Partners and Lovers 2

Abby cried out and clenched tighter around him "more....more!" she ordered

Kirja sent more pain through her saying, "The knife in your boot! Twist it in my arm!"

She didn't wait to get the knife, she grabbed the other chopstick from her hair, letting her midnight black hair fall down to her mid back. She took it in her hand with a tight grip and with two quick movements she slashed and cut the tendons in his forearms, making him lose the ability to use his hands, his blood splattered on her breast

He gasped, growing even more. He could heal the wound, but why should he? They were enjoying themselves. He made her feel electricity shoot through her painfully, as if lightning had struck her. He felt her clamp down around him and he filled her with his seed.

She cried out as she came with him, her body shook with the orgasm, when she looked down at him his head was back and his mouth was open from the strong orgasm he was still enjoying as he filled her with his cum. She saw fangs, long and sharp coming from his mouth. She started to ride him again, teasing his sensitive cock, she took the chopstick that was still in her hand and ran it acrossed her neck, purposely missing the jugular but still making it bleed "show me...." she said removing the chopstick that impaled his hand

He growled, baring his fangs and his eyes turned red. He couldn't move his hands from where they fell, and with her riding him, there was no way for him to heal his wounds. He enjoyed every movement just the same.

"Lean down," he said, "and I can show you what these are really for."

She smiled "no....its no fun if things are easy" she said in a sadistic tone. Her blood ran down her breast in a delicious way "you had no problem throwing me, are you telling me the little pain I have caused you is enough to make it so you cant even sit up?" she said in a mocking tone

He growled with satisfaction, even as he said, "Woman, you cut the tendons in my arms. I can't move my hands. I could command you, compel you, but it's no fun when it's easy." He smiled as he quoted her, matching her thrust for thrust. "So, I guess I'm just going to have to make you either so tired you come down here or cause you to feel pain enough to bend over on your own. And I like the second option." At that, another bout of electricity sent through her. "Anyway you know you enjoy it too."

She cried out in a moaning tone, She leaned over but made she to not let him get close enough to bit her yet "Just because you cant move your arms does not mean you cant move other parts" she said and grabbed his sliced wrist, digging her nails deep into the cut, she pulled on his arms until he was in a sitting position, with one quick movement she wrapped his arms around her and used the chopstick to fuse them together once more, impaling a new spot on his hands

He threw back his head as he started thrusting harder. Each thrust brought her closer and closer to him. He made sure each thrust also sent a wave of pain through her.

"You know how to tease a man," he said with a satisfied growl.

"yes but my specialty is punishing and torture," she said in a seductive tone in his ear "pray you have what it takes to keep me interested in you, otherwise you will see just how skilled I let my blood go to waste" she said nipping his ear before she pulled on the chopstick impaling his hands, bringing him to her neck where the cut was "And make it hurt" she said in a demanding moaning tone

He bit down deep, her skin bruising instantly from how hard he bit into her. As he fed, he healed, not wanting to waste the blood he was receiving. When he regained the ability to move his hands, he removed the chopstick and put it in her hand. He closed the wounds on her neck and looked at her.

"Only if you do the same to me," he said.

She smiled "and what would me drinking your blood do?" she said in a suspicious tone


'Thank you, Master. Please, spank me some more,' she cried out drifting in and out of consciousness

Sergey spanked her until she was bright red before filling her again. He moved away then.

"Say, 'Thank you for the gift, Master. Thank you for letting me pleasure you.' Then, you can go to sleep in your cage, Harley. You will crawl to it yourself, do you understand?"

It took her a few seconds to be able to get up on all fours, her mind was foggy from the pain "Thank you for the gift, Master. Thank you for letting me pleasure you" she said in a shaken tone. But instead of crawling to her cage she crawled over to him "please....don't punish me again...ill be good" she said crawling into his lap. From her mind, he could see she reacted to the pain as a punishment, which meant she could easily be trained and broken with the punishment/reward system. SHe laid her head on his shoulder and gripping his chest with shaking hands

Sergey smiled but shoved her onto his still erect cock, painfully pounding into her hard and fast, as he said, "You just don't learn. You were to crawl into your cage and go to sleep, Harley. Do what I say, when I say, and you get a reward. But now, you need more punishment. You must really enjoy the pain. Say, "Yes. Thank you, Master. I love being punished. Use your large, powerful cock to teach me how to be a good slave.' "

She cried out and wrapped herself around him "yes master I loved being punished, use your large, powerful.....cock to teach me how to be a good slave" she cried out between her cries of pain. He felt her tighten around him, her erotic juices started to flow. He felt her slipping into the pain, her hands gripping his back and her legs tightening around his waist, he felt her lips against his neck her moaned cries of pain teased the skin there

He slammed into her hard as he filled her once more. He then dropped her on the floor and said, "Crawl into your cage, Harley. Your master commands it."

She couldn't move, her body was pulsing with pain. When she heard him growl she whimpered and used her arms to start dragging herself to the cage, her legs hurt to much to move

Once she was inside the cage, he covered the floor of it with a soft cushion for her to lay on, replaced her clothes, and covered her in a thick, warm blanket, saying, "Her is your reward for doing as you were told. I will need to make the fire go out, and I don't want you to be cold. Tell me how grateful you are to have such a kind master. Then, you may sleep."

"t-thank you for being a kind grateful.." she whimpered

"Sleep, Harley," he said, locking the cage door. "Tomorrow, we will train you some more."

With that, he let the fire go out, casting the cave in utter darkness. He went to ground nearby to monitor her through out the day, even as he rested. The last image she saw before exhaustion took over were two red, glowing eyes staring at her in the dark.


Mikhail went over immediately and started working on the compulsion "keep him down Marcus " he said and forced his way in further

Maxim stiffened. Pain rushed through him. Memories flashed before his eyes of what happened the last few days. Mikhail saw that, when he first saw his lifemate, he tried to do what he thought was best for her and the Carpathian people, but anger over his brothers raping her brought his plans to a crashing halt. He saw what he endured during the compulsion, and what if forced him to do, still forcing him to do.

For a brief moment, Maxim looked at Mikhail, a man of honor and remorse. A pressure started building in his head, burning. Maxim knew it was meant to send anyone into a near death like state. Marcus, put a ward up around the prince now and yourself now. Kirja left a surprise for anyone who tried to tear down the compulsion.

Marcus did as Dracul had suggested while still holding him down while Mikhail continued to push through

Energy shot through the room in waves. Maxim's mind went blank from pain and he stopped moving. After several minutes, Mikhail finally broke down the compulsion and the energy waves stopped. Maxim was breathing heavily and several new wounds covered him. He didn't make a move to get free, or make any excuses. He simply waited for Mikhail's verdict.

"we will have Gregori look you over when he is finished with your woman, now tell me how you are alive" he said in a dark tone

Maxim said, "After you killed me, I tried to come back with a spell Xavier gave me. Manalito stopped me. I started to repent for my sins that day. I was reincarnated, with no memory of my former life and born to a loving family. Vadim used a spell in the other world to steal a body in this world. He then found me. He... he killed them and forced the memories of my past out of the dark recesses of my soul. I've tried to do the right thing for the Carpathian people, act as a spy in the enemy camp. I helped Marcus and his lifemate escape Vadim, but it took far longer than expected. I'm not the best with computers. Then, a few days ago, I found Melana and everything changed. I was forced to claim her while I brutalized her and tore her mind to shreds. I will not ask for forgiveness from anyone, because I do not deserve it. Please, I ask that Anya and Dracul look after her and the children, teach them everything about our people. If she is willing, I will court her and help where I can, giving her my protection either way. I know that she may never want to see me again, but I would like her to know who I am now, not just the monster I was."

"where are your brothers now, and after I get Gregori's opinion on you and your lifemate I will make a decision then" Mikhail said sternly

"The last time I saw them," he said, showing them a picture of the mansion, "they were here. I closed my mind to them so they would not find me and Melana." He tried to reach his brothers and found emptiness. "They have also shut themselves off to me, it seems. I cannot find their locations, but I can track them once I have healed and I know that Anya is looking after my lifemate."

"speaking of anya has anyone gotten an updat from her yet?" Marcus asked

A scream could be heard and Maxim said, "Marcus can stay here. I will not fight him or try to escape. Save Anya from whichever of my brothers has found her."

Mikhail left instantly.


She shook her head "no...I won't listen to you...your not who I listen too" she said grabbing her head "conceal....conceal...I don't belong to can't touch me! you're not allowed!" she said backing away from him til her back hit the cavern wall "one...two...three...four...five..your not six....just the two...I cant.....I can't..." suddenly he saw he skin start to change, she looked like she was sinking into the cavern wall. Before he could grab her she completely disappeared into the wall.

"I simply want to help," Gregori said, astonished by her ability. "Maxim asked for our help. He said you were hurt. I'm a healer. That's why I'm here, to heal you."

He heard nothing, not even a heartbeat, even her smell was fading "no....I don't know you...your not one of them....." she said in a low tone. He can tell by where her voice was coming from she was still in front of him, yet all his sense told him nothing was there

"I am a friend of Maxim's," he said. "He is also hurt, but he wanted me to heal you first." He tried something he hated to do, and warded the room so that no one would hear, knowing he had to tell her at least part of the truth. "I know you need to obey Maxim, like I have to obey my lifemate. I am doing as I was told. If I don't heal you, Savannah will punish me for not being good." He moved his collar around, revealing the silk scarf underneath. "She's still made about what I said to one woman and makes me wear this under my clothes, knowing what it does to me. If you aren't healed, you won't be able to do your duty to Maxim. Is that what you want?"

"maxim will take care of me....I will always do my duty" he saw the spark of the ward near the exit and heard her cry out and fall down where the sparks had went off. Her arm was burnt from them and she held it to her

"Let me see," Gregori said. "Maxim said I had to heal you. You don't want him to be angry with you for not getting healed, do you?"

She flinched at his words "no....but he didn't tell could be lying...." she said backing away from him. Suddenly a low growl was heard behind her accompanied by heavy footsteps, Gregori would see a large bear looking down at her, pawning at the barrior to get to her

"We arrived rather quickly," Gregori explained. "He didn't have time to tell you. I'm sorry. We should have waited for him to tell you, but he said that you both were injured badly, and we didn't want to wait."

She shook her head "no.....I won't let you touch me....Maxim! " she cried out, the bear laid down groaning as he watched her "Max...." but she was cut off and started to scream while grabbing her own head , the bear cried with her, shaking his head "Stop! stop! Stop! no more Ill be good ill be good!" she cried and started banging her head on the floor

Gregori grabbed her and held her too his as one would a lost child, "I can see they won't make this easy. I will have to do what I can before you harm yourself or the children."

He dove into her mind and slowly started to put it back together. There would always be cracks, and only her lifemate could fix those, but it would be enough to help her become herself once more and get out from under the thumb of the Malinov brothers.

Melana cried on the ground holding her head, her world changed as reality sunk in, everything that had happened in her life, who she was , the rapes and the torture, flooded her mind. She reached out a shaken hand, she didn't know who was there and she didn't care, her world came crashing down on her and she need help. She felt someones arm and she latched on, she pulled herself up to them and wrapped her arms around their neck and buried her face in the crease of their neck and began to cry harder, her whole body shaking "please.....kill me....I cant live this way anymore....please.....ever since I woke up in that churchyard......please...kill me" she sobbed into the persons neck.

"You are pregnant and have a lifemate," Gregori said. "Death is not an option for you. I am sorry. Meet with our prince and he will explain why, as well as who will be the one to guide you in this new life and protect you, from enemies and yourself if necessary. Now, if you are up for it, we will go to the chamber where Maxim is and get this sorted out. I know it will be difficult for you, knowing he is your lifemate on top of what he has done to you, but Mikhail needs your account on things. If you want, I will talk and keep Maxim from see you, but I will need your trust."

"your voice....sounds it's not your voice...your smell?" she said sounding confused "I feel like I know you but not you..." she said slightly pulling away from him, when she looked him in the face he could see her unique four fangs as her mouth parted. Her eyes held such a deep sadness he could feel it "do you know what they did.......please dont deny me death....I'm a mistake....I dont even remember how I became like this...Ive struggled for months......and the hunger.....the fear......I hurt an innocent old man.....please kill me I dont want to hurt anyone else I dont want to be this thing!" she said in a panicked tone gripping his shirt "Ive seen what you guys are, I can be that way, I cant..." but before she could finish she was cut off by a strong pain in her stomach that made her gasp and topple over, leaning into him. The smell of her blood filled the air as it started to run between her legs you remember what I did don't you claws reaching up inside you, not only did I pull down your eggs that way but I also let a little present that you are about to receive Vadim's voice rang in her head as the pain got worse and she jumped away from Gregori stumbling to the ground scream for Maxim, he will hear you, scream or the pain will get worse "Maxim!" she cried


Anya kept her senses open at the back of the mountainside. Dracul was on the other side of the mountain guarding the other entrance. Though she felt and saw nothing she had a gut feeling something was wrong.

She paced in front of the warded entrance/exit, thinking about anything they might have missed or did not think to check. She turned with inhuman speed when she heard a rock move from inside the entrance, hands on her daggers that were at her hips. When she saw nothing she still felt unease, she turned back around to face the forest only to have a hand shoved through her chest, she was so shocked all she made was a sicking gasping sound and grabbed his arm with both hands. Ruslan Malinov stood there with a bored look on his face and his arm inches inside her chest, she knew he had hit his mark as his hand tightened around her heart "there is no use to trying to call for help, your mind is blocked" he said pulling her closer by her heart, which made her gasp, he brought his lips to her ear "Lets see how much like your father you are..." he said in a low tone.

Ruslan painfully dove deep into her mind and found her unimpressive, saying, "You are a child, spoiled and throwing tantrums when you don't get your way. You knowledge is subpar, at best. Without your lifemate silently showing you attacks, you would have died long ago. Your child suffers daily because of your battles because of your lack of care." He squeezed her heart. "Overall, you are below average in skill and intelligence. How are you a threat to me. I should kill you now and save me the trouble later, and save your child from becoming a waste of space like his mother. But, you are the Dark One's daughter and it may make the game more interesting to have him in it, along with the disgraced Dragonseeker."

Anya tightened her grip on his wrist "even if you kill wont win....just like you didn't last time...." she groaned in a weak tone. His response was to yank her towards him again "lets make it so I don't have to hear you talk, otherwise, I might die from boredom" he said right before biting deeply into her neck.

Anya went to cry out but he covered her mouth and pinned her against the mountain, a sharp rock pierce her shoulder. After a moment he released her neck, licking the bite " I will say your blood does slightly make up for your ignorance" he said licking his lips

Anya's eyes grew silver and he raised his eyebrow unamused "you are too young to even possess the magic it would take to be my equal so dont even bother" he said squeezing her heart more making her gasp "I will need you alive for now but make no mistake that does not mean I cant make you wish you were dead " he said and she felt his nail cut into her hear and a parasite slip in. She cried out as it felt like her insides were on fire "perfect Anya scream just like that so everyone will hear" he said in a dark tone

Mikhail appeared and said, "Let go of my granddaughter."

Ruslan turned to face Mikhail "not the one I was expecting but a fine catch all the same" he said in a plane tone. It was not till he fully faced him that Mikhail would see his arm through Anya's chest

Mikhail growled and, using his power as prince, ordered, "Tell me your name, leave her heart in her chest, remove your arm from my granddaughter's chest, and tell me what your plan is. You will hold nothing back."

The man smirked "your powers will not work so well on me Mikhail I am not what I once was but I will tell you my name" he said making Anya gasp in pain as he pulled her against him by her heart, meeting Mikhail's eyes "Ruslan Malinov" He said in a dark tone.

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