The Dogs of War 3

Just as everyone began to move their minds were assaulted once more by Melenas mind. She was throwing up on the ground by a river, the vomit was black “it hurts worse coming up then going in doesn’t it?” Said a dark tone behind her “imagine how it will feel being converted by it....that blood changing and breaking your body” her hair was gripped from behind “the thought of it gets me excited” he said near her ear “fuck you” she said in a strained tone. He growled and the sound of clothes ripping could be heard, she felt cold as she became naked yet she didn’t put up a fight, she flung her over so she was on her back, the cold ground made her shiver. She looked up at the night sky and found the moon, everyone watching could tell she was trying to focus on it. Her vision blurred as they all felt the creatures hands going up her legs. There, everyone felt it, the moment she let her mind open fully to them unintentionally, They all felt the switch in her, the determination to live, to survive no matter what and that meant getting close to the biggest monster who made it possible. The creature that could kill the brothers that control her. She leaned up and gripped the Sanger rau by the hair and pulled him on top of her and kissed him. The creature growled and kissed her back we will devour the world my little rabbit, now bond with me gregori could feel the blood bond take place a moment before they were all shut out from her mind.

"We can't let Maxim know about that," said Manalito. "He has repented, made up for his wrongs. It would crush him, or turn him back into that monster he was in a previous life."

"We know you want him as a true friend again," said a hunter. "But in the time it took to repent, he became a different man. He has the Malinov soul, but he isn't of the Malinov line anymore."

"I know," said Manalito, showing his true feelings. "It's him, and it isn't. So, who's blood is he?"

"We can't determine that," said another hunter. "I believe he is the product of some other children that were believed lost to us, just as Darius and his family were. If that is the case, there is no way of finding out."

"Great, so we destroy a man who has no way of combating most of this simply because..." Manalito began.

"We don't want to," Gregori said. "We have to. It will free him of Vadim's control, and allow Melena to awaken and know the truth."

Manalito stomped out, wanting to punch something.

“Gregori....something seems off to me, after everything this woman has been through her mind should be broken yet she is capable of such thinking and plotting” ivory said in a disturbed tone “maxim said that she was not physic before, that her powers were giving to her by...” she trailed off which was very unlike ivory and she seemed very uncomfortable now “by Mikhail s father” she said not wanting to say his name to gregori

"What?!" Gregori asked, clearly shocked. "Is he out of his peje mind?! Haven't our people suffered enough for him not destroying Draven when he should have?!"

"My father had his reasons," said Mikhail, suppressed shock and rage covered by a thin veil. "With Draven, it is obvious it was out of love and fear. With this girl, it is murky, but my guess is that he knew she was a lifemate. He could see the future."

"Mikhail, that is no excuse," Gregori said. "She is a liability."

"I know, but she is one of my people, part of our community," he said. "I would appreciate it if you would not speak of the dead so disrespectfully. He made mistakes, showing he wasn't perfect. Nor am I." He looked at Ivory. "We will save Maxim. Manalito told me that it was through the happy times with you, those memories, he was able to get Maxim to repent. It must be through you, your love of him, that he and his lifemate heal. What's done is done. This is a Malinov problem, and should be dealt with by the head of the Malinov family. That is Ivory and Razvan. Ivory, can you set to work on your plan? I want it done as soon as possible. We need Maxim to be himself, as much as possible, and for his woman to know we are not her enemies, that we are family."

"Mikhail," Gregori cautioned.

"My father did this, so, through that, she is my sister, and I will protect her where I did not do so with Noelle," Mikhail said. "I saw it too. It was more than what met the eye. I felt Noelle in her, but like Maxim, it is her but not. I will not treat her as I did Noelle, but I cannot deny that bond either."

"Perhaps insanity runs in your blood," said Gregori, exasperated.

"Very likely, but I keep you on your toes," Mikhail said.

"Sometimes, Mikhail, I think you just do thing to drive me crazy," Gregori said with a smile.

"I have to welcome you to the family somehow," Mikhail answered with the same camaraderie.

“Stop flirting boys and listen” said raven coming in. When they all looked at her she shook her head “no I mean really listen, I heard something” she said holding Mikhails hand. When they all focused after a moment they heard it, a heart beat. It was racing, the more they focused they started to hear foot steps, by the sound it was female “help! Someone please!” Said a scared female voice.

When a hunter went to move in ivory stopped him “you should know a trap by now hunter” she said

"We can't leave a woman out there!" the hunter said.

"The De La Cruz brothers are already on the case," said Mikhail, pulling Raven to his side. "This is their land, and they know it better than most of us. Ivory, what is your plan for Maxim and his woman. It would be best if we make a plan. Let's consider this a warrior's council."

“Well I was thinking that if we...” she was interrupted when something slammed against the barrier around the house so hard the wall shook. Fighting was suddenly erupted outside. A roar of a dragon could be heard and the ground shook, making the house shake. When ivory ripped open the curtain it was like a war zone. The first person they saw was Anya taking on four ghouls with guns, Alexander was taking on a pack of wolves that were clearly not normal. Fire raid from the sky making a circle around the house, not close enough to burn it but close enough to make sure nothing got close to it. Through the fire they saw liliana land in her human form just in time as a vampire appeared behind Alexander. She blocked his strike and stood back to back with Alexander. Right in front of everyone they began to work in unison. The both moved each other’s body’s with such strength and precision that it was impossible for anything to sneak up on them are get to close. Hunters wouldn’t dream of having their lifemate on the battlefield yet Alexander was not only fighting with his but it was obvious they were extremely deadly together. Anya suddenly came into view, she had server gunshot wound through her shoulder but she moved like it was not even there, gregori could see the silver in her eyes even through the fire. With a wave of her hand she sent a group of wolves flying violently away from her. She bit into her wrist and a blood red sword appeared from her wrist. She leaped into the air and came down on the vampire that was trying to get at Alexander. Her and the vampire rolled and liliana was able to pull Alexander out of the way. The vampire sprouted wings and grabbed ahold of Anya and started to lift her into the air, his talons digging into her waist, when liliana went to go after her Alexander moved faster then her, gregori and mikhail saw everything like it was in slow motion, Anya was reach for alex and Alex was reaching for Anya, the second their hands touch a wave of power blasted violently from them making the vampire drop Anya. With their hand still connected Alex and Anya faced the direction of the vampire and anyas glowed a bright silver. Alex flung Anya towards the vampire and the moment she made contact She rapped her arms and legs around the vampire and her whole body burst into flames. The vampire cried out in pain and tore at her to get her off but before he could do much damage he was turned to ash. Anya landed near the house while Alex went to liliana. Anya held her side, she was clearly hurt but no emotion showed on her face. Alex looked over at her and down at his hand, it was obvious he didn’t know what happened, Anya struggled letting him know she didn’t know what that power was either “go bring the girl into the house... I’ll finish the rest” Anya said. Alex and liliana moved fast and came into the house after ivory let them in. They had a young woman with them, she looked made twenties but she was hurt and passed out, Alex went straight to his father when a hunter took the girl from him “are you ok? “ he said looking his father up and down “we got your distress call” he said

Gregori could still see Anya fighting outside through the fire. She was holding them back and holding her own

"We didn't call for you," said Mikhail. "Seems you and Anya are learning to use the Dubrinsky-Daratrazanoff Bond naturally. Gregori and I have never had to use that move. I always thought the Flaming Arrow was a myth, a story my father told to make being prince more appealing." He looked at his son. "I know the issue you wish to speak about, but first, we need to examine this strange woman, and save a hunter. When enemies are not breathing down our necks, we can discuss what you and I need to."

Alex nodded and said, "That seems best, but it is still an important issue. We cannot put it off for too long."

"I agree," said Mikhail. "Prioritize, son. Think. Though, I must ask, have you tried this with Anastasia? When you were young, we all thought you would be the first prince with two seconds."

"We can through desperate measures," Alex said. "But it's not as strong as it is with Anya. Now, I need to..." The hunters boxed him in and Alex felt like a child again, with his playmates protecting him when there was trouble. "I'm not prince yet, so I don't..."

"You are too important to risk," said a hunter. "It is clear you are to take your father's place and you should not put your life in danger."

Mikhail watched as the weight of his future responsibility started to weigh on Alex's shoulders. Yet, his head was held high, light scars from his short time as Xavier's prisoner shown in places, showing the character beneath the child-like exterior.

"I don't like being protected either," said Mikhail.

"They do so because they care, in their way," said Alex. "Lil and I can guard the woman while you continue the meeting. The De La Cruz family have joined Anya and can take over where we left."

He heard the hidden pain in his son's voice. He didn't want to put his lifemate's family in danger because he was told to hide. But, they couldn't stop him from guarding a woman, who was passed out, in a protected home.

"Alright," said Mikhail.

"Anya will need me to join her soon," said Gregori, as if the other conversation hadn't taken place. "She's still..."

"Anya is as good as you are, Gregori," said Alex, stopping near him as he and Liliana carried the woman. "And she will only grow in skill. Just as my mother and father will eventually have to let me make my own mistakes, and do things on my own, you need to let Anya continue on her chosen path. Guide her from the sidelines, like a coach. She has a lifemate who fights next to her, who has shared great knowledge with her. She is a force to be reckoned with."

Mikhail wanted to stop how fast Alex was growing up. Too soon. Far too soon to pass such knowledge, and to an ancient far older than him.

"Listen here, little scamp," said Gregori with a sad smile, "I don't think I asked for your two cents."

"But you needed to hear it," said Alex with an answering smile before taking the woman to the bed room with Lil.

"Your son is just like you," said Gregori.

"He's going to drive Anya to kill," agreed Mikhail. "Now, Ivory. Your plan."

“Sacred ground, we get her to go to sacred ground, we can isolate her from them then since they can’t follow” she said “and after that we can....” she was cut off when one more melenas mind connected to mikhails and he shared it with everyone. They couldn’t see anything but what they heard made them all feel sick. Sound of something being eaten echoed around her dont look....don’t look...just keep your closed she said to herself. She jumped when she felt something hot and wet fall into her lap “dinner is served little rabbit” said a dark tone. Slowly she opened her eyes at what was in her lap. The moment she saw the half eaten child that laid in her arms she screamed and backed away from it. She backed herself into the corner and made a even worst mistake of looking around the room. Blood covered the floors and walls of the families home. Four wolves where still eating the father and the man sat unamused in the chair by the fire place “not hungry?” He said with his red eyes looking over her. She threw up in the corner, unable to hold it in “more for them, then” he said with a smirk Make it stop! she cried covering her ears. She was suddenly grabbed by her hair and made to look into his red eyes “because I care for you, you must eat little rabbit” he said forcing her to look at the kid “ if that’s not to your liking how about something a little more fresh” he said making her look at the traumatized mother in the corner, it was clear her mind was broken “rabbits...don’t eat meat...” she said in a shaking tone “but those things growing inside you do...” he said darkly in her ear “ok...the mother” she said ill...take your pain away...go be with your family she said to herself looking at the woman. He through here next to the mother “ we’ll go on little rabbit, show me how bad you want to be the big bad wolf” he said. She looked down at the woman who didn’t even move “I don’t have fangs...” she said “so?” He answered simply. Tears ran down her face, as she reached down towards the woman. That’s where it ended for them, her mind was cut off from them all once more.

Maxim began to stir and Gregori reinforced the order to sleep, saying, "We can't wait for Fen. We have to do this now, in stages. First, separate Melena from the Sange rau, then get her to sacred ground."

"Too dangerous," said Mikhail, shaking his head. "We need Fen and Manalito both. One won't do. From the look, this one is old and we can't risk Manalito to him. Not when he learned that MaryAnn is now pregnant."

A hunter collapsed to the floor with a devastated look on his face, another hunt embraced him to comfort him “please excuse us prince, that was...his family” he said trying to keep the grieving hunter still as he began to shake with rage and agony. His growls where almost feral.

"My friend, they got your lifemate out, kept your soul safe," said Mikhail, putting his hand on the man's shoulder. "Thet were brave, and we will send them into the next world with the honor they all deserve. Your woman is on her way here. She needs to find a place to hide until the fight is over. It will be alright."

The hunter rudely brushed his hand away and left the room “he...didn’t mean it that way...please try to understand” said his friend and followed after him.

After they left it was silence, every hunter in that room knew the emotions he was feeling, all of them had lost someone at some point. The silence was one of understanding and pain. Raven held mikhails hand to try and comfort him.


She smiled “the wrongest of their union is turning me on” she said in a silk like tone running her hand up his back “not the incest but it being their weakness” she said letting her nails brush his skin teasingly

"I like the way you think," he said, pulling her to him. "So, let's go show them what real power is."

She smiled and nodded, her outfit changed to a tight red dress that made her look like the innocent yet sexy girl next door type. Her hair went into a bun that had loose hairs making her look even more alluring. She looked up at him and bit her life in a sexy manner letting him know she wanted him badly

"Before dawn," he said, kissing her forehead as he was back in his business suit. "I promise. First, let's play."

She knocked on the door and a moment later a butler answered the door “hi um I am looking for Mary and Stewart brown” Harley said in a sweet tone “May I ask who is asking” Asked the man “an old friend from high school “ she said “one moment” he said and closed the door. Fifteen minutes later they both came to the door, Sergey instantly saw the boy look at Harley like she was a prize to be had and the woman looked at sergey like he was beneath her, she was clearly stuck up and was use to getting her way “can we help you?” She asked in a bored tone “yes we went to high school together and “ but Harley was interrupted by the woman “and that gives you the right to come onto private property and disturb us?” She said in a cold bitchey tone. Sergey felt Harley go to move forward and her a low growl from her

He held her back and Sergey said, "I convinced my wife to come. I heard you both know of... forbidden fantasies and where we can join."

"Mary, they want to join our group," said Stewart. "How cute. It's not that easy, but we must see if you can handle it."

"I don't share and no one touches my woman except me," said Sergey, eyes narrowing.

"Then, you both fail," Stewart answered. "Now, leave."

“You find it a challenge, you want to see if you can get us to sleep with you, you want us badly” Harley said compelling them “you are bored and what a challenge and you find both of us tone the most attractive people you have ever seen” she said with a smile

Sergey said, "We aren't leaving."

Stewart sighed and said, "You are stubborn, I'll give you that. Come in, then."

Sergey smiled. By inviting them in, Sergey and Harley had all the power. Step one, complete.

Once they were in Harley looked around this design just won’t do..we will have to make some changes once it’s ours...I suggest the first thing we do is cover the bedroom with their blood

The whole damn house is a pastel color, he said in disgust. But I want some pawns, slaves for us to use. It is best if we get to see their cult and get them loyal to us first. But don't worry. We will use the male to paint the house. The woman must be used to be an example. She is the leader, after all.

actually she is not, she is a masochist her brother is a sadist, I remember from back in high school, if anyone is the leader it’s him, she loves pain and he loves giving it she said as they walked. Sergey got a glimpse into the boys mind and saw she was right, right now he was thinking of all the ways he could inflict pain on Harley and make her beg him for more, while she was thinking about his big hands and how they would feel around her neck

Sergey smiled and said, Then, how should we play with them? Causing her pain will get her off, give her what she wants. He isn't good with pain, unless he is inflicting it. I say we at least torture him just to hear his womanly screams.

we could make them switch roles, that way neither of them will get satisfied and they would experience very unpleasant things, make her hurt him she said as they all sat down in the living room.

“So Harley was it? You said we knew you from high school? I don’t remember you” Mary said in a bored tone

“I’m sure I would have remembered a ass like yours” Stewart said bluntly and crudely

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