Angles and Demons 3

Her face turned to anger and with a cry of rage the table shook and launched itself towards Sergey.

Segery stopped the table in mid-air and said, "That was good, but we need to continue your training. You lose focus too easily. You saw I wasn't running and your power scattered. You left yourself open." He tossed the table back but made it pin her to the wall. "Want to continue working to control your power? You won't hurt anyone when you get upset, hide it even in the most stressful situations, and never worry about looking like a freak again." He smiled as his words began to sink in. "Look at me, I can move anything I want, and it not hurt anyone unless I want to." She saw a large rope fly through the air and a strangely shaped piece of wood. "I've noticed that when you are in pain, you are more focused. You could have commanded your power to move this entire mountain, Harley. Do you wish to keep going?"

He didn't give her time to think too much on it. He knew she wanted and needed help controlling her wild ability. He moved the table away, then the rope tied her up just at the wood shoved into her bottom, somehow vibrating. She fell onto the table, hard. Sergey once again shut her ability off before going to her and shoving into her, pumping hard and fast.

"I saw the answer already, Harley," he said. "You want my help, even as you hate me. I can control the same ability you haven't been able to all your life. You want that. I can teach you. Pain helps you focus, so let me teach you to focus."

She cried out "My emotions do it! not just pain!" she said in an angered pain filled tone

Sergey let her touch a small amount of her ability and said, "Then, let's test that theory." He lifted her up and turned her to face the table top, each thrust moving the wooden in her anus. "That stain in the center of the table is the virginal blood from the man's daughter, you know. As I recall, that's where your food sat." He watched the anger and disgust grow and smiled. "Oh, I remember being about 100 when this happened and my father did that. He made me watch as he then made her mother help, using the dildo in your ass to stretch her daughter's core even more. Such happy family memories."

Tears fell from her eyes at her anger of the cruelty, the table cracked and splintered where the stain was until the whole table split int two "stop it! stop!" she cried and he hear the dildo breaking and pulling on the ropes as it started to move out of her

"This is only a tenth of your power, Harley," he said, moving harder and faster. "Focus on the table. How the the lighter lines are the signs that the girl fought to get free. How you can see the slight indention where she had been left for days, tied to the table for her father and a parade of men to fuck her. Water stains from her tears as she gave up hope." He leaned down, whispering in her ear, "Oh, wait, that wasn't my father. That was me making the father do all that. I even fucked her until her mind shattered until giving her body away was all she knew. I believe you grew up in an old brick building. That was the brothel she was sold to. She gave birth so many times in her life, it's hard to keep track of her children. I believe you know her name. Your great-great-great-great-great-great-great-grandmother Elisa was the girl I turned into a walking sex doll." His hand grazed her core before her brought it to her face. "And you are growing wet having her dildo in your ass and the same man fucking you."

She didnt know if he was lying or not and at that point it didnt matter she felt herself snap and she cried out and the table and dildo shattered into millions of splinters, the fire went out and the cave shook. Sergey got through back, and if it was not for the ward he had on himself he knows that blast might have killed him

He smiled as he stood up, closing off her abilities once more. He lit the fire and used his abilities to put everything to right, as if nothing had happened. She felt the wood return to her ass and the ropes get tighter, making her unable to move. She found herself laying on her back on the table, her legs spread wide. He shoved into her hard, feeling bigger than before. He wasn't done yet.

"A tremendous display," he said through clenched teeth. "Now, let's finish playing together. You look dissatisfied with the fucking I gave you. Allow me to make up for that."

He put his arms under hers so he could pull her towards him by her shoulders. He began ramming to her hard, each thrust making her feel as if her head might dislodge from the force of it. She could feel herself bruising, yet she also found herself growing wetter as well.

"Disgusted with yourself?" he asked, reading her mind. "You hate how your body loves what I do to it. You are made for sex like this, Harley." He sniffed the air and smiled, reaching the back of her womb. "Did you also know that you are ovulating? You are still human, but you are more than halfway in my world. Do you know what that means? You will give me a child, Harley. I do hope it is a boy. Imagine the fun we can have together as a family."

"NO! I don't want a kid! Stop! I'm not enjoying this I'm not!' she cried out in a pain filled tone "there is no pleasure here! its a natural reaction im doing nothing to be ashamed of!" she said honestly, the only way she would be ashamed is if he actually gave her real pleasure and she enojyed it, but since he was only causing her pain she did not feel she was doing anything wrong

"Really? You aren't enjoying this?" he asked, smiling. "Then, I'm not doing it right."

He began to go harder, sending shock waves through her. She felt herself tighten round him as he filled her. And now, there is a child in you, he said, taunting her. Or not. Can't tell yet. I'll check tomorrow. He pulled back.

"I want more," he said, removing the rope and the wood, knowing she was too tired to move. "So, I'm going to give you a reward for doing well in your training."

He knelt down before her and began licking her sore core. It sent different waves through her. It wasn't pain assaulting her, but pleasure. Once she was healed, sweat covering her naked body, he entered her once more.

"I want you to want me, Harley," he said, moving slowly to bring her pleasure. "So, this is your reward. The pleasure I told you I could make you feel if you were good."

Each movement he made her gasp as her mind melted with the ecstasy that suddenly coursed through her. He suckled her breasts, bringing them to hard peaks. She seemed tighter now that she enjoyed what he was doing, and it was driving him crazy.

She arched underneath him, she hands gripped his shoulders, her nails digging in, but she was not trying to push him back, to his surprise she suddenly wrapped her arms around his neck bringing him closer making him go deeper.

"Harley," he gasped feeling her get tighter. "I'll make you feel like this every night before you go back to your cage. I will make sure of it. But you must put yourself in my care. If you do that, call me master and always listen, I will always let you fall asleep feeling like this. Your training may be painful, but the more focused you become, the more you will be able to control your ability. Can you do that?"

"Yes! yes, master please just don't stop!" she cried out, growing even tighter. Being so lonely and isolated and rejected most of her life she fell victim to the pleasure he was giving her quickly. Her hands gripped his hair as she pressed her body into his, her breast pressed hard into his chest.

"I need you to say, 'I put myself in your keeping.' and then, I will make you feel even better," he said.


It looked like it was moving, forming something but stuck in progress. The bear turned, blocking it from his view "ok I missed you too but me down though " she said and he slowly did but kept himself on her right side, blocking her from Mikhail and Raven "I want to leave...." Melana said "cant you just forget about me and let me go?"

Raven said, "We can't. You are one of our people, our sister. If you leave here without your lifemate, you both will be in agony. And you are so young. Our world is terrifying. We simply want to help. It is our way."

"Why don't we go to a spare cabin near here?" suggested Mikhail. "There is a cave nearby that used to house many animals, but is currently empty. Your friend can stay there and still see the cabin, so he can help should danger arise. It has every amenity you could ever want or need. As we speak, MaryAnn De La Cruz is fixing it up for you. It is well hidden, and you will always see if someone is coming towards your home."

Memories Mikhail's father's voice rang in his head "I don't want to stay here.....I didn't choose this..." Melana said stepping back. The bear started to look antsy and stood up on all fours "I'm sorry..." she said just before Marcus got back, the second he opened the ward to step in Melana jumped on the bears back and the bear took off through the ward and out of the cave. Melana didnt know much about her abilities but she saw from Sergeys mind how to cloak oneself and she did just that to herself and the Beorn and he ran fast through the forest.


Maxim nearly collapsed. She was gone. Panic filled him. He touched Malena's mind. Please, come back, he begged, fear coloring his words. He sounded lost without her. We can work out whatever is bothering you. Just please... come back to me.

I cant...I don't trust any of you..... it's all fake.....I don't know what to believe I... but she was cut off and he heard her scream in his head

Maxim ran at the ward, hurting himself. He had to get to her. she could be in danger!

Marcus held him back "calm yourself she is in no danger it was Ivory she met, the prince is there now" he said in calming tone

Maxim growled, fighting to get free as he said, "She is getting farther and farther away! She doesn't know where she is going! Before she cut me off, I saw it! She is heading towards a mountain known for a large number of recent deaths! That's Vadim's mountain, Marcus! She doesn't know it, but she's going to him!"

"The prince will stop him, think rationally Maxim your the only ones who know your brothers so well what can they be planning?" he asked

Maxim said, "I... I don't know! I can't think!" He stopped fighting and calmed down. "They wouldn't want to attack the prince, not with so many hunters nearby to protect him. If they just wanted Malena, her fear would lead her to him, but that wouldn't be enough. If it was me and her, it would still be her fear, but also mine. Thought, I believe they know about this ward and know that they couldn't get me." He gasped. "Ivory. They knew Ivory would come because of Malena's bond with the bear. They want her for something. I... I don't know what, they didn't trust me after everything that has happened and the many foiled plans I was involved in. They want Ivory. Malena's fear would cause her to do something to trap our sister. Ivory is strong in magic. My guess is that the spell they used was incomplete. Xavier wasn't known for his patience. Vadim must want Ivory to finish the spell to destroy the souls within the bodies all four of them now occupy. If she doesn't, then someone can destroy their souls and free the men they stole them from. She would only need one of them to perform the ritual, making it work on all four of them. That is the only explanation. This was planned the moment Vadim saw Malena and the bear."

"stay here while I go check on Ivory, if you are right ill take down the wards so you can go to Melana" he said and disappeared

Maxim paced the room, agitated. He had to find his lifemate. He had to find Melana.

Ivory and Razan are fine, it seems Melana had trapped them but now they are free, they left to go aid the prince marcus said in his head

Maxim charged at the ward. Then something worse is happening! And I have no idea what it is! He felt the ward crack. I have to get to her before Vadim finds her and takes her from me!


As she was talking with Maxim a wolf suddenly appeared in front of Beorn making him come to a stop, before he could react they were surrounded "now now....where do you think you're going? I believe the prince was said he needed to check you over" said a woman who suddenly appeared "leave me alone" Melana said in a threatening tone "watch how you speak to my lifemate" a man who suddenly appeared next to her said as the wolves started to growl. Melana felt trapped which made her fear worse, her fear of being trapped, of not wanting Beorn or herself to get hurt anymore "I said leave me alone!" she cried out and suddenly the trees moved, wrapping themselves around the woman and man, the wolves had to break the circle to avoid them. Beorn didn't hesitate and ran through the broken circle

Mikhail appeared and said, "Greetings, Ivory, Razvan. She is a tough one. Vadim, Ruslan, Kirja, and Sergey tainted her view before we could even show her the truth. Maxim is in the cave. He seems to be reasonable enough. Razvan, since you were once tortured by a mad man, would you talk to her?" He looked at Ivory. "That way, Ivory can see Maxim. He says he repented, and there was evidence he was compelled into hurting her in unspeakable ways. You know him best, Ivory, so I want you to talk to him."

Ivory looked at Mikhail as the trees still held her and Razvan "well I would but it seems her abilities are not just tricks" she said struggle against the hold of the tree, when she did the tree tightened round her "you need to get her back her my prince...." she said in an uncomfortable tone "She didn't just move the trees...she brought them to life..." she said in an uneven tone "my wolves will help you" she said

Mikhail nodded and ran after Malena, he quickly caught up with her and stopped her, saying, "I need you to go back and release Ivory and Razvan, please. They are important to our people, and you."

The bear stopped so he did not run into Mikhail "Im sorry....I dont know how to control anything...please just let me need to leave" she said in a saddened tone. He could hear her heart beating faster like she was becoming more scared. Suddenly she was ripped off the bear and Raven was there tackling Mikhail to the ground. The bear growled and stood up on its back legs looking towards the direction Melana had been pulled to and Mikhail heard Melanas cry of pain but could not see her because of the bear "Mikhail...." Raven said in a weak tone on top of him "my side....they got my side..." she said in a pain filled tone

Mikhail pulled Raven to him, sealing the wounds with his tongue. He had to get her to a healer. He looked at Malena.

"I take it you are Vadim," he said, reading the aura surrounding the man. "Your plan working like you want?"

He held Melana against his chest, her head laid on his shoulder and her arms were wrapped around him, if he had not know better they looked like lovers in an intimate embrace. His arm was around her waist and one cradle her head "Its been a long time Mikhail" he said in a dark tone

"Enough of the small talk," said Mikhail. "What are you planning? Because, whatever it is, it isn't good for the Carpathian people."

"you are not good for the Carpathian people," he said in a dark tone "and now you were keeping the mother of my child away from me, that does not sound like something a good prince would do, is it Melana?" he said stroking her head. Melana didn't move from his arms but shook her head no

"I see a woman terribly abused by you and your brothers," Mikhail said. "I saw evidence of compulsion in Maxim, forcing him to join in on your depraved acts. You forced her to carry those children, Vadim, just like you did with Emeline. In my opinion, you simply wanted a vessel for your child, not a mother to love them. Melana and the children within her deserve more than the torture you would put them through."


then don't call me mistress.....and how about we make a safe wors, a word that if you say the bindings go away, giving you a choice" she said in a loving tone "how about.....dark one" she said with a smile

"I've tried to stop," he admitted. "I can't. Mistress... this isn't about the choice. Something happened to force this on me. It all started with Kat's blood from that night. Remember? I was filled with dark magic. It had to of mixed with her blood to cause this. I... can't break it because she won't let us examine her blood. I'm stuck like this." He smiled at her. "I will admit, mistress, I have a new found understanding for why our women are upset with the binding ritual. Not having a choice feels like something was stolen from me."

"yes but just like this binding us to you brings us many joys," she said letting her hands wonder his body

He gasped when she touched his sensitive tip, causing him to say, "I need more, mistress. Please, put me inside you."

She lowered herself on to him, taking him in deep "I dont want you to call me mistress anymore gregori...I want you to call me by my name" she said in a commanding tone

"Savannah," he gasped, feeling her tighten around him. "I... I can't think! Please, ride me! I need to go deeper!"

She began to go faster "tell me how I make you feel gregori....tell me and ill reward you" she moaned

"You..." he said, his mouth suddenly dry, "you make each day worth living, Savannah. You make me feel like nothing can hurt me, like I'm invincible. I've recently had to start curbing this feeling in battle because it creeps in on me and I can't afford to return to you injured or worse." He looked at her, his eyes full of love and lust. "You always make me feel safe, Savannah. From the first moment you accepted me as I am, you made me feel safe."

The ropes moved making it so he sat up in a sitting position and wrapped his arms around her, tting his hands behind her back, her breast right at his face "feed from me need it and so do I, I feed well before you got here" She said in a tone filled with love and lust

Gregori teased her nipples into hard peaks before biting into her left breast. He drank deeply, his hips surging into her, finding her deepest core.

She cried out in ecstasy "Gregori...cum inside me while you feed from me" she moaned

He instantly filled her to the brim as he drank deeply. When she looked down at him, she would see his eyes sparkling. He closed the wound.

"I couldn't look away," he said. "I love watching your face while we make love."

"then....for doing as I said ill reward you ..." she said in a breathless tone. The ropes moved so she was underneath him and he was still inside her. She put her hands abouve her head in a submissive pose as the ropes pulled and made him thrust into her

"Savannah," Gregori said through clenched teeth. "I love you. More than you could ever know."

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