can end it by doing what oyu know you need to do

Kirja, I am trying! I'm suppressing my instinct to fight what you are doing as hard as I can! I want to save her and get her out of this hell! I don't care if I'm a mindless zombie to do it! As long as she is safe, it doesn't matter what happens to me!

It was on that thought he was able to push the compulsion further.

Maxim's body arched in pain as Maxim screamed. He felt as if he were being torn apart. Enough already! What do you want from me?!

To admit it, your soul might have changed but just like us you want to take down Mikhail, you want to break your lifemate and use your binding to get close to the prince

Part of me does want to challenge Mikhail's authority, to make him prove he isn't like Vlad, Maxim admitted. But I don't want to use my lifemate for that, or hurt her. It is true, I would not mind tying her up and doing all the stuff associated with breaking her, but not if it causes her pain. I would want her to enjoy it for the pleasure of it, not the pain.

see you haven't changed...look at you being selfish, knowing the only way to truly save her is to break her you still want to go with your desires he said twisting the compulsion in

Maxim screamed and reluctantly said, Of course I want her submissive to me! I want her to beg me to make love to her and to do as I say! I want to be a good man to her, but how can I when I have this darkness hanging over me?!

Are you not a Malinov? can you not break others? twist them, mold them to your desire, conquer land and souls? you use the excuse of not wanting to hurt her but that is not true, you know if you broke her you could fix her the only thing holding you back is just like in your last life your to scared to stand up Gregori or Mikhail! he said placing the compulsion in his soul piece by piece admit it! you don't want to fail again and get yourself killed like you did in your last life, and you know the only way to keep that from happening is by working with us to take them down

You're wrong! Maxim growled. I managed to cut off Gregori's hand! If he hadn't shown up, if he hadn't broken through the barrier, Mikhail would have already been dead! I was so close to killing Mikhail, victory was almost in my grasp! But the Dubrinsky-Daratrazanoff bond... It wasn't my fault I failed! It was Gregori's! He shouldn't have stuck his nose in that battle! Maxim sat up, anger in his eyes. "I am not afraid of Gregori or Mikhail. They are children who play with things best left alone. Mikhail is easy once you get him alone. But with Gregori, they can't be stopped. After what happened, I found myself in the other world and I desired to kill Gregori even more than the prince. I don't want to die, that's true. It hurt like hell. I want a chance at Gregori."

"then take it! we as your brothers want that to, work with us Maxim you know its the only way, think of how close you could get to Gregori with a lifemate, break her, mold her, make her help out cause, in doing so you will be making her a better world, and world without Mikhail or Gregori. Have you thought about it? what this girl means? she is your chance at your revenge and our victory, why do you think we are trying to help you break her" he said placing his hand on Maxim should "we all died by their hands brother, we all deserve justice, we are with you, are you with us?" he asked gripping his shoulder tighter but not painfully

Maxim looked at Kirja and said, "Fine, but only to kill Gregori. After that, we leave."

"once Gregori and Mikhail are gone we will all be free" he said removing his hand "rest brother" he said throwing him a bottle of blood "go to ground Vadim will come and check on you in the morning," he said downing a bottle himself. he looked back at him, his face almost soft and sincere "we will get them....I will make them pay for taking you away from us....I won't ask your forgiveness for not being there to save you so for now just trust that I won't let it happen again" he said looking away from him.

Maxim laughed, taking a drink before saying, "As I recall, you died before I did. Nice try, little brother." He smiled, making fun of the fact that Kirja's body was younger than his.

"doesn't mean it didn't affect mean it doesn't mean I cant be angry that they did and I was not here to stop them, we both know its not quite where we go" he said coldly not looking at him

"Well, I felt like the De La Cruzs stole you from us. You were so far from me. I'm your older brother, I should have been with you to protect you. I know you think it's sappy, but knowing that Rafael killed you is what made me decide to go after Mikhail. I think my love for all of my brothers blinded me a bit, I'd die for all of you again," said Maxim, trying to stand but wobbling. "I also think you took too much enjoyment in hurting me."

"punishment for dying " he said simple and walked over to him "rest and sleep you will need it" he said taking the empty bottle from him

Maxim opened the earth and said, "Whatever. Vadim can get scorched for all I care right now."

Then he went to ground.

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