The Games We Play 3

"I know master...but she is like me...I know if I was going to die I would want them to pay....after all its not her fault she was here and heard our was theirs.....their fault that she will die, wouldn't you want to hurt them too master?" She said as she crawled over to him and hug

"I'd make them beg for death," he said. "It's better that way. Join her. I've turned off the barrier, so now you can enjoy yourself."

She hugged his leg tighter "you have already done so much for me master, the pain you have caused them was more then I could hope for, now I just wish to be rid of them, please tell me what you want me to do and I will to it" She said looking up at him. He could see her fangs and feel her hunger but she kept it under control, ignoring her own hunger and focused on wanting to please him

"Do that dark fantasy you hid away," he said. "The one where you made them beg forgiveness. It will be fun to watch."

She nodded but he could see her hunger was reaching its peak and it was becoming difficult for her to concentrate. She stood up and walked over to where the girl was, she waited until she knew the girl was spent, emotionally and physically. She snapped her neck letting the girls dead body fall to her feet "say it" Harley aid and the sounds of bones could be heard breaking yet she was not touching them "beg me to forgive you"

Her mother looked up and said, "Harley... You don't... deserve us begging." She stood up.

"I see," said Sergey. "She is psychic like you, Harley, but she decided to use it for evil, to destroy others who also have special abilities, to give your father power."

Harley broke her legs making her fall to the ground. Chains from the room grabbed her mothers wrist and ankles hosting her in the air and spreading her. A sicken tear echoed the room as all her mothers skin was ripped form her, skinning her alive "You wont die right away, but even the smallest breeze will cause you so much pain that you wish you were dead" Harley said as she blew a breath towards her, her mother screamed a blood curdling scream "Ive studied to be a doctor, I know what a human body can endure before death.....I will be your grim reaper like you tried to be mine, only when you beg me to forgive you will I let you die"

"Come here, Harley," said Sergey, smiling so that his fangs showed. "Your hunger beats at me. Feed from me."

Harley walked over to him "But master....." She said looking down embarrassed. She didn't have confides in her abilities "you....would consume me master....your blood ...your smell...your touch...I will lose concentration..." She said in a soft tone while falling to her knees infront of him "I will bare it master...I want to make you proud and make them suffer.."

"You must feed for the baby," he said. "Our child must have blood. Feed from your father if you will not listen. You will have none of my blood this day." He ripped off Harley's clothes and entered her painfully. "Now feed!"

The pain made her lose control and both of her parents started to scream in pain as there bones started to break more. Her mother started to beg for her to stop and her father could not speak but only scream "No! I wont! I wont touch another man!" Harley cried out.

"Do it!" Sergey yelled, his thrusts sending pain through her. "You are not touching him, you are feeding our child! You said you would do as I said, but you are defying me! Does my love mean nothing to you?!"


She was already broken before you got her fallen one, Amera do as you please, Zack is with us so when you die I will be sure to let him know as I rip out his heart before he turns that you were the cause of his death

Amera hadn't thought of Zack, but now that his name was said she screamed and said, No one will touch him! He will not die!

What the hell did you do, boy?! said Winston, fleeing the fight.

Tempest yelled, not only because fear coursed threw her at the sight of her daughter so angry, even her hair seemed alive, but because of the aroma coming off of her, the scent of death. Amera tore apart the barrier along with the RV. She was quickly next to Andor and pinned him to ground.

"You dare threaten him?!" she said, fangs bared and a look of death on her face.

Andor easily turned her and slammed her head into the ground and kept it there "Its not a threat. You die he dies its that simple and since it seems you have decided to stay childish you have decided to condemn him. look how weak minded you are, I told you if you die he dies and you leave the one safe place you were at. You are not worthy to be his lifemate Amera and you are even more unworthy to be my sister. His grip tightened painfully on her "the hunter in me what to kill you because I see you as a threat, your ignorance is a threat to our family and you risk creating another vampire. Do not act like you care for him Amera your action has proven other wise" He forced her head up painfully by her hair making her look up and seeing the blood on the ground from the vampire and Andor "your broke a ward, exposing our own mother to danger, you attack me on a battle field letting the vampire who know knows who your lifemate is get away and you put yourself in danger risking Zack's fall if you die, you are a disgrace to the Carpathian people and I disown you as my sister" He said in a cold tone slamming her down away from him "do us all a favor and go greet the dawn before you get someone besides Zack killed oh and Amera I have Zack locked up because I knew you would do something stupid, you want to know the sad part, he asked me too, your actions has made your own lifemate have no faith in you, so much so he asked be be locked up because he fully believed you were going to die and he wanted to be killed when he turned" He said and started to walk away from her

"Pitiful boy," came Winston's voice from Amera. "You haven't guessed it? You sister doesn't exist. Her ability is useful. I have the ability to possess her body while mine is hiding. Do you really think she would have done that, after everything I did to her? She doesn't have the power to rip apart that human contraption you live in. No. Now, can you play with me, a soul weaver, or do you risk me turning her into the perfect puppet?" He came in close, but just out of reach. "As if I didn't know her lifemate by now. That's laughable. Too bad your lifemate won't come play. Keeping her asleep is a good trick for children."

"Do what you wish fallen, you controlling her means i get to kill you and her, two birds one stone" he said in a emotionless tone "and when I do I will give the ok for zacks execution" he said still walking away

"You are a fool," said Winston. "Do you honestly think she has stopped fighting? She saved your lifemate, though I still hold her to me. Now, I have stolen your sister's body. It was not without a fight. The moment I got her away from your woman, it was a struggle. She still struggles. You wish to hear it?"

Andor stopped and turned to look at him and smiled a dark smile "what makes you think I care? I meant what I said I disown her, do what you wish to her, ans no she did not save my lifemate, Amera does not save people she gets people hurt, you are doing me a favor fallen one, go head and take her, kill her for all I care but you better go though my father is coming" he said all with a emotionless tone and started to walk away once more

"Oh?" Winston said. "So keeping my parasites from attacking your lifemate's heart was selfish? Or from slowly killing her so that her very soul screamed? You never saw her fight, using her ability to weaken me! She tried, but the moment I got her out of that mire, she lost. Even had she refused, I am far too old for her fight." Pain sent Andor to his knees. "She fell just like you will."

Andor started to laugh and slowly he stood up "Im not my sister, my sister has always been weaker then me, but since you will not listen my warning..." Suddenly Andor was in front of her, grabbing her by the throat lifting her off her feet "I will kill you both here and now....i feel you trying to invade my mind fallen but you like my sister are weak as well, do I look like I care about her?" He said with a emotionless expression, slowly his eyes started tot take on a tint of red "I will be happy to know that the both of you will be my first kill into becoming a fallen myself" he said in a dark tone as his fangs slowly lengthened

Winston smiled and said, "You are not close to turning, so don't try to play that card." Amera's hand shot out and Andor felt her hand go through his chest. "But if you wish for death I'll..." Suddenly, everything changed. "Get... the fuck... out of me!"

There was a roar from far off as Amera collapsed with Andor, trying to cushion him. She pulled her hand out, healing as she went.

"You're right, I was an idiot," said Amera. "I wanted to fight him alone. I managed to heal you, but I was a childish idiot. Dad is on him now. You rest. Let me deal with this. Then, you find the link in my mind and sever it. Then," she looked at him, "head south. He is heading towards the river to escape. Now, feed from me."

Andors eyes slowly open, they were more red then before. Without speaking he kicked her hard in the stomach sending her flying. He quickly stood up "you worthless weak minded waste of space!" he growled "you should have never been born, its people like you that get others killed, you are not worthy to even be a Carpathian let alone part of our family" He said in a dark threatening tone as he started to walk towards her "you are not worth saving, you are a threat, one I will get rid of myself!" He said and before she could react he was in front of her, his hand going straight for her chest, he was inches away when someone tackled him "Andor stop!" their father yelled as they both rolled in a full on fight "Andor fight it! pull yourself back!" Their father pinned him on his stomach but Andor had been taught well and broke it, through him off of him. They both stood and once more went blow for blow in a full on fight.

Amera filled the area with a calming scent and said, "Andor, do not let you anger for me take you away from your woman." The scent became stronger as she walked towards him. "Calm down enough to claim her. She needs you. If you don't claim her this night, the vampire will try to harm her again, and I can't stop him, not while I am bound to him as well. Only our connection can break his hold on your lifemate and me. One last fight with me, please, then you will never hear from me again, like you wish. I promise."


Even though she did not believe him she was to tired to fight him and need some way to feel safe even for a moment or she thought she was going to go crazy "Just for a moment...please take it......take my memories...I dont want to think...just for a moment....I need a break from my own mind" She said into his neck

"I will not take them," he said. "They are a part of you. But I will dim them so that you can get over them faster."

"Im so tired...please Maxim" it was the first time she had used his name like that. Her need to feel safe and comforted was overwhelming, he could feel she felt like she was about to break. When he moved his head he felt how her body reacted when she felt his warm breath on her skin. It felt nice to her and she welcomed the good feeling "please..."

"I will dim them so you can process in your own way," he said, kissing her neck.

He began his work until the memories seemed old and so far away, as if part of a dream or another life.

"Better, Melana?" he asked.

She went limp in his arms, just resting her head on his shoulder, her face buried in his neck, he could feel her soft lips on his skin

"Melana?" he asked

He felt her teeth graze his skin "Im....ok....I think...I feel so tired"She said in a soft tired tone " hold me please....I just want to stay here like this for a you permission to touch me" she said

Maxim pulled her close to him and said, "Melana, even if you don't give permission, if it is what you need, I will hold you until you can handle what has been thrown at you. Just relax and breath."

She let his smell comfort her, trying to focus on calming herself. One hand came up slowly and buried itself in his hair as she nuzzled his neck " did this happen....I was just hiking...." she said in a defeated tone

"I don't know," said Maxim. "But I will help you find out."

He felt her fangs graze his skin "maxim...." she said his name before they sunk in right at his pulse

"Melana," he gasped. "Please. I'm trying to give you time, as you deserve, but you are making this hard."


"Small thinking for a woman with such a big mouth, the reason behind the work clothes are simple, to break you when you feel the most confident" He said with a handsome smile

"This coming from a man who looks like a caveman," she said with a smile. "Is your confidence deserved or is it the talk of an arrogant child? I swear, I've seen toddlers with better fashion and more brains."

"you judge my intelligence by my appearance, your small mindedness is starting to bore me" he said in a emotionless tone

"No smaller than the man who thinks I need an outfit to be confident," she said. "As if clothes are necessary for that. Only a child would need clothes to put on an act."

"You put on a act ever day, but your biggest act is when you put on that uniform, in fact you hate it but that means little to me. Your ignorance has become boring to me, you hold no ittellgence for a good conversation, i have decided you are nothing more then a blood bag" he said and started to walk away

"Oh, so because you don't ask the right question, you give up?" she asked. "How very human of you."

"wake up, Ill show you how human I am" He said in a dark tone as he disappeared

Veronica laughed and said, "So, you and I hate humans? Self-hating humans." She went to him, pinning him to a self before grabbing a book and going back to her table. "No, this says different. You are not human. Understandable why you hate them." She looked at him. "You should have gotten me for a lawyer. The crazy vampire hunting society wouldn't stand a chance." She smiled, sending desire through him. "You are in my dream, remember. Don't look so shocked that a human managed to step up from ape. Or that I managed to find information from your mind. You broke in first."

Ruslan came back to his mind and stood over her sleeping body. He willed both of their clothes away and covered her body with his. He decided he would wake her with pain for being cheeky. He positioned himself right at her core but did not thrust in. He would not until she awoke. His fangs lengthened an with perfect precision he bit deeply into her neck, the moment she awoke with a startled yelp he thrusted himself deep inside her.

Veronica gasped in pain, clenching up. She looked up and was shocked to see him. But she sobered quick.

"Get off of me!" she yelled, fighting him, trying to reach for her mace and phone. "You will regret this, you Neanderthal!"

He feed is fill to were her mind was fuzzy but she still knew what was going on. He closed the wound and moved his head so she could see his face, letting his fangs be shown with her blood all over them and his lips. He smiled darkly and pinned her hand above her head and started to thrust harder and deeper

"Don't," she said weakly. "Ruslan, you opened your mind to me when you entered my mind. You can't tell me you didn't learn about me at the same time. I don't care what you are. You are interesting, you are smart, and... this isn't you. Let me go. Do not fall to the same level as the worms I put away."


She smiled and put the scalpel in his hand as the mans hands slowly slid the straps of her shirt down off her shoulders like he was trying to undress her "Im suborn Kirja, show me what happens to the men who touch me what happens when someone hurts me" She said as the mans gripped tightened roughly on her shoulders

The next thing she knew, the man's heart was in his hand and his throat sliced and his hands chopped off cleanly.

"No man but me is allowed to touch you," he said with a scary kind of calm.

She walked over to him and took his arm and licked some of the blood off his hand while meeting his eyes "Like I said Im stubborn Kirja....I allowed another man to touch me.....I guess that means I dont fully believe Im yours" She said in a challenging tone "you might have to prove otherwise" She said nipping his finger

He put the scalpel to her neck and said, "I am in no mood to be tested, Abby. I wanted to play with our toys." He pinned her to the wall and ripped her clothes from her. "I guess we let her die slowly as we make love the melody of her death rattle."

She didnt fight his hold but she did smile "make love? I dont know of such a thing and who says id let you? Who says Im in the mood?" She said in a challenging tone

He removed his clothes with a thought and shoved into her tight, wet core. "Who said you had a choice in it?"

She cried out in pain and pleasure and met his gaze "your mine to Kirja remember that, if you as so much touch another woman I will cut off whatever part of you touched her, you will be the first I truly take my time with" She said in a threatening tone

He began moving and said, "I have no desire to touch or be touched by another woman in this way. Only you. But if you ever let a man touch you like that again, I will make anything you have done seem tame. And it would be done to you and the man you decided to try and leave me for. You will not leave me. I will not allow it."

She growled with pleasure "now that we are in a understand then" she said and then kissed him passionately, wrapping her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist, taking him deeper inside her , her fangs nipped his lip, sending fire through him

He made her look at the stripper as he took her. He stretched out his and and closed it. The woman screamed as her heart exploded out of her, covering the both of them in a fine mist of blood.

"Looks like we need new toys," he said. "Besides, I didn't like her thoughts. So, just enjoy the ride for now, my queen."

Abby licked her lips "Im of your kind now Kirja, you said you wouldnt hold back anymore, show me how you really want to make love to me...start here" she said baring her neck to him

He bit down painfully. He hit her sweet spot so hard, she nearly blacked out with pleasure with each thrust.

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