Heart to Heart 3

"It gets worse than this," he said, blood red sweat beading his forehead. "I will not leave you. We are in this together, man and wife."

Time passed, each wave getting worse and worse. He shared it with her. He had to, because he would not let her suffer alone. He smelled her arousal, but he couldn't bring himself to want her body. He wasn't the one to cause her the pain, it wasn't in her head. He wanted to take all the pain from her, but was unable. For the first time, he prayed for it to end, he cried every time a wave hit her. Everything in him screamed for him to save her, but he was unable. Several times, he had to hold her mind together as it started to shatter. He... he cared for her. After so short a time, he cared for her deeply. He didn't want to lose her.

When the waves started to die down, he let out a breath he hadn't know he was holding. He carried her to the basement and opened the earth. He kissed her deeply as he put her to sleep.

He returned to the man and woman. They were shaking in fear. Now that he could relax, he needed to feed.

"Are you going to do the same to us?" asked the woman, fear coloring her voice.

Kirja smiled, cruelty showing, as he said, "You do not deserve such an honor." He picked up the man and drank from him, leaving him alive to play with later as he dropped him to the hardwood floors. "She is my queen. You are a worm, a toy for us to play with. When we decide you are no longer fun, you will be disposed of. Simple." He took control of the their minds. "Since you both enjoy hurting your children, you will do the same to each other. It will amuse me."

He then watched as the man raped the stripper and she beat him senseless. He couldn't properly enjoy it without Abby. As the sun was about to rise, he made them stop, putting little more than rags on them to cover up. He then joined his wife in the ground, smiling. My wife. Life just got interesting. With that thought, he closed the earth over the both of them and fell asleep.


Maxim appeared again, laying next to her as if nothing had happened. He touched her mind and all panic went away.

"It does get worse," he said. "If I hadn't been forced to bind you to me, you wouldn't feel this way. There have been women known to kill themselves when their lifemates are healing and can't be reached. This often caused the men to turn vampire upon rising. If they are protected, they survive. But... if I were to die, Melana, you would live a half life until the babies are born. The children would be given to someone who has lost a child or would raise them with love so that you and I could meet in the next world. Each day agony, each rising worse than the last. We call that the separation because we are not touching in some way." He pulled her closer. "If I can help it, you will never feel it again, because all you will need to do is call out in your mind and you will find me. No matter how hurt, how far away, or the danger I am in, you call for me and I will answer."

SHe shook her head "I dont want that....I dont want to feel that again" she said in a panicked tone. SHe thought about it for a moment, she knew she risked feeling that if she had sex with him like he had said, but she also knew she needed an ally in this game she knew was not over. She thought about it carefully for a few moments and finally met his gaze "ok...no going back....Im ready" she said in a sincere tone

He blanketed her body and slowly entered her, giving her body time to adjust to the size of him. Then, he began moving, slowly at first, but picking up pace with each thrust. His hands shaped her body, his lips kissed every inch of her skin he could reach. This was a true claiming, and he had to make her see how it would be between them.

"Melana, I'm going to say the binding words again," he told her. "I want you to hear every word and know I mean them in my deepest soul. I claim you as my lifemate. I belong to you. I offer my life for you. I give to you my protection, my allegiance, my heart, my soul, and my body. I take into my keeping the same that is yours. Your life, happiness, and welfare will be cherished and placed above my own for all time. You are my lifemate, bound to me for all eternity and always in my care.” He meant every word and would do everything in his power to prove it. "I love you more than life, Melana. My heart, my life, is in your hands."

Her whole body shook from the pleasure he was making her feel, her mind was so consumed by him and what he was making her feel there was no room for bad memories. At first, it had been hard for her to let go and not think about what he was doing to her and how he did it the last time. She listened to the words he spoke and felt they were more like a spell then words as she felt them touch her in a way she could not describe. She arched underneath him "maxim......" his name was a whisper but the way she said it felt like it brushed his very soul "don't stop please...I need more of this....of you" she said in a moaning and begging tone

He began to go harder, deeper, faster. His fingers bit into her hips deliciously. He found her sweet spot, loving how she reacted each time he hit it. He kissed her, bringing her close to the edge.

"Melana," he said with clenched teeth, "I can't hold on much longer."

"Sentio anima mea voluptas et indignatione magna!" she cried out underneath him. He recognized the words as being Latin. From her mind he could see the meaning, she had cried out "I feel my soul burning with pleasure"

He filled her, both of them falling together and feeling complete for the first time in their lives. He laid down next to her, still inside her. He created a blanket and covered the both of them.

"The sun is rising," he said. "We are deep enough in the cave we can sleep above ground if you wish it."

"I don't like the thought of being buried alive but....I know its needed for a good rest and if it was just me I wouldnt do it but..." she said placing her hand on her stomach "just promise me you wont let me wake up in the ground" she said looking at him with a small amount of trust

"Unless we were in danger, I can guarantee that you will awaken in a bed," he said. "You can fall asleep that way as well. But like I said, we can sleep above ground here. The ward keeps us in, and anyone with evil intent out, for your protection. So, do you want to sleep like this, above ground?"

"in the ground...they have been through a lot and deserve for me to do what I can to give them a nice home while they grow" she said softly

Maxim sent her to sleep as he kissed her deeply. He opened the earth and laid down beside her. He closed the earth, holding her protectively as he fell asleep with her in his arms.


"You are mine, Anya," he said, his grip and movements become more and more dominant. "No one will take you from me, no other can make me feel this way, and nothing can change it. I have no desire to lose you, and so, it will not happen." He felt her tighten around him. "Now, scream my name for me, Anya. I want to hear it as I fill you."

He began to go full force, letting go of his control. He took her to the ground, using his teeth to pin her down. Each thrust was deep, sending strong waves through her. Still, it wasn't enough. He had to go deeper. He held her hips still for his invasion, going as deep as he could and still trying to go farther. It felt like he was trying to find her soul, to be so deep, they would be one person for all time.

SHe cried out and went wild beneath him, without her trying to stay in control he found how wild she really was and how her body submitted to his so naturally, her hips met his thrust perfectly, taking him deeper, her legs wrapped tightly around his waist to help him keep her still for his hard thrust. Her hands were bound but it did not keep her from gripping the muscles on his neck with her nail "Dragomir!" she cried out his full name

Any control Dracul had left flew out of the window. His eyes changed to his dragon's, a haunting dark purple color that seemed to glow in the night. His wings appeared and he used them as leverage to go deeper then ever before. With each thrust, a growl of ecstasy emerged that sent waves of pleasure through her. He filled her with his seed, letting go of her shoulder to spew fire into the night. She could feel the heat like fingers caressing her face. He held himself off of her as he returned to normal.

"I... love you,... Anya," he gasped as he lay next to her, never leaving her body.

She couldn't move and could barely speak "and I love....you" she said softly against his chest. As the waves of pleasure that went through them both began to slow done Anya sudden jerk in his arms and gasped " Dracul.....the baby" she said in a shocked tone. Before he could ask what was wrong she moved his hand to her stomach, after a few second he felt small movement against his hand

You both can sleep well this day, Gregori's voice entered their head, sounding tired. Your son is no longer filled with darkness, and Anya can now give birth normally.

Papa.....I need you, are you far? she asked regrettable dressing her and Dracul after disconnecting their bodies

Gregori appeared before them. He ran his fingers through his hair, which was now a salt and pepper color.

"Your mother is happy to hear that you can have children," he said. "She is wondering when you are going to buy a house and begin raising Erik. He misses you very much."

She stood up and looked at his hair "she is so going to kill you, you know how mamma likes your hair" she said with a half smile "and as for that..." she trailed off "papa....thank you for everything, not for just helping raise Erik and what you did for me and the baby but I mean everything..." she said in a sincere tone "I wanted to tell you in person I decided on a name..." she said looking at him "Gregore" she said in a soft tone

Gregori's eyes shined with tears as he choked out, "I think it's a wonderful name. Strong, honorable, and guarantees he will have honor. Actually, if you had been born male, that's the name your mother wanted for you."

"I know it was her idea, she said to think of it as a gift to you for being a great man and also a punishment knowing you would get all weepy for messing up your hair," She said with a chuckle.

"Your mother is punishing me enough," he said his finger messing with his collar, feeling the silk underneath. "Still, I thank you for naming your second child after me. Now, I think I better go get back at her for what she has been doing to me all day, and now this."

He turned to leave, when Dracul said, "Also, we have decided to buy a home close to you, even if we don't always intend to use it. We both still want to hunt until it becomes unsafe."

"It is already unsafe," said Gregori with a growl.

"No, it isn't," said Dracul. "Anya put up a ward of protection around Gregore, and I put one on top of that. Once my ward is broken, that is when it is unsafe. Otherwise, he will not be touched by evil in any way. Not even a parasite can get through my ward."

"Impressive," said Gregori. "I'm sure you saw that you ward nearly broke this night."

"That is why, while it is still intact, we will travel back to the mountains and find a place for our home," Dracul answered. "We also want to see little Erik. Until then, we will hunt along the way. It is who we are."

"Then, next rising, go to the Carpathian Mountains immediately," said Gregori. "I don't want my newest grandchild to be harmed because his father is overconfident."

"papa that's calling the kettle black and were you not the one to tell me as long as one has the skill to back up their confidence they should hold it with pride?" she said in a soft yet stern tone Anya an unfamiliar voice spoke in her head just then which caught her off guard and she looked around "and .....um" she said losing her train of thought Anya... the voice said again, it was definitely a male's voice, dark and beckoning. The sound of someone calling her name snapped her out of her haze and she looked back at her father who had been the one trying to get her attention

"Anya, didn't you hear me?" Gregori asked. "I said, your lifemate hasn't exactly kept you safe in the most dangerous situations. But that's not the issue now. Is something wrong?"

"You never trail off like that," said Dracul, worried. "Talk to me, Anya."

"I um...Im just tired..after all I did have my heart ripped out tonight" she said in a low tone still slightly glancing around "we should go" she followed and started walking Anya The voice beckoned again making her stop walking and look around again, when she saw nothing she closed her eyes letting her senses heighten Te văd pe Anya The voice said speaking in Romanian what do you mean you see me...show yourself She said as her mind got hazier în curând Anya the hypnotizing voice said what do you mean soon? who are you? But before she got an answer someone placed a hand on her shoulder making her open her eyes

"Anya," Dracul said, gripping her shoulder, "you nearly walked into a tree. You are never like this. Something is wrong. Tell me."

She looked at where she was and he was right she was about to walk into a tree. When she went to tell him she found she couldn't quite remember what had, had her so distracted "I'm sorry...like I said I must be tired" she said trying to remove the haziness from her mind "papa...you go ahead and go to mother I think I need to rest now....me and Dracul will rest in the cave nearby...for some reason I dont feel like traveling far tonight and...." but she was cut off when her world started to spin and she passed out

Dracul caught her. Gregori and he quickly went to a nearby cave. Gregori spent the next few moments looking through her body, but didn't find anything strange.

"Put her in the ground to rest," Gregori said. "I'll be back next rising to see if I can find something. Due to the sun, I couldn't look as close as I wanted, but there doesn't seem to be any reason for this, other than the fact she did have her heart ripped out."

With that Dracul went to ground with Anay while gregori returned to Savannah

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