The Dogs of War 4

"He is hurting, but that does not change the truth of my words," Mikhail said. "Let him grieve. Can a couple of you close to him go with him as well? I have no doubt he is going after his lifemate, and if there is a Sange rau watching the forest, then his partner is not far behind. We can't lose more of our people."

Another hunter left, after a moment ivory spoke “so like I said sacred ground, next time her mind connects with your mind try to influence her to go to sacred ground but be-careful because of the blood bond she now has with the sange rah” she said sitting down next to razvan who had been quiet this whole time. Commotion could be hear in the other room as the de la Cruz brothers came in carrying Dracul who was badly injured. As the wards went up gregori and savannah both looked out the window at the same time to see what they both had feared, Anya was out there alone. But it was silent, she was covered in blood and sitting on a log near the front of the gate that surrounded the house “gregori go get her please” Savannah said in a worried tone “tell her to come be with dracul” she said squeezing his hand.

Gregori got up and worked his way out of the house. He went slowly. He knew Anya was coming to terms with how Dracul had gotten injured, trying to convince herself he would live despite the wounds on him. He was half way to her, making his prescience known to her then.

Anya stood up but her back was turned to him. He saw her sigh and look like she was whipping away tears. She slowly turned towards him, he saw the pain in her eyes, he also knew he was the only one who could understand how she was feeling right now after using magic like she had. It always weighed heavily on the soul “papa...” she said like she was his little girl again, before she could finished she was suddenly slammed from the side by something moving so fast it was a black blur. Whatever it was hit her so hard that the creature and Anya went crashing into the barn that was a yard or two away. The horses came running out and feral growls could be heard from inside and anyas cries of pain only lasted a couple of seconds before there nothing but silence.

Gregori ran in and quickly removed the heart from her hand and stabbed a silver steak through it. He then used a silver sword to cut off the head before incinerating the body and heart. He then went to his daughter, called for aid instantly before shedding his body to begin healing her. He felt several others join him, remembering how he had saved Raven so many years before, performing a miracle. They could not help but know Anya would not die this day. Gregori would make a contract with the devil if he had to in order to save his daughter and her lifemate.

“” Anya breathed chocking on her own blood. The deep scratch mark went from her throat all the way acrossed her chest and down her her ribs, exposing everything along the way “did...I kill it?” She asked

Yes, mon petit guerrier, you killed it, he said, putting emotion into his voice as the whole of the Carpathian people healed her with him. You left the clean up for me. When did I become your maid? He felt her chuckle. Anya, you were magnificent on the battle field. I don't like that you are relying on magic. We need to work harder so that you don't have to use spells as often as you do. It should be a last resort, not a means. Alright? Anastasia is healing with me. Let us finish this so that we can keep you just a little longer.

Gregori saw the black veins forming from the wounds and knew it was the sange rau blood but...I didn’t see it coming....I failed to keep evil away from....from the prince

I didn't feel him either, Anya, Gregori said. He was a Sange rau. They can hide far better than vampires. Manalito is a Guardian of all. He even has trouble with them. If we had Fenris Dalka with us, he would have sensed it far better. You did not fail. You performed far better than even our most ancient hunters. You are the first non-Guardian to single-handedly bring justice to a Sange rau. I am proud to call you my daughter for your courage alone, Anya. Now, help us push the poisonous blood from your body.

She grabbed his hand which made him go back into his body, but that was not what shocked him, he saw a tiredness in her eyes he had never seen before. Ever since she had left for over a year and came back she had been different that he had noticed, but this was something entirely different. He had seen this look before from other hunters. Hunters who were ready for their final rest, his own daughters eyes told him she wanted to die papa....I

He shook his head, tears in his eyes. He entered her body once more. I would never be happy watching you die, Anya, knowing you died before your life ever really began. I should have come out sooner... walked faster... joined the battle... What father leaves their child to die while they are safe? Anya... if you go now... I don't think I could...

Anastasia gasped, hearing everything, and said, Papa! No!

He touched Anya and Anastasia's spirits as he said, I'd be lost to the world, like when one is in a half life. If you die here, Anya, I would never find joy again. Never. The same if I lost Anastasia. To have you die before me, to know it happened... your mother and I would be ghosts. Do not leave us in a world without your smiles and your wits.

Only Mikhail saw how the healing slowed. If the others felt Gregori lose hope... Anya, I am telling you, as your grandfather, you will live. There is no other option. You. Will. Live.

Anya slowed her heart to try and stop the bleeding ok she said it but he could tell the cause behind her wanting to die was still there but she kept it from him. He felt her began to try and push the posion out with him. take me inside papa...I know it will hurt to move me but I don’t care my blood might attract unwanted company and it’s safer inside

Alright, but when you rise, I want to talk about why you want to leave us, he said, his spirit enfolding her in his love. You are my little warrior. That's what I called you before. My little warrior. You hold your honor close, Anya. Thank you for choosing to remain with us.

They moved her as carefully as they could. He growled every time she felt pain, fire in his sorrowful eyes when landed on them. They put Anya in some of the best soil. Alex joined them soon after.

"Anya, I need you to stay," he said. "When I become prince, you will be my second. I know this for a fact. Anastasia is a wonderful healer, but she is like your mother. She doesn't really have the nature to do as you do. Only you. You are my niece and my best friend. Please, do not lose hope so soon."

“Alex Something your father said disturbed me...he said he never sent a distress call...” she said. He knew she was changing the subject but she also brought up a good point. When her father came back in she fell silent

Sergey glared and said, "I believe you are talking about my wife."

"Marriage is not sacred here," Stewart said. "It is a way of hiding true desires from the world with one who is your opposite. For instance, incest, slave, or forbidden fetishes are here. You could make your wife get raped while you fuck someone's daughter. Age dependent on your desires, naturally, but we don't go below 13. There are just some lines you don't cross. Kids and the dead are two of those lines."

Tell them how the one they called a freak grew into my beautiful queen, Sergey said, protecting her from Stewart, while looking intrigued by the ideas Stewart threw out.

“Well you both called me a freak every day so i think we have established that I am into freaky things” she said and Sergey saw them both light up with the look of recognition “Harley?” Said Stewart “wow puberty was good to you” he said with a smirk “not as good as it was for us of course, speaking of how did you land a guy way out of your league did you do some voodoo freak magic or something “ she said with a cocky smirk “

"More like I forced her to take my cock and she has willingly done as I tell her ever since," he said. "Amazing how making someone feel good can make them into a virtual slave."

"Why not finish making her one?" Stewart asked. "Finish her training."

"Not necessary," said Sergey. "I have my ways of making my woman obey. Your woman there seems to think she is in charge."

"We were trying to rectify that," said Stewart, "but you interrupted. How about we show each other how we get our women to please us. The first woman to cum loses."

"A winner take all," said Sergey. "If I win with Harley, we take over. Our friend said you have a following. We get that if we win."

"If we win," said Mary, "you become my toy and your... wife..." she glared at Harley, "becomes a public toilet in our compound, where all men can use her as they please."

"Deal," said Sergey as the men shook hands.

He kissed Harley. He believes we are new to this because of our clean look. Let's show him what real masters do.

but I am only yours, the thought of him even looking at my naked body makes me sick, I do have a plan though, we put up a illusion that’s we are doing it and while they go at it, I’ll record the whole thing and make sure to share it not only to everyone they know including friends and family but I’ll download lad it on various sites, I want to see the look on their face when their high class families reputation goes to hell publicly because of them, I want to wait until they are already at their lowest to break them

I was just going to blur their vision, but your idea is just as good, he said. But let me make the image. I'll do things in the image that I plan on doing to you at some point, so while you film, watch what I show you.

He set up the illusion, him ripping her dress off of her and throwing her onto the soft carpet, entering her hard. Stewart did the same, but made sure to hurt Mary. His need to cause pain always came first. Sergey's image was all about lasting, wanting to make her crazy, a reward for her good work. It was the same now, instantly earning her begging tone as he set a slow pace.

Mary gasped as Stewart started back up with her "punishment". She was still sensitive, so him hurting her made her want to cum, causing Stewart to say, "Don't you do it, you bitch! You cum, this punishment will be a gift!" But that idea was the nearly her undoing. "Mary, don't you dare! I just entered you!"

Sergey could smell Harley’s arousal from what he was showing her he wanted to do. She pulled herself into his lap as she began to fill with the camera Mary’s camera. When she got everything she needed she compelled the to go upload it. She was very specific of where she wanted it uploaded and to who she wanted it sent too. When he left she looked at Sergey why did you choose me?

He left their image playing, knowing she had filmed Mary climaxing hard, filled with her bother's seed. But now, it was to prove they were pros, not noobs. I chose you because I saw your ability, and how you were withering away. I knew I could rule the world with you by my side as soon as you used that ability to attempt to save that vegetable of a human. I love you and your gift. It will be what allows me to become Prince of the Carpathians. His image filled her so that his seed dripped from her core as she screamed his name. Both parties dressed and they assumed their spot.

"I believe we lead now," said Sergey. "Beg my Harley for forgiveness on your hands and knees."

“I don’t think so...we are not just going to hand you over leadership just because your bitch can last a little longer then mine” Stewart said and Harley went to get of Sergey’s lap

"You came up with the idea first, I simply built on it," he said. "You didn't have to agree to it. But you forget something. You don't know who I am. And I am someone who always gets what they want. Now, kneel or it gives me and Harley rights to force you both. And it won't be nice."

Mary blushed with desire, and looked at them defiantly. She clearly was not fully satisfied.

Harley went over to stand in front of them both, Sergey saw how Stewart looked at her and how his thoughts of her were not only degrading but he wanted to hurt her not out of pleasure anymore but out of anger “I think it’s time for your to leave freak” he said in a angered tone and Sergey could feel how it threatened harleys mind with bad memories when he said that

Sergey smiled, and was in front of the man instantly, saying, "The only freak I see here is the man who fucks is whore sister." He didn't bother to hide his teeth. "You are the freak here, Stewart. Harley will be the one to enjoy teaching you that lesson." He looked at Harley as the woman stared in silent horror. "Cut off his dick, Harley. I know you see in his mind as I do. A worm has no need of such a thing."

Harley didn’t hesitate, she tackled him so hard they both went over the couch. Mary screamed and ran for the phone while Stewart began to scream.

Sergey was there first and crushed the phone with his bare hands and said, "Really, little mouse?" He grabbed her and forced her to watch Harley. "See how she is slowly removing that worthless dick from him? She is slow, cutting around each tendon. Her medical training has served her well. She is even cauterizing the wound at the same time. That is not a man, Mary. Undeserving to have that organ on him." She shook in Sergey's arms. "Imagine the delicious pain he is in. You would enjoy it too much, or I'd cut your tits off for you. You have used your body to tempt men into blackmail. You don't deserve such beauty. However, Harley has a wonderful idea of turning you into a doll. But I'd have to sever your limbs and vocal cords from your body to do that. Oh, the men that would enjoy the human like feel of you, loving the reaction, but wishing you could talk."

"No!" she begged. "You can take over leading! But don't make me so useless!" She turned to him. "Make me your slave! Hurt me, beat me, I don't care! But don't do that!"

"I have Harley," Sergey said. "But if that plan isn't to your liking, then beg Harley for forgiveness. I'm letting her have fun this night. What she does is up to her."

Harley had just severed the last bit of flesh as Mary got on her hands and knees and began begging Harley to forgive her, to not turn her into a living doll.

Stewart had passed out from the pain half way through but Harley didn’t care. She stood up and looked down at the girl. She through the Severed Dick in front of her “suck on that like the whore you are while I figure out what to do with you, if you stop before I tell you too I’ll kill you “ she said

Tears fell as Mary extended her hand. She did as she was told. She wanted to throw up. Then, somehow, the member in her hand and mouth began to grow stiff and long.

"Perhaps it should still react," Sergey said, sitting down with Harley on his lap. "Harley, what do you think? A good, stiff toy is all that is good for. I could force her to lay in the floor and it can move on it's own if you like, fucking her until she can no longer think beyond having a dick in her disgusting cunt and cum for food. Or, maybe force it to go down her throat as if she swallowed it whole for dinner, and I'd make sure that no matter how she tried to vomit it back up, it would remain in her system until fully digested. But what do you want to do?"

She looked at the parts of her that were covered in blood and looked back at him “I want to secure this property first, make them sign over the deed as well as give us access to their’s easier to just compel them to do our bidding until I decide a fitting way to end their life. I’ll fix sickles hear and we can just take control of their minds. Those groups could be useful to use that they bring in and so could their connections and their family connections” she said showing how just like him she was a careful planner even when it came to revenge

Melena didn’t know how long she had been asleep after she passed out after her had made her eat that poor woman. All she knew was she wish she had not woken up. She knew he was near in the room with her. The cold cavern floor hurt her already sore body but she refused to move and continued to pretend to be asleep.

He growled as he began to crawl up her body, removing her clothes with a nail. He removed the remnants easily and opened her legs, shoving in and moving hard and fast. His nails cut into her, and a feral smell hit her, telling her that he was highly aroused and planned for a long, hard night.

"Wake up, little rabbit," he said, keeping her in a submissive position, knowing she wouldn't fight him. "Time to train your body to be mine. You are my bitch, and I expect you to always be in heat for me."

With him so suddenly entering her she was not wet and it made his roughness painful. She gasped “please...I...”

He licked the side of her neck and said, "Relax, rabbit. It only hurts at first. Accept me."

His voice was like silk, even though he was hurting her his voice made her feel calm, like everything was alright so this is a true monsters power... she thought to herself as she couldn’t resist and relaxed under him. The moment she summited she felt a change in him

He began to go harder and deeper, saying, "Good girl. This is what I want. Soon, you will enjoy everything I do to you. Open up for me more, little rabbit. That's it. Accept my lovely gifts."

“You were suppose to train claim me...the brothers will never let you have me...” she said in a low tone

"They are in weak bodies," he said as he licked her breasts obscenely. "I am far stronger than they will ever hope to be. I am training you so that when I destroy them to take their place, you will be mine. Now, I think this leisurely pace is done. Let's really enjoy ourselves."

With that, he went faster, trying to take her to the edge. Her body finally began to make it's own lubricant to ease her pain, but in no way did she enjoy what he was doing to her.

She started to shift into his ideal woman. Her hair turned raven black, her skin paled to a moonlight glow and her eyes turned a wolfs yellow and the smell that started to come off of her reminded him of the woods in his homeland

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