Doom is Spelled M-A-L-I-N-O-V 5

Kirja growled. He began pumping harder. His nails broke her skin. He bit her several times, leaving marks all over her body. Her blood was addicting, it was spicy and strong, unlike anything he had ever tasted. He wanted her to beg him to hurt her.

She cried out, her hands gripped his shoulders, her nails digging in sending fire through him "you're a mental sadist Kija...but I know something the others dont....your a physical masochist" she said and leaned up and bit deeply into his shoulder, her nails breaking his skin

Kirja growled. His movements began to reach her deepest core. He grew larger with each thrust. He filled her before rolling so that she was on top. He forced her to bounce on top of him, his grip not letting up nor the pace he had set. He still had time and he planned on enjoying every second.

Melana knew she was powerless to stop the rape in her condition, but she was going to enjoy hurting him and knowing the sooner he got off the sooner she could rest, now that she knew she was pregnant she became for serious about her health. She released his shoulder and sat up, she placed her hands on his chest and let her nails sink in and break his skin and she slowly scratched down his chest leaving deep scratch marks as she went, when she reached his stomach she stopped and leaned down, licking the blood from his chest but not the scratches, knowing the pain it would cause she bit deep into the deepest scratch mark she had made

He threw back his head. He needed more, wanted more. He used one hand to move it to another scratch, forcing her to dig in.

"Twist your finger, Melana," he ordered.

She did as he said, pushing in as she did so "hows it feel Kirja.....knowing that I figured it out while even your brothers knew nothing....." she asked in a low tone "Does that make me worth to you?" she said leaning down to whisper in his ear "is that why your planning behind your brothers backs"

"Keep quiet, Melana," said Kirja in a whisper. "I have my own plans, and it involves you and Maxim. Now, quit messing around and let your sadistic side take over."

"Maybe I would be more willing to help if you let me in on your plans Kija..." she whispered back while twisting her finger in the scratch more, making him moan

Kirja showed his plans to her, saying, "I will need to put up safeguards in your mind to keep them hidden from the others. They will be monitoring your mind while Maxim is here with you. You will be unable to tell them anything after what happens next."

"why are you doing this? I understand wanting to be on your own but...why impregnant me?" she asked

"I want a son," he said with a shrug. "Simple. I know I don't have a lifemate, and won't get one. Besides, if I do find a woman to be with, odds are she will be a hot mess. I don't want my child crazy. So, I chose someone who could at least love them and care for them. I won't be around them, Melana, but my darkness will still be there. I'd rather that then have them turn out like us, vampire and dead. Vadim stole his body, and gave Sergey, Ruslan, and myself stolen bodies. Maxim was the only one who really got a second chance and was reincarnated. Vadim killed two good people so he could awaken Maxim. If Vadim hadn't awoken Maxim, he would have been better off and you wouldn't be in this situation. He really is a good guy now, and I know you and him will raise the children right. I mean, there is no way a demon like me could be good for my child. Ruslan feels the same. He's just too big of a pussy to do anything about it." He chuckled. "It's a good thing they can't hear us, because they would see me as weak for saying this. You raise our children to be the men we weren't, Melana, good men." He looked her in the eye. "But never let them follow the prince blindly. The Dubrinsky family... they can't always be trusted. The prince who sent us away put his son, who had gone mad with the sickness, before the welfare of his people. Anyone else, he would have had justice brought down upon the man, but Draven was saved at every turn. Even our sister, Ivory, was a pawn in the game he played to keep his son with him. Ivory managed to survive, we learned that after we died, but that didn't absolve Vladimir of his sin. Teach them to look at everything the prince says objectively and act with honor, not with hatred."

"I don't know of your world so I can't make the right judgment,on who to trust right now...and how could you make the judgement i was right when you didnt even know me...its because of Maxim isn't it.. tell me how I can find answers....history about carpathians" she said sadden by the situation, she could see he knew he wouldn't change so there was no point of feel sorry for him but she did anyway, wondering what the brothers might have been like if things had been different for them but it was a brief thought that was pushed back by the pain of him raping her

"When Maxim gets you out," Kirja said, "he will want you to be with someone who can protect you and help you learn about the Carpathian people. He will want to do right by you. And yes, I think we all chose you because of Maxim. Ruslan chose you because he is drawn to brainy types, so even when he didn't see it at first, he knew it was there. Sergey and Vadim wanted to hurt Maxim for betraying them. And you know my reason. Now, I will put the safeguard in because our time is almost up." He smiled. "It's going to hurt."

He didn't wait for her to comprehend what he said. He built up the safeguards strong, yet hidden from any who probed. He heard her scream aloud, but she never stopped digger her thumb into his wounds. He filled her once more, letting her collapse on top of him.

"Vadim," he called out, looking at the camera, "Maxim can come in now. I've done all I can."

Melana let herself rest on Kirjas chest "you know I still plan to make you all pay for this right.......Ill come for you last Kirja...that is the only kindness I will show you because of what you have done" she said in a weak tone

"After tonight," he whispered, "you will never see us again. We will be a nightmare, boogymen to scare the children. No, little sister, it is not you who will destroy us. Vadim has one destined to destroy him, Ruslan has the daughter of the Dark One, Sergey will be killed by a Dragonseeker girl, and me... I will be around long enough to meet my son, and he will be the one to destroy me. I know how old he will be. When he is the same age you are now, I will meet him by chance and nearly destroy Maxim but my son, the one you raise with love, will save my brother and you. I also know, you will arrive just in time to see it happen." He smiled. "I had my own destruction implanted within you this very night. I didn't try to stop it. And do you know why? Because I was about to repent. I want what Maxim has. I was so close, then Vadim pulled me back. I want free from him, Melana. This life I have now, it isn't mine to live. Maxim freed himself. I envy him because he has you, a good, strong, brave woman. I won't get that, not until I repent. Do you understand now? Unlike my brothers, I chose my destruction, but I will enjoy my time her the only way I know how. Perhaps, in my next life, I will have a mother who will be as loving as you will be to my boy." He made her look at him. "I know it's cruel to make my own child kill me, but that's who I am." He kissed her softly. "Don't let him know I'm his father. If you value his sanity, don't let him know the first monster he destroys is his father. This is the only thing I ask of you." He laid her on the bed and placed the parasite back into her. "For my brothers. They must sense it still in you. And by the way..." he got close to her ear, "you never actually felt the pain. I planted it all in your head."

He left the room then.


Maxim said, "I say five."

Ruslan started keeping time. Once Kirja told her everything and shoved in, he said, "Seven seconds. You both lose."

Maxim stood up and left the room, his head buzzing. Vadim followed, noting he was heading for the room Melana was in.

"maim what are you doing its not your turn" Vadim said standing in front of him blocking his way

"He took an hour and a half to just get to this point," said Maxim, leaning against the wall. "My head hurts, I'm finding hard to breath, and all I want to do is pound into her until she breaks. I don't understand what is happening to me, only that I want to be inside her." He looked at his brother. "This is what you wanted, right? Me like this? I'm loyal to my family, Vadim. You know this. So why test me? Is what you found in my mind satisfying to you? Or do you still doubt me? I know you monitored me through this whole thing. I've kept nothing from you. So, you tell me, what am I doing?"

vadim doubled checked his mind and saw nothing out of the ordinary "its just the lifemate call, you want to claim her, keep yourself under control and give Kirja his time, it will help if you don't watch" he said turning "follow me" he ordered

Maxim followed, asking, "Where are we going? Even if he did finish early, she would still need to feed. She will be far too weak to break effectively."

"which is why you and Sergey are going hunting while he has his time, you will feed her," he said leading him to the front door where Sergey was waiting

"Can we hurry this up?" Sergey asked.

"Coming," said Maxim. "I have an hour and half to kill. Let's find some hikers or something."

"There is a place a few miles from here with easy pickings, it's a underbudget hospital that takes in poor people standing on their last legs," he said with a chuckle "so when they die its expected," said Vadim "go there

Maxim and Sergey left. They landed inside a vacant room and walked out, unseen by the people there. Maxim went to a room that had two people in it, waiting for a doctor. Sergey went into another room. Inside was a patient and a medical student. Something about her caught his attention. He watched, waiting for his moment.


Harley hated she was here doing this, she didn't like to be around people. She knew she would never be a doctor, the stress of the job would be too much for her, but she still needed to learn medicine in order to help her understand about the human body. SHe was tired, she had been working for twelve hours already. Since she was top of her class she got to come here for her residence and at first she thought it would be ok, that maybe being away would be good, but she found it was all the same no matter where she was. She had just started to change out the patient's chest tube when she realized the part she need was on the counter across the room, sighed, she couldn't go get it because if she realeased the tube she was holding bacteria could go straight into the patient's lungs. She looked around to make sure no one was around. When she doubled check no one was around she concentrate on the clamp she needed, within seconds it flew to her and landed infront of her. With her free hand, she put the clamp on and sat up. She moved her neck side to side and stretched. SH ethen picked up the patients book and wrote the time the tube was changed and went to leave the room

Sergey struck, pulling the woman back into the room. He bit into her neck and drank until she was weak. He sat her down and then went to man. He let her watch as he drained the patient of all his blood. He then grabbed the woman and carried her to his secret cave. He placed her inside a cage, one that had at one point housed Elisabeta.

"This is going to be fun," he said.

It all happened so fast Harley couldn't comprehend what just happened "how...what...where am I?" she said trying to think straight

"My lair," he said. "You are my woman now. If you disobey me, I will punish you. That cage is your new home. You leave it without permission from me, for any reason, I will punish you. You talk back, punishment." He smiled. "Let's begin. Tell me your name."

Harley could not believe what she just heard, she felt that familiar shrug rising in her and bars on the cage started to shake "are you kidding me? who the fuck do you think you are!" she yelled

He looked at her, letting her see what he was. His eyes a fiery red and his fangs exposed as he growled.

"I'm your new master," he said. "Now, tell me your name or suffer the consequences."


Maxim couldn't bring himself to kill the patients. Most were dying. He simply put them to sleep, letting nature take over. He went back to the mansion and saw Ruslan.

"Sergey seems to be a picky eater," he said, walking into the house."

Before he could answer Vadim appeared "she is ready for you" he said to Maxim

Maxim controlled himself to walk next to Vadim when he wanted to run to Melana's room. He saw Kirja outside.

"She's tired," said Kirja. "Feed her then break her."

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