Angles and Demons 5

Harley woke up with a gasp, her body was pulsing with pain, making her muscle strain when she tried to move, that's when she noticed she was not alone, she felt Sergey inside of her and his heavy arm wrapped around her. She opened her eyes and realized she was underground. Panic set in and fear filled her chest. Was she being punished? she didn't know, but if she was then she wanted to make up for whatever she did that upset him to punish her. She pushed through the pain and got on top of him and started to move her hips and slowly started to ride him.

Sergey smiled. He had waited half an hour for her to awake on her own. He opened the earth above them to allow her more maneuverability. Then, his hands went to her hips slamming into her harder, sending pleasure through her.

"Good evening, Harley," he said. "You are doing good. You didn't try to escape or hurt me. I know what was in your mind. I wasn't punishing you. You needed to heal after what happened yesterday. Now, ride you master harder, faster. Take me deeper than you ever have before."

"Im so happy you were not mad at me.." She said in a low moaning tone as she placed her hands on his chest and began to ride him fast. She didnt have any thoughts on questioning him of what she was now or why being buried would heal her, all that was in her head was the pleasure that was starting to build in her and keeping him happy. Since she didn't have much experience with sex she was afraid of not pleasing him "Mast I am not sure how to do this right....please teach me so I can please you better" she said in a shaking tone as she tried to get past how much her body hurt

Sergey said, "You are doing perfectly. Just throw away your inhibitions, Harley. They aren't needed. Say whatever comes to your mind. No matter how filthy or degrading it might be, say it." He rolled so that she was under him. "I want to hear the slut you have hidden inside."

Harley cried out "I want you deeper master, please...I want to hear you enjoying yourself with my body......not in the bad way when I'm being punished but the good way" she moaned wrapping her legs around his waist.

Sergey said, "I enjoy everything about you when you are good. Now, tighten up. Yes, like that. Now, scream for me, Harley. Be a good mother to our child growing inside you. You want our child, don't you?"

Fear struck her Child? she asked in a fearful tone. Memories of her own childhood came to her head and she cried out from pleasure from his body and fear that any child of hers was doomed.

"Yes," he said, "a happy family. They will be powerful. You will care for them while I do other things, like keep us safe and fuck your brains out. What's more," he leaned in, "I found a spell in the other world that will bring our child to us now. They are just a bunch of cells right now, but I love them already. We will have children, a whole army of them. I will lead them into taking over the Carpathian people. I will be the king over all and you will be by my side. You want that right? You want to be my queen, right?"

She felt something haze her mind at whatever she was originally thinking, she found herself growing excited at his proposal "yes! please master let me be your queen! you'll only have me right? no other women?" she said in an uneven tone

"After I have you trained?" he said. "I need no other. But, if I do bring other women to my bed, you will not complain. In fact, you will beg to join. Just like how you will be eager for the men I tell you to fuck. But I will always come first, as king, and you will always be number one, as my queen. Right? My word is law and this is what I want."

She found jealousy filling her stomach "you want me to tell you how I feel, I won't lie, master, I don't like the thought of other woman touching you...I don't trust anyone getting to close to you...I don't like it" She said in between moans "I will work hard to make you happy so you don't want anyone else" she moaned.

Sergey smiled and said, "That is perfect, Harley. You are a good girl. I don't want any other. No other is as perfect as you. Now, beg for me, Harley." She felt him grow inside of her. "I need to know you want me."

"I want you master, please! go deeper! make the pain go away like only you can" she cried out "can I touch you, master? please let me touch you" she begged

"You are the only woman allowed to touch me," he said. "Do you understand? The only one."

He felt her tighten around him, she wrapped her arms around his neck bringing herself closer to him. Her moans vibrated into his neck as she nuzzled her head there, he felt her new hunger grow and fel her lips over his pulse "master...." she moaned. Despite her new hunger, he saw in her mind she was fighting the urge to bite him, knowing she did not have permission to do so.

"Do it," he said. "Feed from me. I want to feel your fangs, Harley. Then, we will go out into this new world and hunt for prey."

He felt her tongue instinctively come out and lick over his pulse before her new feminine fangs pierced his skin, hitting her mark perfectly

Sergey growled, going harder. He filled her before having her stop feeding. He clothed them both and said, "Time to hunt for prey. Let's go, Harley. We have much to do this night."

"yes master.." she said going to take a step forward only for her legs to give out on her and she fell to her knees, between how painful her body was and how hard he had used her body, her limbs were weak. She pushed herself to stand up, her legs shaking and she grabbed onto the bars of her cage

He took her hand and pulled her to him. He picked her up and carried her to the city. He took her back to the hospital he kidnapped her from. He took her to a young woman, brain dead and alone.

"She is being forced to live," he said. "It is your task to bring her so close to the edge that she is finally given release. You cannot drink all of her blood. You will become evil and kill me. So, go to your feast, Harley."


Maxim wake up and wake your lifemate Gregori's voice echoed in his head bring him to consciousness

Maxim opened the earth, and clothed himself and Melana, knowing everyone was waiting for them. He carried her to the bed and laid her down. He sat next to her, having her wake up, but still placing himself between her and everyone else.

"Wake up, Melana," he said softly. "We have... guests who want to..."

"Based off of what happen yesterday," said Mikhail, "she knows we are here and why. Gregori, you look at Melana. Ivory, talk to Maxim. He's understandably upset and catching up will keep him occupied, and calm, while Gregori examines his lifemate."

Melana's mouth parted as she took her first breath, yet her eyes remained closed. Her heart was beating at an uneven pace and she looked paler the more she breathed. The mark on her neck where the parasite had dug its way in started to bleed again.

Maxim held Melana to him. He tried healing the wound, but no matter how many times he tried to use his saliva, it would keep bleeding. Gregori finally took Melana from him.

"Go," said Gregori.

Maxim didn't move. Ivory had to take him to the other room. Gregori laid Melana down and began to examine her.

whos there her voice said weakly in his head

My name is Gregori, he said. I am a healer. You are very special. Mikhail is here to remove the ward and I will heal your wounds, as well as remove the parasite that threatens to destroy your heart.

I know you, you're the one that killed Maxim.....wait ward? Parasite? he could feel her stress rising oh god...that went in my neck and then...oh! did I kill him? please tell me I didnt if I did Vadim will be upset! they all will.

No, Mikhail is alive, said Gregori, destroying the parasite. Now, let me heal your wounds. Then, you can feed and become healthy once more. You need to so you can protect your children.

I was not talking about Mikhail I was talking about Maxim....and dont touch me! no one is allowed to touch me but them!

Maxim is severely injured, said Gregori. I had to make him wake you up so we could heal you. He did not wish for you to feel the separation, so he is staying up, at great risk to himself. He should have gone back to ground. You nearly got his heart, but missed. You still did a great deal of damage. He is fighting his sister on him staying up for you. She is now the stronger of the two and is losing that argument. If you listen, you can hear them.

"Ivory!" Maxim said. "I'm not a child! She is my lifemate and she needs me!"

"You're soul may be ancient, but your body is not!" Ivory said. "You not an ancient anymore! You were reincarnated, reborn with a new body! You are a child! Now, as your elder sister, you will do as I say and go to ground now! Or I will compel you to!"

"You wouldn't dare!" Maxim challenged.

"Try me, little brother!" she retorted.

Maxim please...tell them not to touch me please! I dont want to be punished! I don't want them touching me! only you and you brothers are allowed to touch me! she cried and started to force herself to wake up more. Her eyes slowly opened and her breathing was becoming harder the more effort she put into waking up.

How are they touching you?! he asked, fighting his sister to enter the room, jealousy filling him. They shouldn't be touching you at all! Only healing! No touching involved!

She blinked but her eyes would not focus, there was red in her vision like there was blood in them, was she crying blood? I dont know...I cant see...all I see is red....please Maxim I dont want them touching told me not to let anyone else touch me!

Maxim broke his sister's grip and went to Melana, saying, "No one is touching you. No one but me." He looked at Mikhail. "Please, find the ward and destroy it. I can't see her compelled like this, and I can't reverse it."

"We will do what we can," Mikhail said.

"Its not a compulsion that makes her act like this, you and your brothers broke her mind" Ivory said coming in the room folding her arms looking upset "from what I have seen I can already tell Vadim used his devices on her and Sergey went right for the pain, I can tell all of you have had time with her, isnt that right Maxim?" she asked in a stern tone.

Melana closed her eyes and held onto Maxim with a weak grip, shaking in his arms "I did good right? I didnt let them touch me.." She said in a weak shaken tone

Maxim said, "Ivory, you also saw that I was under compulsion. I would not have done what I did otherwise." He caressed Melana's cheek. "Melana, these men are simply healing. You must let them help you. Please."

"even still we both know what our brothers are capable of, we need to know everything they did otherwise we might not be able to.." but she was cut off by Melana.

"Is this a test? no I won't let them I wont..." her head start to sway like she was losing consciousness "please....get the voices to stop....I cant...t-taaa" her head went limp against his chest and red tears fell down her face

Maxim gasped and said, "There is only one reason why she is effected like this and have blood identical to Mikhail's. And it isn't a good thing."

"What?" asked Gregori.

"Well, Ruslan, Kirja, and Sergey wouldn't care so much," Maxim said. "However, Vadim likes to one-up everyone. And what is the best way to one-up the prince?" Before anyone could answer, Maxim started fighting Melana. "No, honey! Don't go to him! He's evil! Don't give Vadim what he wants!"

She didn't put up a good fight because of how weak she was "Im not going to him I'm getting away from them!" she pointed without her eyes even open at Mikhail and Gregori "their bad....they can't touch me!" she cried as she flailed in his arms. Suddenly she broke free with a violent push and grabbed onto Gregori's wrist surprising everyone, her eyes opened to meet his gaze, her eyes were a glowing red like a newborn vampire "Its in my head...please I can't fight it much longer..Vadim, he told me too...he told me to " her grip on his wrist tighten and he could see she was struggling for control " please....break it...I don't want to be a puppet..." she said in a shaken painfilled tone "he...he...soul bound me too..." but she cried out in pain before she could finish and let go of his wrist, grabbing her head, blood started to fall from between her legs.

Maxim took hold of her. He started to edge out of the cave with her when Razvan and Marcus stopped him.

Mikhail said, "Found it! I know where the ward is!"

Maxim held her as she screamed. Maxim blocked everyone from her mind, but got the full brunt of her memories. When it was over, he growled.

"A vampire turned you?" he asked.


It was a day early, but Kirja couldn't wait any longer. He opened the earth and put Abby on their bed. His toys stood obediently in the corner, the woman afraid of being raped by the man and the man looking like he had been hit by a car.

"Wake up, Mrs. Malinov," Kirja said. "It's time to start the honeymoon."

Abby awoke with a sore body but it was nothing she could not handle. At first, she forgot where she was, so when she opened her eyes to see a beautiful fancy ceiling and bedpost she was confused. But when she heard Kirja's voice it all came back and she smiled sitting up. Any blemishes her mortal body had were gone, making her body even more seductive and perfect. Her breast bounced slightly as she sat up and looked at him "Kirja..." she said in name and it felt like velvet caressed his whole body

He shivered, but the way the man was eyeing her forced him to dress them both. He helped her up.

"What do you wish to do for our first night as husband and wife?" he asked. "I made the toys play together, but it wasn't fun without you."

She stood up and flinched slightly at her sore body "first I need you to teach me what I need to know about being what I am now, otherwise how can I truly enjoy it" she said meeting his gaze " need to come over here to me" she said with a smirk and lust in her eyes

He smiled, putting all the information in her mind so she could hunt, feed, and transform as if she had been born Carpathian. He stood in front of her, his hand on the back of her neck so he could kiss her deeply.

She grabbed his jacket and pulled him closer, deepening the kiss even more as her tongue danced with his everything about you is even better...your taste....smell...your touch.... she moaned in his head

We were supposed to be lifemates, but my elder brother took that from us, he said. If we repent and are reborn into this life, we will be lifemates. But we should celebrate our marriage. How should we start?

She pulled back breaking the kiss and meeting his gaze "Im hungry...for a few" she looked at the two humans "and justice" she finished

He pointed her to the woman and said, "Then feed. Just leave them alive. I want to enjoy the justice we bring upon them. Though, you may have to tell me what makes someone guilty. I tend to go for everyone. After all, everyone is guilty of something."

"I will enjoy teaching you many things.." she said in a seductive tone as she took his hand and walked over to the to humans "what would you do if that man touched me?" she asked looking back at him

Kirja growled, causing the man to shiver as he said, "I'd rip off pieces of him, then force him to eat them. I'd start with his fingers and toes, working towards his stomach. When he got to his stomach, I'd force him to ingest his own guts so that his death was slow and painful." He looked at the woman. "What would you do if she touched me?"

He saw her fangs lengthen, without another word and with inhuman speed she broke both of the woman's hands and with a clawed hand and with one hit she scratched both of her eyes out, blinding her. She took a deep breath as the woman screamed on the ground "sorry...I lost my temper at the thought" she said straightening her dress and looking back at him

"It's quite alright," he said, hugging her to him. "I like that you did that. She would beat her child with those hands. And when I wasn't looking, she would look me over with desire in her heart, trying to find ways to steal me from you. She is an idiot." He growled. "If that man doesn't stop, I will put my plan in action." The man looked away. "I just have more control, that's all. But I love how you react instantly. I want to be more like that, but we also have to be careful."

She looked up at him as she wrapped her arms around him "you said you didn't know how to tell what kind of guilty person to go for because everyone is guilty of something..." she said meeting his gaze "there are two kinds of guilty people, those who know they have done wrong and feel guilty for it and those who do wrong and dont feel guilty for it, which one do you think these two are?" she said lookingat them.

"They obviously feel no remorse for beating their children," he said, causing the woman to shiver, "or raping them." The man tried to shrink into a corner. "But they are starting to."

She smiled at him letting him know he just answered his own questions "see the difference, its easy to torture some weak minded person who already feels guilty...but to take monsters like us and torture them so deeply that it reaches their soul, that's power, those are the people I choose, heating men are my preferred because of my past but its people like me I target the most, emotionless phyco paths, the rush of causing them so much pain that before I kill them they feel they are almost what a normal person remorseful should be like, that what I seek" She said looking back at them "to rape a beat a beater...." she said with a growl

Kirja said, "In my past life, I would take those who were remorseful and turn them into monsters. That is just as fun. But, for my queen, I will stick to bringing justice to the competition."

She smiled "so you were the opposite of me? I find that charming...maybe I killed some of the monsters you created " she said with a teasing smirk

"Doubtful," said Kirja. "These monsters killed Carpathians. As far as humans know, they are crazy. The society was full of the worst kind of monsters. Rapists, murders, backstabbers. Half I and my brothers created, the other half born that way. It was fun trying to overthrow the prince." He saw a glint in her eye. "Don't get any ideas on punishing me like that, Abby. My brother pulled me back to this world just before I repented. I just didn't get the chance to."

"I have no interest in your prince or any other Carpathian but you, " she said honestly, as she licked up the side of his neck "but...I do want the first time I feed to be your blood" she said in a tone that sent shivers through him.

"Do it," he said. "Feed from me."

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