The Dogs of War 7

"I don't give a damn about the cult," said Vadim, getting angry. "Forget asking. I'm going to enter your mind and take what I want to know."

He touched her mind, breaking down barriers painfully. He wanted to know who her parents were, and following the lines through many centuries, trying to find where it met his family.

From what he could see her family was a normal human family. Her touch phobia had always been there though, from even as a baby. She couldn’t even bare for her parents to touch her. Which meant not only was she a virgin but she was untouched in many ways. He could not trace any further then her family because she did not have that knowledge but he did see her memory of the door last. When Ruslan looked at the door a shock wave went through he. Something in her told her to run, that danger was near. It was not the first time something like that had happen to her, from her memories she always had a sixth sense about things, especially her surroundings.

He looked at her and said, "Are you just ignorant about your bloodline or holding information back? Because you should know beyond your parents. Who were your grandparents? Great-grandparents? Cousins? Aunts?! Uncles?!" He grabbed hold of her wrist. "There is no way your parents just appeared on this earth, so start talking! If you do not, I will touch more than just your arm!"

She cried out “please I dont know what you want from me! I don’t come from a special family like them!” She yelled trying to pull away “it’s always just been me and my parents! As far as I know my grandparents are dead and both of my parents don’t have siblings” she said and he could tell she was telling the truth “please let me go” she begged and he felt her skin grow hot under his touch. When she looked up at him she looked just like ivory when she was in pain “please...”

Vadim let go and said, "The next time I tell you to do something, then you do it. Now, why don't you like people touching you in any way?"

“I don’t know I’ve been like this as long as I can hurts..and I feel sick...but it’s never been this bad before I thought I was getting better...” she said moving as far away from him as she could, holding her wrist.

"I'm beginning to think you are a moron," said Vadim. "Strange for a descendant of a Malinov. We are usually smart enough to know our own abilities."

“My last name is malintone not Malinov” she said “you must have me confused with someone else so please..” she began but something got his mind working and he started to ignore her. He knew that name, it sounded familiar but he just couldn’t place it. While he was distracted to slowly crawled out of the cage while his back was too her. Her heart raced as she tried to get to the front door.

Suddenly, the door shut and locked in front of her, followed by him saying, "I can hear your heart beat and I can read your mind. Distracted or not, I'm always aware. Now, get your ass back in the cage or be prepared to have me inside you. A virgin cunt is something I haven't had for a long time."

She stood up “can I please just sit on the couch I won’t try to run again” she said

He said, "Only if you want my cock in your tight pussy." He didn't tell her that he planned on doing that anyway. "What do you know of your family name? The Malintones?"

“First of all you don’t have to speak to me in such a nasty way, it’s disgusting and like I already said there is not much to tell. I come from a normal home, nothing special “ she said going back in the cage. It was like a light bulb when on in his head when he figured out what that smell was that was on her clothes. It was a special kind of incense that Gypsies used for cleansing. He remembered now why that name sided familiar, it was a old gypsy clan name

He slammed into her fast and hard before filling her. He helped her to lay down, but he did not stop the hard fast past. Drool dripped from his maw as he growled or howled. His large tongue curled around her nipples and breast, covering them in saliva. His claws cut her skin, followed by the lapping of his rough tongue. You taste lovely, little rabbit.

Her form started to change into what she really looked like and he found in that moment he liked it even more, especially with the look of ecstasy on her face. Her changing told him she was letting herself enjoy this pleasure and not subconsciously trying to please him. He felt her mind open more to him and he was rushed with a unknown pleasure. There was power in her, it was strong, his predator instincts told him she was on his level and she didn’t even know it.

"That's it, little rabbit!" he said in an animalistic voice. "This is how it should be! Your true self! God, you are so tight!"

He howled long and hard as jet after jet filled her, causing her to climax and scream out in ecstasy. He laid down next to her, breathing heavily. When he was able to move, he pulled out of her.

"Another few hours, and we will train some more," he said before leaving.

She laid there unable to move. She felt his cum leaking from her pulsing core and she tried to wrap her mind around what just happened. After a moment and in a haze she got up and went into the bathroom. She drew herself a hot bath and and slowly sung into it. She saw blood and semen mix in with the water before disappearing. Just as she forced herself to relax and was finally able to start thinking clearing a pain in her stomach made her jump and sit up. She grabbed her stomach and tried to breath through it. Before she had time to worry it was gone and she felt fine once more “what the hell was that?” She said to herself. After a moment she laid back down in the water. After thinking for a while she decided she would not let him touch her when he came back and she planned to put up one hell of a fight. She would not let him make her feel that way again, it was to intense and she needed to keep her wits about her and earlier all she could do was beg for more...she wanted more..needed more.

"Oh, a bath," came Dorian's voice. "Nice. I'll join you."

Hearing his voice she felt a fire start in her stomach and she was getting turned on, she didn’t like that. She growled and bared her fangs at him “no” she said in a stern tone. No one had ever spoken to him him that way even before he fell and those who did, did not live very long.

He grabbed her by the hair, pulling her from the tub, and said, "Defiance will get you killed. You know this. Now, instead of making you feel good, I have to show you what they will do." He tied her to the bed post and entered her from behind, going hard and rough. "And we were making such good progress."

“I said no!” She yelled something in him made him stop and almost move back. There was control in her voice, it wasn’t compulsion but more wild and natural, was she trying to dominate him? Yes that’s what this feeling was, she was using his Lycan side against him.

He grabbed hold of her throat and said, "I'm in charge, little rabbit. I train you, not the other way around. Now, start moving that ass."

“No” she said defiantly

He began spanking her so that she cried out, love juices forming, as he said, "What was that?"

She grew tighter around him and her arms buckled making her fall onto her chest making him go deeper when he trusted. The bed creaked as she fought against the ties “I am carrying five children and have not eaten in three days...I need a rest” she growled

She got on board, cursing herself. She sat down, hoping to not draw anyone's attention, though, one man in the back, where the shadows seemed the heaviest, seemed to be looking at her. It was hard to tell when she couldn't make out his face. She shivered, trying not to look at him.

Then the bus came to her stop. She got up and walked out. She tried to make it to her door fast, but a hand grabbed her arm. She turned around, her back to the door.

"You okay, Veronica?" asked Nancy, her best friend and roommate. "Didn't you hear me calling you from the corner?"

"I... no," Veronica said. "It's just been a creepy day. I'm going to try and catch a little bit of sleep."

"Another three hour nap?" asked Nancy as they walked in.


"Girl, you need a break. You need a day where you can actually sleep."

"I'm a public defender. I don't get vacations. I don't have resources to do much, to be honest. There are so many innocent people who need my help. It's when I get a real scum bag that I feel like my job isn't worth it. I mean, I have a client who has so much evidence that says he is the killer. And my built in lie detector tells me he did it. I know I'm going to lose. We get the verdict tomorrow. Just sitting near the guy makes me sick."

"You sure have a freaky sixth sense, I'll give you that," said Nancy.

As they entered the apartment, Veronica saw the same shadowed guy from the bus and quickly shut and locked the door.

"I think I've been followed," said Veronica in a whisper.

"Again?" asked Nancy. "Great. Good thing I..."

"It's not the same," said Veronica. "I have this feeling that moving won't help, that he will find me every time. And it's not from a crime family, or anyone like that. This person... they are far more dangerous."

"You are calling in and staying home," said Nancy, fixing a cup of tea just out of sight. "Here, drink this. It will help."

"Quit lacing the tea," said Veronica, dumping it out. "I always know."

"You seemed so scared, I thought it would help," Nancy said sadly. "You really have me worried about you."

"I know," said Veronica. "But putting a sleeping pill in my cup won't help. Though, I will call in. I don't feel safe going out and I think I'm too tired to concentrate."

"Too stressed," said Nancy. "Now, go take a bath and go to bed. I'll call in for you."

Veronica went to the bathroom and drew a hot bath. She was just about to pass out in the hot water when she noticed the eerie quiet. Wrapping herself in her favorite robe, she peeked out. The shadowy man was in the apartment, Nancy in a kind of trance as she let him in. Veronica shut the bathroom door and locked it. This is a dream! It can't be happening!

your feel safe...go to your room and go to sleep naked said a silk like voice in her head

She was tired but in no way did she feel safe. She found herself about to unlock the door when she pulled back. Now I'm going crazy! I'm staying right here! I have to call the police! She went to her things and started to pull out her phone.

your body feels heavy and you just want to sleep

She found herself in her room, in her bed. No, this isn't right. None of this. She wanted to get out of bed, call the police, and make the nightmare end. She forced herself to sit up, holding the blanket to her. I don't sleep naked. I don't do this!

"Nancy..." she called out. "Please tell me you didn't stick me with a needle. I feel like I'm going crazy. Voices, people in our house, and now I'm tired beyond belief. What did you do, lace my food?"

sleep the voice echoed

She laid down, her eyes closing. Stop... it... she said before finally passing out.

She found herself on a balcony that was next to the Eiffel Tower. The cities lights were beautiful “have you every been to Paris?” A males voice asked behind her

She backed away from the edge and looked down. She tried to cover up seeing as how she was still naked!

"What the actual fuck?!" she yelled. "This has got to be the most embarrassing dream I have ever had!" She looked around, saying, "No, I've never been to Paris, and never in my birthday suit! I want to wake up from this! I clearly need some help! Who halucinates being followed, their roommate letting them into the house, getting drugged into sleeping naked, and then finding themselves in Paris rather than New York, still naked?!" She found the man, still in the shadows. "You! You drugged me, right?! Somehow, in ignoring you, you thought I was playing hard to get so you did something to me to make me think I was going crazy! I will wake up from..." A cold breeze hit her, feeling like a knife, causing her to gasp in pain, which caused her eyes to get big. "No way. This can't be real. There is no logical way that this can be real." She looked back at him. "What the hell are you?"

“This is your dream so why don’t you tell me what I am” he said in a silk like tone

"You didn't like me at first," he said, positioning his cock at her entrance. "If I let go, you would go back to fearing me and wanting to kill me. I know you will. I just got you to love me." He slowly entered her dripping core. "I don't think... I could handle if you stopped loving me. You are the only one who has chosen to give me everything, the only one to love me."

It was the first time he let her hear and see his feelings. They were new and strange to him. He didn't trust them. But he had to tell her as he began moving, sending pleasure through her instantly

Harley wrapped her arms and legs around him “I was scared because I didn’t understand “ she said in a moaned tone “I’ll wait until you are ready to let go...I’ll prove to you I can handle it...that I was made for you”

"Would you say that if you knew I had to cause you pain?" he asked. "That I need to?"

“Yes....hurt me the most...I know what it means if you want to hurt me the most....” she moaned licking up the side of his neck “I’m the person you want to hurt most in the world right?” She asked

"I love hearing you scream," he said. "I noticed you responded well to pain, even when you didn't like it. But you came to me willingly when I was nice. Are you sure? Because once we start down that road, your body will be an art piece, showing every mark I put on you for all time."

She pulled back and looked at him, her eyes met his, which was daring of her “my life is yours and I know there is no going back once you let go so please just this once...tell me why you need this and tell me what it will mean for you..if I lose my mind to you...if I am broken beyond repair...if I am willing to give my very soul to you at least tell me why. Am I not good enough the way I am? Do you need me broken? How can I stand by your side and protect you if my mind is gone?” She said he understood in that moment just how much of a weird creature Harley was and how different she was from anyone he had met, she was not worried about losing herself or even the pain he would cause her, her biggest concern was how she could be of use to him for she was broken “a broken queen can’t protect the king...” she said more to herself then him “do you need a broken queen? Do you need me broken in order to trust me?” She asked. No one had ever cared enough to ask him why he did the things he did yet here she was no only willing to be broken by him but he could desperately feel she would do anything if it meant she would be the person he valued most. She wanted him to love her and more then that she understood it would not be a normal love because he was not capable of such a thing. Somehow Harley had come to understand him and who he really was even more then his own brothers.

"To be honest, I don't need a queen," he said as a jolt of pain went through her from how hard and fast he began moving. "But I am giving you that title because I have come to love you. My little whore queen. Your ability is useful, but you have grown on me and I want no other woman. Now, scream for me."

His nails raked over her skin, cutting her open. He forced his way into her mind and she saw he had a perverse kind of love and he would build to where she would love feeling pain as much as he loved giving it. But it would always only be her.

He felt the moment she gave in, knowing that it would always only be here was enough to have her let go, which made him realize the thing that had been holding her back was her not knowing what she meant to him. The need to have him to her self, to not share him with anyone matched his possessiveness over her. She lowered her gaze and he knew that would be the last time she looked into his eyes unless tone do so, he felt her give herself over to him, her mind, her body, her will as her mind fully merged with his it felt like she had become a part of him.

He suckled hard on her breast. She screamed in pain even as she held him close. He left deep scratches over her body that would scar if not cared for properly, and he knew she would want to see them. He rammed into her so hard, her head felt like it would fly off at any moment, but she begged for more and locked her legs around him.

"I want you to scream out for the world to hear," he said. "Tell them who is your master, who you belong to for all time."

“Sergey!” She cried out with a moaned whimper as the pain and pleasured build

He moved her so he could thrust into her from behind and pressed her to the glass so that the cold glass kissed her stiff nipples and heated skin. He kept going harder and harder.

"I want the baby out," he said. "Then the real fun can begin. You want that, right? My child out of you so I can pound into you without holding back? I still know a spell to get the child out fast."

“Anything you want just please don’t stop!” She begged

"Well, why don't you remind me why I love you, my dark temptress," he said, laying back as he pulled her on top of him. "I love when you show me your dark side."

Both hands wrapped around his throat and started to squeeze, he could breath but it was difficult “I only have a dark side kirja...” she said leaning down and kissing him deeply as she still choked him. She started to grind against him as she deepened the kiss.

And that is what I love about you, he said. Cut me. Cause me pain. Show me that I am really alive.

His clothes disappeared and she nibbled her way down his body. When she reached his hard erection she let her fangs and tongue run up the side of it until she took him deep in her mouth while her nails dug into his thighs

He gasped and said, "God, that feels amazing! Make it hurt, Abby. I need it."

She used her ha d to continue as she bent down and just as she squeezed his hard shaft she bit down deep in his sensitive inner thigh

He threw back his head. More! he begged in her head, trying to keep how he loved to hurt from his brothers. Make it hurt more!

She bit deeper and gripped his shaft harder stop holding back

If I do, I will lose face among my brothers! he gasped in her head. I can't have that!

let go or I stop she said in a threatening tone

His eyes snapped open as he said, "Don't you dare stop! I want you to keep going!"

then say what you want me to do and stop holding back

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