The Games We Play 2

You need to feed, said Sergey as her father lead him to his new torture chamber. Go see your mother. She is close to coming to kill you, so go feed before she comes to try something stupid.

If I go hurt her can I feed from you master? I want your blood, it calls to me...I want my lips only on you...I want to bring you pleasure as my fangs pierce your skin the way you like

It is just to take the edge off, little one, he said. The real meal will always come from me. Feed from your mother, then, you can feed from me.

Sergey saw a woman in her 20s chained to a bed, naked and badly used. Suddenly, Sergey felt a gun at his back. He tried to gain control of David's mind, but something blocked him. Sergey smiled as he began to unravel the barrier keeping him from being the god he knew he was. But it was slow and he had to play human, scared and vulnerable.

Suddenly the gun and the father went flying and smashed into the wall and he heard Harley growl behind him

"Harley, stay outside of the room," said Sergey. "I'll come to you. Did you feed like I asked? Or am I too tasty?"

Harley steeped just outside the room door so he could still see her, she got down on her knees and bowed her head to him "Im sorry master I was just about to when I read his thoughts...I met no offense I know you could handle yourself I was just so angry....I didnt meant to disobey your orders....please punish me.....I did hurt her though..." she said in a submissive tone

"I will not," he said. "You saved me. He would have shot me when I refused to rape the woman. He wanted to recruit me, to make me kill you. He was easy to read before I got into this room. So, do you want the toy, or should let the mouse run so that we chase her down? After we finish our fun with your parents, of course."

" I want you master and I want to hurt those who wanted to take you from me" she said and he could see she meant it. She was angry and completely broken, he knew if it pleased him for her to die she would kill herself without a second thought

He smiled and said, "That's the plan, Harley. Now, about this toy. She has seen our faces, knows our plans. She cannot live. But do we play with the little mouse or kill her now?"

"I dont like how she looks at you....can we kill her now?" she said still keeping her head down

"You can," he said, pulling the girl out. "Have fun with it."

She nodded and her mother came flying into the room, she slammed into the wall next to her father. Harley looked at the girl "you hate them don't you, you want them to pay..." She said to her. The girl nodded , tears flowing down her face "go then...go make them pay, use the chain he held you with" The girl nodded and picked up the chain. she walked over to them and started to use it like a whip, hitting them as hard as she could while harley kept them pinned to the wall.

He smiled and said, "But the girl can't live. She knows too much of our plan."


Amera said, Don't come here, Andor! I know you! Don't do it!

The vampire sudden went flying off of her and fighting could be heard but it was to dark to see anything. Strong hands ripped the chains off her and picked her up, cradling her to a strong chest. She knew that smell anywhere it was Andor

Amera was breathless as she said, "Idiot. Your lifemate will be hurt. I tried to keep her safe for you the only way I could."

"thats where you are wrong, it was not the only way, now be quiet or you will get us killed" He warned. He started to run and as he did so he sliced his neck with his nail "Drink Amera and don't argue" He commanded

Much to his surprise she began drinking without arguing. She soon closed the wound, and began crying.

"I couldn't fight him," she said. "I tried. When I saw the chains, I tried. He was too strong. He's unlike any master I've ever seen. He made me... made me..."

She put up a strong barrier in her mind before he could see what happened. She just clung to him, shaking and crying.

"Did we not warn you? you wouldn't listen and because of that you got me hurt, father hurt and yourself hurt many times, because you have refused to stop being selfish and childish, look what has happened, this is why I told you were being childish and you are not meant to be a hunter. You did my lifemate no favors by doing what you did, it was unnecessary and now our father might die fighting tonight because you refused to listen to anyone" he said in a emotionless tone "your lack of reason and horrible decision making makes you weak Amera, it what way does it seem wise to not listen? Father has been a hunter for centuries yet you ignore every lesson he has ever taught you and in you attempts to be better then me and out of childish jealousy you gave your virginity to a human butcher, something you should have saved for someone special like your lifemate and now look where you are, all of these event are because o your own choices. Maybe I was wrong maybe your not even meant to be a healer, a healer would not put themselves or others in danger like this so often. I am more angry at you then sad for you in this moment Amera, as far as Im concerned you deserve what has happen here because it was your own thoughtless choice that got you here." He finished just just as the got outside and he set her down in the Rv. There mother instantly hugging her "Now if you excuse me Im going to go and try to help our father, if we both die tonight Amera I hope all I have said will never leave you" he said with such a disappointed look she could feel the disappointment he had for her. With that he left her. Warded the RV so no one could enter and no one could leave.

You're right, she said. Sorry. I saw your lifemate hurt and unconscious, and ignored every warning and instruction. My only thought was to save you. I didn't even think of her until after I went with him willingly and he told me she was tied to him. I'll start listening now. Don't be mad anymore, please.

Tempest was concerned. Amera was different. Too different. Darius, this doesn't add up. She was only with the vampire for one day. But she's not acting like it. It's more like she's a completely different person.

Darius mind was cut off from her because of the fight, she could feel him but knew he would not answer.

you did not think to save me Amera, you just wanted to be the hero, to prove yourself, you made that choice selfishly

You're right, I'm sorry, she said. You were in my thoughts, but...

Tempest put her to sleep and said, Andor! Something is wrong with your sister! Quit scolding her and look for what that bastard did to turn her from the firecracker we all know to this stranger in this RV! She's too submissive. I told her to go sit, and she actually did it! I can't find anything, but you can! Now, look! Then, scold her for her stupidity!

I do not have time, keep her asleep mother was all he said before she was shut off from him

Tempest sighed. Fine, but you and your father will fix her when you get back.

Suddenly, Amera sat up, her eyes glazed, and said, "He escaped. He calls me."

She got up and tried to open the door, but jumped back when pain shot threw her with a scream.

"Why?" asked Tempest, holding her daughter tightly. "Why go to him?"

"I... I don't know!" Amera cried. "To kill him? To keep him from hurting me? I don't know! I don't know anymore! But he's gone and father is fighting a lesser vampire. I can't escape him. He's too strong!"

you disappoint me to greatly sister, even after everything I had said you still act so childish, we were taught since we were kids skills to help us in these situations yet here you are doing nothing but being a victim. Maybe you should do us and yourself a favor and keep ramping the ward until you die. Because with how weak you are sooner or later you are going to get yourself killed and I would rather it be before you get someone else killed with your foolishness

I... I'm sorry! she said, gripping her head in pain and crying. I can't think! He forced me to drink his blood, and now I can't think! Go, don't go... it ends the same! It doesn't matter anymore! Yeah, I'm weak, and will die! That's his plan for humiliating him! After forcing me to feed on some scared children, he tied me to him by blood! If he dies, he takes me with him.

Enjoying the conversation, boy? Winston said through their connection. Tell me, how do you break a healer? Especially one so stubborn and stupid?


Maxim said, "Melena, Ivory is my sister. Your sister too. Please, let her go."

He saw her fangs lengthen, unconsciously her mind slammed into his and hunger invaded him. She was hungry and whatever nightmare she awoke to had put her in a Carpathian frenzy. She was like a hunter that was wounded in battle running on adrenaline. She was knew to being a Carpathian and she didnt know how to fight this but one thing he could tell was she was about to feed from Ivory.

Maxim bit into his wrist and offered it to Melena, saying, "I offer freely. Take what you need from me. It will help."

The moment she smelled blood she looked at him, he saw her eyes start to go back to normal as she released Ivory. His blood was waking her from her daze, for the first time her body was reacting like a lifemates. She was drawn to him "Dont we dont know her condition yet she could still be infected " Ivory warned as she got up to grab her

"What does it matter?" he asked. "I'm already looked at like a criminal because of my past life. What could infecting do to change that. My lifemate can drink from me freely. She needs, I provide. That simple."

She grabbed her "Somethings not right, her eyes were not normal and we both know she is not capable of fighting like she just did." She said as Melana fought against her grip, he could see her eyes were going black again

"Because she sees you as a threat," said Maxim. "Let her go, Ivory. It will be fine."

"You are putting yourself and us in danger by being blinded by her" She said in a stern tone. She suddenly growled and let her go "Mikhail has told me to come and leave you too it, Hunters are right outside the room anything goes wrong you only have yourself to blame for the action they take, we can not risk the prince" she said and without another word she left. Melana dropped to her knees in front of him, she stared at his wrist, her eyes going back to normal slowly, he saw she was hesitating but felt her need for him.

"I know, sister," said Maxim before turning to Melana. "Feed from me, Melana. Calm down, and feed. Listen to your instincts, to my heart. You will know what to do."

She bent down and liked his wrist shut., she then slowly crawled into his lap and wrapped her arms around his neck, he saw her eyes were normal but they were glazed over, and indications her mind was still not fully out of her haze. She leaned down and nuzzled his neck before deeply biting in, pressing herself up against him. Her body acting like a true lifemates.

He gasped and said, "Melana, I will not be with you until you are free of them. But you can feed anytime."

She didn't answer but she feed gently, when his body told her she needed to stop she closed the wound and rested her head on his shoulder. He could feel she was exhausted. She was overwhelmed but what had happened and she was scared, she started to shake in his arms but she made no sound.

"It's alright," said Maxim. "Calm down. We will get through this, figure out how to heal you. When you have taken enough, close the wound and rest beside me. When you need to calm down, reach for me. I am with you, wanting what is best to keep you happy and healthy and safe."


Veronica said, "Why do I even bother with this job? I can always tell when they lie. It's not even fun anymore. Putting bad guys away is great but they don't even present a challenge anymore. Why can't I just get someone like Jack the Ripper or the Zodiac Killer? Someone who could make it fun to finally put them away?"

Ruslan was intrigued but his hunger was strong. He took her mind instantly, he bit deeply into her neck as he kept her in a daze. Her blood was perfect, he felt his body responded in a unusual way as it started to catch fire, his heard length soon pressed against his pants. When he was don't feeding he closed the wound and then once more turned to mist. He decided he would continue to watch her, slowly he realized her mind, but still stayed connected to it, wanting to know more about her and if needed control it once more,

Veronica felt dizzy and drank some water. Then, she turned off the water and got dressed in a silk nightgown. She looked in the mirror and gave a halfhearted laugh.

"What are you doing, Veronica?" she said aloud. "You can't change the opponent just because you don't like how they play." She braided her hair. "It's not your fault only asses and pigs get caught." She left the bathroom and went onto her veranda to look at the stars. "I'd give anything to have a real debate with someone smarter than a toad."

Rulsan decided he would enter her dreams. He would decide what to do from there.

Emily laid down and soon fell asleep. She found herself in her favorite place, the library.

"Why do I always dream of this place?" she asked as she grabbed a random, but large book. "I have already learned everything from these tomes."

"Sometimes it takes rereading to see something you have missed" he said from behind her

Veronica looked up and was shocked, saying, "Well, you're new." She put the book back. "But I've read these books so many times, I know them by heart." She looked back at him. "You, however, I have never seen and wish very much to get to know. Are you magic tomb in this dream library, or the librarian?"

"Depends on you, after all this is your dream, who do you want me to be?" he said leaning against the bookshelf

"I want someone of intellect to have inspired debates with," she said, sitting down. "So far, I have not found anyone who can stimulate my mind. But you look intelligent enough. Let's talk."

He smirked "And why should I humor your wants?" he said in a curious tone

"You're bored," she said with a shrug. "The worst that happens is that neither of us enjoy the talk and we never speak again, but we can try to at least pass a few hours."

She smirked "I can think of others was we can pass the hours if you bore me, none you will like but I will enjoy greatly, so try hard to amuse me little one" he said with a dark tone

"It appears that won't take much," she said, gesturing to her her change in outfit. "You seem to have an idea. A shared dream. Quite interesting, though putting me in my work clothes with a bit of cleavage showing is a bit asinine. Such a child. But then, most men are children in disguise."


Kirja said, "Ah, but you miss the point of the game. There is the chase, which is nice, but what about toying with your prey?" He dressed with a thought and lead her to their livingroom. "They have been going at it like rabbits since yesterday."

"Please, make us stop!" the woman moaned. "It hurts! Soon, I will be paralyzed from the waist down!"

"We are both bleeding now!" the man said. "Please! We won't hurt anyone ever again!"

"Not unless my woman says so," said Kirja with a dark glint in his eye.

Both of them began begging, promising anything, willing to do anything, if only Abby would let them stop.

Abby tilted her head, looking at them like a predator, her lips parted slightly and Kirja could she her new beautiful fangs, they fit her perfectly "Stop" she said in a low tone as she kept tilted her head like she was analyzing them, Kirja could see her pupils dilate and flex. They both started crying in relief "shhh......come here.." Kirja felt the strong compulsion in her tone, like a siren call even he too move towards her as they started to crawl towards her.

"What do you want to make them do?" Kirja asked, licking his lips in anticipation.

As they groveled at her feet she looked at him "Not exist" She said in a emotionless tone before bending down and picking up the woman by the throat. She slammed her against the wall "Put your hands together above your head" She commanded . The woman did so, once she did she slammed a silver chopstick through them and let her go, the chopstick held and the girl was now hanging from the wall " I usually kill them quickly but I feel your need Kirja so I will be creative tonight" She said and went over to her purse and pulled out a scalpel "there is so much a body can endure without dying...." she said as she ran the scalpel over her tongue, cutting it, she then walked over to Kirja and kissed him, letting her blood flow into his mouth.

He growled and said, "I hope you enjoy it. It's more fun than I can say, to make them beg for death. Then, being the merciful being you are, you give it to them."

"Im not merciful I just get bored, they don't deserve my attention, the quicker I kill them the quicker I can find my next target, there have been some in the past I have show attention too but thats because they did deserve it" She said releasing him and walking over to the woman "Now...a mother who should have never been a mother.....lets start there" She said and slowly ran the scalpel over the womans lower abdomen. Cutting deep enough to start to see the womans womb, yet no blood came out. The woman screamed in agony. Kirja could see the scalpel was red hot.

Kirja said, "But then, how do you make them truly pay? The harsher the crime, the more fun it is when they beg like the dogs they are."

"I am their judge and executioner not their torturer. Thats someone else's job after they are dead, everyday someone gives into their desires, becoming the monster they have always been, everyday someone else makes a monster. I plan to make a dent in this world before I go, so I do not waste time on torture, I seek and kill thats it" She said as she showed the woman her own organs that were still attached. She then looked to the man who seemed horrified to the point he had peed on himself "Fuck her like she is your daughter" She said in a commanding tone

As the man began using the woman's body in painful ways, Kirja said, "The point is to get justice in this world first before they head to their ultimate judgment. I have fun with them, make them confess their sins, then send them on their way."

"They already know their sins, I find it a waist of time, the hunt is what I like" She said turning to him, the scalpel still in her hand and she smiled "I see now why we are made for each other...Im judge your torturer Im executioner..." She said wrapping her arms around his neck "Think of all the prey I can bring to you to have fun with...and when your done I can kill them in very creative ways for both of our enjoyments.." She said in a seductive tone "How does that sound Kirja..." She said saying his name in a sexy tone

Kirja said, "It sounds perfect, though, every now and then, can I kill one?"

She chuckled "how about you can kill the males...I feel that possessiveness in you, I like it, I can also use it....for example" She said slowly kissing the side of his mouth, when she pulled back he could see the hands of the man on her should , he felt the mans arousal for her and the dirty thought he was thinking about her.

Kirja growled and said, "I don't think you should play that card, Abby. I'm liable to destroy the entire town at this rate."

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