The Dogs of War 6

Kira walked in with a dark beauty under his arm who was dressed in tight leather pants a red torn shirt that showed off her flat stomach and a leather jacket. Her hair was put up in a messy bun showing off Kirja marks and Kirja was not shy about showing off the marks he had from her.

Harley let our a quiet breath once the bullet was out and he healed her, Kirja woman looked over at them “looks like we missed the fun” she said inhaling and Sergey knew she was smelling Harley’s blood

Sergey instantly closed the wound and said, "There is a man and woman in an incestuous relationship upstairs. Feed if you must, but keep them alive. I need them to take over their cult."

"A cult?" asked Ruslan. "Interesting. People willing to sell their bodies and souls to us for immortality only to die in the end. Though..."

"Yeah, it becomes boring fast," said Vadim. "Whatever. Free food."

"True," said Kirja. "Let's first get Rus a woman. Dude can't stop thinking about Maxim's girl."

"She had a quiet intelligence," said Ruslan with a shrug. "But only a small amount of it."

“Speaking of where is the woman that you all knocked up” asked Kirja woman

“I’m sure Vadim has her locked away somewhere which I’m sure will now change since we now have a place to stay” Ruslan said with a mild threat and demand to his tone.

Before anyone could respond there was a knock at the door and a sweet smell Filled all over their noses, it was human but it smell better then any human they knew “Mary....Stewart....are you home?” Said a soft female voice through the door “I.....” when Ruslan turn towards the door the woman stopped speaking. Everyone could hear the woman’s heart start to speed up and could feel her fear building “I’ll come back later” she said and they could hear her start to run away from the house.

Vadim was instantly in front of her making her slam into him with a cry of shock. Her sweet smell was even more intoxicating this this close and he gripped her arms tightly. She had a hood on that kept her from seeing her face but he didn’t care as he started to drag her to the house “take her inside” he said to kirja and his woman.

Kirja nodded, and he and Abby grabbed the woman, bringing her inside.

"What to do with the little mouse?" Kirja asked as Vadim closed the door behind them

"We need to find out how none of us knew she was coming to the door or how she knew to run from us," said Vaidm.

Sergey produced a cage and Kirja put the woman inside, locking it.

"Talk, little mouse," said Sergey. "We don't have much of the night left, but I can assure you, my brother is very inventive when he doesn't get what he wants."

Ruslan sighed and said, "If it's just an interrogation, I'm going hunting. I have not fed this night."

Vadim waved him off. Kirja looked like he was having a moment with his woman, and Sergey seemed to be keeping himself between a huddled Harley and the brothers. Ruslan didn't want to touch either woman, smelling others on them. He walked out as Sergey grabbed Harley by the arm and dragged her to one room and Kirja and Abby walked close together to another, leaving the woman and Vadim alone.

Just as they all were going their separate ways they all stopped in their tracks the moment the girls blood hit their nose. They instantly knew that smell, that was their bloodline and it smelled just like ivory. The girl held her arm where Vadim had scratched her when he grabbed her. Her head was down keeping her face hidden.

“Kirja?” Abby said looking back to where he was looking.

sergey? Is something wrong? Harley asked when he stopped and turned around

"She is a Malinov?" Sergey asked.

"Impossible!" said Kirja.

"Uncle got around, didn't he?" Ruslan said. "Dorin and Cornel said that their father would tell them of how he bedded a mage woman as a young man. She must be of that line."

Vadim growled “take off your hood” he said in a demanded tone

The woman didn’t move.

Ruslan went to her and pulled off the hood. The woman looked just like Ivory, except her eyes, which were a shocking shade of blue.

"Malinov blood definitely in her," said Sergey.

"Vadim is itching to find out how," said Kirja. "His fingers are twitching to do experiments. Abby, let's go have fun before the night is over."

Sergey dragged Harley up the stairs as he said, I want to make you scream my name after we play with Mary and Stewart again.

Ruslan began leaving again.

The woman suddenly grabbed Ruslan wrist. His skin tingled under her touch “please let me go....I don’t have any money I’m not like Mary or Stewart” she said “I....” she looked down at where her hand was on his wrist, her blood had traveled down her arm and was close to getting on him. But that’s not why she looked down. She looked down because her hand started to feel like it was burning, like she was touching something hot. The room started to spin and she felt like she couldn’t breathe. Her heart started to race and she felt sick to her stomach. She released him and dropped onto her hands and knees. Her touch phobia was getting the better of her. She had never felt it this strongly before.

"It isn't about money," said Ruslan. "It is about your blood. Somehow, you are related to us and we want to know how. So stay in your cage while Vadim gets to work. I have things to do and watching you bleed out while I'm starving is not one of them." He looked at Vadim. "If she is a Malinov, and she acts like this, the blood is too diluted for it to matter. She is of a weaker species, with little to no Carpathian blood in her. That should make this more fun for you."

She was unable to hear his words because of the ringing in her ears. It was not until someone grabbed her that she was able to focus “don’t touch me!”

Vadim's grip was unforgiving, and she felt her hand go numb as he said, "You don't get to defy us! You are a question mark we don't need right now! Now give me your damn arm so that I can take a fucking blood sample!"

“Let go you freak!” She said panicking. She couldn’t breath, the world around her was closing and where he was touching felt like it was burning

He held on, tightening his grip so that she felt the bones cracking, pulling her against the cage bars so she could not move. He stuck a needle in her arm and took a good amount of blood from her with a syringe. Then, he let her go.

"Who are you?" he asked. "How did you sneak up on us? And tell me why I shouldn't just kill you now and save me the trouble?"

She threw up violently in the corner of the cage. Her head was pounding and her mind was still reeling with what just happened “please...just let me go...I won’t tell anyone..” she said in a weak tone “I won’t come back....” she said grabbing her head. When she did so her hair fell over her shoulder. There on the back of her neck he saw a birthmark. Not just any birthmark but the one that was common in his family. In their original bodies they all had, had it

He smiled and said, "No, little mouse, I won't be sending you away. I will use you. Clearly, something about you is special, and I want to know what that is. If you do not want me to touch you, you will obey me. Otherwise, I will not only touch you, but I will do as I have with many other women, I will force you to carry my child and that of my brothers." He sat down. "And trust me, I will enjoy every moment of that. Now, start with telling me of your family history."

“I...I don’t know...what you want...I’m nothing special and neither is my family...please just let me go, I’ll do anything you ask just please” she said trying to calm down and think straight “if this is about the cult I only joined to try to get over my phobia but I swear I never had sex...” she said “ I have only been here one time before this...”

Melena mind was starting to go blank because instead of causing her pain he was starting to make her feel pleasure “wait....I can’t...focus if you do it like this...” she said in a moaned tone.

"Fight through it," he said. "You will eventually like what they do if you can't fight them. Learn to focus."

She tried, she really did, but this was so much better then the pain she had be made to endure, a big part of her wanted to enjoy this moment because of that even though he was raping her “bite me...remind me what you are” she moaned

"No, little rabbit," he said. "They won't give you what you want, and neither will I. You can't enjoy what they do, even with your body says you do. That is how they will trap you." He lifted her up so that she was bouncing in his lap. "Find a way to be disgusted with everything. Because if Vadim decides to be nice, you can bet that what happens next will be painful as fuck."

He could feel she was close to cumming “please...stop or I’ll...” she was fighting her body but his voice and what he was doing to her was overwhelming her on many levels.

He slowed his movements and got an upset tone as she started to come down, causing him to say, "This is how they will break you. Torture your mind and body like this. You are enjoying what I am doing. If you don't do as they say, they wont let you cum. If you masturbate to get off, they will beat you. Fight them from the beginning and they will be thrown for a loop. It is difficult to think right now, right, little rabbit? Well, fight despite the haze of pleasure. You will take away their weapon if you do." He laid her back down so he could go harder, faster, deeper again, to take her to the edge once more. "Now, try again."

“How can you do this and not be effect!” She cried out as she struggled against him

"Because I know how to control my desires and urges," he said. "But I love how you clamp onto me, how you think you are struggling but your hips try to take me in deeper, and how your breasts brush my skin. You are screaming for me, little rabbit, and not just in words. You are failing at your training."

His words sunk in and she decided to not fight it but use what her body was feeling against him “I can’t help it....I need you deeper...I want to feel you nails on my skin....I want to feel your growls vibrate my skin as you feed from me” she said in a moaning tone. He felt her grow tighter around him “please...” her tone scent a shiver through him with how submissive it was “devour this rabbit” she said arching her back like she was offer up her body to him

He slammed into her so that she fell as hard as she could without her lifemate as he said, "That was close. I'm going to go again. With you so sensitive, it will be harder. Keep trying to take power away from me. I'm still controlling you like this."

Then, he bit into her, growling when her blood hit his tongue.

She tasted wild and rich, he had not tasted something this good in a very long time. She cried out and went wild beneath him. He felt her arms go around him and her nails dug into his back in a wild manner. He noticed he was starting to lose his ability to think as he lost himself I. Her blood that somehow seemed to get better the more he took. When he regained his focus he found himself on his back and she was on top of him, riding him as he still fed

"Little rabbit," he said after he closed the wound, "it has been centuries since I lost myself like this. Use that against the brothers, and they can't defeat you. We just need to turn it into a weapon." He took hold of her hips and began slamming into her hard. "We will do that next time. For now, enjoy my fat cock in your tight cunt!"

She threw her head back and growled, which caught him of guard. He felt her grow more wild and her nails dug into his chest “change for me...I want to feel your bones shifting as you pound into me” she said looking down at him with her golden eyes

He began shifting from man to half-wolf form. He became more wild and made her turn around and get on all fours. He did not get out of her as he did and his cock grew large in proportion to the half wolf form. It was strait out of a fantasy porn and, God help her, Melena was enjoying every second of it.

He was suddenly aware as her mind slammed into his, it was the first time he had felt her presence in his mind. Her pleasure filled him and mixed with his own, heightening and intensifying it that much more. Logically he knew this was as close to a lifemate moment he would ever get which made this more intriguing to him and for the first time in centuries he lost all of his control.

Veronica walked out of the court room. The man she just won the case for, Juan Santos, was part of a gang but the arresting officer and former friend seemed to be out for a quick arrest.

"Senorita, allow me to show my..." he began.

"Save it," said Veronica. "I don't date clients or sleep with them. Besides, your woman is coming this way."

He looked up and went to his girlfriend. Veronica quietly left the court house and made her way to her office three blocks down. She sat at her desk. She had about ten other clients to meet with tomorrow and two hearings and had to meet for another three cases where they would hear a sentence.

"There is our Wonder Woman," said her boss. "How are you so good?"

"Long nights and lots of coffee," she said. "Mr. Andrews, I'm very busy right now."

"Alright," he said. "I'll see you soon. Keep up the good work."

She began looking over her case files.

After several hours, Veronica got up from her desk and began walking into the night.

She felt like she was being watched but saw no one around her.

Veronica's heart began to beat faster. Even when some hoodlums attempted to mug her or kidnap her, she never felt like this. She wanted to run, but felt like that would make it worse. She just had to make it to the bus stop. If she made it, she could go to her apartment and be safe. So why did it feel like she would never make it?!

When she made it to the bus stop she felt even worse, like whatever was watching her would attack at any moment. She couldn't take it anymore. Fear was flooding her and she didn't like that.

"Just come on out, already!" she yelled into the night, on the verge of tears. "I don't like surprises! So stop being a bloody coward and face me!"

The sound of the bus doors opening startled the crap out of her to the point she jumped and made a girlish yelp that she hated.

Once in the room Harley touched her shoulder. Sergey could feel her anger rising to a dangerous level and the pictures on the walls started to fall. Her powers were still effected by her emotions and then he knew she was trying to calm herself it was not working

"It is okay," he said, pulling her to him. "She came as a surprise when nothing has done so in decades. We are trying to wrap our minds around it. Breath with me and follow my rhythm. Then, we can torture Mary and Stewart some more."

“He shot me...he saw we were not human yet he would go as far as to do something like that..” she said in a shaking tone “I’ve never been shot hurt...he hurt me” she said

"And he is low on blood," Sergey said. "It took everything in me to keep your toy alive so you could decide how we make an example of him to the cult. I wanted to tear him to pieces for the way he marked my queen. Yet, you were magnificent. Vadim didn't even notice you. What do you want your prize to be, my dear?"

“I want to be selfish with you.....I don’t want to share you...” she said gripping his waist as she still tried to calm herself, it was working slowly now that he was touching her “break me more Sergey....” she said looking up at him “I know you feel it like I do...I can give you what no other has been able to before...I’m willing to be molding by you so that I am all you need. I don’t care how you use me as long as you use only me..I don’t care how you break me as long as you break only me...” she said in a sincere tone. In all his life he had never had someone willing do such a thing. To willingly become his puppet knowing that’s what they would be, to want him to change the very core of who they were to fit his needs. She was sacrificing her very soul just to please him.

"Isn't that what I have been doing this entire time?" he asked, pointing to floor, where she instantly got to her knees. "I thought you knew that." He pulled himself out and held himself so that he was just out of reach of her mouth. "Breaking isn't bad. You have enjoyed it lately. If you understand, strip for me in the way of my people and ready yourself for me."

She did as she was told and her hand went down and started to play with herself making herself tighter and wet “I have seen what you have done in the past...they have always fought you or got have never felt truly satisfied...let me satisfy you” she said liking her lips “I know you are being cautious...holding back”

Once in the room Abby sat on the bed “what was that all about?” She asked

"A surprise, that's all," said Kirja. "We never knew about her family or they would have been used by us in some way in our previous life. This is a hiccup to Vadim's plans, but not ours. It does not really effect us too much, other than she can sneak up on us at any time. A valuable ability to say the least.”

Abby tilted her head “or maybe she was a way to distract everyone. Think about it, she came just as that girl Melena was brought up” she said

"Could be both," said Kirja. "And about Melena... we need her so you can't kill her. She has been programed to act according to what we desire. So, as I desire you, she would take on your look. For Sergey, his dream girl. Vadim, it's always the ones who get away he desires most. And for Ruslan... it changes daily. He mainly wants a brain, and that means another person who walks away when they are bored." He grabbed her so that she straddled him. "Still, I need you to learn about her ability and what she means to me. I love you, Abby. Never forget that."

She gripped his chin painfully “what does she mean to you kirja” she asked in a dangerous tone “the fact that she is crying your child makes me want to kill her already so be careful with your nexts words” she said in a threatening tone.

"Personally, she is just a vessel to carry the one to kill me," he said with a shrug. "That and she is my sister-in-law. Maxim, my honorable brother and one I wanted to follow in redemption, well, he has claimed her as his lifemate. His soul reached for hers, and they connected. If I had been able to repent, we would have connected the same way. So she is my sister, carrying the child that will kill me. Nothing more."

“If your lying I will break you as I make you watch what I will do to her” she said in a dark tone that turned him on

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