Angles and Demons 2

You shunned me, Harley, Sergey said, sounding hurt. All you had to do was do as I say. When you don't know something, ask and I will tell you. By not listening, you have shown me you are not grateful for what I have given you. Since you don't want me and think I'm such a monster, I thought you would like to see a real one. I did not give you to him. You gave yourself to him. This is a lesson. You leave, you will be used by beings such as this. That is what escaping means. I saved you the night I took you. There was one in the hospital that night, coming for you. I simply ask for obedience in all things, mind and body and soul. Is that really too much to ask when I saved your life?

Sergey wasn't above lying to make her obey him. In fact, he had other vampires waiting to use her at his command. He would do anything to make her see him as her savior. More fun when she broke. He waited, enjoying her screams.

"how are you any different! he rapes me like you did...he hurts me like you did! just because you saved my life does justify cause me pain and raping me! I'm not yours to hand over to someone else! the only difference is your appearance! " she cried out when the vampire released her throat to flip her over on all four

I didn't drain you dry of all your blood, he said. I didn't make you kill your own mother. Harley, you don't understand the things I have suffered at their hands. Any woman as special as you who doesn't have a master to protect them, they are treated not better than toys. I give you place to sleep, food to eat. I keep you alive. My society demands that the woman we choose as our wives must act and think a certain way. I am not a vampire. This man did not find a wife in time. Now, the one woman fate has chosen for me despises me. Now, I may turn. Who will protect you from them then? I cannot go easy on you. We do not have the time. The grand master will be coming soon and if you aren't like our women in heart, soul, mind, and body by the end of the month, I will be forced to become a vampire and you will be thrown to the fallen one in the pit, where you are raped every half hour, slowly drained of your blood before they eat your rotting corpse.

"No! your wrong! you dont treat me well....I sleep in a the dark! you hurt me! I will never belong to you never! I am not yours, your not the one raping me right now you hae no claim to me!" she cried

But I do! he said, sounding near tears. If I don't do this, they will kill you! You think I want my wife to suffer?! My own brothers shunned me because I wanted to be in a real relationship! If I could spare you, I would! They must see scars, hard use, all of it! If I don't pretend, they will turn me into a blank slate, a walking doll! He showed her an image of a man standing still for hours, used as furniture in a grand house. That's the fate that awaited me! That was my youngest brother and that was the house I grew up in! Mica wanted a relationship and spoke out against the grand master! At age five! They turned him into a fucking foot stool in my own home! His future bride, a young girl in town, was thrown to the fallen! She was only six months old Harley! Six months! All because he wanted true love, not a toy! Out of the six of us, Mica and I were the only ones who wanted love, and they will take that from us. My eldest brother, the grand master, ordered it! He was 15 when he gave the order to do that to Mica! I fear him above all others! That vampire hurting you, he will report to Vadim and tell him I'm doing my duty, training you properly as our traditions dictate and we will be safe. Once the month is over, we can stop this madness and have a real relationship. I promise. Just... please put up with it until I can convince him I am not a threat to his reign. Please.

She refused to believe it "I will never marry anyone who rapes me and lets others do branded me! you!" but she was cut off when the vampire bit roughly into her neck and she choked out a cry. As the vampire kept pounding into her she felt herself grow weak, the rook started to spin and fade out and she was having troubling breathing

Sergey came in and pulled the vampire off of Harley. He healed the wound and held her close to him. Everything about him screamed to her that he really did care for her. The vampire snarled.

"Vadim will hear about this!" the vampire vowed, and left the room.

Sergey knew that it was going back down into the underground, not to his brother, but that mattered little to him. The vampire had played his part well. Harley wouldn't die, but she would feel as if she came close.

"Stay with me, Harley," Sergey said burying his face into her neck, sounding as if all hope was lost. "Please."

Harley tried hard to stay awake, but she was losing that battle. Even as weak and sick as she was she tried to push him away from her, she couldn't think and couldn't move "it looks like I escaped .....after all....." she said fully prepared to die

Sergey sighed and said, "That is the ultimate betrayal to your master. I thought, because you were in the light, you would want to save me, but I see I was wrong." He pulled back and she saw that he hadn't even begun to torture her. "You dislike pain, Harley? You think one vampire was bad? I command a legion of them." He put a bottle to her lips and forced her to drink until she was healed. "Now, I want to know your darkest fear. And this time, I'm not asking."

He forced his way into her mind, causing her to stiffen but still remain quiet. He didn't try to change her mind or break it down while there, but he did see her mind was shattering slowly. He smiled. This showed him that his training was working. He continued to look for her darkest fear.

He found she was accustom to pain, in the asylum she was regularly treated to electric shock therapy and other torturous therapy, he found what she was most afraid of was people finding out about her abilities, as it was when she was tortured in the mental hospital the pain would cause her abilities to react, most of the time killing those who witnessed them, but there was one instance that was not the cause and in order to keep the head doctor from telling anyone and to quit being torture she killed him by blowing up the main heater in the room they were in, making it look like an accident. She had always been alone, afraid someone would find out, even her own parents disowned her. Her biggest fear was never being able to control her powers.

A light turned of for Sergey. He reconnected Harley with her ability and returned to his body.

"I've returned your abilities," he said. "Now, you should be able to control them better. Want to test it out?" He put a ward up around himself and the cage too. "It would be fun to see how well you can use it."

She looked at him and felt that familiar build growing inside her, the more she looked at him the more it grew, she wanted to hurt him and to escape, with a cry of anger a blast shot out from her, the ward on the cage broke and the bars shattered but the one over him held up but still flung him across the room into the carvern wall. She didnt wait, she ran as fast as she could from the room.

Just as she was about to leave the cave, electricity shot through her, sending her to the floor. Sergey went to her and said, "I told you, you can't leave. But didn't you notice? You had more control this time. It's still unfocused, but it's a lot more precise than before. In a way, the pain you suffered helped you learn to focus your power." He rebuilt the cage and sat her in a chair in the center of the room. "Try again. This time, try something simple, like move the table off of the ground and moving it through the air. Do not destroy it. My father made it."

He saw her get a look of defiance and knew she planned on breaking it on purpose

He smiled and said, "Well, technically, he didn't build it. He forced a man to rape his daughter on top of it, making it an instrument of despair, but no matter. You ate off of it, so I guess the curse isn't real. You haven't been raped on it, so that's a plus."


"Mikhail!" Maxim said, looking at the prince.

Just then, Malena sat up, taking him inside her. He groaned. Mikhail growled. Maxim quickly pulled her off of him, clothing them both.

"She was attacked by a bear," Maxim said, explaining the scars, staying between the prince and his lifemate.

"And the mark between her breasts?" Mikhail asked.

Melana looked confused and looked down opening the shirt so she could see. He was right, there was a weird bruise like mark with black veins right between her breast "I...dont know what that is....It was not there before...." she said in a confused tone " and Maxim used his...." she cleared her throat embarrassed "he healed me yesterday," she said looking away shyly

"It was not there," Maxim confirmed. "I do not know what it is, but I want it removed from her body."

Marcus looked at Mikhail "I will check over Maxim, I know you said you wanted time alone with her" he said

"I want to know what is going on," said Maxim.

"let the prince check your woman, come with me" he said leading Maxim into the other room. Melana watched them leave and when they were gone she looked at Mikhail "w-what do you want?" she asked. When he took a step forward there was something about the dominance he held that made her drop to her knees "please dont hurt me......Ill do anything" she said and her form slowly started to change until she looked just like raven, even smelled like her.

"I want to look in your mind," he said. "I need to also examine your body from the inside. I will become healing light and try to figure out what that mark is. Now, please, stop impersonating my lifemate. You look and even smell like her, but my soul does not call to yours, and so, this does nothing for me. I do not wish to use your body."

It was not until he said that, that she looked down at herself and realized she did not look like herself. She gasped and started to panic as she looked at her arms and touched her now black hair. She looked back up at him the look on her face let him know she did not do this willingly "I-Im sorry....I didn't mean...." she said and he slowly saw her change back to herself as she backed away from him "please just stay away from me...I cant take anymore....." she said in a defeated tone

"Your introduction to our world has been a hard one," Mikhail said, sitting next to her. "We do not use our women in such ways. We treasure them. From what was found in Maxim's mind when I took down the compulsion on him, he does treasure you as he should. Without you, he would be in danger of becoming a vampire. Because he was reincarnated, he is pure Carpathian. But his brothers are Alte ekä - cursed brothers. That is the name we have given them since they seem to be between vampire and Carpathian. However, we know nothing about them, other than that. As for you," he put his arm around her to comfort her, "the whole of the Carpathian people already see you as their sister, and your children are deeply loved, no matter who their fathers are. That is our way. I am currently trying to console my lifemate, who is weeping for what you have suffered and wants to come comfort you. I will look in your mind and she can talk to you about our people."

With that, Raven appeared and went to Malena, hugging her, saying, "You poor thing! And to have one of them as your lifemate?! You must be frightened! Ask anything and I will tell you!" She pulled back and looked at Mikhail, pride in her eyes. "You are amazing, but this needs a woman's touch. It will make her more comfortable if I talk to her, woman to woman."

Melana back up away from her, looking very suspicious "I dont want to be near you or the prince.....I don't know what I might do and I heard bad things will happen if something bad happens to you" she said looking at Mikhail "And I was not introduced to your world...I was forced into it, and you can not sympathize with dont know what they did to me.....what they made me do....and I know you can not look at me and say that you are not capable of the same thing" She said in an upset tone "Now Im warning you stay away from me....." she said stepping further away and for a moment Mikhail though he saw the mark between her breast glow for a second under her shirt

"Actually," said Raven, "he can only touch you like one would a sister or their child. As the prince, it is nearly impossible to compel him. Not even the new Malinov brothers could control him, just like he can't command them like other Carpathians. However," she pointed to Malena's chest, "that mark could be from parasites. The stronger the person who created them is, the more likely it is that Mikhail will be compelled. If it was Xavier who made them, then Mikhail would be in trouble. But these men who hurt you, don't even worry about it."

"I'm not that infallible," said Mikhail, laughing. "I'm a simple man, really. But I can't be compelled to betray my lifemate. No man who has claimed a lifemate can be compelled to sleep with another. It would have to be a conscious decision, either from the disease or to save her. They can be compelled to hurt her, but it has to be a strong compulsion tied with trauma."

Before she could answer suddenly a large bear charged into the room and tackled her, with a thud she hit the ground and the bear started to rub its large head up and down her back, his low groans of greeting echoed the room "Beorn!" she cried out with a grunt as the bear kept her pinned to the ground with his greetings. He grabbed her with his large clawed paw and sat back, lifting her off the ground and hugging her tightly to his chest while his large head nuzzled her face and neck "your....squeezing me to tight buddy..." She said in a gasping tone.

Marcus appeared "Im sorry My prince he was hurting himself against the ward trying to get to her" he said in a defeated tone "I have a soft spot for animals...." he said in a guilty tone looking down

"It is alright," said the prince. "They need each other. Besides, I'd say they did a blood exchange. That bear is a third of the way into our world by accident. Marcus, heal this beautiful creature. He is this young woman's friend and companion. Also, call Ivory in. Since she converted wolves, maybe she can tell us if it is safe to convert the bear. If it is, I would like her to train Malena like she did Skyler. Just warn her about Maxim first."

Marcus nodded and went out to send the call.

"I feed from him a couple times...and he has had my blood twice..." she said letting the bear move her as he pleased "but in all fairness, he started it!" she said in a defensive tone and the bear groan and rolled on its side with her "its true and you know it you attacked me..." she said and the bear groaned again and hugged her tighter, lifting her shirt up slightly as hit caught on its large sharp claws. Mikhail could see the mark was getting darker, her veins around it were pulsing and black Mikhail his father's voice echoed in his head

Mikhail looked around, not sure what just happened. He stared at the mark.


Gregori dragged her to the floor, shoving into her. He hadn't had enough yet. He needed more. He began moving hard and fast, quickly growing dominant.

She cried out and moaned his name "no! your punishment is not over yet " She said gripping his shoulders and trying to push him away

"No silk bindings to tie me up with," he said. "I believe that means my 'punishment' is over, don't you, Savannah?"

She growled and went to form the bindings but he thrust harder into her making her lose concentration, she tried again and he once more distracted her "your cheating Gregori" she moaned and he growled deeply sending flames through her "enjoy this now while you can....I will get you back for this" she said in a serious yet seductive tone.

"I doubt that," he said as he filled her. "You know we are both too exhausted to keep this up."

He rolled on his side, hoping he had tired her out. Fighting what those damned silk ropes brought on and worn him down.

Once she caught her breath Gregori felt silk binding grab him and pull him onto the bed. pinning his arms above his head

"Damn it woman!" he said, avoiding looking above him as he tried to get free. "Release me!"

She stood up and went over to the bed, standing in front of him where he could see her " love" she said in a serious tone "I will admit at first I saw this as a oppertunity to help you, you have to be in control so much, you worry for everyone all the time...I thought in doing this even if it was for only a couple of hours you could relax and let someone else take control" she said sitting on the side of the bed near him "If you really dont like it, ill stop" she said in a honest tone

He saw the silk out of the corner of his eye, gasping as the need to be submissively triggered again. He sighed.

"Mistress, it isn't that I don't like what you do," he said sincerely. "I just don't like being so... vulnerable. I mean, what if we are attacked? How can I protect you when I'm like this? I can't relax when I fear what could happen to my lifemate. Please understand, making love to you, no matter who is dominant, is a dream, Mistress. Showing you what you mean to me the only way I know how, how can that ever be wrong? But if you get hurt and I'm... like this, how could I ever look at you in those beautiful eyes again?"

"Gregori, what makes you think I would let that happen? one I would instant untie you and two I always make sure we are in a safe warded place, I live with you love, im in your head, I have learned quite a lot from you" she said with a soft smile and a tone filled with pride "I love you and all I want is to bring you pleasure and relief that no other can" she said letting her fingers play with the skin on his chest

Gregori said, "Mistress, every moment I am with you, it's the happiest moment of my life. Even if I am on guard, I'm relaxed. Every time I make love to you, I feel such pleasure, I never want it to end. Just looking upon you gives me these feelings, Mistress. Why do you think you don't give me pleasure and relief?"

She met his gaze "because you seem to hate it when I do this too seem to get more pleasure when your in control and not me" she said honestly

He chuckled and said, "Mistress, I'm never in control when I'm with you. I may hold back my strength and may not fully let go to protect you, but you always drive every ounce of good sense from me." He sighed. "I do dislike that every time I see silk, I feel almost forced into this submissive nature. It feels like I'm compelled and I don't like that. You have taken advantage of that, not that I'm complaining about how you have taken advantage, but... I don't like feeling like my will has been stolen from me. Do you understand, mistress?"

SHe thought for a moment "Ill make you a dont hold back anymore and ill limit the silk to our private time so you can focus better" She said in an honest tone

"You don't understand," he said. "It isn't where it is used, mistress. It's this." He used his eyes to encompass himself. "I'm forced to be submissive, to call you my mistress. Not lifemate and not choosing to make love in the submissive position. My choice was taken."

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