Angles and Demons 8

Harley woke up expecting her cage but she found she wrapped in Sergey's arms, her face against his chest. She felt something cool and heavy covering them, when she went to take a breath her mouth filled with what tasted like dirt and she started to panic. Suddenly, the earth lifted off of them and Sergey loomed over her. He smiled.
"We are right outside of your parents' house," he said. "Time to meet the in-laws, you know. But remember, we are here to cut all ties to your past. We need to ensure our future. These people made you feel inferior, so we need to make them pay. Right before we went to ground, you told me how you wanted to do that, remember?"
She looked around and shook a little from shock still "I....want them to know how they made me feel" she said placing her hands on his shoulders
"We will do more than that, my dear," he said, splaying his hand over her stomach. "You are glowing this evening. And are warm. Our child must be enhancing your already beautiful form." He looked inside her for a moment before returning. "Yes, our child is developing nicely. Before we go in, I want to have our child in your arms. It will not hurt until you give birth. Will you do this for me? Let me bring him out?" And he intended to make sure it was a boy. "That way, we can come as a united front?"
She looked at him with a confused look "w-what do you mean?" she asked
"I would make them grow rapidly," he said, shrugging. "It would be uncomfortable, but not painful. The pain would come with actually giving birth. In this one moment, I'm giving you a choice. Answer your master, Harley. Do I bring our son into the world now, or do you keep me for yourself?"
Part of him wanted to bring child after child into this world rapidly, to have his army now. But some other part... the Carpathian part that he despised, wanted her to chose him and only him. He waited, looking at her like she was his possession... and his life.
She frowned and looked angry "No! I dont want to share you...your mine! did i do something to displease you? did I anger you again? Ill do better I promise" She said suddenly tackling him and planting her hands on his chest "Please...Ill do better....dont be with anyone else" She said and started to move her hips making her core rub against his member
Sergey was shocked at the intensity she projected, and he let out a breath he didn't know he had held. He cupped her cheek in his hand, tender for the first time ever.
"I'm not angry with you," he said, his voice soft. "I just thought... husband, wife, and child... we could..."
He didn't know how to finish. It would torture the older couple more to have things done in front of an infant, yes. But now... the thought of sharing her was the same as ripping out his heart. He didn't want it.
He kissed her before saying tenderly, "What spell do you have over me, woman? I don't know how to make this better. I want to keep you all to myself, yet I need an army to make us rulers of the world. You are to provide that army to me, but... I can't share you. I won't share you."
"there has to be another way......your my master...there is nothing you cant do...I wont share you I wont!" She said and took him deep inside her and cried out
He growled with pleasure and said, "Then, our child stays inside you, growing normally. We will get someone to raise him for us. We will stay with each other at all times. Not even our son will come between us."
Her hands gripped his chest "But he is already getting in the cant be rough with me like you want...he is keeping me from pleasuring you like you deserve" She said in a upset tone
"He's just cells right now," he said. "Even if he wasn't, I could protect him so we can fuck however we want. Now," he rolled until she was under him, taking all control and ramming to her hard and fast, "never hold back again. I wasn't holding back, you were. And right now, I want you screaming. I want to you to be the slut I know you are."
She cried out "Ill be anything you want me to be....but only for you!" she cried "im your slut! only yours! and your mine right master? I dont have to share....please...Ill kill...Ill kill anyone who tries to make me share you!"
He kissed her, his thrusts becoming becoming rougher. You never have to share me, he said into her mind as he built her to shattering orgasm, but didn't let her fall. I want you to scream more. Talk dirty to me, Harley.
please master more! I need more of you! I took you for granted im sorry I thought you were a monster that only caused me pain but know I know that pain is a please harder master! torture me more! make me yours more! I give myself to you!
He went as hard as he could, leaving marks and bruises everywhere. Tell me what you want me to do, Harley. How can I please you? You are so good this night, this is your reward. Tell me how to fuck you so that I live and breath inside you at all times.
Your bite master I need your bite! mark my body like your brand with it! Mark me! claim me! If anyone sees me I want them to know I belong to you! but more then that...I want to mark you master...can I? please? Just one? I want them to know who will kill them if they get to close to you
He pulled back and exposed his throat, "Do it, Harley. You have my marks up and down your body. I will allow you to give me this one, where everyone can see it."
She gasped and he felt excitement and joy slam into her as well as her mind break a little more, claiming him meant that she accepted their union, wanted it. She wrapped her arms around his neck, her tongue licking up the side of his neck, he felt a part of her try to break through, to stop herself, the little part of her left that was resisting him.
He growled, his fingers biting into her hips a little painfully as he said, "Do it, Harley. Mark me. Accept me as your king, as I have accepted you as my queen."
He hit a spot that sent a jolt of pain through her, but it was instantly followed by pleasurable thrusts. On and off, pain and pleasure, using what he knew to force her to accepting him. He needed, needed, her to accept him. By mixing punishment with pleasure, he felt her last bit of resistance dissipate and her teeth sank deep.
Her mind shattered the moment his blood filled her mouth, so much so the ward her had placed to keep her abilities dormant broke and a gush of power blasted from her rocking the earth that surrounded them. She wrapped her legs around his waist and her hands dug into his back Sergey! She cried out his name for the first time
Shock and longing filling him, causing him to fill her like never before. He held himself off of her, kissing her one last time before pulling their bodies apart. He then made her get on her hands and shoved back into her, moving hard and deep, setting fast pace that took her instantly to the edge and held her there.
"We can torture your parents tomorrow," he growled. "Tonight, let me show you how good you are, Harley."
"Lets do both master, i know that will please you the most....."she moaned "let their screams of pain mixed with my cries of pleasure as you show them I belong to you"
He realized then that he had let her into his mind. He laughed and said, "That sounds perfect, my queen. But we need to find clothing to match your new status. What do you have in mind?"
A image poped in her mind, she thought about what his queen would look like and how he would want her to look
He smiled sitting up and keeping her laying down, hitting her deep to send shivers through her. Instantly, the dress was on her, but pulled down to expose her breasts and bunched at her waist.
He asked, "And how would I look, my..." Was he really about to say she was his LOVE?! "My queen?"
An image of her favorite and only doll as a child came to her mind, he use to pretend he was her dark night that would come and save her
Ivory shook her head "Its not that I dont understand that but something feels off here, there are to many things unanswered and I dont like that" she said trying to sit up, sweat beaded her forehead "That woman.......and that massacre at the hospital......something is going on and I fear if we are caught of guard it will be more then we can handle" she said
Maxim appeared, followed closely by Riorden, and said, "That's just it, Ivory. Something is happening, and it involves my lifemate. Because they found out I was no longer loyal to them, they didn't tell me what it is. My guess is that it involves the children as well. Vadim wouldn't have done that just to get back at me. He wants something else." He looked at everyone. "Is there something here he would want?"
"Like what?" Manolito asked.
"Well," Maxim started, "we Malinovs don't leave lose strings. And that's the problem. I know he has a lose string. Only one. Jennifer. I helped her escape, and that has been his obsession ever since." He looked at Ivory. "We can't let Melana find her, if she is here. I can't be near her either. If I am being used as a spy, then the danger to her has increased. Maybe, because you also don't like lose strings, you are sensing that."
Ivory shook her head "in the past you all worked your divide it seems....I think its worse then that, if Vadim is after Jennifer then it still leaves kirja and Sergey.....Sergey was at that hospital but that was not his handy work and we still dont know where Kirja is" she said in a unstable tone
"Sergey was busy when we hunted," Maxim said, looking like his head hurt as he cupped it. "We... went to the hospital to feed, but he... never went back with me."
"He had Elisabeta before," said Manolito, shocking Maxim with the news. "My guess, he found a new target, one he could do more with."
"That is possible," said Maxim with a growl, his eyes darkening. "Sergey always liked to keep secrets. No doubt, he has broken her mind and spirit by now. In fact, it may be possible that Ruslan is out looking for a woman, but he will want intelligent and that will give him away, so he's the easier target. Kirja must have found a woman as well. Kirja wouldn't want a woman that is innocent, however."
"What makes you say that?" asked Riorden.
"He never liked having to train women," said Maxim. "He had me do it. I would give them to him and move on to the next target when we were vampires. My guess, he's found someone as sadistic as himself. That means he will be doubly dangerous."
"We need to take action, first we need to have protection around Jennifer, then we need to find out what and who Sergey has and is up too and we need to find Rulsan and Kirja and now we need to double the protect around the prince" she said in a tone that let the people who knew her best know that she and an idea, that her huntress was emerging full force.
Maxim said, "And keep Melana and myself from knowing your plans, touching Jennifer and Marcus's minds, and from being able to get near everyone. The last one will be the toughest, as she seems to be able to things we know nothing of. I don't know if she is able to just walk through safeguards or not."
"we will need to test that....have Gregori do so, besides Mikhail he has the strongest wards" She said coughing a little "we also need to know every detail of what you and your mothers did....we need to call a council and view it"
Maxim said sadly as he sat down, "They will not look favorably on me. You saw it, Ivory, when you looked in my mind. All of you have seen it. I needed to get Melana out and let Kirja compel me to hurt her. He sounded so reasonable at the time, and I saw few options. Looking back, I had them. I could have done anything else but let him do that." He looked at his sister, acceptance and dismay in his eyes. "They will want to kill me, and I won't stop them. But I ask this of you, Ivory. Only you can do this. If that is what they choose, I want you to kill Melana as well. My death will make her go to Vadim faster than if I live. Right now, I'm the only reason she hasn't, but even that's on a knife's edge. I don't even know what side she is leaning towards. So, if Mikhail is forced to kill me, then you must destroy my lifemate as well."
"I will but" she said meeting his eyes "We will need to see from her mind what your brothers did to her when they had her alone. she will need to be at the meeting, we will have mikhail put the wards over the councils mind so she can not read out thoughts. But we will have to go into her mind Maxim...and you know it will not be willing"
Pain shot through Maxim's head. Manolito looked in and hissed.
"A second compulsion," he said.
Maxim looked at him, startled, and said, "Are you sure?"
"No mistaking it," Manolito asked. "You had a moment alone with Vadim. That's when it happened. He doesn't want something found, and is going to make it so you will stop us."
Maxim nodded and said, "Of course he would do that. Someone will have to prevent me from trying to stop everyone from probing her mind, then." He looked at Riorden. "You know me better than anyone besides Ivory. You will know how best to keep me from obeying the compulsion."
Riorden nodded and said, "I can do that."
"We will put you to sleep Maxim, if she is suffering from the separation it will make her mind easier to enter, two birds one stone, you will be out of the way unable to interfere and the council will gain the information it needs" Ivory said.
"Do it then," he forced himself to say, the pain getting worse. "Because seeing them hurt her... I'd kill everyone there for making her relive it all, then, I'd kill them." He looked at Ivory, sincerity and anger dripping with every word as he said, "They are not my brothers. I learned what we did was wrong, but those men have not. I will not be associated with them any longer."
Ivory nodded and looked at Malitino, she looked pale and weak and he knew she needed him to do it. When it was done Ivory sent out the call "the Council has been summoned"
She growled "Kirja" she said in a warning tone "my mind is not somewhere you want to I dont know how to do what you are asking"
"You forget that I have the same type of mind," said Kirja. "And I can make you let me in. It will be painful, but you will also learn how to tear down the walls yourself." His smile became wolfish. "Want me to try?"
"I make no promises that I wont retaliate " she moaned
"What makes you think I would stop you?" he asked pushing into her mind, the pain adding to the pleasure. "I want you to retaliate, Abby. You always make it feel... painful."
She groaned as the pain mixed with the pleasure, her memories where all in blood.she realized from the moment she killed her own father what she was capable of, she realized it took a monster to kill monsters. She had no illusions of what she was, she felt no comfort in the fact that she only targeted other monster, she would kill anyone who stood in her way from getting to her prey, she had innocent blood on her hands just like any monster. He saw she enjoyed the hunt and kill. Killing and hunting innocents is easy, their weak and easily fooled. But hunter monsters...people like her, psychopaths, serial killers, those were harder, it was a mind game just as much as it was a hunt. Finding them among the billions of people in the word after the try so hard to hide is only part of the thrill. She could care less for the run of the muck burglars or gang killing, no she wanted the snakes....the demons that faked humanity, the next door neighbor that was Mr Rodgers by day and jack the ripper at night, thats were the thrill was, that was the prey she sought and her mind was full of memories of them.
He growled and said, "God, you are so hot." He kissed her neck. "Perfect." His tongue swirled over her rapid pulse. "Mine." He bit down. We share the same mind. These would have been my targets if I had retained honor, Abby. I wouldn't have had the fun you did, but still. Now, I want to share those experiences with you. I want to be as you are.
She saw from his mind what Carpathians considered monster and she moaned loudly "Part of me wants to kill you Kirja...your the biggest monster I have ever found.....but....chaining you to my side seems more fitting" She moaned. Her nails racked down his back "Harder Kirja I want my new body to ache with your passion and after I will show you mine" he said in a seductive tone
He began going harder, faster, and deeper as he said, You are about a two thousand years too young to kill me, Abby. Besides, I'm not the worse monster out there. Vadim and Sergey are. We need to build you up to fight ones such as them. Then, the real fun will begin.
She grew tighter around him, her body adjust perfectly for his rough passion "no you are worse then them " she said with a tone full of pride were others would have disgust
He closed the wound and said, "How so? I think I'm different than the men who tortured people. I liked the results, not the breaking."
"your an artist like molding not can make anyone a puppet with compulsion and puppet is not find....but molding someone into something his...thats why your worse...your like me...a monster with a purpose...a goal. Its easy breaking someone...its harder to mold them"
"Am I molding you?" he asked, his voice husky as his hands shaped her breasts.
She smiled and sadistic smile "well that please you to think you were?" She said in a teasing tone
Kirja smiled and said, "Would it matter? You are already like me. I would just be enhancing what you already do. If anyone is molding anyone, it is you. I've never been like this with anyone before. I care deeply for you, almost to obsession. I desire the pain you inflict, but need your gasps of pleasure when I hurt you at the same time." He looked in her eyes. "I feel complete with you."
He felt how his words effected her, she felt the same, she wanted to hurt him, to leave her mark so he would never forget her and at the same time she wanted it in return, a small part of her wanted to kill him for making her feel this way, he could feel her obsession for him growing, she was like a animal that was sinking her claws and teeth deeper into her prey out of fear it would flee
Kirja buried his face in her neck and asked in a shaky, almost shy, voice, "Is it okay if I... love you? Can ones as dark as us love? In another life, we would have been hunters, save people. Now, the world sees us as monsters. Can monsters love, Abby? Can we?"
She looked at him"without monsters there would be no heroes, light can not live without dark and vi versa....I happily take on the roll of a monster....never ashamed of the blood on my hands, I am helping keep balance in this fucked up can monsters love? yes but not in the way those in the light do....I say the way monsters love is more powerful....we love the point of insanity. We love not just people but the raw basic human instincts the others deny...we love without restraint. Not afraid to do what we love, not caring for the want to know what I have learned.... The difference between monsters like us and those hunters you talk about selfish love and selfless love" she said gripping his hair and pulling making him look at her "and I selfishly am falling in love with you....and that is more dangerous then any love those hunters feel" she said and kissed him
The relief was more than Kirja could bear. He lost all control. It felt like hours that they made love, or was it minutes? He couldn't tell anymore. He just never wanted it to end.

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