The Dogs of War 2

A Sange rau? asked Manalito. How? Lycans avoid our territory. MaryAnn and I are the only Guardians on this continent. They should not be here.

Not unless Vadim brought them here, Maxim said. I have to calm her. He touched Malena's mind. Sweetheart, you need calm down. We can come to your aid but we don't know where you are. Follow the rhythm of my heart, the breath in my lungs. Show us where you are.

You're heart is more out of control that hers! Manalito growled. Just have her tell us where she is so I can go after this monster!

His voice made her panic more and the sange rau stopped and turned back towards the tree and growled. It looked like it was starring right at her, it shifted forms until it was human. It was a large male with long black finger nails and red eyes, his body was covered in scars. It walked up to the tree and took a deep breath. His hand came up and his sharp nail slowly dragged a crossed the tree and everyone knew melena felt it like it was her skin. She couldn't take it anymore, she moved backwards as slowly as possible until she was out of the tree, just when she thought she was safe to run, her back hit something hard and hot and everyone felt the moment her heart sank and she was filled with not only complete terror but the acceptance of what was about to happen. She shook as she heard the low growl as the creature bent down towards her, she felt his hot breath on her neck. She looked down and everyone saw both wrist were grabbed by the large taloned hands "you failed....I found you" said a deep dark tone "I would be ripping your flesh from your bones right now....devouring every piece of you until there was nothing left" The voice said and the grip on her wrist tightened painfully and she felt fangs on her neck "Im ...sorry ill do better....its harder to conceal myself as the children grow bigger" She said and the fangs cut her skin painfully but did not sink in and she flinched "what did i tell you" the voice said with a growl as he pinned her hands to the tree in front of her "" She said with a shaking tone "start running little rabbit, if I catch you within the hour you will be punished" He said releasing her. The second she heard the shifting of his bone and bolted

Maxim and everyone else returned to their bodies. Maxim stood up and said, "I'm going after her. Now!"

"Calm down," said Manalito, taking hold of him. "Your fear for her is ruling you. Use that Malinov brain and think."

Maxim yanked his arm away and said, "Let's have your lifemate being hunted by that thing and see how you react!"

“Stop it both of you...” ivory said “look manalito you know their kind more then anyone, would one really do this willingly or is someone most likely controlling it? I’ve never heard one speak before” she said

"None have come near me," he said. "My family name alone sends fear into the Lycans, so I don't think this one was Lycan first. He must have been Carpathian. Fenris says that they talk and act much like a vampire in that they are cunning and will try flattering you if they feel cornered. But that means they are ten times as dangerous as well. He and I keep in touch, and he visits to help me practice my Lycan abilities and tactics. My guess, this Sange rau is someone we used to know and wants to taunt us." He looked at Maxim in suspicion. "Perhaps one of your brothers."

"While possible," Maxim said, "I wouldn't know, now would I?"

Manalito sighed and said, "Very true. If I wasn't making myself known, no one here would feel my energy, nor would they be sure I was even Carpathian. I will begin searching. I'll have MaryAnn stay behind, in case this beast tries to make a grab at the ranch again."

"If Vadim has Jennifer," Maxim said, "he wouldn't need to do anything but keep Marcus from going after her. As we speak, he is hurting her."

"And the baby," said Manalito with disgust. "She's pregnant."

"The baby is already dead," Maxim said. "I have no doubt that the baby would be killed by now just to make Jennifer feel powerless. He would keep her weak so she can't fight him." He looked at Marcus. "Luckily, we have a day, maybe two, before he does more than that. We have to rescue her tomorrow. If not, I can guarantee that he will begin raping her in every possible way. He still wants children. He will remove yours, force her body into being fertile, and plant his own child in her. If we don't act fast..."

"that's a lie and you know it"" ivory said "vadim does not want Jennifer for such a purpose, as for the child sure it's probley dead, but what I don't seem to understand is that you seem to know less about your brothers then you should. " she said in a suspicious tone "call for gregori...his mind needs to be check for tampering" she said in a stern tone

Maxim sighed and said, "Ivory, I did learn things while in the other world. He wanted an army, and he wanted his children to be that army. That had been his plan for centuries." He didn't seem to notice how his throat seemed to swell. "There is something more. Jennifer can give him something." He began coughing then. "She can..." He fell to his knees just as Gregori appeared. "She can give him."

"Shut down now," Gregori ordered. "He is attempting to kill you somehow, probably a sliver. He would use that trick even if it was how he was previously defeated. Shut down."

Maxim nodded. When he was out, Gregori reinforced it with a command. "Ivory, you know this mean we have to get Vadim out. It won't be like with Razvan. Vadim will have learned from the previous mistakes and odds are, we may not get the chance to destroy the sliver, if there is one. Follow me in and you look at his memories with me, see if you can find when the sliver was planted while I look for it."

Ivory went in and after a few moments she spoke to gregori its not sliver, it’s all mental, there are so many wards here it’s like a maze, his memories have definitely been tampered with to a great extreme. So anything he says is unreliable, gregori it will take me time to undo this but.... he could hear a worry tone in her voice which was unlike her gregori we need to find Melina now and we might have to do something very dark when we do

I do not want to harm her if at all possible, but this maze... he shook his head. This wasn't done over night, nor can we go in and fix this. There are traps everywhere. He knows something is going on, and he gives us what he can. It's not a question of reliability, Ivory. It is a question of freeing his mind in one piece, or turn him into a child. His soul is ancient, but his body isn't, and the young mind is there, trying to assimilate. It isn't that he doesn't know, it that his brain can't access those memories because of the maze.

They returned to their bodies and Gregori said, "Find his woman. We have to get her to wake up, and at the same time, get him to shatter what Vadim wrought. He has a strong will, and he desires to save his lifemate. Keep him asleep until we have her."

"someone fill in gregori about what we have learned is with melena at the moment while I go take him to the room." ivory said. Another hunter helped her carry him.

"she is with a sange rau but it's not a normal one it does not seem. he seems like he is training her or something" said a hunter "usually they can't control themselves and are more wild but this one seems...worse then a vampire and gregori her abilities...ive never seen anything like it"

"I agree," said Gregori when he was shown her abilities. "And yes, the Sange rau does seem to be training her. But I fear rumor has gotten to you. I've seen these creatures in action. They are not wild. They are simply faster, stronger, and more cunning than a vampire or rogue. A normal Carpathian has no hope of destroying them, and Manalito is still too new to fight him if he is older. We will need Fen. He is more experienced and stronger as a Guardian. No offense, Manalito, but he has had centuries to grow in strength as a Guardian, where you have not. He has learned things you are only now experiencing. It is best if we have him."

Manalito nodded, "If what you say is true, it could be he is needed. However, he is in Russia, helping Zev with the Lycans. Slowly, more and more people are following Ralf and Randall in moving to a new age where a distinction is placed between Guardians and Sange rau. Some have had experiences with these beasts and will not listen. I fear the Lycan people will be split on this issue and we will have an enemy that looks like an ally. We cannot wait for him."

"True," Gregori said. "Ivory, how would you get her to return on her own, to where we can reacquire her? She doesn't feel for Maxim, and she is terrified, even hates, our people. But you know of a way, good or bad."

From the way he said it, it was as if he knew, without a shadow of a doubt, that she had a spell or course ready to use.

"I could get her here the problem is she won't be alone and.." suddenly the hole room felt the distress call. When they opened their minds to it they were surprised to find they were looking through melenas eyes. She underneath the sange rau. his clawed hands pinning her painful. His red eyes locked with hers as he lowered his head. His moisture parted to show not only fangs but all his teeth were sharp "do you know what wolves do to rabbits?" he said in a dark tone "I was only a minute off"she said in a shaking tone "then I'll only punish you for one minute" he said and he saw her bit his lip so it bled "wait I" she said in a shaking tone but she was cut off when he bit painful into her neck. She cried out as the blood burned her skin and entered her blood stream through his bite

"We don't have a choice," said Gregori, feeling the babies through Melena and the shared pain. "Call Fen now!"

"He's coming, but Dimitri and Zev are staying behind," Manalito said after a moment. "They don't like it, and want to be here with their brother. I'll help him." He looked at the hunter. "Learn to get your facts straight, man. If a Sange rau is a dumb beast, I would be too. We don't hide behind childish rumors or falsities when it comes to enemies."

"Enough," said Gregori. "She is slowly dying and you are arguing over rumors and boogeyman stories mothers have started telling their children. Fen won't be here until tomorrow, and she may not have that time. Still, we have to try something. I'll be damned if those children die. They are innocent, and she has had her mind raped so severely that she thinks this is okay. Manalito, go out looking but do not engage. We need to know where she is."


As soon as Zach was out of her sight, Amera looked at her mother and said, "I can't go into the ground. Not unless my master says. I've already disobeyed him by letting go of Zach. Don't make me do more. Please."

"Enough," said Tempest, shaking with anger. "You are going to the ground, young lady. I will force you to myself if I have to."

Amera backed away, ready to run. "No... no, no, no! I have to wait! I have to! He will need me to heal him and then he has to punish me for disobeying!"

Tempest turned and put Amera to sleep. She took hold of her daughter just as Darius appeared.

"I didn't know what else to do," Tempest said. "She's so... broken now."

"She is not broken" He said hugging her to him after she put amera in the ground " She is just lost but she will find her way back and she will be stronger from it" He said in a comforting tone

"Her mind has been warped!" Tempest cried into his chest. "He made her believe she had been in his care for nearly a century, made her dependent on anyone who hurts her instantly! Andor saw that and got her home by hurting her! She's not our girl anymore! Who knows what he did to her!"

Amera's touch in her mind was soft, but it told Tempest everything. Amera could never let someone else be hurt because of her, a trait that seemed instinctual even as a child. It was an unconscious touch at that, showing that she still couldn't quite control her healing ability. Tempest looked at Darius, knowing he felt it too, that he was also in pain from what their daughter had suffered.

"How do we get our warrior girl back?" Tempest asked. "Do we have Syndil talk to her? Or Julietta? How do we heal someone when the damage is so severe? Pain tells her who to follow. If she gets hurt while healing... or she is caught in a battle..." She shook her head. "Amera can't fight any more. The risk to her is too great. The way she is now, not even the lifemate bond would keep her here, where she is safe. She understands cages and pain and orders. He nearly drained her light, Darius." She watched as Serena walked out of the nearby camper. "Can you reach Andor? We need to discuss this as a family, with you and Zach. You were in this monster's hands. What can we do to help?"

“For now you need to calm down and we need to get her to a calm safe place as soon as possible, go to ground” he said and she knew by his tone he was not asking and he was serious

"Not until Andor comes home," she said. "I have to see him and be a part of the talk. She is my daughter. I didn't protect her as a mother should. Even without a good role model, I knew I should protect her, and I didn't. The least I can do is make sure our son comes home safely."

“I need you in the ground next to our daughter tempest, and she needs it too” he said in a softer tone

"Darius," she said, hating that he was right, "I'll go, but I want to be at the talk, to help plan on healing her mind. I saw her mind just before putting her to sleep. She was going to hang a cage in the camper above the cats and sleep there. A cage. I have to help think of a solution." She went to lay above her daughter but looked back. "Promise me, Darius."

He nodded and closed the earth above them. and then put a ward up and had a trusted hunter watch the camp while he went to go look for his son.


Sergey sighed and said, "Harley, want to have some fun with them or not? We have time before we meet your bullies."

"I want to use them, lets let them find my parents body in a way that with tarnish their names forever and expose them for what they really were" She said before removing herself from him, the movement sent pleasure through him

"You go play, then," he said, dressing them both. "I'll watch you have fun and join in to teach you something new if I need to."

She nodded and disappeared, he could hear her moving the bodies around in the room they were in. He heard her put the pornographic pictures up that her father had kept of her and the other evidence of her mother’s affairs. She was making it look like her father had tortured her mother to death and then killed himself while leaving evidence for them to find that would would how evil they both were later on. When she came back to him she was covered in blood. She walked over to the chains on the wall and hooked herself in just as the cops opened the front door, she smiled at him before she took a position that made her seem weak and on the verge of death

He made himself invisible, liking how his cum leaked from between her legs as if her father had done more than just string her up like a piece of meat. He heard the police walk through the house, one gagging and running back out to throw up. The other started to come down the basement stares. He looked like he had seen call kinds of hell, but had never seen anything like this before and would put in for early retirement.

"Holy shit!" he said when he saw Harley, then pulled out his radio. "Geoff! Get your weak stomach under control! We got a girl here, and she is bad shape! And I mean, it looks like a sacrificial type of trouble!"

He called you the spawn of a demon, Sergey said. I thought I'd do a play on that for you.

I don't plan to live through this but I will make those who could have helped feel mother always messed with the minds of those who saw the abuse she looked up at the cop as he unchained her "no one....believed sister" she said before stopping her heart

The officer laid her on the floor and began to do chest compressions. The other was followed by some EMTs that he had called in, and happened to be nearby on patrol as well. From the look around the room, they didn't have much hope for Harley. They put her on a gurney as they tried to help her. However, even before making it out of the house, they were forced to call time of death.

Sergey sent his satisfaction to her. My queen, I thought you would have done something like drink their blood, but this is much better. All of them, I feel the guilt over not saving you. The police are searching the house for your sister now, fearing they are too late and are having to look for a dead body.

my sister has been dead for years, they blamed me for her death and I was sent to a mental institution until I was eighteen. Now everyone involved in that wrong doing will pay she said and their blood is tainted, the only blood I desire is yours, they are not even worthy to feel my fangs in their skin, alive or dead. We will have to compel the medical examiner so he does not get me ready for burial. But once I am buried to the world I will be dead and then there is nothing I can’t do for you

I can create a life like image of you, he said. Move off the gurney when they look away and they can bury to dummy while we visit your bullies.

She did as she was told. once away from the crime seen she walked up to him and hugged him

He kissed her deeply as they began flying above the city. It took half the night finding the information he needed and to find their victims. It didn't surprise them that they lived in the most opulent mansion in the city. He wanted it.

I say we take their home from them and make it our base, he said. I saw from your memories you wanted to make her pay dearly for the things she did to you. How about a slave to lick your boots?

"first I want to make them jealous..." she said with a smile "lets show them what they can't have" she said taking his hand

He smiled and said, "My dear, can you not hear them? They are siblings fucking each other in the bedroom right now. I think it best to make them face judgement before the jealousy. Even when I was a vampire, I never desired to use my sister's body in such a way. There are just some lines that should not be crossed."

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