Angles and Demons 4

I-I put myself in your keeping" she cried out in between breaths

He began moving harder, faster, and deeper. She felt him grow inside her, stretching her deliciously. When he filled her again, he took her over the edge, causing her to scream in ecstasy.

He held himself off of her on his elbows, saying, "Time to return to your cage. Are you ready for that?"

Without leaving her, he picked her up and started carrying her. Every step, he made her ride him, purposely making her bounce on his erect cock.

She moaned and wrapped her arms around his neck tighter "Im not ready....." she moaned near his ear as she wrapped her legs around his waist

He pinned her to the wall of the cage and said, "Hold on, Harley. Grip the bars tightly above you." He put his arms under her knees to open her up more as he began thrusting harder and faster. "Do this for your master. Beg your master to fill you again."

She did as she was told and cried out "Please master! fill me again!" She cried out, her breast bouncing teasingly with each thrust

He filled her a third time, causing her to scream out again. Her pleasure too much for her as she shook with aftershocks. He laid her in the cage, clothing her and covering her.

"In three hours, I will wake you," he said. "Then, we can go back to your training."

"Why in three hours?" she asked in a tired tone curling up

"Because I want to have another round with you before the sun comes up," he said, his voice sending shivers through her.

He smelled her arousal at his voice and heard her heart beat faster, he also felt her hate herself for feeling the way she did

He chuckled and said, "No need to feel ashamed for wanting your master, Harley. You should want me, and want to please me. Sleep well. In three hours, we will test your abilities again before fucking like that again. Well, if you are good."

"Why? Why are you doing this?" She asked in a tired tone as her eyes closed.

"Because it's fun," he said. "Now, sleep. Or, do you want to spend the next three hours being tortured by my strong, powerful cock?"

She covered her face as she felt her body heat up at his words and she hated that it did, what she hated more was that she wanted it. In fact she wanted it so much the only thing that stopped her from saying she did was how he worded it, he seemed like a smart man who chooses his words wisely, torture could mean something she didnt like.

"What?" Sergey asked. "You don't want me to pound into you, filling you with such pleasure that even your wildest dreams couldn't compare? Making you scream so much and so loud with pleasure, that you lose your voice for days? That you can't walk right afterward? Most women want that, a man who can fully satisfy them. You have a master who can do that every day, for the rest of your life. I want you to be honest with me." His hand cupped her breast, his thumb teasing her taut nipple. "Tell me what you want, Harley. Never hold back from your master."

She moaned and covered her mouth at the sound. When he pitched her nipple she cried out, her body sensitive to his touch "I dont want to be hurt....I dont want to be raped...I dont want to be locked in a cage.....I dont......I dont want to be afraid anymore" she said in a defeated tone I dont want to be alone anymore....all my life Ive tried to do the right thing and what has it gotten me....tortured and disowned...and now this...... She thought to herself

In the possession of the most handsome man you have ever seen? his voice rang through her head, showing he was reading her mind. His hand drifted lower as he began to tease her ear with his tongue. His fingers entered her dripping core and began moving. So you must experience pain along with pleasure. That's part of your training and the excitement of mind numbing sex. If you don't want to be raped, then do as I bid. If you want out of this cage, convince me you are loyal to me and that you can be trusted. If you don't want to be afraid, then face that fear and continue to train under me. Because it could be worse. I could have hurt you instead of show you the pleasures of sex with me. Now, I want you to tell me what your body is telling you. Admit you want my cock pounding into you. Submit to me in all things, Harley. He messed with her mind then, making it so her admission would force her to be obedient unless her feelings were strong. If you say, "Master, I submit my mind, body, heart, and soul to you. Help me focus my powers so that I can be of use to you." then I will give you what you desire, pleasure beyond words.

He could feel she was too tired to resist his compulsion even if her feelings were strong "Master....I submit my mind, body, heart and soul to you....please help me focus my powers so that I may be of use to you" SHe said in a breathless tone as she tried not to moan

Sergey smiled, willing their clothes away once more. He forced her on her knees, but let her keep her head on her pillow. He held her up by her hips as he shoved into her. He began moving hard and fast, sending wave upon wave of mind numbing pleasure through her.

"You know what I want to hear," he said. "I spank your ass, you say, 'Thank you, master. Spank me again.' Beg for me to pound into you harder and faster and deeper. Accept bearing me children for the rest of your days. Ask for the conversion, as painful as it may be. Tell me you want to be part of my world forever, Harley. Tell me how want to stay with me until the end of eternity, because it is where you belong. Do all these things when we have sex, Harley, no matter how painful it is." He smacked her ass, sending more pleasure through her. "Do it."

She cried out, biting the pillow Thank you, master. Spank me again.

"You should scream out," he said, going faster. "How do I know if you feel good if I can't hear you scream out? Or beg for more? Or tell me how you feel?" He leaned over her, moving her hair from her neck. "You want to stay with me, right? You don't want to be alone anymore, but more importantly, you don't want to leave me. Tell me all those things, Harley, or I may have to stop this."

"no! please! dont stop......I dont want to think...Im tired of living please give me something to live for!" she cried out in a sobbing tone

"Live for me," he said. "I have given you the only reason you need to live. The moment I took you from that miserable hospital, you had me to live for. Your master. Live for me. Now, if you don't start begging, telling me what I make you feel, and telling me how you want to spend eternity here with me, I will stop giving you pleasure and start hurting you again."

"please dont hurt me! I want to stay with you! please teach me how to control my powers, please keep touching me! I dotn want the pleasure to stop master please!" she begged "dont throw me away like everyone else did!"

"Even if you have suffer the greatest pain in you life?" he asked. "You would suffer that pain just to be with me for all time?"

"my existence before this was pain, I see no difference...but you can bring me pleasure and can take the pain away...I will never fit in with humans I am more monster than human." she moaned

He smiled, "Then say, 'Convert me, master, so that I become like you. Then, I will let you use me as you will for all eternity.' "

SHe cried out in pleasure, making it hard to speak "C-Covert me master so I can become like you then........I-I will let you use me.." She cried out again in a moaned tone "for all eternity!" she finished as she grabbed the bars of the cage in front of her for support against his hard thrust

He moved her hair again before biting deep. He drank enough for a full exchange. When he finished, he closed the wound and opened his wrist. He forced her to drink his blood. When she took enough, he turned her over.

"I plan on pounding into you until the conversion is done," he said. "I will give you pleasure while the conversion causes you pain. You want that, don't you?"

"Yes please master....please I want.." But she was cut off when the first wave hit making her cry out and tighten hard around him


The ward vanished Do not make me regret this, the prince is with your lifemate, Vadim has her, do not put the prince's life in danger, think before you act Marcus said into his head.

Maxim ran, changing his clothes in case he was forced to battle.


Vadim smirked and leaned down and whispered something in Melana's ear and Mikhail saw her flinch and heard her whimper against his chest, he saw her arms tighten around Vadim, hugging him closer "I wanted you to personally be hear when I showed you the part you will play in your own demise" He said right as the parasite that had been inside Mikhail crawled up Melana's leg and kept going until it reached her neck. He saw Melana start to shake and felt her fear, Mikahil had to grab Raven from going to help her, before anyone could say anything the parasite dug its snake like head into the site of her neck making her cry out as the creature violent buried itself inside her neck until it completely disappeared inside her, all the while Vadim holding her still against him. When it was fully in Melana went still and silent

Maxim then appeared, placing himself between Mikhail and Vadim.

"Let go of my lifemate, Vadim," Maxim said, as calm and patient as the mountains around them. "She may carry your child, but that gives you no right to try and take her from me."

"you had no problems sharing her before brother, why the change of heart" he said sadistically and Melana whimpered softly into his chest as her body jerk

"I was not in my right mind at the time, as you well know," said Maxim. "Release her, Vadim. I am no longer your brother. The only one I claim as my sibling is Ivory, for she has more honor than any of us ever had." He got on the balls of his feet, ready to fight if necessary. "Return my lifemate to me. My final act as your brother will be to let you leave here, with a promise that I will hunt you down and bring justice to you myself."

He smiled yet his eyes were emotionless "you will always be our brother, even if you try to run from it, we will be waiting when you grow tired of running, until then" he said and turned Melena around so her back was against his chest, her head was down and she looked like she was barely able to stand on her feet. The large bear collapsed to the ground with a groan, looking like he was sick "If you want her, come get her" he said in a low threatening tone

"Not while you are holding my lifemate," he said, before he gasped. "Mikhail!"

He grabbed Mikhail and Raven, carrying them out of the way just as tentacles erupted from the ground where they once were. He then saw Ivory and Razvan appear, taking the prince to her.

"Keep him safe," Maxim said, trying not to look at her. "I have to get my lifemate back."

Memories....hidden Memories Mikhail's father's voice spoke in his head once more as he looked at melana as Ivory and Razan started to lead them away

"Wait," said Mikhail. "I need to check something out first." He took a look around her mind. "There is a ward on her mind that is ancient. Older than I am."

"How is that possible I thought you said she was only a month old at most" Raven asked not letting go of his hand since he grabbed it

"I believe that it was placed on one of her ancestors had it first," he said. "Such things often get passed through generations. What puzzles me is the fact that it was my father who put up the ward."

"Your father?" Raven asked in shocked and looked at Maxim "what kind of magic did you and your brothers do to that poor girl?"she asked in disgust

"We didn't use any magic," said Maxim.

"This isn't magic," said Mikhail. "Raven, this is a safeguard. It triggered when something important is told to the one who has the ward in their minds. My guess is that something happened to her as a child to trigger it. Or someone close to her knew how to get it to activate to protect her or others." He looked at Melana. "It could have something to do with her abilities."

Ivory looked at them "I looked in her mind in the brief moment we met, the glimpses I saw before her conversion showed she had no psychic abilities, does anyone know how she became Carpathian?" She asked

Maxim shook his head as he said, "It has always escaped me when I was in her mind. Like it was wiped from her memory."

"could that be what's behind the ward?" asked Raven. Mikhail saw Melana lift her head slightly, enough to meet his gaze, her eyes were glassed over and her face pale. She looked ill and weak, so much torment filled her eyes, her lips parted revealing four fangs When the ward breaks the mark will form Mikhail's father's voice rang in his head, but it sounded further away and not as loud, almost like it was fading

"I think the conversion destroyed the ward," said Mikhail. "Before her conversion, there were no signs of psychic abilities, but there were afterward. My guess is that she was a few years old when her powers emerged and a family member activated the ward to protect her and those around her."

"Mikhail...wheres Vadim?" Raven asked in a worried tone. When everyone looked they notice Vadim was gone but Melana was still there, she was on her knees hunched over on the ground, not moving and not making a sound

Maxim walked slowly towards Melana and said, "Baby, are you okay? Vadim is gone, we can be together again, work out our relationship and learn about each other. We will go slow. I won't pressure you into anything. I swear it."

Raven's hand tightened in Mikahils "Somethings not right..." she said in a weak tone, still in pain from the scratch marks and the blood she lost. Mikhail had healed them but they still needed work done to heal properly.

As Maxim got closer, the large bear started to growl and back away from Melana. She still didn't move or speak

"Melana," he said, not stopping. "I need you, far more than you will ever need me. I know that. Still, I need to be with you. I won't let Vadim, or any of them, hurt you ever again."

He stood in front of her. He went to put his arms around her, when he grunted in pain. He looked down and saw a hand through his chest, just missing his heart.

Raven gasped and Razan stopped Mikhail from going to him and went instead as Ivory put a ward around Mikhail and Raven.

Slowly Melana's head rose and looked up at him, she eyes were black and her face was pale "you........I'm so tired of you all......your all took everything away from me, my life, my family, my happiness" she said in a low growling tone "I feel you all.....your nothing but fear and sadness...your existence is torture yet you still torture others" She said pulling him towards her with his chest "your all selfish and broken and you all forced me into your selfish miserable existence.....useless all of you even recognized humans? no...unless we are useful to you we are nothing..." she said Staring into his eyes "you think because you repented your sins that they are gone? I will remind you every day how wrong you are and how wrong your species existence is" She said in a threatening tone. He saw her eyes flicked lick they were unfocused.

Razan materialized behind her silently, getting closer "what part of I feel you all did you not get!" she yelled in anger and roots shot from the ground and wrapped Razan in a tight embrace, pinning him to the ground

"I know my sins won't go away," he said, acting like he wasn't in pain. "But, Melana, you are missing the other side of Carpathians. I know you have only seen the darkness that is there, but there is more. If not me, then allow someone else show you. But please, don't give up on Carpathians or our relationship."

Her eyes once more became unfocused "Shut up shut up shut up! I cant think with all of you talk!" she cried out, he felt her hand start to shake in his chest. The vines holding Razan disappeared "here...there ...everywhere, all of eyes...not red can there be so many yet so little" she said in a confused and hurt tone. Razan came up behind her and grabbed her wrist, keeping it still and pushing on the pressure point in her wrist to make her hand let go of whatever she was holding onto. Slowly he removed her hand from Maxim chest

Maxim collapsed to the ground. He looked at Melana and said, "It's okay. We are few, yes, but our people band together when trouble comes. Those with red eyes, those are the men who gave up their souls, who are truly evil. The others are good people. Please, keep that in mind." Then, he put her to sleep. He laid down only for Ivory to appear above him. "Hey, sis. I guess I can't call you little sister anymore."

"Mikhail try to figure out your father ward while I heal him, when he can be moved we will leave" she said and became healing light-

Mikhail looked in her body, looking for the ward. However, he noticed something about her blood. It was enough to shock him back into his body.

"What were you planning, father?" he asked aloud to himself before saying, "I didn't find the ward, but I did see something strange. Her blood is identical to mine, in every way."

" she is related to you?" Raven asked

"what about the parasite," Marcus said showing up "Was it not the one that came from you?" He asked

"The parasite did come from me," Mikhail said. "I don't know if she is related, but it is interesting." He looked at Ivory. "Reconnect with your brother. He can tell us everything he knows. The sun will rise soon. Gregori will be here tomorrow to heal her."

Maxim smiled up at his sister and said, "Well, what do you want to talk about?"

"nothing you're going to ground" She said in a stern tone "we need to move now, Marcus you take the prince back to the warded cave with is lifemate, Razan and I will follow with Maxim" she said.

And with that, they all left as the sun started to rise.


"and I you..." she moaned as the silk ropes made him go deeper and faster

He kissed her deeply as he filled her again, capturing her scream as she fell with him.

The ropes vanished as they came and Savannah went limp underneath him with pleasure

Gregori collapsed next to her. He couldn't move. He didn't want to. He passed out, showing Savannah how tired her really was. To her, he looked more peaceful than he ever had before.

With a smile and a look of love on her face she used what little energy she had to put them both in the ground to rest safely.

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