The Games We Play 4

"It means everything! but hes not you! his blood reeks! its filthy! you made me promise not to touch another master! I am yours just like your mark says!" she said quoting the brand he made on her

"Feed from him or you will never taste my blood again!" Sergey ordered. "Touching him to fuck isn't the same as feeding from them! Now FEED!"

She bit into her father but after one gulp she threw it up, Sergey would feel her body rejecting, more so the baby was. He know could feel the baby was craving his blood.

Sergey's movements became soft and loving as he said, "That wasn't so hard. If you hadn't drank, I wouldn't have known what you needed." He put her face next to his neck. "You may feed from me now."

Small sobs still came from her "I-I always need you master....always you" She said in a sobbing tone before biting in gently

"That is good," he said, "but you should listen. I needed to know if it was just my blood that could sate you, or if I could get you to feed from others when I'm too weak to provide. Besides, that bite is allowing him to die slowly, watching us."

"You both are monsters!" said her mother. "Why are you doing this?! We were only tying to make this world a better place!"

Harley growled into his throat at her mothers words Master she is trying to get into my head, she is trying to get me to turn on you, she is telling me to drain you dry she said in a angered tone.

Sergey laughed. He looked at her mother and said, "Air can no longer sustain you."

Her mother choked, her face turning blue until, finally, she suffocated.

"How was that, my dear?" he asked.

After a moment she stopped feeding and closed the wound "amazing master....can....can I touch you master?" She moaned

"I've already told you," he said, "you are the only woman allowed to touch me."

Slowly she moved her head just enough to kiss him, it was shy and timid, almost like she was testing it and waiting for his reaction.

He crushed her to him, taking her mouth greedily. It was only when her father groaned that he stopped.

"Oh, we still have one toy left unbroken," he said.

"he should be punished for interrupting us" She said in a angered tone

Sergey said, "Yes. I would like you to do it. After all, he was your tormentor for years. Repay the favor."

"Anything for you master just please dont stop, fill me master please!" She cried out as she pulled herself even closer to him, letting him go deeper.

Sergey began pounding into her so that her father could see him going in and out of her dripping core.

"Look at the lust in his eyes, Harley," said Sergey. "He wants to kill me and do this to you, make you his cock slave. Will you let him do that? Take me away from you?"

She growled "Never! Im yours and only yours forever!" She cried out.
He let out a low feral growl, Darius pinned his arms behind his back "you know the words...say them Andor, you can do this" he said as Andor dropped to his knees, his head down "Say them, claim her....Amera where is she, he needs to connect to her mind"

Amera closed her eyes and said, "Close... right under his feet!"

"Bring her up Amera, like you were going to ground dig for me, hurry I cant hold him long and he wont last much longer" Her father said

Amera didn't hesitate. She turned into a mole and began digging. She found her brother's lifemate, concealed in a box with a pipe to allow air for her to breath.

Still human, Amera remarked. I'll have to break open the box. Hold on, the ground may shake. Using her claws, she dug into the wood until it was big enough to get Serena out without harming her, even using extra dirt to cover the bottom edge of the hole. Amera carried Serena out as fast as she could and laid her down on a bed of soft leaves.

"Andor!" she said as she backed away. "She's here! Claim her!"

Serena started to come to, moaning slightly as she started to wake up. Andors head snapped up. Could feel the darkness in him and saw the struggle on his face "I......I claim" he shook his head with a growl "Andor do it!" their father yelled "Amera wake her up, wake her up now!" it was the first time she had ever heard her father sound panicked, scared even.

Amera tapped into Serena's mind and ordered her to wake. She helped the woman to sit up.

"Andor needs you," Amera said. "His demon is far too close. Please, go to him. You are his lifemate. If he doesn't claim you, we will lose one of the greatest hunters I have ever known. He will protect you with everything in him, just as he has done for me. Please, go to him and save him from turning vampire."

Serena woke up quickly and looked at him, without saying a word she picked up a near by rock and cut her wrist and forced it to his mouth "you either claim me now or drain me dry" She said in a serious tone. After a moment Amera saw her brother bit deeply into Serena's wrist, she could see he also stopped fighting their fathers grip. Slowly Darius let go and stepped back Andor didnt move but he did pull Selena roughly into his lap as he continued to feed. Darius walked over to Amera "you did good, now look away" He said turning her by her shoulders "Go back to your mother, stay with her until I make sure the area is safe, If we were to late I will not have you see what I am about to do, now go" he said in a serious tone

Amera nodded and said, "I... goodbye, Andor."

With that she went back to her mother, who was crying. Amera went to her and held her as they waited. No aroma filled the air to soothe, to calm, or reassure. They simply waited.
Her hand gripped his hair more, he could see in her mind the comfort this gave her, her body was being taken care of and the closeness eased her mind. She licked the wound and pulled back, her lips still pink from his blood "I dont want to think Max.......I know its wrong....I know its not the right time, but any comfort there is....I want to grab onto please....just.....know what ever I do....its because you and your brothers made me crazy" she said and suddenly kissed him

Melana, I am sorry for what was done to you, he said. I never wanted that for you. Take what you need from me, but know this, until you tell me to come to you, this will not be lovemaking. I do this because you want and need to be comforted, but... there is no love here. I love you, but you don't love me. longer exist for me. I just want for one moment to feel anything other then the taint and emptiness I feel now...

You are not tainted or empty, he said sincerely. You are so full of life, but the evil done to you has made that light hid. You are protecting your true self, and no one can blame you for that.

He pushed her back and said, "You are the most beautiful woman in the world. Do not hid anymore. Whatever you need to do to me to feel better, do it. It will be alright. I want to help you, but I don't know how. I have not entered your mind out of respect but also because you won't let me in. One day, I hope to gain your trust. I will never gain your forgiveness, I know that, but I can at least make your life better from this moment forward."

"I can hear them talking Max.....Im so tired...and so hungry.....the people here...they dont like me, I dont feel safe here, I just want to go home. Your brothers...they know im here....its not safe" She said holding her head. Slowly she touched her stomach "they are hungry all the time.....Im not giving them what they need....this is not their fault they shouldnt suffer......Im already terrible at being a mother..." She looked up at him. She was pale with dark circles under her eyes and blood tears ran down her face "Im so hungry Max....." she said in a tired tone

"You are a wonderful mother," said Maxim. "But those four... they do not deserve your sympathy. They have not repented for their evil, so they are not capable of love or remorse for the suffering they caused you."

"Im not talking about your brothers...Im talking about them.." she said looking at her stomach "I cant give them what they need...." she said in a upset tone" I dont want to be here, its not safe Max...its not....I hear them talking....the voices wont stop....." she said holding her heard again "They are so angry..." she said as a tear fell down her face.

Maxim left is body and looked at the babies. He returned and held Melana to him.

"I cannot produce enough blood or hunt enough to provide for you and the babies," he said. "We need help."

"help..." She said the word like it was new to her "no one ever comes to help..." She said more to herself then to him "I give up.." She said and he felt herself let go, blanking her mind an letting her new instincts take over. As his lifemate she needed him, whether she liked it or not. She kissed him again, this time more feverishly as her hands slid under his shirt.

"Don't," he said. "I need you. And Carpathians always offer help. You and the babies will never want for anything. But we need to know if you are with our people, our family, or if you will be with those four monsters."

"Right now I dont want to think about any of that....please max...after everything why deny me a few moments without thinking.." She said waiting for his response before moving "you didnt have a problem keeping your hands of me before...."

"I wasn't in control then," he said. "If I had been, I would have never hurt you in such a way. I would have gotten you out somehow. Besides, I told you, you can use me however you wish today, but I want your trust and your love. I love you, Melana, though I do not yet know you. Can you give us that chance?"

She took a step back, moving away from him "a chance? did you or your brothers give me a chance?" She said a sarcastically laughed "do yourself a favor, dont say you love me, you should not talk about things you know nothing about, since you refuse to help me Ill find someone else that will" She said and started to walk away to the otherside of the room

He pulled her to a stop and said, "That wasn't me, Melana! God, if I could change it all, I would! I'm a moron, okay! I couldn't think with you in danger and being used by those monsters! I didn't make the choice that saved you from the pain you suffered, causing you even more pain, and I will carry that shame for all time! But you are an innocent in all of this! Blame me if you need to, but never stop thinking I will stop telling you that I love you!" Just then, Jennifer's mind brushed his, giving him courage. "I don't want to hurt you again, is that wrong, Melana? To protect you now, as I should have protected you before?"

She ripped herself from his hold "I dont need you! you are no different from them! they said you would try to fool me like this! well Im not falling for it and im not staying here either" she said taking a couple more steps back away from him "I told you Id find someone else " she said and a loud boom could be heard outside the room, she ran for the door heading towards it

"Melana, come back!" Maxim ran after her. Marcus! Ivory! She's leaving the house! Stop her! Something she said has me on edge! Keep the women and children safe!

We are over a mile away Maxim, how can she be leaving Mikhail himself put up those wards and what did she say?

The door suddenly burst open , at first all he could see was a shadow like figured, form the shadows clawed hands reached out and just as he was inches away form grabbing her, Melena leaped into the arms of whoever the shadow was and her and it disappeared.
"You presume to know me, dont worry I wont kill you, not tonight anyways, instead of fighting give it to your desire, Im in your head little one, you like how I am making your body feel" he said hitting her sweet spot

Veronica gasped and said, "So what if I do? You took something from me I will never get back. I'm not fighting my desire, I'm fighting the man that stole something special!"

"it was not special, you humans put sentiment in useless things and by the time Im done with you I plan to steal much more. you will die knowing the real me" he said with a dark smile as he picked up the pace of his thrust

"It had meaning for me, you pig!" she yelled. "I could careless that you are reborn after killing so many in a past life! Or what you have done recently! You are the first interesting person I've met since I was three!"

Ruslan had let her in his mind on purpose, something he planned to use later , but he only showed her what he wanted to and kept most of his mind shut off from her "I guess im going to have to make you quit talking since you dont seem to have the self control to do it yourself" He said linking the part of their minds so their pleasures would blend, making her sky rocket

"Ruslan!" she gasped. "My mind is all fuzzy! Don't do that! If you do, I'll break! You'll take the only thing I have left!"

"you are already broken Victoria , maybe this will fix you" he said sending waves of pleasure unlike she had ever known through her

Veronica gasped, unable to do anything but scream his name over and over. Her mind blank for the first time since she could remember. She could only cling to Ruslan. Years of being called a genius, of skipping grades, of becoming the youngest lawyer in town, none of it meant anything with him pounding into her. He saw it all, every flaw and every virtue. All calling to him.

He took her over the edge for hours, filling her to the brim each time. By the time he was sated she couldn't move and fell asleep instantly. He made sure she would not get pregnant before going to ground himself, deciding he would stick around, he went to ground close to her home.
I cant tell who is who is this possible? she moaned in his head as she became unable to speak

Love and obsession melting into one, Kirja answered.

I dont like this...I dont feel in control.... she said. He could feel the anger and fear beating at her. She was so knew to being a carpathian her human mind was not able to comprehend yet such strong emotions or connections. The mental links were new to her and making her feel not in control of herself

And you think I'm in control? he asked. I'm running on instinct now, babe, and hell be damned if you are resting this night!

She had always been a person that lacked emotion and used logic, this was new to her and it was not doing well for her. He could feel she was starting to panic. She was reacting like the males of his species after regaining emotions and color after so long of not having them. She felt out of control and was becoming wild because of it. Her need to feel some control was overwhelming but their mingled pleasure was making it impossible for her to think, making her run on instincts like he was. She bit deeply into his shoulder as he started pounding into her hard. The sweet pain it caused him made her moan as she felt it too Kirja! She cried his name

He filled her like never before. But all he did was turn her around before pinning her to the bed and going again. With each thrust, he growled with pleasure. I'm not done worshiping you, my queen, he said.

She tore at the bed, going wild beneath him Kirja im warning you

Is that supposed to make me stop? he asked. Because it's only making me want to keep you begging me like this until the end of our days.

you will pay for this, ill make sure you know what its like to beg she said challenging the dominate part of him as she moaned loudly

Can't you hear what my body is saying? Kirja asked. What I am gasping out? Your name leaves my lips, though not with words. My body never wants to leave yours, begging with each thrust to reach your soul and find a home, my woman, my queen.

The bed buckled under her new strength as she cracked the head board with her hand as all thought went from her mind as he kept building her my soul is dark...there is no home there Kirja.... He felt he had found a hot spot of hers that was driving her crazy, her neck was sensitive, whenever he went near it her pleasure spiked

He pinned her in the submissive so that his breath tickled her neck. My soul is just as black. As long as we are together, we are home

"Its too much!" she cried out, it was all she could manage to say before she felt like she was going to burst into a million pieces Kirja!

He filled her once more and slowly let her body rest on bed. He rolled over after closing the wound on her shoulder, laying down to catch his breath.

"Let's make sure these next few years are just like this moment," he said. "Where we can't get enough of each other, and have fun with all our toys."

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