The Dogs of War 5

I noticed that as well, said Alex in her mind. It means that we are either too young to not notice the difference in our parents' voices and that of another, even though that is unlikely, or someone knows how to mimic very well to lure us all into a trap. I am beginning to think that the ancient hunters around us are still treating us like children even after seeing your skill and us both having lifemates. He looked at Gregori.

"What is going on?" Alex asked. "A Sange rau in South America? This strange woman? Lifemates being taken? This reeks of a larger plan in the works, one we need to solve today if possible."

"Alex, I respect your ability to think as a prince and fight as a warrior," said Gregori, "but you do not know this enemy nor do you have the experience to take them on."

Alex stood up and said, "Gregori, please, we are brothers in more ways than one. I have a family to protect. I should know if there are people threatening them so I can protect them."

Other than age, Gregori could only think one argument and said, "Anya did not know this enemy. That lack of knowledge as lead her to this point, where we almost lost her. We still might. I have much healing to do still. This discussion is not for me to have with you. I know it is frustrating, but it is for the best."

"My own daughter is barely a year old," Alex said. "I see much of Anya in her already, and know she will grow into a fine warrior. Seeing my future second in command in this manner, learning as I go, I see Suzianna here as well. I will not lie, I am scared of that. Keeping us in the dark is not helping us, Gregori. I have discovered that other males about my age are also aging at an accelerated rate. We are still in danger of going extinct because children aren't being born more often. Now, we have several children, but children like me are being forced to become ancients in a quarter of the time. Andor, Stefan, me, Jan, Danny, and those are just the ones I know of, all of us are males who found our lifemates far too soon. Yes, we have all suffered different kinds of hell, but they should not have been enough to tip us over, and never so soon. I am not even twenty, Gregori. Twenty. That is human years. I am still a child in our community, yet I am thinking and acting as someone closer to your age. Does this make sense to you?"

Gregori processed this and said, "I will look into this. If the evidence you have proves to be more than just a coincidence..."

"You know it isn't," said Alex. "And this attack tonight? There are six unclaimed males on this property. They are also effected. One nearly turned tonight had the attack not happened. The whole of the community is effected except the babies. They immune to the effects for some reason. When Anya has been saved, please, try to find what is happening to us. It won't change what has happened, but it will stop us from rapidly aging. I fear that if it continues, more and more hunters will fall faster. I am no where near ready to lead, and we can't lose my father just yet. This is too important."

"Alright, Alex," said Gregori. "We will talk about this when we get Jennifer and Melena back."

"I can live with that," said Alex. "Now, Anya has suffered enough. Let's close this wound and put her to ground."

Gregori nodded. Alex certainly didn't act like a twenty year old Carpathian. He acted far too old. Gregori shed his body and, utilizing the Dubrinsky-Daratrazanoff Bond between Anya and Alex, healed her rapidly.

She would definitely have a large scar, it might fade slightly over time but it would still be very noticeable, yet as gregori looked at it and how is daughter laid there, it was like he was seeing her in a new light. For one so young she had done something not even he has done in his lifetime. Something about that disturbed him but also made him proud. She looked so pale and her eyes made her seem like she was a mile away somewhere else. Whatever she was thinking about it bothered her deeply, she didn’t look at him the entire time until he was done “thank you, you should go rest” she said in a distant tone, usually she called him papa, she had always done so no matter who was around or what the situation was

"I still have much to do," he said. "Alex will need to give you blood. Mikhail is here and will provide for me. Then, you must go to ground. No arguments."

She was to weak to argue but he could tell she was not happen, she felt cold and distant even from him, it was very unlike her they had always been close, even Anastasia knew him and her were closer but it didn’t mean that he loved Anastasia less “I said you should go rest”

"No, Anya," said Gregori. "We are too much alike. I know you either plan to find a way to end your life, or continue to aid our people despite everything. I've been in both places, I know the look in your eyes. I will not leave you alone, Anya. So choose life. You have a duty to your people, your family, and your lifemate. You are honor bound."

It was a poor argument, but it was the same one he told himself every time he came close to dying, and it had always helped him hold on. It would do the same for her.

“Do I know also have a duty to myself! Why should I like for everyone but not live for myself!” She caught him off guard by suddenly yelling, it was unlike her, but it showed him what he needed to know that he failed to take inconsideration “I said leave!” She said going to swing at him but was to weak and too slow to make the hit, but as she did so he felt the taint as her angered flared

"You don't!" he said, grabbing her. "No Carpathian does! We are not human, Anya. We don't get to do as we please because we have too much to do to protect our people and the world. Peace is small moments that we treasure more because they seem so few and far between." He hugged her close him. "But for us lucky few, for a life of sacrificing our desire to have the same freedoms as humans, we get something more precious than they will ever know or experience. We get a lifemate who will never betray us, leave us, or harm us. They make all of the pain worth it. I would gladly repeat that hell a thousand times over just for one minute looking upon your mother. I get the rest of eternity with her, and she gifted me with two amazing daughters and three strong boys, because she loves me enough to do that. I do not live or fight fore myself, Anya, but for the moments where I can just watch your mother read a book, or walk through the forest in the moonlight, or lay in my arms before she wakes. She is the one thing I have as a reward for all those years. For you, that person is Dracul. Looking at him in those moments between the battles, doesn't it make your heart skip a beat? Seeing him in your home or resting place, when he is the most relaxed, does it not fill you with joy?" His shirt started to feel damp. "We do not fight for peace for our people, or for ourselves, Anya. The hunters without lifemates, they fight to find what we have, and we fight to have those moments where we can fully appreciate the one thing making the hunting of our fallen brothers and friends worth it. Do not give up those few precious moments, Anya, because they are worth it every time."

He felt her body start to shake, from the pain of her injuries and from his words “it’s not fair” she said into his chest “it’s not fair! We deserve peace! Why can’t we have it! One Carpathian has a more honorable heart then a hundred humans! Why can’t we have the same peace as them...all our choices are taken away from us...we can’t choose who to to’s not fair” she said in a heartbreaking tone “I can’t do this were right I was not meant to be a hunter...because I was not meant to be a tears my soul every day...I dread waking up....Dracul...everyone...I can’t bare the pain anymore....what good are those moments of happiness when we all live in pain.....I feel no matter how many lives I save no matter the moments with Dracul..I feel no peace” she looked up at him and she looked like his little girl again but this time he saw something in her eyes that scared him. He only saw that look on ancients that were ready to greet the day “I want peace papa...please...I can’t bare the pain anymore...let me greet the sun”

He looked at her and said, "I don't always feel peace, Anya. Even with you, Anastasia, the boys, your mother, I don't feel that most days. It makes rising hard. I know. But then, your mother comes in and shows me to a new hidden cave, or conspired with you and Anya, or makes me babysit the boys for a girls night out... She forces me to see the little things that bring me peace. It isn't a lack of fighting, or a place to live. That is not peace, Anya. Peace is your mother's smile, watching you practice fighting, your sister's laugh, family trips to the hot springs, holding your mother to me just because I want to," he squeezed her, "hugging the boys and you girls, feeling your mother's hair brush against me... that is peace. That is what keeps me going, keeps me waking up, those little things that stack up every day. What are your little things, Anya?"

Instead of answering she closed her eyes i have none he heard her say before she went into a Carpathian sleep

He held her a moment longer, rocking her before he put her her to ground, just as a hunter brought in a completely healed Dracul and laid him down next her. Something had happened. He planned on waking Dracul to talk about everything. He had to show her how she had a mountain of little bits of peace compared to the rest of the battles.


"Then do it, my queen," he said. "This is all for you, to empower you. I love seeing you like this, regaining your life from these worms. Have fun."

She looked at him “I am grateful but why? You gain nothing from me doing this do you? “ she asked and it accused to him though her feelings for him were indeed getting darker and how he wanted she still had a smart enough mind to actually know him for him. He was a selfish creature and he knew she knew it, for the first time it seemed like he didn’t have to lie about his intentions or mess with the mind of someone to get what he wanted, Harley was willing to follow him despite knowing who he truly was, he could see in her mind she knew he didn’t really care about her, not in a normal way yet he found she was grateful for even the obsession he had for her. This was very knew to him.

"I see," he said with a smile, letting his power and energy fill the house until it was groaning, showing her that he had never really shown her his true strength or power. "I was practicing for my brothers. Vadim must think he leads. Dont draw his attention. Now, the woman has slowed down. Go punish her for me."

He knew she was not fooled and that he had dodged her question but she did as she was told. Harley took her over to the stairs and made her place her mouth on the step, wit a quick press of her foot Harley broke all her upper teeth on the stairs “maybe without teeth you won’t gag like a little bitch” she said as the woman screamed in pain and held her mouth “again” she said throwing the severed penis at her. When she continued to scream in pain and not take it, Harley made her look at her “you don’t want to die do you?” She said and the woman shook her head as she continued to make noises of pain “then be grateful for this pain, pain let’s you know you are alive, feel it radiating down your jaw and into your throat? Do you taste your own blood?” The woman nodded and whimpered “a dead person does not feel or taste such things” she said “and gripped her jaw which made her cry out “I should thank and everyone else always made me feel such a live in that I will show you how grateful I am for how you treated me by returning the favor” she said before shoving the dick back in her mouth “next time you stop before I tell you too I will break you” she said letting her fangs show, making the woman cower. She stood up and let her continue. She turned to Sergey “tell me about your brothers and what I need to do”

"Stay close to me as much as possible," he said. "If I am not nearby, stay out of their way. Vadim wants children, so if he finds out you have a strong ability, you would be forced to carry his child with mine. Do not let him know you are with child. Ruslan will not see you, thinking you are stupid, therefore worthless and undeserving of his notice. Kirja will be the one who might do something, but when I touched his mind, he also found a woman, so I do not think you have to worry much about him. Just move out his way and keep your head down as he and his woman pass."

“Your going to treat me different when they are around aren’t you?” She said yet she already knew the answer

"I will be colder, perhaps crueler," he said, "but in our resting place, I will always bring you pleasure. But, then again, even when I am like that, you might like what happens."

She nodded and went over to Stewart, as she looked down at him she sighed “I’m hungry “

"Feed," Sergey said. "Vadim is at the door, so hurry while I let him in."

When he left Harley dragged Stewart over to where Mary was, you can stop now, take your brother to your room. Sit on your bed until I come to you” she said and watched as Mary struggled to drag him up the stairs. When she was out of site and in her room Harley went and sat on the couch and pulled her legs up to her chest and tried to seem as small as possible before Vadim entered

"This is... pink," he said. "Why this place?"

"Underground network," he said, catching Vadim's attention before he found Harley. "I know how you like to have those cities."

"Good work," Vadim said. "But if you betray me again..."

"I'm smarter than that," said Sergey. "The same trick never works on a Malinov twice."

A loud bang from up stairs made Harley look. A moment later Stewart came charging down the stairs holding his bleed crouch “you bitch I’m going to kill you” he said going straight for Harley with a gun in his hand. Harley remembered Sergey saying to not draw attention to herself which meant that she should not use her powers, and she needed to seem broken and submissive. She didn’t move and when he shot at her it hit her in her shoulder going through, she still didn’t move or even make a sound. She just kept her head down in a submissive position even as she began to bleed

Sergey was there instantly and bit down. The man began screaming as Sergey fed until his heart beat began to become weak. Mary moan and Sergey threw Stewart to her after closing the wound. She dragged him back up the stairs as Sergey went to Harley.

"What the hell was that all about?" asked Vadim.

Sergey dug the bullet out, proud of how quiet Harley was and he promised her a chance to retaliate soon, as he said, "Those two fancy themselves cult leaders for the depraved. Go have fun with..." He looked up as the wind entered. "You don't care. You have the one who got away."

"She paid the price," he said. "That's why I need the tunnels below. Rio is nice, but her screams are better."

"You haven't touched her yet," Sergey made it a statement.

"Too soon," he said. "Besides, she has something else I want."

"Always planning," said Sergey.

"Fine," said Vadim after a moment, clearly testing and finding only a barrier. "Kirja and his woman are here. She seems to be leading today."


He pinned her in the submissive, going from man to beast instantly. Even when she screamed out, he did not let up.

When his large clawed hand gripped her hair and pulled her head back she knew what was about to happen “give me a reason!” She said making him pause while his fangs were inches from her neck “give me a reason why I should choose you....your treating me just like them...” she said hoping this question might change how their relationship would work “I know my abilities are useful....I know that’s the only reason you want me just like them...but I can’t use them well if you break me...” she said in a strained tone

I am training you, rabbit, he said, filling her. Look how you changed to suit me. That was not willingly. If you change to suit them, how can you be loyal to me? Rest now. In a few hours, when you least expect it, we will do this again. Control this ability. They will try to get you to be their slave again, and this ability will aid them if you can't own it.

“ like me this way...” she said in a exhausted tone but her vision blured

"Yes," he said, putting her in a thin outfit, "but did you think about changing your image for me? No, you did not. I want you to choose to be my ideal, not have you do so without thinking. Rest well. The term rabbit will have new meaning this night."

The way he said it should have scared her yet his voice made her want to find out what he was talking about, before she could ask anymore questions she passed out

Not even an hour later, Dorian slammed into her again. He knew she hadn't rested long enough. He instantly moved hard and fast and deep.

"Wake up, little rabbit," he said. "Time for more training."

This time she was startled and went to fight him off but it was laughable compared to his strength “this is not training it’s rape “ she said trying to crawl from underneath him.

"You think the brothers won't grab hold of you the instant they see you?" he asked, trapping her with his body. "That they won't fuck you until you are a mindless sex doll? We have to build up you mind and body. You still change your appearance when we go to do this. You need to control it. You need to not give in to what your body says. You need be strong enough to keep your wits when your body, used to being raped and used roughly to the point of bleeding, tells you to let go and lose your mind to what they give you. Don't let the change happen, don't become a cock hungry whore. That is what we are training you for. If I took you to them now, Vadim would for sure rape you with a line of vampires waiting, and that's just to hear you scream. He loves to cause pain, little rabbit. And you will always respond if you adapt to their desires."

“Don’t lie....there are other ways besides this to help me if you really wanted to...this is for your sick pleasure” she said in a strained tone yet her form started to change once more into his ideal woman. Her golden wolf like eyes met his and her wild scent filled his nose. He felt her tighten around him “wait...why...” she said moving almost in a haze like way, unable to stop herself she put her hands above her head submissively and turned her head to the side exposing her neck” I don’t... want this...I want to push you away not be submissive” she said in a struggling tone

"This is another reason why you need this kind of training," said Dorian. "Look how you act in this moment, when you become my ideal. Fight the change. Any other time, you don't change or their desire to fuck you makes you change. Fight the change. You aren't stopped by the barriers in my mind, Melena. Stop changing your body to please me and find a way to make me stop."

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