Angles and Demons 5

He smiled. He moved harder and harder. He used straps to hold her down when she began to convulse. He looked in her mind, watching it shatter, but making sure she didn't turn into a vampiress.

"You still want to be with me?" he asked between each wave.

"Yes, master," she said, breathlessly. "For eternity."

When the conversion was done, he filled her one last time. He had filled her so many times, she looked pregnant already, knowing that when all was said and done, she would carry at least one child from this.

"I need you to make a strong pledge to me, Harley," he said. "What does your tattoo say?"

"That I am the property of Sergey Malinov," she said in a tired tone, her voice clearly forced. "That my life, my soul, and my body belong only to him. He is my master now and forever. On this, I swear in the name of the prince."

She gasped as the weight of those word sank in. She had pledged everything to him. He smiled, knowing that only finding her lifemate would break that vow, but what he had done, destroying everything she was, would now be nearly impossible.

"Sleep, Harley," he said as her eyes began to close. "You have pleased me."

"Thank you, master," she said as Carpathian sleep took her.

He put her in the ground, knowing she needed it. Then, he laughed aloud.

"Finally!" he yelled in triumph. "A woman that will at like Elisabeta did, but I can fuck as often as I like! I will have an army! A woman to do as I please whenever I please! I will come before everything else! If ever I am in danger, she becomes my shield! I have finally won! Now, not even the one fated to kill me can stop me!"

He then followed her to ground. He curled around her, shoving into her again before going to sleep. He knew, because he was in her when they woke up, she would begin riding him on her own. She would still feel pain from the conversion tomorrow, but she would do as he bid, even if she were dying. He could break every bone in her body and she would still not stop until she pleased him. He felt his cum leaking out of her. He quickly check and growled with approval. She was pregnant. He hugged her to him before falling asleep, closing the earth over them.


"I never argued that," said Maxim with a tired chuckle as Ivory helped him back to the cave. "I just thought you would want to catch up. I don't know if we will have time tomorrow. Vadim is planning something. I know you feel it too." He chuckled again. "You were taught by ten of the best hunters of their time," his face fell, "even if five of us had very little honor, even then." He put his hand on hers. "Ivory, I'm sorry we failed you. In every way. We shouldn't have given up looking for you, we shouldn't have given in to our desire for vengeance, and we shouldn't have thought up that stupid plan to get rid of the Dubrinsky line." He looked over to Mikhail. "You are a great man, Mikhail. Our anger blinded us to that. I am sorry. I give my allegiance to you."

"I can't accept yet," said Mikhail.

"I understand," said Maxim. "After what we did, it is no wonder you don't trust any of us."

"Explain why," said Mikhail.

"Well," said Maxim, "your father did things we all found didn't show he put his people's best interest first. As you know, Draven had the disease and targeted Ivory. She wanted to go to Xavier's school to study since had strong magical abilities. We had told her she couldn't. We wanted to escort her and be at the school to protect her. Even then, the number of vampires was growing and we feared the worse. Vlad over ruled us and let her go, alone. He did it to save Draven. If the object of his desire was away, Vlad and Sarantha could attempt to save their eldest. It failed. We thought Ivory lost to us when the school was destroyed. We had talked with the De La Cruz and set up a plan. It should have remained as a hypothetical, but we so angry that we made it a reality. So, when he sent us to Asia, we chose to become vampires. You know the rest of our shame." He looked at the ground. "We felt that Vlad would have condemned anyone else, but because Draven was his son, he put a mad man before his people. We no longer trusted his judgement. We then passed that blame on to you."

"The sins of the father," said Mikhail.

"Yes," said Maxim. "But we were wrong. You have proven time and time again that you are not like your father. Though I do not deserve it, I ask for your forgiveness for my part in that misguided plan. You are man worth following and protecting."

"Thank you," said Mikhail. "Now, go to ground. We have much to do tomorrow."

Maxim nodded. He kissed his sister's cheek before opening the earth. Ivory helped him lay down next to Melana. Then, he went sleep. Everyone else quickly followed suit.

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