Angles and Demons 9

He paled and said, "That is not my style, Harley. Why would you want me to look like that?" He put his favorite outfit on, one that made him look intimidating in a strange way. He was completely dress, except for his cock and buttocks so that he could pound into her without mercy. "This is my style."

"Im sorry master....I guess I like red on you....your eyes were red the first time I saw you....when we made love in the blood in the were covered in red" SHe moaned "your my king no matter what you wear master....please dont ever leave me..." she cried out

"It will never happen," he said, changing the suit to a dark crimson for her without thinking about it. "Not even the child who was supposed to defeat me will take me from you and our son. I have you, and together, we can defeat her." He filled her once more and fixed them both. "But first, we must have fun with your old family."

She went to stand up and found herself on shaking legs and instinctively reached out and grabbed his hand for support, showing already she was becoming more dependent on him "I-Im sorry master...I shouldnt have touched you without your permission.." she said in a scared and sad tone and removed her hand from his

He gripped her hand and said, "You are the only woman who can touch me freely, Harley. Only you. You can't hurt me, but you can touch me however you want otherwise."

He saw her bit her bottom lip and her cheeks flush, he felt her excitement grow at his words "I would never hurt you...but them" she said looking at the house "them and anyone else who gets to close to you I will" she said in a upset yet determined tone "I trust you my me how to use my abilities so I can be at your side and be who you saved me from all those horrible people and my loneliness....I will do anything for you" she said tightening her hand on his

"Let me do all the talking, then," he said. "The night is almost over. You woke before you were supposed to, Harley. But now, we can give them a happy today before we bathe in their blood tomorrow. A tease makes it more fun."

She nodded and followed him to the door hand in hand. We are going to play with them, he said as he produced the illusion of a large car driving up the driveway that screamed money. I am a wealthy businessman from Romania, and you my new wife. They will want to please me just because of that. So, if you can handle their words, we will play with our prey before we have our real fun.

She nodded as the door opened, the moment her father saw her he frowned "Can I help you?" he said in a rough tone, playing it off as he didn't recognize her

"Sir," Sergey said respectfully, grabbing his attention, "My name is Sergey. I believe my wife is your daughter. She is nervous, but it makes her look so adorable when she tries to pretend to be confident." He brushed a kiss against her ear. "I thought that I should meet my father in-law. It was difficult to hide the wedding. The press loves it when a millionaire gets married these days. I promised her we would keep our lives out of the press as much as possible."

"David, who is it?" a female voice came from inside, acting like she hadn't heard him. When she saw Harley, tears welled up on cue and she flung herself at her daughter. "My baby girl! I thought I'd never see you again!"

Stay in my mind and watch everything I do so you can use it later, he said to Harley as he said aloud, "She felt it best to leave you out of the guest list, but didn't say why. I thought, if we came for a visit, but she remained quiet." He put a compulsion in their minds to wake up their true selves slowly. "Can we come in and talk?"

Sergey could feel Harley fighting the urge to to hurt her mother, her nails lengthened on her own and her fangs did as well but she kept them hidden, The rage and pain inside her was almost undoing her

"Of course...mary let them in" Her father said

Mary opened the door wide and said, "Yes, please, come into our home."

Sergey smiled and walked in, avoiding her mother yet holding Harley close. He sat on the couch.

"So, what did you want to know?" Mary asked, sitting down across from them.

"You can start with her infancy," Sergey said. "She refused to tell me about her childhood."

Mary looked at David, wanting him to say everything. She got up and went to the kitchen to make tea. I've seen it all, he told Harley. I know what they did. This is a game. Relax. Your nails are starting to break my skin.

"Sir?" Sergey promted.

The moment he said that he nails retracted im sorry...I didnt mean too.... she said and raised his hand and kissed it where her nails had been

The father looked uncomfortable "Um well....she was a healthy baby....normal until she got older....see we believed harley was gifted...but the docs said otherwise and as concerned parents we did our best" he said.

He felt Harley shift slightly beside him, she was controlling herself for him.

In this case, it's okay, he told her. He then put his arm around her, lifted her chin to look at him in the eye, and said, "She is gifted. The most gifted woman I have ever seen. She is the only one for me."

Mary began crying. Go act the perfect daughter, he said to Harley. Her sniffles are annoying.

She nodded and kissed his cheek softly before standing up and walking over to them "I-I know know that you did what you thought was best for me......and I hope we can start...over" she said in a soft tone with her hands behind her back, Sergey could see her nails had lengthen and were slightly shaken they are so close......I thought they were monsters....I feared them and now....I find them would take nothing for me

But then they would never feel the pain you felt, he said, laughing at something her father said. Tomorrow. They will reveal the truth to me tomorrow, and we can kill them slowly. It will take days, Harley. One for each year they tortured you.

"I didn't want you, Harley!" her mother hissed quietly. "How could you get a sweet man like him to fall for you?! The curse you placed on this family the day you were born, you shouldn't have brought him in on it! Not only are you a devil child, but now you are gold digging whore!"

Harley growled and grabbed her mother by the hair and shoved her face into the wall, covering her mouth so she couldn't scream. She leaned down and put her mouth by her ear "You will keep your voice husband in there will like to enjoy his time tonight an you will not ruin that.....If you so much as breath the wrong way I will skin you alive you fucking waste of space" She said in a dangerous tone "Do I make myself clear?"

Mary whimpered and nodded as she said, "Don't hurt me. Not again."

"Then smile and fake you always did around others" she said roughly letting her go and walking back into the other room and sat back down next to Sergey. For the first time in her life she felt empowered and it was all thanks to him, she let her dress casually fall over his lap and slowly slid her hand into his lap "Tell have you both been all these years?" she asked as her mother came back into the room

"Living day by day....we tried to find you but they kept your information from us..." He father said faking sincerity. As he spoke Harley slid her hand into Sergey's pants and took a hold of his member

Sergey smiled at her and said, "That must have been around the time we met. We started dating. I stayed in a rundown apartment to appear normal, but I still tried to make sure my life remained private. That meant protecting her. When I revealed I was a millionaire due to the lose of my parents in a fire, she nearly left me."

"Really?" asked Mary, clearly shocked. "An attractive man like you?"

"I did keep my money a secret," he said with a shrug. "Even when she was struggling, and I refused to help. I didn't blame her. I would have done the same thing. From that moment on, I have been one hundred percent honest with her. She was kind enough to give me a second chance."

She teased the skin of his member making it feel like it was on fire, sending shivers through him

"It is good to know that she kept her kind heart through all her hardships.....if only we could have done more" her father said though his fist clenched. Harley leaned her head on Sergey's shoulder "He showed me what it means to trust someone...." she said softly and leaned up and kissed the side of his neck gently before looking back at her parents. Her mothers indecent thoughts about him invaded her mind and Sergey felt Harley start to get up, but instead of going over to her mother she simply sat in his lap, still stroking the skin of his member "Honey....Im feeling a little nauseous.." SHe said in a fake innocent tone

He had seen the thoughts as well and said, "I understand. The plane ride was rather turbulent for this time of year." He looked at her parents. "We will be..."

"Staying in her room!" Mary said, surprising her husband. "Remember, Harley, you slept in the basement. You liked it down there because no one would bother you." She looked at Sergey. "It's the size of the whole house. She filled it with so many books, it looks more like a library but her bed is hidden at the far end, behind the shelves."

The door locks from the outside...they kept me locked in there after they told everyone they knew I have died... She said into his head I will not have her be so rude as to treat you the same She said nuzzling his neck, her stroke on her member going faster until he was painfully hard.

"Dear we have not been in there in ages, Im sure the will want something more comfortable..." He father started

There is no lock that can hold me, he said, She can't lock us in.

"The basement is fine," he said.

I know there is no lock to hold out but it is an insult that she would even should not have to be even in the same room wit this filth, they are unworthy to even look at you.... He felt her protectiveness of him growing, She was fighting with herself not to kill them every second because she believed they were not worthy to even breath the same air as him Tell me what you want my king and I will do body is ready for you as is my blood

In the basement, we can sleep in the earth, he said. You placed wooden planks on the floor to cover it, but it is still there. Then you found things to make book shelves. They gave you all manner of books to keep you quiet when they had guests. We will be safe. And what they do doesn't matter. We intend on killing them anyway. What is it to ones as powerful as us if they try to play as humans when they battle gods?

"Oh, but Sergey, wouldn't you want the guest room upstairs?" Mary asked, hoping to get him alone.

"I never sleep in a bed without my wife beside me," he said. "I've stayed up for five days before. She made me sleep on the couch because I was an idiot one night. I am not comfortable without her. Angry or not, she has to be at my side when I sleep."

Mary gasped at the love in Sergey's voice and in his eyes as he looked at Harley. Her eyes teared up, longing and envy and hate swirling in her eyes.

Harley turned slightly in his lap, her firm buttocks rubbing up against his erection "I could never be mad at him for to long....I love him to much.....Oh honey I forgot to take my Maternity pill before we arrived..." She said in a innocent tone "I forgot with the long flight....Do you think it will be ok for one night?" she asked in a loving tone

I see what you are doing, Harley, he said, looking at her confused for a moment. I will play along because it will torture your mother. She is a cheating whore who needs to be punished. And trust me, she has been all over this bloody town with her legs wide open.

"I don't..." he said, paling as if it just hit him. "But you... I saw..." His eyes narrowed. "You took a tictac this morning, didn't you? I thought that was the pill!"

She frowned "Im sorry honey....I meant to take it but I forgot...I was so nervous about coming here it completely skipped my mind" She said with a sorry look on her face Thank you....when we are alone I will show you how grateful I am... She said as she moved letting her dress shift slightly so the hand on her thigh touched her bare skin, letting him feel the heart coming from her core

He was instantly hard, but he still managed to look angry as he said, "Harley, it's to help you and the baby!" He sighed and kissed her lovingly. "Just this once. From now on, set an alarm. I don't want anything to happen to the two of you."

Mary glared at her daughter and said, "No, Sergey has to stay upstairs! Alone!"

Before he could put up the shields, shocked that Mary was also psychic, he found himself saying, "If that's..."

He quickly found Harley kissing him and driving the compulsion out of his mind. He also felt her anger. Calm yourself. It is shocking that your mother can compel even one such as me, but you saved me, saved my life. You are a good slave.

Mary backed away, shocked that she had used her hidden ability and shocked that it hadn't worked. She ran from the room.

Her father went to get up but Harley got up "Let me...I know this must be hard for her" She said and looked back at Sergey Im sorry...I should have warned you....Back then I didnt understand that she had an can punish me later for it master I deserve it She said and went after her mother, as she went down the hall sergey saw a picture on the wall crack as she went by.

Once in the other room she shut the door "you dare try to mind fuck my husband?" She said in a low threatening tone but before she could answer Harley had her by the throat making her unable to speak or scream "Im not going to kill you....My husband would not like that...." She said lifting her off the ground, with one hard lift of her knee she slammed her knee into her mothers core, hearing the bones crack but not break, her mother opened her mouth to scream but nothing came out "If you even think about him you fucking slut I will know and I will do worse then this, but now I know you cant even touch yourself with your dirty fucking hands to the thought of MY Husband " She said throwing her onto the bed "Rest now mother.....this has overwhelmed you.....and when father comes in to go to bed you are going to want to fuck are going to want to fuck him so bad you will do or say anything to get him to have sex with you...." She said not knowing she was forcing a compulsion on her "you will not tell him how painful it is for him to slam into your fracture pelvis....your cries of pains will be moans of pleasure...and you wont stop fucking him until your pelvis breaks" She said finishing the compulsion

Sergey brushed against her mind, sharing how proud he was. I can't be mad at the woman that just compelled her own mother to save me. I need you to stay there and make sure she listens, even watch her pick out her sluttiest outfit. She's powerful for a human, so it might not stick. You must make sure. Keep commanding her so that she reveals the whore she is.

"Yes my love..." she said back to him

"You know," said Sergey, "I feel like I'm still missing something about my wife. Please tell me. Harley looks nothing like you. Are you sure she is your child?"

He seemed angered by his comment, In his mind he had always had supicions, unable to believe he vould spawn such a abomination "of course " he said " she takes after her mother, she is a beauty..." he said trailing off as his memories of him wanting to molest her played in his head " so tell me about yourself" he said clearing his throat as he tried not to get an erection.

"Well, I'm a millionaire," Sergey said, "I like to live simply, and I love Harley." He hid his shock that he just blurted that out. His voice dropped an octave as he said, "But we should continue talking about your relationship with Harley. I want to hear every detail of it."

"Im sorry i feel maybe we should start what do you do for work?" He asked

Before sergey could answer he felt harelys pain through their link. Her mother had tried to stab her stomach and she grabbed the knife with her hands, stopping it.

He felt harleys anger rise how dare you! I am not yours to touch! My husband is the only who can touch me! She said gripping the knife harder as her mother pushed harder against it.

"That doesnt sound good i should go male sure they are....." her father started

"You will stay here," ordered Sergey. Harley, I will heal you. Take control. Force your mind into hers and take control. "My job is with computer parts. We also make custom computers for celebrities and businesses. Many companies around the world order from us because even our cheaply made products are high quality."

Harley did as he said and pushed until she felt the snap and her mother cried out in pain you......when Im done with will truely regret ever being born just like you regret my birth she said throwing the knife to the floor after she licked the blood off you are making my husband worry.. she said throwing her on the bed your such a whore you dont need clothes...strip she commanded and tried to get herself to calm down as her mother obeyed her

"I-I see...that sounds how is my daughter in she healthy?"

"What are you getting at, sir?" he asked, putting just enough disrespect in his tone, showing disgust, but he forced the man to keep going. He ordered the nonpsycic man, You want to tell me. I'm a confidant. You can't live with the secret any longer and feel you have to tell me, to warn me of what you felt. "Is there something I should know about my beautiful wife and mother of my child?"

He frowned "she is a temptress...a spawn of fucked her the first time you met her didnt you...her sinful cunt called to you" he said standing up and walking over to him "tell me what it was like...what was her sinful cunt like?" He said grabbing his suit

Acting like this sudden outburst shocked him he said, "Well, we were both virgins, so... it's hard to describe!" He forced more out of the man, saying, Tell me your tamest fantasy. He connected to Harley, wanting her to hear so they could act it out later. "Why?!"

"Because! You dont know how many times i wanted fuck her sinful cunt! To make her see what her devil magic did to me! " the image of him fuckig her infront of the mirror so she could see his face as he fucked her and he could see hers poped into his head

He ordered, You need to tell me your fantasy, out loud. You can no longer keep it inside. You need to warn me, using the tamest fantasy you have. Sergey gasped at the same time, grabbing hold of the cross around his neck like a devout man would and said, "But she's your..."

"She is nothing but a devil spawn! A mistake! I wanted to fuck her infront of a mirror to show her what her desgusting cunt did to me!" He said in a angered tone "if you know whats good for you leave her! Kill her! " he yelled. Sergey felt the weight of his words in harley. He saw her mimd go back to a time in the basement, he use to carve crosses in her skin between her legs, hilding her down, calling her a abomination

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