Angles and Demons

Sergey rose, clothed himself, and lit a fire. He knew he had a human in his possession and got food in town. He brought it to the cave and stored it in an ice cave. With his vast knowledge, he cooked her some veggie soup. When it was done, he shook the cage, waking Harley.

"Good evening," he said. "I have dinner all set up for you." He showed her the table with a bowl of still steaming soup. He unlocked the cage and held the door open. "You are probably hungry."

He saw her slowly sit up and wince from the body pain she was having. He noticed she looked at him and then the floor without moving "C-Can I really come out.......master?" she added at the end

"Yes," he said, taking her hand and leading her out. "You passed my test. It will still be a while before I can take the ward down, but you did as you were told. Come get your reward. It is still hot and there is enough if you are still hungry after. Just ask your master and you can get some."

She looked at the soup for amoment and then back at him "c-can I please eat it.....master?" she asked in a shaken tone

"Of course you can," he said, sitting her down as if she were a lady of the court. "You are doing well this evening. Eat the whole thing. If you do not, I will be upset. If you vomit, I will take it as you hate the meal I made especially for you. Understand?"

She nodded, she didn't feel like eating but she didn't want to upset him. She ate it slowly, making sure her stomach agreed with it. It was good and it warmed her, she tried not to make any noise or do anything that would upset him. The silence as he watched her made her more nervous "do you not eat?...its good" she asked trying to break it

"It is only natural to say your master's cooking is delicious," said Sergey. "And no, I do not eat. I feed. I live off of the blood of others, Harley. Soon, you will be the same way. Now, when you are finished, you will come to me and expose your neck so I can feed from you. You will say, 'Thank you for the delicious food, master. To show my gratitude, please feed from me. I offer freely.' Then, I will drink your blood. Simple."

Her heart slammed into her chest and fear filled her chest and she lost all her desire to eat but she didn't stop but her hands did start to shake which made it a little more difficult to eat "m-master.....does it always hurt? a-are there was to....feed without pain?"she asked in a shaken tone

"Of course," he said. "You had thoughts of running away from me, Harley. I had to punish you then. You are being good today. If you continue to do so, I can make you feel such pleasure, you wouldn't even know why you wanted to run in the first place."

He saw her reaction to his words and she started to eat better, soon she was finished and she crawled over to him. She stopped a few inches in front of him and looked up at him "Thank you for the delicious food, master. To show my gratitude, please feed from me. I offer freely." she said in a low tone tht held fear

He pulled her to him, cradling her. He moved her hair from her neck and licked it, preparing her. Then, he bit down. Pleasure shot through her, heat rose from deep within. All sane thought went out of her head. But soon, dizziness started to take over. He closed the wound when her heart began to struggle. With a smile, he opened his wrist and helped her to perform the second exchange.

"Now," he said, when she had taken enough, "since you have given me your body willingly, I think it's time to go to the next stage. I need to see what you will do to please me. Strip for me, entice me with your body."

She was caught off guard by his request, never had she don't something like that in her entire life. She slowly stood up and thought about what she should do, she knew if she was going to make it out of this alive she needed to keep him happen until she could escape, s she went off what she knew about him. She grabbed one of the silver knives from the table and stepped back. She slowly brought the knife to her shoulder where one of the straps were that was holding up the dress she was in. With enough pressure to make it bleed she cut her skin as she cut the strap, making the dress drop to expose her breast that was on the side of the broken strap

He growled, grabbed the knife, and threw it across the room. He closed the wound before slapping her in the face, sending her to the floor. From there, he kicked her, knocking the wind out of her.

"I didn't say you could hurt yourself!" he said. "Or use tools! Or think about escaping!" He picked her up by the neck, causing her gasp for air as her feet dangling above the ground. "Do it again and this will seem like a slap on the wrist!"

Carried her to the fire place, too what looked to be a branding iron. He didn't stick it in the fire, heating it up solely with the intensity of his rage. Then, he pinned her to the ground, straddling her so that her arms were pinned and she had no way to fight back.

"Since you so kindly chose the spot for my brand, I'll put it there," he said.

Then, he placed the branding iron just above left breast.

She cried out, her screams echoing the cave "Im sorry master! I knew you like blood and me hurting! I didn't know what else to do!" she cried out arching against his hold

"You ask how you can please me, you stupid cow!" he said, pressing into her hard. "Never assume! I just fed! Why would I want more of your blood?! And why were you thinking of escaping?! What does that have to do with enticing me with your body?! Your thoughts betray more than you know, Harley! Now, beg for forgiveness! Tell me you will never dream of escaping because this is where you want to be! That you are happy here because it is where you belong! Say it!"

"I cant! what pleasure has there been! you're a monster why would I want to stay! you hurt me! rape! " she cried out fighting harder

He removed the brand and said, "No, I am teaching you how to act. Did I not save you from your ability? Was it not dangerous? You should be more grateful to the man who shut it off for you. I brought you to a place where you are with someone like you. Now, say it, or I will do something you will never come back from." He smiled cruelly. "I heard that those who experience it sometimes go mad from the pain."

"Im sorry!" she cried out, he felt her mind breaking from the trauma and fear and pain he was causing her, her cry was not only of pain but of anger "you blood-sucking monster! I hate you! I hate you! I hate you!" she said going wild beneath him. Her legs wrapped around his waist and tightened bringing her body up against his

He moved, picking her up by her throat again, and said, "You want a blood-sucking monster, I will give you one. My brother lent him to me." He snapped his fingers and a vampire entered the room, making her skin crawl. "I think you will survive this. I will save my other punishment for something more."

He took her to the ice cave and strapped her down to an ice block. Her arms were above her head, and her legs spread wide. Sergey thought her clothes away, leaving her collar on. It wouldn't do for her to get frost bite and the collar protected Harley from the cold. He healed the burn, making sure the brand was deep within her skin.

"I'm not going to punish you," he said. "That would be cruel of me. You hurt me, Harley. And I was just starting to grow fond of you. When I think you have had enough, I will come get you. Until then, please, entertain your guest." He smiled, moving so she would see the vampire, now naked, growing large. "He seems eager for your company."

Sergey left and the vampire went to her. He didn't bother preparing her. His forced his way into her deepest core and began pounding.

This one scared her more then Sergey did, his red demon eyes and black fangs and sharp black nails haunted her, she saw things crawling underneath his skin that made her fear grow even more. His appearance made everything even worse "you lied! you said I belong to you! yet you let him have me!" she cried out in a pain filled tone "liar! monster! " she cried but could not say any more as the vampire grabbed her throat making it hard to breath


Maxim stretched, his hand finding silk hair and soft skin. He smiled. A lifemate. He didn't deserve one, but he was happy to have found her. He opened the earth above them and floated her to the bed. He clothed them both, waking her as he kissed her.

"Good evening," he said. "We need to feed, you especially. You look even thinner than yesterday. It worries me."

She looked up at him "My bear....he needs to eat too...he is nearby I can feel him" she said in a soft tone

"I will inform Mikhail about him," said Maxim. "They won't let me out, but Marcus will feed me, and you will feed from the prince. It is an honor to do so, and his blood will make you better faster."

He walked to the entrance of the cave and stopped short because of the ward. He waited for Marcus to appear and told him to find fish for the bear that was nearby, showing him what the animal looked like.

"Malena is very weak," he said. "She needs to feed before I do. Her ribs have begun to show, and with her with child, it is dangerous to all of them."

"I will do so, the prince had to return to his lifemate he will be back soon, in the meantime here" Marcus said handing him two bottles of blood "I will ward the cave ebfore I leave so you and her have that extra protection," he said and left

"who and what is the prince?" Melana asked in a tired tone

"The prince is Mikhail Dubrinsky," said Maxim, handing her a bottle. "He is the man who you bit yesterday before you bit me. He is a good man, one worthy of following and having the title of Prince of the Carpathians. We must protect him, Malena. If we do not, his death would mean all Carpathians die. He is the vessel for our people and our leader." He smiled, opening the bottle for her. "He isn't royalty, though. He is just a normal Carpathian male otherwise. It's just what we call him because of the special powers he holds. We would not survive without him."

"I see...Im sorry I hurt him then..." she said and looked like she was thinking about something "maybe he would know what happened to me.." she said more to herself then him. She sniffed what was in the bottle and made a face saying she didn't like it " can have this" she said handing it to him

"If that one is not to your liking," he said, opening the second bottle, "try this other one. I know some women get cravings during pregnancy. If neither is to your liking, I will drink them both and you can feed from me."

She looked at him and didn't reach for the second bottle, her face was hard to read "drink them both" she said in a soft tone biting her bottom lip, he saw her cheeks turn pink.

He smiled and said, "I know you wanting my blood isn't because you love me. It is a pregnancy craving, Malena. It is also the lifemate bond. If it is what you need, I freely offer my blood to you anytime." He drank both bottles, then held out his wrist. "Come feed."

She looked at him "I.....have never done it right.....or willingly" she said in a sad tone "I dont know how" she said

He pulled her close and said, "Lick where you are going to bite first. It prepares me for your bite, though it isn't always necessary. Let your instincts take over. You will know when to stop, because your hearing will let you know if my heartbeat becomes irregular and I am having trouble breathing. I hope you stop before that moment, though. After that, use your tongue to seal the wound. You left your marks yesterday. If you wish to put another, so be it. Simply wish to leave it. Otherwise, my skin will become flawless once more."

She let herself lean into him, she closed her eyes as her face nuzzled his chest as she took in his smell, she did what he said and let her instincts take control. Her hands wandered up his side and his chest, caressing his skin through his shirt as she let herself lose control and let her need guide her. She stretched up and brought her face to his neck, her hands sliding from his chest to his back, setting him ablaze. He felt her cool lips on his neck, and slowly her tongue teased the skin over his pulse and he felt the light scrap of her fangs

"You are supposed to be feeding, not teasing," he said through clenched teeth. "You are making it hard to be a gentleman."

His voice sent a shiver through her, making her body move against his, one hand came up and wrapped around his neck and gripped his hair, the other gripped his back and brought him closer against her "Don't move....." she moaned right before her fangs sank deep into his neck.

He fought to keep still and won, but it was a hard battle. He was sweating with effort.

Her tongue teased his skin, he felt something building in her, she was fighting for control on something and he felt the moment she lost. She release his neck and licked the wound. Within second she was kissing him deeply, moaning against his lips, wrapping her arms around his neck, pressing her body into his.

"Malena," Maxim said, not trying to stop her, "you need to feed more. And Marcus will return soon."

"I told me to listen to my instincts....I can't stop" she said against his lips as she ripped open his shirt not knowing her own strength "give in with me please...." she moaned as she opened her mouth deepening the kiss

There is a time and place, Malena, he said. I have been trying to do right by you and hold back this particular instinct, but you make it so damn hard. But if this is what you need, I have no objections. He pulled her down with him so that she was on top, both of them suddenly naked. You take control this time.

She looked down at him, he could smell her desire, feel her wetness against his groin, she was more then ready for him her body was demanding him. She leaned forward, her mouth opening slightly and he saw four fangs lengthen as she neared him, just as she was about to bit his neck again and put his hard erection inside her eager core, someone cleared their throat.


Dracul opened the earth above him and carried Anya to the most fertile soil he could find. Gregori met him there.

"Okay," he said. "Dracul, you need to keep Anya in a Carpathian sleep. She doesn't like me looking at her scars."

Dracul nodded with a small smile, knowing that there was a different reason. When Gregori went and bent down towards Anya Dracul noticed something on his wrist "um you do know you have a silk rope tied on your wrist right?" he asked in a curious tone

Gregori fought the urge to look at it as he said, "Ignore it. We need to... to..."

His eye wandered to the silk rope, moving as he moved to begin healing Anya. He was already having trouble hiding the tightness in his pants, but now, it was almost impossible.

"I have to hurry through this," Gregori said in a strained tone.

With much difficulty, he entered Anya's body as healing light and began looking for anything that might make her disoriented and faint.

He found nothing out of the ordinary at first but he was soon touched on the shoulder making him go back into his body "Gregori I think maybe you should let me do this, you seem to be having trouble" he said in an uncomfortable tone gesturing to his pants

Gregori was sweating and said, "Savannah and her tricks. Alright, but I expect you to contact me the instant you find anything amiss."

Gregori got up, holding in a grunt as he stood. He tried to hid how each step was both a hell and a heaven. Rather than fly, he dissolved, giving himself a break from the silk binding him. However, when he materialized in the cave before his lifemate, his clothes were gone and the silk binding were all that were left. He stood before her, gasping, the bindings feeling tighter than ever.

"Please, take this off of me," he said, his tone telling her that he didn't really want that in this submissive state. "I can't seem to remove it."

Savannah put the book down she was reading and look up at him and smiled, desire in her eyes "I dont know....I don't think you have really learned anything, i mean you snuck out this evening and forced me to sleep when you got back after messing up your hair, with this you cant avoid me " she said crossing her legs, making her dress rise slightly

He growled. She could tell he was trying to avoid looking at the silk, holding off being completely submissive as much as possible. She could also see that it was highly difficult for him.

"Savannah," he said, forcing in a note of domination, "I had to help Anya, the sun was rising and you were still up, and Anya could be sick, so I had to check. This... monstrosity got in the way. Take it off of me now."

She looked at him up and down slowly, her eyes looking like she was devouring him "ok....walk to me then and ill take it off...if you want me to by the time you get to me" she said standing up and letting her dress fall to the floor

Gregori growled, taking a step forward and gasped, nearly going to his knees. The next step was agony. This time, he looked to see what was going on, confident he could fight the urge to be submissive. As soon as he saw the silk, however, he knew he was in trouble.

"I... can't," he said, going into a position that was both utterly submissive and loosened the bindings enough to give him relief. "It's too tight. I need help."

She sat naked in the chair and let her legs fall open, exposing her core "if you want them off then your going to have o come to me Gregori..." she said in a tone filled with desire

He went to stand up, but the ropes tightened, keeping him on his knees. He crawled to her, taking the position again as he knelt in front of her.

"Please, take this off," he nearly begged. "It's getting painful."

She spread her legs wider giving him an intimate view "why did you avoid me Gregori?" she asked as the smell of her sweet juices filled his nose

"I didn't mean to today," he said honestly. "I was worried about Anya. She fainted, which was out of character for her, even when mortally wounded. Yesterday, it was because I knew you would be upset about my hair, and I didn't want to deal with the crying. You would have cried and I don't know how to handle your tears."

"that no had me worrying Gregori and I understand about Anya and I am worried but....." she said leaning forward and lifting his head up with her head by his chin "If I let you go now, you will devour me before I even have a chance to fight for dominance...." she said biting her bottom lip "now..." she said leaning back again "I want you to taste me, Gregori"

He moved slowly to her, taking hold of her hips, despite his own discomfort. He began licking up her juices that had ran down her legs before going to her core, where his tongue stabbed deep.

She cried out and he noticed when her core tightened the silk rope on his erection did too

He gasped and said, "It's starting to hurt, mistress. Please, remove the bindings before..."

One leg wrapped around his neck and pulled him back to her core, making them both moan. The rope on his arms and legs vanished but not the one on his erection.

He stabbed deep once more feeling her and the rope grow tighter and tighter. Suddenly, they both fell over the edge. He sat in a relaxed heap before her, only his arms holding her up.

All the ropes disappeared when Savannah came with Gregori because she lost concentration. She went limp in the chair, not noticing her was free as she tried to catch her breath

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