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The Dogs of War

Vadim's army seemed to ring the ranch. Maxim and Ivory looked out of the window and at each other.

"Of course Vadim hides like the coward he is," Maxim said. "But I didn't see Jennifer or Melena. He must have Jennifer somewhere else. Though, I doubt that Melena left, not with that army here to get her and Jennifer back."

"I dont think this army is hear to attack i think they are scouts" Ivory said

Maxim nodded and said, "It would be like Vadim to send out an army just to watch us. He expects us to go after the women, and the scouts would tell him, but also delay us if necessary. We need to gather every hunter and the security team on the property, and come up with a plan." His hand curled into a fist. "Melena and Jennifer must be brought back. Jennifer is still a child, and will grow with her lifemate, but Melena... I don't know how to get through to her after everything."

"we need to know what was done to her, you were in her head what can you tell us, her memories might hold some answers" she said as the hunters and everyone arrived and waited for him to speak

Maxim sighed and said, "The five of us found her. I came up with a stupid plan that backfired completely. I wasn't the best one for planning." He smiled weakly at Ivory. "I'm more of a fighter, Vadim and Ruslan were the big brains. But it was my plan to keep her near them that started this spiral into hell. I left to hunt, they raped her. I found them, and Sergey weakened me so they could force me to rape her as well. It continued for a few days after. Kirja entered my mind and forced me to join them." He looked at them, shame on his face, but head held high. "I gave him permission to, because I couldn't harm her of my own free will. I was the one who broke her, but it also allowed us to escape. It is the reason I have not fought my way out of my cell, and this is a cell, no matter how nice it looks. Her mind is broken from the pain. She becomes what a person desires most in a woman. So, I am the only one who sees the real her. I won't back away from any punishment is handed to me, but know that I did try to save her, even if it was the wrong way."

He didn't sound like he was pleading for understanding, or even wanted it. He told them pure fact and awaited judgement like a man, the man Ivory remembered before their betrayal and emotions threatened her, but her years on earth held her in check.

"wait why keep her? why share on woman? you brothers were never ones to share?" one hunter asked

"Ruslan was not one for sexual things, he liked mind whats really going on?" Another asked

"She is the only woman that can hold all five children," Maxim said. "I didn't get much of the plan, labeled a traitor and all, but what I got was that she can carry them. Three girls and two boys. They didn't care about the sex, just that she carried them. Something about her blood. Vadim always thought about birthing an army, literally."

"Ok lets start there...her blood anyone have any ideas?" one asked

"Wait...five babies? as in, each on is from a different father? how is that possible they are not even the same species" another said

"Vadim forced four eggs to drop after I made sure that, should she get pregnant during the first rape, the baby would be mine," Maxim said. "He used a needle to fertilized them with the seed of the others. He did it as a vampire, now as a vampire-Carpathian hybrid. In other words, he could impregnate any number of women, naturally or otherwise." He looked at Rafael. "Her is strange. I caught from Sergey that she wasn't psychic before she was turned. She was given her gift of camouflage so that she could live. From Vladamer Dubrinsky himself."

That sent shock through the room, and anger in Ivory.

"Thats not possible!" one said

"No normal human has ever been able to become a carpathian" Said another

"He is lying, he is trying to trick us" said another

"I agree, if it was possible for such a thing we would not be on the verge of extinction" said another

"Then look in my mind," Maxim said. "I am only relaying what Sergey found out. I was controlled at the time, so I didn't think to question." He looked at each hunter. "I doubt she was a normal human. I believe she had a small ability that went unnoticed. Some would have called her a people pleaser. That need to make others happy is her ability now. And it is strong. But also wanted to hide, and became good at it, and that same instinct became her ability. Vlad may have put Draven before his people, but he was still smart. I have no doubt that there was a reason for making those instincts in her into her abilities. But we are getting off topic. How do we rescue Malena and Jennifer and bring them home? We can settle everything else after we get them back."

"If what you say is true though I doubt it, jennifer is a old prize caught out of not being able to let things go, but melena interested all your brothers and that is something that has never really happened, if we get melena we might have some leverage, after all, he risked getting her with gregori and mikhail both in the room, that says something. your her lifemate we will use that bond" said a unknown hunter in the corner

"I would have to connect with her fully," he said. "Right now, she is looking for Vadim in the jungle, but that means little. It doesn't give us a direction or a location. However, I can look through her eyes. Give me a minute."

He took a breath. He felt two of De La Cruz brothers and Ivory in his mind and allowed them to follow. Do you recognize the rock pool she is at? he asked when they got an image.

no but...wait.. what is she doing? said one of the de la cruz brothers. Melena quickly turned around, her fear could be felt. She backed away until her back was against a tree and for the first time they were able to see what she saw, she looked down and her legs had already started to turn into wood that matched the tree her back was on. She sank into his more and they saw her fully transform into the tree. Sinking into it like it was made of water. She was quiet and afraid and moment later they knew why. A low growl was hear and a sang rau slowly stalked past the tree she was in. It sniffed the ground where she was and even came right up to the tree and sniffed it. Her fear heightened and she was losing her ability to hold her camouflage because of it

Amera lay on the ground of her cage. She didn't try to move. The vampire blood coated manacles constantly burned and everywhere hurt from the constant beatings.

"Hey!" Winston said, rattling the cage and causing her to stiffen in fear. "Heal me, Amara."

Amera sat up and began to heal him. She always felt dirty after, but she couldn't fight him. She was too busy keeping her family out of her mind, to protect them, that she couldn't keep Winston from messing with her head. To Amera, the month in the lair of a monster was the equivalent of several decades. She was obedient to Winston, fearing what would happen to Andor's lifemate.

When she was done healing him, she said, "Please, I need to feed. May I have blood, master?"

He ssighed and offered her his wrist. She moved away. His blood would hurt, and she didn't want more pain. She shook her head, fear in her eyes. His smiled as he handed her a bottle. She drank it quickly, but knew that it meant more pain for defying Winston.

"Is that how you thank your master?" he asked, materializing a whip. "You still don't give me what I desire most. You should drink from me, Amera. After so long, you think you would trust your master with everything. You know what to do. Turn around."

She began crying as she turned to expose her back to him. She had a road map of scars from the whippings all across her. When the first blow landed, she screamed in pain and begged for it to stop, her voice hoarse from screaming in pain. She should have kept her mouth shut. He entered her mind, as he always did. If she let her family in, but protected herself, she felt her family would be in danger, but she wouldn't be broken like this. And she would rather be broken than have Andor's lifemate die... but was it worth this pain everyday for the end of time? Was making her family worry, cry, and hunt worth this? This had to be torturous for Zach more than anyone else. Knowing that he could feel her barrier when close but unable to find the exact location. No, it was not worth it any more. She could not make him suffer like that. She wanted out, wanted Zach, wanted...

"What was that, Amera?" he asked.

"More!" she begged. "Punish me more, master!"

After about an hour, he had left her crying on the floor, blood painting her back. Winston went to ground to finish healing. She didn't want to pass out again. She didn't have the strength to ward her mind, but she could take down the block she had the whole time she had been captive. She would expose them if it meant finally getting out. She had to have faith in them to know how to battle someone like her master.

A rush of voices filled her and she wept harder, but now sound escaped. Her mother and father begging for news, anything. Her brother's coldness was even heartwarming. Yet, she could not find the one she sought.

Zach? she asked weakly. Where is he?

Baby, tell us where you are, Tempest begged. Zach will come with us to get you, I promise. But we must know.

I think the sewers of Ribeirão Preto, she said. I'm not allowed out of the cage. He doesn't like it.

He? Darius asked.

Master Winston, she said. We have been here for about six decades, moving from area to area. This town is huge, so it makes it harder for you to find us.

No, baby girl, said Tempest. It's only been a month.

Amera gasped, I... no, that can't be! You're lying! You aren't my family! Now it's going to get worse! Don't tell! Please! If Master finds out...

Darius said, We are your family, Amera. We would not lie. Wake up from this nightmare and embrace us.

What happened to Zach!? she said, her wails growing in her mind but she remained silent physically. Don't hurt him! I'll do whatever you want, but do not hurt him!

Knowing Andor was listening, Tempest asked, And Andor's lifemate? What of her?

I... I don't know! she said, broken. Just... no more pain, no vampire blood, no more! Please!

Listen here, Xena, her mother said suddenly, a name only her mother would think to call her when she needed strength, you fight him, don't let him win, and broadcast to us where you are this instant! Zach is with us, and looking! Andor too! If you don't fight, how can you ever hope to be a proper lifemate to the one you love more than any other?!

Amera was silent for a moment before calmly saying, Yes, mama. Just, no more pain, okay?

Tempest's heart broke. Amera called her "mama" only when she felt defeated. But a strong beacon appeared to them in their minds and they headed towards it. We are on our way, baby girl, Tempest said. No more pain.

Amera willed her eyes to stay open, willed herself to stay alert. She felt her family getting closer, felt the fight taking place as they raced through the tunnels to her. Hurry... she chanted over and over, hope a dim light in her. Then, Andor appeared in the doorway.

"Come in," she said, showing that the room worked like a normal home. "Please."

Winston sent pain through Amera, causing her to cup her head in pain. You dare defy me in such away?!

"I'm sorry!" Amera screamed. "Make it stop! I learned my lesson! Please!"

Amera felt a strong hand on her wrist and she heard a sudden pop as pain went through her arm as Andor broke her wrist and with his other hand made her look at him "I am your master now, do you understand?" he said in a emotionless tone. As he distracted her he put up a ward in her mind so Winston was forced out "I said do you understand?"

"Yes," she said, looking at him with both fear, and gratitude. "You are my master."

"Good girl" he said healing her wrist "that is your reward, now hold on to me and if you let go you will be punished" He said picking her up in his arms

"Thank you, master," she said, gripping him tightly. "Thank you."

She hid her face into his neck, as if she were trying not to see what was going on around her... or keeping someone from seeing what she saw. To hide their location. She was shaking, fear coursing through her. Andor knew she knew he was her brother, protecting her, saving her from her own stupidity, but he broke her wrist. She had been told there would be no pain. A part of her associated that with Winston, and that fear that this was a trick to test her was there. She was stiff in his arms.

"This is real, right?" she asked as they ran through the tunnels. "I'm really out? You're really here? It's over?" She looked up at him without moving her head to look around. "Master, please, tell me he can't get to me again."

"not unless you let him Amera" He said sternly as she felt the wind hit her face. He sent out the call that he got her out so the others would start to retreat. Suddenly he through her from his arms "you are to hang on to him now, that is a order" He said just as strong arms caught her and Andor turned just in time to be tackled out of view by Winston.

Zach wasted no time and took to the air with her in his arms

She clung to Zach in the same way she had Andor, not fighting his hold, but she said, "I have to be with Master Andor. A slave can't be away from their master." She looked at Zach and her eyes got big. "I... you shouldn't be here." Tears formed and she hid from him. "I'm sorry. I've hurt you some many times, in so many ways... you deserve someone better, smarter. Someone who accepts the truth and doesn't run from it. Not me." She shuttered. "I'm a slave, nothing more, and my master..."

He kissed her, it was soft and hot but it was over quickly "it was the only way i wanted to get you to finally stop talking nonsense" He said with a gorgeous smile "now hold on" he said and she felt them start going faster

She clung to him tightly, hiding her face. When they landed, she refused to let go, keeping hold of Zach as she was ordered to by Andor.

"Is Master Andor okay?" she asked, no longer used to the telepathic connections. "I'm going to have to heal him, aren't I?" She squeezed Zach's hand, fear filling her again. "Will it feel... oily like him?"

Tempest appeared next to her and said, "You can check, Amera. You know Andor won't feel that way. Come on, Xena, and show us that Amera spirit."

She shook her head, shrinking into Zach. She didn't trust much around her. She seemed completely different from when he had first saw her.

"Andor is not back yet?" zach asked and tempest shook her head with a worried look on her face "Amera if what you said to me is how you really feel then prove me wrong now, go to your mother and start to heal your mind. You are safe now but your brother could be in danger so if you dont want him to get hurt then I need to go find him"

She looked for a moment at Zach and slowly let go. Tempest took Amera into her arms, but Amera was stiff.

"Come back," Amera whispered to him as she left, a plea the went through him like a spear. It also told him she expected to be punished for letting go of him, since Andor told her to hold onto Zach. "Please, come back."

He nodded and was gone.

Sergey stretched. Another day to work towards ruling the world with Harley. Who would they torture this day?

Harley was hair laid on his chest as she was curled up beside him, her back was too him yet he could feel the warmth of her body

He shoved into her as he woke her with a command. He began thrusting hard.

"I love how you grip me tightly when I wake," he said.

She moaned loudly and leaned into him, her throat exposed to him "im yours t take sergey...more please.." She begged how he liked

He bit into her neck, needing her cries of ecstasy. He pushed into her mind and searched for more people from her memories for them to kill.

She was alone almost her entire life, sometimes she had been even homeless. Because of her abilities she never got close to anyone. But he could see a darkness was growing in her, she started to not fear others but felt angry towards them. She found it unfair how they outcasted her because she was different. She found it unfair that she had to suffer and lie her life in fear because if people found out her abilities bad things would happen. She was tired of hiding from the world, tired of living in fear, why should she put so much effort in trying not to hurt others when all others do is hurt her. He also found how she was starting to feel towards him. He accepted her as she was and that effected her strongly. She was becoming obsessed with him, protective and willing to do anything for him. But for the first time it was not because he was mentally breaking her to his will, no, Harley was doing what no other had done before, she was coming to him willingly

He finally found one, closing the wound on her neck before saying, "The girl from school and her brother. Let's look them up. I think their relationship is suspicious, but they need to see what real strength is. They were your greatest bullies, so it is time for karma to reach them."

"I want more...more people to pay....I dont want to hide anymore" She said grabbing his hips firmly how he liked. He could feel he anger burning inside her, the desire to kill anyone and everyone if it was needed "I feel your desires want it too...why hide in the shadows away from creatures that are nothing compared to you....Let be be the sword you wield to make it to the throne." She said "I have feared people my entire I want them to fear me" She said in a moaned tone

"You know what I want to hear," he said as he filled her. "Ride me and feed from me. Then, we can find them. I believe they live as roommates in a large house on the edge of town. How much would you bet that they have an incestuous relationship?" he smiled at her. "Or will when we get to them?"

She did as he asked without hesitation, her pace was just how he liked it, rough and slow. She leaned over and licked up the side of his neck teasing his skin and building his pleasure. He had noticed lately she was able to bring him more and more pleasure each time they were together. Not just with her body but with her words as well. It was like she was turning into his perfect woman "Please hold me sergey, I want to feel your strong arms around me as I give you pleasure"

He hugged her to him, raising his hips so that he could go deeper and make her ride him harder.

She bit down just as he did, send fire through his body

He took over then, slamming into her with wild abandon.

His roughness made her have to stop feeding. She closed the wound but her mark and left no mark. She let her voice out just how he liked. When he came inside her, he orgasmed so hard his vision blurred and his body felt like it was floating. Harley kissed him deeply, making the orgasm last even longer. Just as he was about to fuck her all over again they heard a knock at the front door "Mr and Mrs Stevenson, This is the Terrence county police"

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