The Games We Play 5

"Then get rid of him," ordered Sergey. "Make sure he never dreams of my woman ever again, using her as he pleases. You are my woman, Harley, and you need to make sure he never tries to touch you again."

At his command He heard a sickening snap and her father scream in pain as both of his wrist shattered and her eyes met her fathers, Sergey could tell she was in his mind, forcing him to keep eye contact with her "you...will take all the evidence of your horrible acts....your fraud...your abuse of me and the others to the police and forget about what has happened since we arrived, we never came here...right after you kill mother and hang her as you use to hang me in this room" she commanded

Sergey smiled and said, "That is enough. I added my power to yours and there is no way for him to disobey. Let us leave this place and hunt. I want to see you feeding, never looking away from me. What do you say, Harley?"

She looked up at him in a curious yet sad tone " told me only to feed from you" she said in a soft tone. If this was another test of loyalty she was prepared to pass it.

"This is to get you used to feeding from others," he said. "There may be times where I will be too weak from fighting our enemies, and you will be forced to care for me while I heal. If that should happen, you will not be able to feed from me. Understand?"

She nodded "but mast...Sergey i will make sure no on ver hurts you so you wont ever be weak" She said in a protective tone "you have protected me...Im sorry i didn't see that at first"

Sergey cupped her cheek and said, "Now, you are beginning to understand. But, I need you to be prepared for anything. Now, go learn. You may never have to feed from someone other than myself, but just in case that day comes, you must know how to without fighting it. Do not anger me when you have pleased me greatly with your insight."

She nodded and left the room. She went into her room and dressed in tight jeans and a purple low cut silk shirt that showed off her perfect cleavage. She put on her ankle boots and left the house. At first she didn't know what to do or where to go but the closer she got towards town and the more people surrounded her, the more her hunger rose and she found herself starting to look more carefully. The smells around her were overwhelming and every nose around her was loud and uncomfortable. It was like a mass over load of her senses and she was having trouble focusing.

Think about turning down the volume, instructed Sergey. Try to find someone who has a clean smell to them. They won't smell of drugs or alcohol. After you get them to a secluded spot, you choose to shield them or not. Either way, listen to your instincts. When you are done feeding, return to me.

She did what he said and slowly things got better and her head cleared,. Just as it did someone called her name "Harley? is that you?" A females voice rang behind her. She turned to see a young woman, one she recognized from school when she use to live here. She remembered her well because she was one of the girls that use to bully her " it is you " She said with a smile and came up and hugged her "Its good to see you" She said pulling away "Its been so long, how have you been?" Harley looked at her with a strange expression "Im must have me confused with someone else because your being way to nice" She said in a uncertain tone. The girl laugh "oh come on now, those days are long behind us, Im sorry for being such a bitch back then but hey we were kids" She said with a shrug like it was no big deal. Harley found that angered her, this girl made her life more hell then it already was yet she didn't seem to think it was such a big deal. Harley smiled "your right, I've been well, Im married now with a child on the way" She said holding her stomach "Oh! your man must be crazy then, how else would he put up with you" She said laughing "oh come on I'm joking, congrats" She said with a smirk. Harley's anger grew but she smile "thats a good one...hey since your here could you help me with something" She said meeting her gaze "depends on what it is" the woman said with a shrug "well its quite simple" Harley said looking around. She couldn't see or smell anyone but her near by. She looked back at the girl and with a smile she grabbed her by the throat hard enough she couldn't make a sound and pushed her into the dark alley they had been standing by. The girl struggled but it didn't matter as Harley turned her head and sank her teeth in deep. She didn't stop until there was nothing left and the girl went limp. Afterwards she dragged the body to the sewer drain n ear by and threw it in "ill let the rats finish whats left" She said spitting down the hole where she fell.

It felt like Sergey's arms wrapped around her. You did well. Now, the sun is rising. Come back to me so that we can go to ground together.

She started to hurry off back towards the house. It didnt take her long to get there. She ran up to him and through herself into his arms

"You don't hold back," he said. "Now, let's go to ground. You both need your rest."

She nodded and they went to ground


"No," said Maxim, growling. Just then, Marcus and Ivory appeared. "Are the other's safe?"

"they are safe. what happened?" Ivory asked

"I wasn't fast enough to stop her," he said. "She went to him. She went willingly." He punched the floor. "I can't even blame having a 30 year old body! I failed on every level, Ivory! I failed in my previous life, letting my pride cloud my view, now I have failed my lifemate." He looked at her. "If she can break through Mikhail's safeguards, make sure that every woman is guarded, and all the children are kept inside." He turned his eyes on Marcus. "You know who would be bold enough to do this, to take a couple of lifemates to get revenge. You saw what we are dealing with. I'll try to talk some sense into her, but now that they are back together... it will be difficult, if not impossible. I have to get back to her, make her see me."

Marcus vanished suddenly and Ivory looked back at maxim "it could not have been one of your brothers unless they have fallen again, there are signs of a vampire everywhere" she said in a grave tone

"Vadim has an army of vampires, Ivory," said Maxim, the separation starting to get to him as his eyes were flashing red and his fangs were visible when he spoke. "He would only come personally for what he calls prizes, women he feels should bow to him or a way to get revenge." He was making a fist so hard, trying to stay in control, blood was dripping to the floor. "He would take Melana because she is of use to him and because it would hurt me, but there is another. Jennifer. He would take her to hurt Marcus, but she also escaped him. He would want to put her in her place, show her how powerless she, a woman, really is. She is his ultimate goal, because she did escape. Melana didn't try to escape, but Jennifer did. I took my lifemate out of that hell, while Jennifer actively defied him. So, I need to know, is she safe?"

Jennifer is gone, Im tracking her now but Im losing the trail, everyone be on alert there are signs of human butchers in the area near where you are, protect the prince and inform Jennifer family Marcus said

"Vadim must be behind this," said Maxim. "There is no other explanation. Ivory, you remember how charismatic he is. He could charm anyone simply by looking at them the right way."

To all the fools residing at the De La Cruz Ranch, came Vadim's voice booming through the air and in their minds. I've come to play, and I have some toy soldiers here with me. Who wants to joy my game?


Jennifer hummed. Marcus was back, which brought a kind of comfort with it, even if he hadn't opened himself to her yet. The party was nearly complete. She stepped outside to get some air. She held her stomach lovingly. She just connected with her child that night, her son.

"He will come back soon, honey," she said to the baby. "Very soon."

Then, the world went black.

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