The Games We Play

Sergey shoved the man away with a little more force than he meant to, forgetting for a moment that they were supposed to be playing along with their nonsense, as he said, "Harley is everything to me! I will not leave her! She is more special than you could ever know! She saved me when no one else could! She is an angle! My angle! The only woman I truly love!"

He looked up at him from the floor "she got you poor man...i should have killed her.." he got up "its not to late.." he said heading down the hall towards the room

He grabbed the man by the throat and bit down on his neck, stifling a scream. When he took enough, he closed the wound and removed the memory of the feeding. You will not harm Harley. You will not touch the woman I love. You have decided to talk to me tomorrow in a final stitch effort to save me, telling me your darkest fantasy about fucking my woman, the one that nearly happened the day she left your home for good. Now, go up stairs, knock on the door and tell Harley it is time for us to go to her room. When we are safely out of the room, you will look in and see your wife. You will fuck her until you hear her pelvis crack. Then, you will rape her until sun down. He watched the man leave, his anger slowly dissipating. Then, Harley touched his mind. How much did you hear, Harley?

"Everything...mast....Sergey...she is ready....please...let me come to you" she begged

I'm waiting at the foot of the steps, he said, blushing. He cannot see his wife until after you leave the room. Hurry back to me.

Her father came in and did as he was compelled to, the moment she left the room and he shut the door she ran to the stairs, she didnt stop with one leap she jumped from the top of the stairs and into Sergey's arms "Master!" she cried out wrapping her arms around his neck and buried her head into his neck

He caught her and sat her feet on the floor. He held her a moment before saying, "Show me to the room they would lock you in. I need to see it."

She looked at him "the basement was....when alive....after they killed me...the kept me in a hidden room my father made...which one do you want to see?"

"All of it," he said as they heard moans coming from upstairs.

She nodded and took him to the small basement room door, the door was locked but he broke it easily. Once down there dust covered the small room

With a wave of his hand all the dust disappeared and he looked around, asking, "You stayed here?" He touched some of the books. "They put you in a cage, like I did, but you didn't fight them?"

She stood at the same spot near the stairs "at the time...I didn't know I was a cage...." She said hugging herself as she looked around without moving.

He picked up a well worn book and said, "But you escaped. These allowed you to. " He put the book down. "Where is the other room?"

He saw her tense and she pointed to one of the book shelves "pull out the bible...." she said. When he did he saw a slot for a key "I dont know where it is..." she said but he saw the key fall out of the bible when he had picked it up. Once he inserted it and turned it the bookshelf move and swung inward like a door, The smell of old blood hit his nose

Rusted chains, remained on the small bed and old crosses hug from the wall and inside he found in a draw many different kind of torture devices, including whips and things used for water boarding and electric shock therapy and a kit for exorcisms

He quickly closed the door, anger rising in him. He felt his fangs lengthen. Not looking at her, he asked, "They tortured you in there?"

She looked down at the ground and he felt herself pushing down memories as she nodded her head.

"No wonder I had such a difficult time with you at first," he said. "I reminded you of those humans." He spat the word out like is was dirty. "I never thought I would stoop so low as to be on the same level as cattle."

She looked away from him "your not...they tried to....get rid of my dont" She said though her tone was shaking

He turned and held her to him and said, "I should have never agreed to stay here. Now, you're shaking." He looked at her. "Let's make new memories here, and in that room. Once you will thoroughly enjoy." He laid her on her bed in the library. "I will dress up as your favorite male story book character and fuck you so hard you will only think of me when you think of this room."

She looked up at him "I just want you to look like you....the first person to ever say they love me" she said in a soft tone

Sergey opened his mouth to say something but no words came out, so he closed it. He had never said he loved anyone outside of his family before. He did the only thing he could do. He kissed her.

I know you were acting but thank you for saying it she said in a sincere tone as she laid still following his lead please master........let my body bring you joy.....I want you so much master please she begged for him how he liked

He willed their clothes away and slowly entered her. For the first time, he was tender with her. Loving her. Call me Sergey when we are making love, he said. Because... I love you, Harley. I really love you. My perfect woman.

He felt her mind waiver to him even more and she sunk deeper into the mold he was creating out of her "Mas...Sergey.." She moaned as she arched her back slightly as he fully put himself inside her. Her hand went near her head and gripped the comforter of the bed, when she loosened her grip he could see the blood left on the comforter from the deep cuts from the knife her mother had made earlier as they slowly started to bleed again

He brought her hands to his mouth and began a sensual lick over each wound, watching her face. When she was healed, he began to move slowly, wanting to build her up.

"You have been very good today," he said. "Now, let's take this room of nightmares and fill it with our dreams."

She leaned up and kissed the corner of his mouth, almost as if she was asking permission to kiss him and she hands sent his skin on fire as the traveled down to his waist

He began moving faster, needing to reach deep. He kissed her again, needing to feel their tongues dueling. All of me, he said. You can take all of me. Let me in so deep, I will never get out.

"Sergey!" She cried out his name against his lips like it was the most precious thing in the world Deeper please! more I want you more! She broke the kiss and exposed her neck as she arched her back. He could see her hard pulse through her pale skin

He thrust into her mind as he bit down. He was instantly lost. He couldn't hold back. He went hard, fast, and deep. He chanted her name in her head. He left pleasurable bruises up and down her body. He closed the wound, leaving his mark. He then suckled her right breast while pinching her left nipple.

Her moans of ecstasy echoed the room as her mind melted with his. Her sweet hot blood coursed through him and he pounded into her. The books on the walls began to shake as he felt the power building inside her as he took her body to a new height "Sergey! I-I Cant! its to much!"

He put up a safeguard around them to contain her power. He took her to the edge and said, "Bite me, Harley. I want to feel you feeding from me."

She licked up the side of his neck, teasing his skin and bit down without hesitation. The moment she did an unbearable shock wave of pleasure shot through him making him breathless and she clamped down harder around him.

He growled, holding her hips still for him to reach her deepest core. Harley! he said. I'm close! I want to go balls deep!

She wrapped her legs around his waist, allowing him to go deeper as she slowly took his blood, savoring it and allowing him to keep his strength

Then, suddenly, he was literally balls deep inside of her. He grew so large, she felt herself stretching. He thrusts sent orgasm after orgasm through her. I'm about to...!

Fill me Sergey! she cried out in his head as she arched underneath him

Soon, he filled her so much, it sent her into the biggest, longest orgasm she had ever felt. His stream seemed endless.

The moment their orgasms reached their peak and he finished filling her enough it leaked out even though he was still fully inside her. The door to the room swung open and out of instinct Harley growled and rolled them so she was on top and took the blanket with her, covering them both just as her mother entered the room. Blood streaming down her legs and her body covered in bruises.

She slammed the door shut and barricaded the door. "I managed to break your hold, you little bitch! My turn to play!" She walked, pain going through her, her power going out to entrap both of them. "I will get what I want, and no devil slut will keep it from me!"

The sun is rising, Sergey said. We must go to ground now to heal. If not, she will rape me while I lay next to you. If we want to continue our game, join your power with mine so that we can open the earth to rest.

take the ward down.....ill take care of her and you open the ground master...she will not see your body

He removed the safeguards. However, the full force of Mary's ability and he was slammed onto his back. The sun is effecting me more than I thought, Harley. Remove your mother from this room. Your father is trying to do what I commanded him to do. Any moment, the door will break down and we can watch him rape her. We can make love at the same time, if you so desire, until the sun's toll on us is too much.

Harley focus and the door shattered into a million pieces and her mother got thrown back right into her fathers arms. Within seconds her father slammed his cock into her mothers broken core, the pain making her mother unable to use her abilities. The door to the hidden room opened "In there....." Harley said knowing the floor in there was dirt

Sergey picked Harley up and carried her into the room. He opened the dirt floor and floated her down, sounds of her mother scream and her father grunting sending them to sleep like a lullaby.

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