The Dogs of War 8

"Malintone," he said, as if he were reading a book, but he was slowly walking towards her as he began to undress. "An ancient line of Gypsy Mages. Native home is in Romania. Known for using incense in many things, inspiring Xayvion in many of his experiments. Use to give women to the Carpathian males to practice making love to their lifemates, or just to use for their bodies. I say we restart that tradition."

“Your crazy...none of what you said jus made any sense, my family are not Gypsies “ she said slamming the cage door shut like she was trying to keep him away from her “stay away from me and put you close back on!” She said looking away from him like she could not bare the sight of his naked body. He suddenly felt a enormous amount of power that was followed by the crying of a baby coming from upstairs.

He made a note to check on that later. He waved his hand and not only did the door open, but her clothes disappeared as well. He grabbed hold of her leg and pulled her to him.

"You don't seem to understand your place," he said. "Your place is either to provide me blood, or pleasure me with your body. Right now, I want to fuck you, so either open your goddamn legs for me, or make this fun and fight me."

She was in shock, not only because he was touching her but because her clothes suddenly disappeared, how was that possible “blood! I’ll give you blood just please stop touching me!” She begged. Were the organ dealers or something? Did they sell to the black market? That’s the only thing she could think of on why he would want her blood.

"But that's not what I want," he said, making her lay down so he could force her legs open. "I want to be the first to have fuck this beautiful body." He shoved his fingers into her. "As expected of a ripe little virgin. Nice and tight." He pulled his fingers out of her and began to slowly insert his cock. "Don't worry. You'll enjoy what I do to you... eventually."

Right as he was about to break her thin barrier she surprised him but hitting him with such force he was thrown backwards a few feet away from her. He felt his collarbone shatter under her hit. When he looked back at her she had the anger look of a Malinov on her face "don't touch me!" she screamed and bolted for the door

He grabbed her, even though it hurt to do so, as he said, "Now that was just rude."

When he had her under him and his body weight holding her down, he showed her how his teeth lengthened before he bit down and began drinking from her deeply. At the same time, he used a spell to heal his broken bones. You will not escape this time.

her blood tasted as sweet as she smelled. It was more filling then a normal humans and more rich. She screamed and went wild underneath him. Fear radiated off of her as well as pain help me please someone! she begged in her mind. She started to feel like she was about to pass out "stop...i can't die...not yet...please"

He closed the wound and said, "You won't die, little mouse. At least, not for a very long time." He looked her in the eyes and began to compel her. "I am your master. You will do as I say, no matter how humiliating or degrading. It won't matter if you find it disgusting, if it is what I want, you will do it without hesitation. Do you understand me?"

She slowly stopped moving or fighting him as he felt the compulsion go into effect “yes” she said in a hollow tone

"Good girl," he said. "Get in the cage." When she was inside, he closed the door and locked it, putting a thin white dress on her. "What is your name?"

“Esmerelda” she said in a dazed tone not moving

"How like Gypsies," Vadim said. "Other than touch, what psychic abilities do you have?"

"I...dont..." She said thinking about how she threw him "I have never done that...this cant be real.."She said in a genuine shocked tone. Her sweet smell filled the air the more upset she seemed to get. He could hear her heart pounding in her chest, strong and loud.

"Not my problem," he said, going deeper and harder. "You are a Carpathian and know how to feed. Now, enjoy my cock until I'm satisfied and then find a way to find blood."

“You haven’t let me out of the room to do so!” She yelled with a moan

"Did you not check the dark corner?" he asked, his voice giving off the impression he thought her stupid. "There is a door hidden there that keeps several wine bottles full of blood for you."

She growled “the word hidden makes you seem like the stupid one not me” she said in a defiant tone “and it is your problem and no I do t know how to feed” she said and he knew she was telling the truth

"It's a bottle, so just drink out of it," he said. "Other than that, using your teeth is instinctual. If you ever get free, which is highly doubtful, you should try it."

"bare your neck and let's find out" she said in a threatening tone. To him not only was that a threat but a insult of submission

"Don't call out my wolf," he said threateningly. "Last time, you lost your mind to pleasure."

"your no were a blood sucker first.." she said in a strained and challenging tone "that's why you can't dominate me unless you make me fear you and cause me pain"

"I don't have to be on top to dominate," he said. "And this is training. I think you enjoy failing too much. But if you wish to test that theory." He shifted into his half-wolf form while still thrusting into her and she was instantly filled with pleasure. "With you tied to the bed post, you will see the truth of my words."

It took everything in her to not lose her mind to the intense pleasure he was giving her “this is not training..this is just you being a rapist...what’s wrong, not good enough to get a girl to willingly sleep with you without messing with her mind?” She said in a moaning tone

"I can have any woman I please," he said. "But none of them have your ability. You need to be taught to focus. When you are out of your mind with pain or pleasure, you lose focus. I want to hone that. And you are doing so well. By this time tomorrow, if you stay on this track, you will have power over any man you choose. I think it's a fair trade, getting to fuck you as I please and you get taught how to use your abilities."

She struggled against the bindings “ go...” she said in between moans

"You agreed to let me train you as I see fit, little rabbit," he said. "I see fit to train like this."

he hit a spot deep inside her that caused pleasure and pain that made her cry out and through her head back. for a moment it was as if time slowed for him. her skin glistened with sweat, he could see her pulse pounding against her smooth skin, her breast bounced slowly, any physical pleasure he felt jumped into over drive. It was then he realized this was a mental manipulation on her part that she was unknowingly doing. She was bonding with him mentally.

"An ass," she said. "What kind of man-beast takes a naked woman to Paris naked? I'll get sick like this!" Another blast of cold air hit her, causing her to shiver and curl in on herself with her teeth chattering. "I w-w-want to g-g-g-go home." She glared at him. "And aw-w-w-way from y-y-you!"

“I can warm you “he said and god damn the heat in his voice was already doing so

"How about you just give me some clothes and take me home," she said. "I mean, what kind of idiot brings a girl out without any clothes on? I could die! And how did we get up so high?" For the first time, she looked around. "Wait... how did you get us to the hidden apartment at the top of the Eiffel Tower?" She shakily stood up and ran to the door, but he grabbed her hand, stopping her from entering. "Let me get inside and out of the cold air!" The demand in her voice was unmistakable. "Unlike you, I'm not good with the cold!"

She was suddenly pulled against him though she still could not see his face but his body was almost hot to the touch and she found herself warm instantly “you will get use to the cold” he said near her ear making her shiver

She tried pushing away from him as she said, "No, I won't. I demand you take me home, right now!" She looked up at him. "And make no mistake, I will call the police on you! You kidnapped me and stripped me down and who knows what else while I was unconscious! What kind of sick freak does that?!"

"your annoying when you talk" he said in a emotionless tone. For some reason that actually hurt to hear him say that

She refused to show how much that hurt as she said, "And your a fucking moron for bringing me up here naked."

"I don't care enough about you to take you here. This is your dream" he said and his grip on her arms tightened. She felt a sharp pain in her neck as he dipped his head down but it was quickly followed by an intense pleasure

She couldn't help the gasp coming out of her, even as she tried to push him away, saying, "People don't feel pain in dreams, idiot! This isn't a dream! You did something to me!" She went to hit him, but he grabbed her hand easily and pinned her to metal door, the cold shocking her heated skin, causing her to gasp again. "Whatever you are doing, stop! I... I don't have erotic dreams, and no man makes me react like this. Why you?" She looked at him as she became weaker, her honey-with-subtle-spice flavor dancing over his tongue. "Why is a kidnapper with vampire like tendencies the one my body wants?" Her other arm gripped him, bringing him closer. "Make this stop. You must have some intelligence in there. You have not lied about anything except about this being a dream. Somehow, in one night, maybe two, you brought me to Paris and made me feel for you, but please, make it stop." She shook her head, what little of her brain that could still function kicking in. "No... not traveled. You have found out my desire to see the hidden apartment in the Eiffel Tower and used other methods to give it to me. The cold air, you drinking my blood, me naked and wanting you, and the metal door at my back are all too real, but the visions around me are not. An illusion. A half dream." She stopped fighting. "Stop now. Stop before... before there is no going back."

there is already no going back because I say so. At least for you his voice sent fire through her and she found herself wanting more from him

"You can't just decide that," she said, defiance in her tone even as she embraced the pleasure coursing through her. "I do have a life, you know. I'm the most successful public defender, and one of the youngest. You can't just come in and demand what I'm not willing to give. At least treat a girl to a date and not act like a creepy stalker."

your human, your short lifemate is meaningless to me. I could kill you right now and I would not even remember you as your body turns to nothing and neither would anyone else, I don’t date I take what I want and if you keep annoying me I might just just your mouth for good

"Well, you aren't a vampire," she said with a chuckle, though she sounded. "I'd be you sex slave by now if you were. You don't even know my name to control me." She tried looking at him and caught a glimpse of his eyes. Before she could stop herself, she said, "I bet you were handsome and smart before you became like this." She looked away, blushing. "Forget I said that. I hate acting like a love sick teen over my kidnapper."

He suddenly turned her around so she was facing the end over looking the city, his body was pressed firmly against her back and she felt his large length against her buttocks "You have no idea who I am or what i was before...." he said sliding her head back slowly while gripping her hair in a firm grip "But you will" he said and she felt a sharp pain the was followed by a hot intense pleasure starting in her neck and rushing through her body

He began drawing a ruin on her stomach. It felt warm but added to her pleasure. Then, she felt the baby growing, and that hurt like hell. Sergey growled in pleasure as she squeezed him as the pain hit her hard.

"That's it, he's growing," said Sergey. "The pain on your face is beautiful. I feel the water holding the baby between this world. Now, cum for me!"

He filled her, causing her to scream. At the same time, she felt her water break.

"Give birth to our first soldier," said Sergey as he pulled out. "Push him out, Harley."

She cried out and dropped to her knees, for a split second he felt fear coming from her but it was not towards him, she fear for this child, there were strangers around that she did not trust, but her fear went away when she trusted Sergey to keep them safe. She let her body go natural but when the pain heighten the walls began to shake as her powers were violently coming out as she started to push. The rune worked its magic and within ten minutes the baby was crowning

With another couple of pushes, he held the baby in his arms. He smiled and said, "Well, keeping you off the radar is moot at this point. You released quite about of power. The spell also makes you highly fertile. Tomorrow, we will begin making the next soldier. I'm sure you will enjoy that. Now, who should I get to care for the child?"

Harley looked up, she was still bleeding heavily, the rapid growth had done a lot of internal damages “can I? He is apart of you...I will protect him“ she said in a weak tone “please master”she asked in a soft tone. She had not called him master in weeks, he had told her she could call him by his name so her saying master for some reason bothered him.

"While alone, call me Sergey," he said, handing her the child. "I need to heal you so you can give me more children. Besides, the nanny would only care for them when I'm not impregnating you. I can't be with you all the time, or we will never leave the bedroom. Now, feed him while I heal you."

She did as she was told. the child was ravenous and was drinking her milk in large amounts to the point it was painful

He entered her body and quickly fixed all the damage, making sure everything was in line with someone who had carried a child before. When he was back in his body, he swayed a bit. He took the child from her and put him in a crib. After a minute, the baby was sleeping.

"You need to feed," he said. "I need to as well. I will go hunting. You rest."

With that he was gone.

Harley laid down on the bed and tried to rest but she felt like she was being watched

After an hour, Mary and Stewart came in, followed by Sergey. He smiled and went to Harley, saying, "You wanted them to switch roles, right? I thought, while I healed you some more and fed you, you could watch how she turns him into a bitch. I want you to watch as she teaches him was small pain is." He shed his body and entered her after saying, "Tell me how you enjoy the show after."

Both of them stripped. Mary had a strap on attached to her, the dildo vibrating hard and was the size of Harley's arm. She could see Sergey left both of them aware of their actions, but unable to stop. Stewart got on all fours for Mary to insert the large toy and begin moving. The cry of pain coming from him sounded delicious to Harley.

But she found it was not enough for her, she had grown tired of them already, she had been practicing focusing her abilities on a certain target, she concentrated and was pleased when she heard the sound of Mary’s hips and pelvis breaking. The pain filled screamed coming from her as she now was forced to thrust hard with broken hips and pelvis was even too much pain for Mary to enjoy. She then focused on Stewart, she focused on his ribs knowing the thrusting motion would make having broken ribs unbearable. When she heard the multiple pops and he went down instantly, passing out in seconds from the pain alone she was happy. Mary passed out from the pain soon after, falling on top of Stewart , making their broken bones even worse.

Sergey returned to his body and looked at the two of them with a smile, saying, "I guess they were not satisfying enough. Tomorrow, you will feed from me as you ride me, then, I will take over their cult. For now, you and the baby need to go to ground to heal and rest."

She was worried about him being alone without her but she just nodded “earlier I felt like I was being watched” she said knowing that was something he would want to know

He held her to him, looking around. It had to be Vadim, somehow.

"We will not be staying here while my brothers are in residenc," he said. "They cannot harm you or the baby."


He growled, his eyes promising retaliation as he said, "I want you to make me hurt, Abby! Now! Dig your fingers into my wounds! Anything to fill me with delicious pain! Show me I'm alive!"

He felt her smile against his skin. She released his leg and left her mark, she went to his other leg and bit down hard, she felt his cock jerk in her hand as pain swept through him, mixing with his pleasure

"Inside," he said. "I need to be inside you, Abby! Now! Please!"

She released his leg and got on all fours, her core and ass facing him “then take me” she said

He was there instantly, entering her hard. The way she gripped him told him how she enjoyed it, but she was so tight, it actually hurt him.

"Even like this, you cause me such delicious pain, Abby," he said as he began moving fast and deep. "I will never get over it, no matter how many times we come back from the dead, I will always love feeling you like this."

She grilled the bed post "our death will make things even sweeter"

He played with her plump breasts and said, "Still, it is not enough. Where is my dark siren? Normally she is twisting her finger in an open wound by now. Should I be the one causing you pain instead?"

She growled and went to move away from him but he gripped her hips and his nails dug in making her grow even tighter around him and moan loudly

"It's my turn, Abby," he said, pulling on her breast harder. "I owe you for making me sound like a pain loving bitch where my brothers could hear. So, now I have to show them that you are the same."

She bite her bottom lip “you want your brothers to hear my sounds of pleasure? Are you not worried they will want me for their own?” She said in a dark teasing tone

He said, "They will not hear you because you don't want us heard. I am in your mind and see the truth. They may not have heard anything, but that doesn't change the fact that they could have."

“If you keep teasing me I will make sure they will hear you begging me” she growled

He smiled and began to go harder and deeper. He noticed she gave off a sweet scent and made sure she would not get pregnant. While he would love to see their child growing inside of her, he knew neither of them were capable of the loving care a child needs. He pinned her in the submissive and began going deep and hard.

she called out his name in a way that only she could that made his body burst into flames, bringing him the closest he could get to real emotions and pleasure. she bared her self to him letting him know she had reached her breaking point, her neck called to him like he needed it to live

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